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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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"My precious one...I sing my song of love for her..."
— Imbellis
Imbellis Acroama
Imbellis Acroama
Name Imbellis Acroama
Kanji イムベリス アクロアマ
Rōmaji Imuberisu Akuroama
Race Human
Birthday October 10
Age 19
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Hair Blue
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown currently
Previous Affiliation None known
Occupation Mage
Partner None known currently
Personal Status
Relatives Family from former life (deceased)
Marital Status Single
Magic Lyric Magic
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Imbellis Acroama (イムベリス アクロアマ Imuberisu Akuroama) is a special Mage, who is popular around Fiore as an idol of sorts. She is allied with no guild, and states she is allied to only a certain person, a certain person who makes her happy in a way different from the fans she has.


Imbellis bears the appearance of a young teenage woman, who possesses pinkish-coloured eyes which are noticeably standing out and long, flowing blue hair, which parts at the middle and reaches down to her waist. Her attire consists of her noticeable black headphones, along with a pair of armbands and bracelets on her upper-forearm and lower arm. She wears a black bikini-top on her upper body which exposes much of her abdomen, and just above this a collar of sorts lies, with a pink heart-shaped pendant underneath it.


Imbellis is shown to be a rather peppy girl on stage, however, this is merely part of her act. On stage, she is excited, loud, perhaps overly so, and is well adapted to fit the rule of beloved celebrity idol.

However, off-stage, she is almost the complete opposite, appearing to be rather introverted, quiet, and wouldn't appear like one suited to the role of a singing idol.


Magic and Abilities


  • Imbellis's first name is Latin for "peaceful", and her last name means "musical". As such, her full name could be thought of as meaning "Peaceful Music".
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