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Indiana Ichino (インディアナ市野) is a mage. He is oldest of the three and both him and Kiyama know slayer magic and both of their's relate to God and Devil meaning it's related to Heaven and Hell Aka Good and Evil.


He has Blonde hair with Blue eyes and he wears an army jacket that has different logo's on it which has the 01 on it with red sleeves while he also wear's a white t-shirt.


He is half the time polite though when provoked he can strike down a person even his one younger brother.


  • Whip: Is a whip that Indiana makes it extend when he pushes the button on it its design to capture run away people.
  • Sniper Is a giant sniper that he uses if his magic is either gone or if he doesn't want to start of with magic it has a slight few abilities it can do.
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