Ilygad Ondergang is an S-Class Mage of the Dark Guild, Revolution Spire. He is known throughout the world as the 'Killer's Jack of All Trades'


Originally Ilygad was a mercenary for hire. He mostly took on assassination contracts, all the while looking for more and more powerful magic.

He was eventually found by Evlite Dullahan and Ilygad's admiration of Evlite's powerful magic and willingness to do anything for his goals prompted him to join Revolution Spire permanently.


Ilygad is cold and calculating. Ilygad lives to fight, and tries to prolong his battles as much as possible. Ilygad has no regard for human life, and only sees his people as tools to help him achieve his goals.

Magic and Abilities

Ilygad is one of the most powerful members of Revolution Spire and has many magic abilities at his disposal:

  • Atlas: Ilygad uses his magic to increase his strength exponentially.
  • Hermes: Ilygad uses his magic to become far faster than ordinary human.
  • Wind Magic: Using this magic Ilygad can control the wind.
    • Flight: Ilygad uses his wind magic to allow him to fly
    • Shredder Crush: Ilygad mainpulates the wind into blades that spread out from his body slicing everthing in their path.
    • Gale Blast: Ilygad creates a powerful gust of wind to push his opponent's back.
  • Verbogen: With this magic Ilygad makes his sword invisible and therefore making it difficult to dodge. Of course, Ilygad is also able to use it to make other things invisible including himself.
  • Blood Eye: Ilygad's most powerful magic ability. By opening Ilygad's third eye on his forehead, Ilygad is able to use its dark forces for a variety of purposes:
    Ilygad Eye

    Ilygad Ondergang, with Blood Eye activated

    • Aanblik: Ilygad gathers energy in his third eye and then releases it as a concussive blast.
    • Geluid: Ilygad's eye releases a high-pitched scream that incapacitates his opponents.
    • Gevoel: Ilygad uses his eye to place a trap within a specific area. Once an opponent enters the designated area, a large column of dark energy erupts from underneath them.
    • Heretic Destruct: Ilygad's greatest ability. Ilygad takes control of an opponent within the gaze of his Blood Eye by manipulating their blood. After a while, the Blood Eye begins to transfer energy into the body of Ilygad's unwilling puppet, building until it reaches a critical point in which Ilygad can detonate them causing massive damage to the surronding area.