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Ikeda Haruhiro

"Whatever you do, Ikeda, never underestimate your opponent, since if you do, it may be the last time you underestimate anything, got me?"
— Ishikawa, to Ikeda after a long day of training.

"Uh... I guess he's good to go... I guess..."
Ikeda Haruhiro
Ikeda Haruhiro 01
Ikeda, his usually bubbly self.
Name Ikeda Haruhiro.
Kanji 池田Haruhiro
Rōmaji Ikeda Haruhiro
Race Human.
Birthday October 1.
Age Thirteen.
Gender Male.
Height 5'4"
Weight 115lbs
Eyes Green.
Hair Blonde.
Profession Traits.
Affiliation Koma Inu
Guild Mark Location Right Hand.
Partner Nolan Whitethorn, Si Roden.
Personal Traits.
Status Alive.
Marital Status Single.
Relatives Ishikawa Haruhiro


Alias The Crybaby.

The Cocky Boy.

Weapons Sword, Katana, Scythe.
Ikeda Haruhiro(池田Haruhiro, Ikeda Haruhiro), is a mage of Koma Inu, and is new to being a mage. Knowing only two magics, that his Mother and Father taught him, he was ready to face the world.


Ikeda dons a black vest, a golden trim around the torso and neck. With six small patches of gold, for buttons. With this vest, he wears a long sleeved undershirt, that has golden snaps that snap up, with a red neck tie, that is sort of loose, around Ikeda's neck. He wears a green plad, trimmed pair of shorts, that buttons up. He wears knee high black socks, with brown shoes, that have attachments sewn onto them, that also goes below the knee. Ikeda has plae skin, emerald green eyes, and blonde hair.


Outside of battle, Ikeda is extremely cocky, and talkitive, bubbly, perky, never shy or afraid of anything, but is completely different in battle, when he is face to face in a dire situation, he completely breaks down, into a dorky, unconfident wimp, who usually does nothing but be a baby. He doesn't know how to handle himself yet.


His Father trained him in the arts of Sword Combat, and hand to hand. His Father and Mother taught him a magic each Requip and Flash Raven. (W.I.P)

Magic and Abilities.

  • Requip: Ikeda learned Requip magic from his mother. Having only a few slots for his requips, he armed himself with the most powerful ones the Twelve Blacksmiths could craft. The Master Crafters crafted his Master Armours.
    • Requip; Mode Behemoth: In this mode, Ikeda is armed with two light magic canons, powered with Lacrima. His punches could break down castles. And the defenses of this armour are infused with Magic Resistant materials.
  • Flash Raven: Ikeda learned Flash Raven from his Father. Utilizing this to the full potential, he uses Requip with Flash Raven, a truly deadly combo.


  • Beginners Sword: Ikeda dons a Beginners sword, being only an adept at swordplay. But learns at a steady rate.
  • Scythe: Ikeda has a scythe, and is extremely skilled in using it, he keeps it for personal use, in his pocket dimension. 


  • Requip; Mode Behemoth.




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