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Indra Svargaloka
Young | Slayer
Name Indra Svargaloka
Kanji インドラ スヴァルガロカ
Romanji Indora Subairugaroka
Race Human
Birthdate June 20th
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 4'6"
Weight 95 lbs
Eye Color Azure
Hair Color White
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Vritra the King of Storms (mentor)
Base of Operations Enca the Isle of Storms


Personal Status
Status Active
Magic Archive Magic

Artisan Magic
Dispelling Magic
Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic
Organic Link Magic
Requip Magic
Ward Magic

Weapons Vajra
"I have hunted the most fearsome beasts to walk this earth. I have been hunted by eldritch abominations that could flay flesh from bone with their minds alone. I braved the Dread Isle, crossed vast oceans in search of mystery, and have seen wonders you could scarcely dream of. My name is Indra Svargaloka. Hunter of the lost, explorer of the unseen, at your service."
— Indra introducing himself to the Magic Council

Indra Svargaloka (インドラ スヴァルガロカ, Indora Subairugaroka) is a renown archaeologist, famed for having unearthed the Tomb of Ptolemy; the supposed creator of the Heavenly Body Magic as well modern astrology, as well as discovering the Library of Alexandria; a veritable treasure trove of magical theory and knowledge that was previously lost to mankind. These achievements have catapulted him to the international stage of infamy, and he is one of the few Mages in be recognized with such prestige for his accomplishments, rather than his raw combat potential. Barely more than a year has passed since his emergence into the world, and he has taken it by storm. In this time he has built himself a fierce reputation as an adventurer; delving into lost dungeons, unearthing ancient ruins, and retrieving sacred artifacts.

As for Indra himself, he is quite the enigma. Prior to his activities, virtually no information exists, save for the fact that he is the son of a magical researcher and archaeologist himself, a lineage that supposedly died out during an expedition seven years ago. His magic in some accounts paint him as a novice Magus, using only the most basic of magical disciplines at his disposal, though there are hints that he practices a very potent form of Ice-Magic, but those are unsubstantiated rumors. Regardless, Indra despite his contributions to society is an individual of interest to the Magic Council, given his growing ties with certain members of its council. He has also garnered much admiration from the royal family having retrieved a lost regalia on their behalf, and continues to maintain friendly relations. As a Mage he is quickly establishing himself as a rebellious force against the current Guild system as his services typically cost a fraction of that of a typical guild affiliated Mage. This has earned him the ire of well known Guilds, legal and dark. Whether he becomes a force of change or something else entirely remains to be seen.



Indra is an extraordinarily complex individual, whose upbringing wrought with tragedy and peril sculpted a character of many faces. To survive the Dread Isle, he was forced to adopt the same characteristics as the very monsters who called it home. In time he too came to embody the fierce tenacity, and capacity for visceral violence as the predators that hunted him. In time, Indra had become the hunter, stalking across the Dread Isle's forests and mountains slaying all manner of beasts. Yet despite all that, this persona was but a mask, a means to brave the world he faced, and in the end he still managed to retain his humanity. That is what is most extraordinary about Indra. Even after suffering as he has, endured the pain he was forced to, his childish curiosity for the world had yet abated.

However that is rarely reflected in his general demeanor. Indra is a hunter, and living in a world where lowering one's guard even for a moment could spell death, compelled him to become outwardly cold, and calculating, his very presence menacing and his gait predatory. He speaks as though he is choosing each word carefully but when spoken they are deliberate, and commanding. As though wrapped in the haze of death that he had dealt daily to the beasts he hunted and whom hunted him in turn, his personality appears deathly quiet, and contemplative, but decidedly lethal if provoked. For this reason Indra has difficulty interacting with others to any length save the occasional Dark Mage, assassin or sapient beast.

The Explorer

Indra is a child of exploration, adventure, and mystery. His parents took him all over the world of Fiore, traveling to other continents searching for lost treasures, ancient ruins, and dungeons buried in old caverns. They told him stories of civilizations long since past, of wonders few have ever seen in this world. He was anarmored with that kind of life. Even after he was marooned on the Dread Isle, it did not quench that sense of wanderlust and thirst for knowledge. He has all the curiosity and naivety of a young boy who still believes in the romance and thrill of adventure. He explored Enca Isle, ventured into its cave systems, hiked across its tallest mountains, and swam through its deepest waters. In those moments between life and death, of being hunted, injured or hungry he would dream. His imagination would often wonder at what marvels he would see the next day. Despite the terror and uncertainty plaguing his life, in many ways Indra was exhilirated at the prospect of discovering something new.

Danger had become normal to him, to such an extent that fear of the unknown was a comforting partner to the lonely boy. There is nothing that excites him more than discovering something lost or new. Unearthing the civilizations of the past has become a lifelong goal of his. There is so much about the history of the world that is muddled, and hidden. How did the Dragons come to rule over humanity? Whatever happened to the gods? There are caches of technology and magic once lost that are only now being discovered. What was civilization like for humanity five-hundred agos? A thousand years ago? These questions and more dominate his mind, and he is keen to unveiling that answer. It is only when speaking about this passion, that his entire demeanor changes. His face is lit with emotion, his body animated and his voice full of contagious excitement. Gone is the wandering loner whose brooding eyes swept across the horizon but an explorer on the cusp of adulthood brimming with energy and youth.

Sadly his understanding of social graces is limited at best, and this is more often than not the cause of many comedic scenes. Indra has lived a life in relative truth, what he saw, or at least percieved had been true. Yes there is deception but not of the social kind, nature is brutally honest. Therefore the nuances of everyday language are lost on him as he takes everything that is said to him seriously. His isolation has also limited his ability to interact properly with members of the opposite species. Coupled with the changes his body had undergone to become more draconic, and its continued evolution, Indra often finds himself unusually enarmored with beautiful woman, and is easily seduced as a result. Unfortunately this has landed him in trouble more often than not, as he lacks the unease normally associated with those unsure of what to say in such situations. Blunt and suicidally honest, interactions with Indra can be rather illuminating. As humans are an oddity he has not experienced in years, he finds them fascianting as well, and he tends to voice these thoughts aloud. 

The Hunter

Indra was born by the hunt, made man by the hunt, undone by the hunt. It swallowed up a child of a mere ten summers old, subjecting him to horrors, pain and suffering no human should ever suffer. At first, Indra believed he could not survive as a human in the wild of Enca. But as he struggled, as he endured the agony and terror inflicted on him daily he realized that being human was what saved him. Indra was not as fast, nor as strong as the other predators. His body was small and laughably weak in comparison. He lacked their instincts, their senses, their claws and fangs. To survive he had to adapt, to see what other beasts could not, to craft tools from what resources he could find, to fashion with his own hands the instruments that would see him to the next light of day. It was this ingenuity, this creativity and cunning that only a human mind could possibly possess, that allowed him to survive. 

The mindset of the hunter, is a persona crafted by Indra to brave the Dread Isle. He is a ruthless, but cunning predator who all too well understands the law of nature. The survival of the fittest, might makes right. These are ideals he has internalized. Indra does not suffer incompetence nor willful weakness. He was left to fend for himself on an island, and he was given a choice; to overcome and survive, or die. His experiences ultimately shaped his beliefs of the world and how he would view people as a whole. He believes that struggle is necessary for life, that the trials we face as people build us into the person we are to become. In a very real sense he is a predator, a fearsome beast that stalks the night hunting for its prey, and he struggles at times to not see people in the same way. It does not help that he can smell their weakness, see the fragility of their bodies, and know the ignorance of their minds. The Dragon within him roars in fury at their cowardice, and demands that blood be spilt to make them remember their place, though everpresent he mutedly ignores it. Guided by his instincts he is, but he is not driven by them, they are tool, a weapon his mind uses to forge onward, not a disease to cloud him.

When he left Enca and entered his first city, he was amazed, the effort it took to build those towering structures, the minds that had toiled away ceaselessly for days, months, perhaps decades to craft the materials, that was worthy of respect. What disappointed him however was that the civilians were content to ride on the coat-tails of their forebearers triumphs. They did not seek further progress, instead they preferred to languish comfortably, without struggle. In his eyes all he saw was stagnation. Disgusted he left almost as soon as he had arrived, journeying across the land, unearthing mysteries, anything to wipe that dreadful memory away. During this time he came across many settlements, and all manner of people, some of which he had saved, but in doing so realized something about himself. He found that people who would rather wait for a hero to save them are selfish. In his eyes they are unwilling to do what is necessary to achieve the power to protect themselves and their own. They do not wish to struggle, to suffer as most heroes do.

As one who has walked the warriors path, he is intimately familiar with the struggle to press onward. So if they are unwilling to even try, then why should he? His respect is earned by those who attempt regardless of the peril, even in futility, but as long as they tried, then is he willing to lend a hand. Otherwise, he has no qualms nor regrets with leaving someone to their fate. In his time journeying across Earthland he has encountered dark mages, lords, and ordinary folk who seek to abuse their authority and power. He despises them, and will often go out of his way to crush them. If they are going to abide by the doctrine that might makes right, then it is his right to take what is theirs. It is when they ask for mercy that his cold mask slips into one of fury. He does not suffer weakness, but he hates hypocrisy. It is an insidious deception, and the ultimate form of dishonesty. Nature is true, she does not lie, she does not make excuses, and she does not escape the consequences of any action in her domain. This he lives by, and should the inevitable happen, be slain by such sentiments. 


Early Childhood

Born to an archaeologist and magical historian, Indra was raised on the tales of cultures and civilizations long lost to the throes of history. He spent his youth abroad, never settling into one place too long. Together with his father and mother they would explore ancient ruins, dungeons and caverns. Dangerous but exciting to the young boy, Indra was filled with joy and happiness at the wonders he saw. Inheriting his parents natural sense of naivety and curiosity, he was taught a myriad of survival skills, investigative skills, languages and all manner of trivial information relating to exploration. Enamored by the adventurous lifestyle of his parents he longed to become an explorer, discovering lost artifacts and unearthing the mysteries of the world.

Alas, tragedy would befall him and his family while on expedition. Their lives would be swiftly and violently ripped away, while he drifted to shore on the most feared and dangerous region in all of Earthland - Enca, the Isle of Storms. That expedition had begun like any other, his father a renown archaeologist was frequently petitioned by guilds and other organizations as a consultant. This particular guild had spent the better part of thirty years analyzing the chaotic weather patterns and history of the famed Dread Isle. In their findings they discovered several anomalies, weather patterns that were at first deemed erratic were later found out to be what could only be reasoned as deliberate. Someone or something was on the island and had the ability to alter its weather systems.

Confident in their research, and at finally having uncovered the madness of the island's long thought mystery, they desired to venture to the isle and make the greatest scientific discovery in centuries. Indra's parents shared the guilds enthusiasm, and having mapped the chaotic pattern of the storms, they set off. All went according to plan, for the vessel had braved the tempestuous sea's for longer than any before it. Then the storm took on a life of its own, and in their hubris, their ship was smited by thunderous lightning as though the heavens were meting out divine punishment for daring to intrude on this sacred isle. The ship was ripped in half by torrential forces, lightning cracking its hull, and rolling waves drowning all that was left.

Indra was saved from this ghastly fate by the intervention of his parents, who made the ultimate sacrifice to see their love, their legacy and child saved from their mistake. Left adrift at sea, it seemed that death would have been a mercy, and so he drifted until darkness claimed him. When he next awoke it was to the roar of a beast howling in the distance. Through bleary eyes he found himself on a beach, the air smelt strongly of ozone, and his body racked by exhaustion and hunger. Any normal child would have died given the circumstances, for Enca is a place where no human treads and lives, but Indra's sole saving grace, was the courage and knowledge given to him by his parents. Before panic could override his senses, self-preservation mixed with the knowing of what he needed to do to survive guided his hand. So the young boy, frightened but determined, stood upon that sandy beach, and ventured into the wild of the Dread Isle.

The Isle of Storms

Survival. With his parents dead, the crew likely having suffered a similar fate as well, he was all that was left. Having suffered such devastating loss, he had nearly given up, but the final act of his parents sacrificing themselves for his life kept such dark thoughts at bay. Almost mechanically he began taking stock of his supplies, of the lay of the land, and began the arduous journey of his lifetime--- surviving the Dread Isle. It was here, on this god forsaken island that he discovered why no man had set foot on this island and lived to tell the tale. Towering behemoths the size of buildings grazed its fields, tusks and jagged horns alight with raw magic. Predators stalked its forests with preternatural grace and cunning, fading in and out of sight. Fauna every bit as lethal as the monsters that prowled their home waiting to catch their next meal.

It was a veritable death trap, the air itself thick with ozone buzzed with unrestrained magical power, that it nearly made him dizzy. He was just a human, a child at that, so what chance did he have to survive this? For how long could he survive out here in this wilderness where only the strongest, and deadliest creatures seen in centuries called their home? Terror beyond anything he had ever known gripped his heart, but the training and survival skills instilled in him won out in the end. When faced with overwhelming odds, where the environment itself is as much an adversary as its denizens, Indra did the only thing a human could do in the situation. He got creative.

Though the island was home to a number of exotic plants and species, most were simply aberrations of the normal variety that had adapted to the conditions of the island. Adapting human ingenuity to his purpose, Indra fashioned tools from whatever he could find, scavenged after predators and leveraged his resources and higher thinking as best he could. Magic was something that he too was born with, having a mother as mage ensuring the line unbroken. So it was with great earnest that he leveraged that advantage as well, using Archive Magic to map out regions, keep notes on edible plants, poisonous ones, the hunting grounds of predators and as a system to scan and forage for his food and shelter.

Using Artisan magic he fashioned weapons, clothing and traps to defend himself. To his astonishment he very quickly discovered that the creatures of this isle were notoriously durable, highly resistant to many forms of offensive magic and in possession of senses far more developed than an ordinary human. It was not uncommon for his home to be detected despite the best wards and traps he could erect. It was a near daily occurrence that had a brush with death. Several times he had nearly died, a mistake there or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He remembers in vivid detail how he would sometimes crawl his way to safety, his body bleeding and broken, the daunting severity of his situation becoming all the more hopeless. In those moments where his life hung on the precipice of death, a cold fury would take him, a single mindedness to defy the death the isle wished upon him. So he endured, he prevailed and he lived.

After several months he had begun to settle into a routine, though the isle still bordered on disgustingly lethal, it had become manageable. No longer were his days a frantic blur of heart-gripping terror, dashing from one safe home to the next, but of a practiced meticulous hunter who did what nature had forged him to do. It was at this point where his hectic struggle of survival had become normal, that once again his life would forever change. As winds buffeted him from all sides, the sky turned black as night, a thunderous deafening roar resounded throughout the isle. There above him in all its majesty, was a living force of nature, the embodiment's of Gaia's strength and power, her herald and harbinger, her sentinel and instrument of chaos; the almighty dragon.

The Sky King

Indra's first encounter with the King of Storms was akin to finding oneself in the midst of a natural disaster. No enemy he had faced thus far could even hope to compare to the overwhelming power that washed over him as the tyrant dragon descended on him. The weight of its presence had nearly shattered his mind as the palpable magic emanating rolling off it was a visible force. Instincts forged over countless generations screamed in his mind kick-starting his own reaction before he could even think. Using the link he had to his traps he immediately set them off whilst casting a concealment charm on his person and fled, hoping in the face of certain death he could survive. At the time all he could recall was a sense of vertigo before his world was cast into blinding light, and booming thunder. When he awoke, it was in a cavern that he distinctly recalled being dozens of feet below ground. As he gazed around himself, all he could see was a scorched earth stretching out for miles. The dragon had annihilated the region he had been on, and he had survived on blind luck. Thanking whatever gods out there for his life, Indra once more left to scour the island for a safe haven, but it was not the last time he would encounter the dragon.

Time and time again the mythical beast would appear before him, though on subsequent visits it seemed to have taken a perverse interest with merely playing him. It did not rely on the god-like power of the storm to call forth divine retribution, instead it cleaved through forest with its massive claws, slamming the earth with its tail and reshaping the isle as new fault lines cracked over its surface. Each encounter was its own harrowing experience, a crucible of death that tested him to his limits and beyond. He hurled ever spell, sprung every trap, tapped into every ounce of cunning he could to outmaneuver the dragon in its attempt to kill him. It was just like his first few months on the island. Days passed by with him paralyzed by fright that should he move the beast might catch his scent. After several months of this, he came to the realization that the dragon was toying with him, that it enjoyed this as a game. Rather than be angered by this, Indra found that he was instead relieved. This wasn't some mindless beast hunting him down, it had sapience. Cruel and vicious beyond sure, but it also meant he could once again leverage the only thing humans have in abundance. Unpredictability. And after honing his magic, reflexes and abilities against this creature he had that in spades.

So rather than flee, he would sometimes set traps and attempt to engage the dragon in combat. Other times he left tribute, which were of course properly trapped and triggered to blow up in its face. There were encounters where he was friendly, laughing whilst evading the beast, howling with mirth as he danced around its attacks. On darker days he would scream till his lungs burned, cursing the dragon for its tiresome game. Above all, he never tried to be predictable, when the dragon expected him to run, he fought, when it thought he would fight, he would run or hide. To his shock he succeeded more often than he lost, but that was fine in his mind, because he knew that this was a game, and as long as he continued to play, he could survive. Three years passed in this fashion, and by this time he was now a young man on the cusp of adulthood.

It was at this time that the game Indra had grown so accustomed to changed. Once more the King of Storms appeared before him, but it did not engage him as it usually did, rather the being spoke, and with it all preconceptions he had about the dragon were validated. It was as vain as he imagined, actually more so, which was an impressive feat in of itself. It spoke in varying tones of amusement but it was mostly condescending. Still it had been some time since he had last spoken to another beyond himself and he was quite frankly starved for any kind of social interaction. So they conversed, discussing all manner of things, and to his delight the King of Storms now known by its name Vritra was a surprising repository of knowledge long lost to the human world. Though it had begun dialog, that did not mean the game between them was over. Now Vritra would forewarn Indra of his impending attacks and remarked that it would expect to be surprised. Taking such a warning as gospel, Indra endeavored to ensure that the King of Storms remained amused by the hunt, lest it lose interest and slay him where he stood.

Thus the game continued and on occasion Vritra would forgo battle and test the mettle of Indra's mind. They debated hotly on the topics of humanity, its history and place in the natural world order. They discussed contemporary notions, philosophy and the history of the world. Through this dialog, Indra came to grasp with all of his humanely intellect the alien mind of a Dragon. Timeless and seemingly immortal, Vritra's perspective on life and the world was beyond anything his mortal mind could wrap itself around. For Indra it was his own travels that intrigued Vritra, whom found his adventures through ruins to be amusing when he would unravel their mystery. The topic of magic however would prove to be the catalyst, as Vritra would reveal how much had been lost through the ages. It further explained how weak humanity had become, magically speaking and that no amount of effort would ever allow them to regain the glory they had lost. Personally Indra had felt that Vritra was grandstanding as usual and rather than stay silent on the matter, challenged the mighty dragon. That it would be he would discover these lost magics and obtain the skill and power to defeat even Vritra. There was a moment where the look of shock on the dragon would mean his immediate death, but instead he was rewarded with bloodied ears as Vritra roared with laughter, its voice like the crack of thunder. So amused by his declaration, the King of Storms bestowed on Indra the ultimate gift- knowledge, and understanding.

Indra had survived three years against Vritra's assault, had not only weathered but thrived in the magic rich environment of the Dread Isle, but the Dragon King's own mighty presence. Now? Indra could engage in such conversation without his mind disintegrating at such close distance. Indeed his body had been forged by natured, tempered by the hammer that was Vritra and reborn as something more. His body had undergone changes he had thought natural, but upon revelation were a necessary ritual to learning the very magic that was Gaia's chosen. He had at his fingertips the very basis of Dragon Magic and with it the freedom to choose his own path, to build his own destiny. It was a gift with an unspoken promise; that Indra would endeavor to reach his stated goal, or die trying. Vritra would now and forever be the final adversary of Indra. Oddly enough he was quite satisfied with this resolution. Thus he began his training in harnessing the power at his disposal to mold a magic capable of standing on equal ground with the fearsome King of Storms.

Mantle of the Slayer


On Mt. Meru, Indra faces the dragon within.

Vritra did not offer to teach Indra his own unique brand of Dragon Magic, nor did Indra ask. He had vowed to defeat Vritra and acquiring Lighting Dragon Magic would have been moot. Regardless of his efforts, or talent it was impossible to close the several thousand year gap between them in terms of skills and understanding of that element. Vritra had long since mastered his own power, so attempting to turn it against its sapient embodiment would have been a fool's errand. Instead Indra looked elsewhere in nature, traversing the island, until he witnessed a strange phenomena. Across the main isle, was Mount Meru, the harshest and perhaps deadliest region of Enca. Glacial winds, endless snow storms and frigid temperatures ensured that few if any life survived on its shore. But to him, Mount Meru was the answer he had been looking for, the frozen mountain may as well have been its own kingdom, one not even Vritra had conquered, though that may have been because it lacked the sport Vritra enjoyed. Still it represented a source of power that could in time equal the King of Storms. His destination in mind, Indra prepared himself, gathered all the necessary supplies and set off.

Mount Meru was a monstrosity in of itself, a nightmarish mountain composed of five peaks, each their own private hell. To even access the island one had to cross the churning sea whose temperatures were so cold as to be liquid ice. Save for the most resilient beasts, few if any creatures could survive its waters. And even should one manage to cross the ocean separating the mountain from the main isle of Enca, the mountain itself was even more dangerous. Each peak was composed of a staggered array of sheer cliffs, howling winds powerful enough to hurl behemoths off its tundra, blinding snow storms that made navigation a crucible in of itself, as well as the most vicious and cruelest of the species native to Enca. To Indra whom had survived three years against the onslaught of Vritra, Mount Meru felt like home.

Indra would have liked to believe that surviving for years on the main isle of Enca would have prepared him for Mount Meru. He would have liked to say that even the constant assault by Vritra would have warned that things can and will be worse. Unfortunately none of those had come close to adequately preparing him for the hell that was Mount Meru. The journey itself had nearly ended before it even began, when a sudden storm had upturned his small vessel, sending him plummeting in the frigid sea. The moment his body hit the cold waters, he nearly went into shock. The sudden change in temperature was so drastic as to be a violent, mind crippling experience that his mind momentarily shut down. His body drowning was the only the reason he even had the sense to swim to the surface. But the rapid splashing had drawn the attention of Enca's more infamous undersea terrors, a colony of flesh eating fish each the size of a human with gaping maws and teeth like jagged daggers quickly went after him.

He barely escaped with his life when he summoned his reserve of spare meat from his pocket dimension as he scrambled for his vessel. He had just managed to flip it over and begin crawling inside when he felt a piercing pain in his leg. Wrenching it out of the water he was greeted to the sight of one of the flesh eating fish attempting to gnaw off his leg. With a quick blast of magic he sent the aquatic monster hurling back into the ocean before shuffling on his boat, ignoring the knife cold pain in his leg. Using magic he bound and just sat there dazed and confused. Using herbal supplements he managed to stop the bleeding but the freezing winds kept his body unnaturally cold. The cold breath on his shoulder as death beckoned was the only reason he remained conscious. Eventually he had enough presence of mind to return to shore, allow his leg injury to heal before once more setting off. His next foray into the ocean went much more smoothly, even if he did have to outrun a massive sea serpent.

Surviving on Mount Meru was as much a challenge as it was actually tolerating living there. It was unbearably cold, and no amount of magic was going to keep him warm long enough to survive. But he also knew doing so would rob him of the training and power he needed. To wield the formidable power of winter, he had to fully immerse himself in all of its glory, and using magic to cheat his way through it would have been counter to his goal. So it was great reluctance and unyielding determination that he suffered its chilling cold. Weeks in, most of his supplies have already been exhausted, and that is when Indra seriously reconsiders his choice. It is after a nasty fall as he journeyed up the first peak that he numbly realizes that he could very well die. Laying there at the bottom of a snowy cavern where darkness spilled from its depths, he had never felt more alone and miserable. All around him was naught by a frozen wasteland of death and decay, freezing winds, and icy waters. He was just so tired of fighting, sick of the endless battle, and this damn wintry hell. He just wanted to give up, the fire in his soul was a mere ember now and with those final thoughts, it was snuffed out. When its cold hands crept up his skin, snaked over his cool flesh and embraced him whole he no longer did he struggle against it. He just let go, and allowed the winter to finally take him.

When he next awoke, it was to a pleasant feeling of the cold. It wasn't a jagged knife being dragged across his skin, nor the suffocating chill that wanted to drag out his life through his orifices. It was gentle, and light to the touch, a cool comfort to the heart. Rising up to a seated position he pondered the strange but oddly reassuring feeling surrounding him. It was so much as the cold was different but he could feel the magic in the air in a way he never could before. He couldn't believe he hadn't sensed it before, but Mount Meru was positively brimming with magic, and to his shock so was he. Azure currents slithered around him in mesmerizing patterns, and he was momentarily caught off guard by how beautiful they were. His thoughts were interrupted by the loud grumbling of his stomach and without really paying attention he reached over and broke off a chunk of ice and began munching on it. The first bite might as well have been the same as a hot juicy steak, because he had never tasted something so delicious, so energizing in his life. He wasn't even thinking anymore when he began ripping more chunks off, devouring them at a speed that quite frankly astonished him.

The cold ice was like a liquid fire in his veins, and he felt his body pulse with power as his magical power seemingly sang with joy. Surprised but still giddy at the discovery Indra settled down and contemplated on these new developments. He spent the next few weeks feeling out the physiological changes to his body and reasoning out what exactly had happened. He knew that the Dragon Magic had altered his body, and that Dragons were the embodiment of an element or force of nature. So how could he wield the might of winter if he could did not accept into himself? Allow himself to become winter? In retrospect it seemed rather stupid of him, he had clung to his human preconceptions, trying to dominate the environment, conquer it like some trophy. Dragon's did not think like that, they did not own the world from whence they came, they did not perceive their element as something to be controlled, they simply were. A dragon and its element were synonymous with one another, one and the same. His mind now clearer than it had been in weeks, no months since he even fancied the idea, Indra realized that his real training had finally begun.

A year had passed and since then Indra had traversed three of the five peaks. Each time he had done so, he had spent months at their highest point, basking in the environment, peering down at the land below. He had begun to think of these mountains as his own, his territory. No they were his domain, and he its guardian. In-between days of quiet meditation he would train. If he wanted to embody a dragon's might he first needed to fight like one. Years of battling against Vritra had given Indra all the information he needed on how they hunted, how they wielded their senses to discern their prey. Most of all he knew how a dragon weaved its element into its attacks, hurling the might of Gaia through its fangs and claws like it was the most natural thing in the world. So with this mindset he hurled himself into training, his movements slick and powerful, emulating the presence of a dragon. With sweeping claws, magic purred and chilling winds arc'ed across his vision. His body small and slender was taut with muscle and power far beyond that of any human. Beasts that once required careful trapping now fell like grass before his reaping blows. Hides once impervious to all but the strongest fangs folded easily in his jaws. The power of ice had become second nature to him, tools he once scavenged for, appeared in his hands as icy constructs. Peaks that took hours to traverse could be reached as towering pillars of ice formed under his feet taking him to the heights of his desire.

The first time he successfully performed his roar, it was not the sound of a screaming human, but something primal, and guttural in its intonations. A shockwave of power radiating outward that was as much a call as it was challenge. Arctic winds poured from his gaping maw, in a whirling maelstrom of ice and snow as the dragons breath erupted from his lungs, plummeting the already sub-zero temperatures to an even lower degree. Pride welled within his chest. He had done it. The first step had been taken. He was not surprised when a flash of lightning and a booming thunder responded in kind mere moments later. Two more years passed in similar fashion, and by that time he had climbed every peak, dived to every undersea cavern, hunted at least one of every species there. There was no doubt in his mind, the boy he once was had long since died. Now he was Indra, a dragon in soul en-fleshed in the body of man. He had come to Mount Meru seeking power, but instead he had been reborn anew. Primal energies surged in his blood, slitted turquoise eyes gazed back beneath snow white hair while clawed hands reached for the heavens. It was time, now he had to face Vritra and prove his potential.

The Wrath of Heaven



Nakshatra: Ice Moon Mansion
Ice cave by zen master
Kanji 星宿:月氷雪殿
Rōmaji Seishuku: Getsuhyousetsu Tono
Parent Ability Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic, Archive, Requip, Illusion Magic, Organic Link Magic, Defenser
Type Requip (Fortress-Class Armor)
User Indra Svargaloka

Nakshatra: Ice Moon Mansion (星宿:月氷雪殿, Seishuku: Getsuhyousetsu Tono): Beneath the peaks of Mount Meru, lies a frozen hell on earth. Crafted by the hands of Indra, molded by the magic of dragons, seeped in the magic saturated interior of the mountain, it is a fortress, a prison and sanctuary. Indra realized the potential in Requip Magic, harnessing the ability to store items of value such as armor or weapons in a closed dimension only he could access. To that end he began developing and building various tools and artifacts of immense power. This construct was developed as an advanced Fortress Class Armor. The prison is unique in that it was built with various safeguards in place to ward off trespassers, to limit their mobility and provide Indra himself with several increases to his powers and capabilities. As it is composed of the ice from Mount Meru, Indra is capable of consuming it to replenish his power. Furthermore due to the Organic Link that exists between them, so as long has he has available power, the ice prison will actually regenerate damage dealt to it. Though this would be the only true weakness of the prison is that it will continually drain his reserves to maintain its presence in any environment outside of the cold. Even with its own powers fueling him, the drain would overshadow any sustenance he would gain, therefore Indra prefers to use this as a trump card and if he must absolutely kill his opponent. As a Fortress-Class Armor it possesses phenomenal defensive capabilities, capable of withstanding the breath weapon of Vritra himself for a time. However the prison's greatest features are its numerous traps and wards woven into its design to maximize Indra's powers.

  • Jyeshtha: O Lord of Deva, Curse Me: Nakshatra was built to imprison the King of Storms, to cage a Dragon and contain its power. As such it is unlike other forms of Requip which ordinarily exist within its own pocket dimension. Rather it exists in a middle ground between the two, as Indra has fabricated a dimensional boundary line around it. It simultaneously exists beneath Mount Meru yet at the same time within the dimension of his Requip. It is why he can summon it, but in reality the truth is muddled by human perception. When drawn into the physical world, the space itself folds as layers of reality are shifted to accomodate its new locale, and in this way Indra and those of whom the mansion emerges around exist in both their original location and Mount Meru, but neither at the same time. To those not trapped inside its enterior, it is as if a torrential downpour of snow covers the region, a whirring blanket of frozen mist that obscures all within. Only by breaching the wall will they find themselves before the majest of Nakshatra. As mentioned Nakshatra was built to imprison a Dragon and therefore it has measures in achieve such a feat. Dragon Slayer Magic intertwinned with nullification magic is woven into its very foundation, which serves as a potent defense against Dragons. The mansion debilitates and weakens Dragons, or those possessing strong traces of draconic blood. While it enhances the magic of ice mages and dragon slayers whom element is ice, those who have achieved the means to transform into dragons instead suffer quite the opposite. They find that the abilities they so coveted, the powers at their disposal, their very nature itself is under assault as it is suffocated. It is not outright suppressed, though Indra can wield the mansion as a lens to focus such an effect at great cost to his prana reserves. Even those previously immune to frost, will find the protection granted to them by their slayer magic to be dulled. The dragon within them is under attack, choking on the subtle field of nullification using dragon slayer magic as its conduit. This mansion therefore weakens, and depowers those who call themselves Dragon. Indra is a human first, but he is also a hunter and a slayer of dragons. This mansion serves as one of the ultimate expressions of his power. Such is the strength of this field that it was enough to grant him the edge necessary to sever a fang from Vritra and allow him to deal a wound to the great wyrm in their battle. 
  • Winters Domain: The fortress itself serves as a form of territory control, by creating the ideal environment by which Indra as a Frozen Dragon Slayer can fight. Its interior temperature is near absolute zero, incurring frostbite, and hypothermia with increasing possibility and damage the longer its occupants remain within its confines. Due to the intense freezing temperatures, objects, weapons and armor become brittle, losing strength in their durability and effectiveness including those of magical origin. Opponents within must endure through not only the blanket of chilled air that permeates through the mansion, but the magical energy which saps at their very strength by freezing all that it touches. This effect is so pronounced as to slow their physical movements, and to their horror still the motion of magic itself. Spells that would have ordinarily sped across the battlefield are slowed down immensely, traveling through the air sluggishly. Due to such extreme cold, Indra need only expend a fraction of the prana required to perform his spells due to the cold continually and steadily replenishing his reserves. For it is Winter's Domain and within the home of his patron element, Indra is king, for his spells and indeed his magic becomes more fluid, easier to cast, and focused in its intensity. Spells that would have drained his reserves and required careful ritual preparation are now cast with but a wave of his hand and the barest effort of thought. As an added benefit the wards alert him to the movements and activity of any within its confines, giving Indra total awareness of any action they take, or any word they speak. Lastly Indra installed Archive Magic within the design which then analyzes and records all magic used in its confines.
  • Ice Mirror Mirage: Bound within the mansion is a form of Illusion Magic that creates numerous illusions of Indra across its many surfaces. While inside the mansion opponents must contend with these copies which mimic all of Indra's movements and attacks, thereby making any attempt to discern his physical location difficult. While inside Indra's illusory skills are further augmented as the mansion serves as an amplifier to his abilities, allowing illusions which would have ordinarily targeted a single individual, to affect everyone within its confines as he desires. Indra himself is actually capable of merging with the ice and moving through any of these mirrors and attacking from these reflections, though he only appears through one at a time. Regardless they grant him a great tactical advantage where it concerns defense, as he can retreat into any reflection without suffering damage. Furthermore any mirrors destroyed will simply detonate showering the opponent in a blast of frigid cold and icy shards, further obscuring Indra and granting him more avenues by which to destroy his enemies.
  • Cursed Labyrinth of a Hundred Deaths: A defensive feature of the Ice Moon Mansion are the numerous traps built within its confines. Magic wards were built in that detect and trap intruders. When summoned these defensive mechanisms automatically activate though they can be directly controlled by Indra himself. As a mansion composed entirely of ice, one of its main defensive features is the instant crystallization of those who remain in physical contact with its icy surface. As such intruders who remain grounded will be under continuous assault by freezing ice that will attempt to creep up their body and immobilize them solid. This is a passive effect and requires no activation on Indra's part. The second defensive feature is that ice crystals will erupt from the floors, the walls, and the ceiling to impale intruders without input from Indra, though he can deactivate this feature at will. One of its primary functions is the fabrication of icy constructs according to Indra's will, which he can activate at any time with no effort. This ability is in many ways similar to the effects created by Ice-Make, though rather than being crafted by Indra, the mansion itself will forge the constructs on his behalf. As it is linked to him, Indra has complete control over this ability allowing him to engage multiple opponents at the same time with extreme precision and power.

Dragon Slave

Dragon Slave: O Frost of Winter, Become Armor
Kanji 竜破斬:霜雪の冬よ, 具足となれ
Rōmaji Doragon Sureibu: Sousetsu no Fuyu yo, Gusoku to Nare
Parent Ability Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic, Archive, Requip, Organic Link Magic
Type Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic (Requip)
User Indra Svargaloka

Dragon Slave: O Frost of Winter, Become Armor (竜破斬:霜雪の冬よ, 具足となれ, Doragon Sureibu: Sousetsu no Fuyu yo, Gusoku to Nare) is the ultimate armor forged by Indra, a conceptual artifact transcending the physical and granting unto its wielder the almighty power of winter itself. Though he was a capable warrior, Indra had only just acquired the powers of winter and had yet to fully grasp its full potential. Even so he needed a means to achieve more power if he had any hope of facing off against Vritra in their battle. As young as he was, his body was still growing into its own strength and was not yet capable of harnessing the full breadth of winter's power. Therefore he conceived of a method to draw out that latent potential without destroying himself in the process.

Wands, staves, even lacrima are all foci to help focus a mage's power, granting them the control and ability to wield powers they otherwise could not. Indra thought along similar lines and crafted a powerful lacrima shard using the convergent ley lines of Mount Meru. To do so he linked the ley lines using a network of magical seals which siphoned off and funneled the gathered energy inwards, containing it within a single massive magical seal. There at its center lay a natural ice formation of Mount Meru, and using the properties of the crystal lattice, he engraved various runes and glyphs to strengthen the binding and contain the power being channeled in. Through ritual and chant he completed the merging the conflux of magical currents creating a surge at their center which condensed the natural ice into a small lacrima shard no bigger than his palm. 

Referred to as the Dragon's Gate (龍門, Ryūmon), its power lies in magic amplification and its unique ability to absorb and contain vast amounts of prana. By itself the Dragon's Gate will absorb ambient prana from the environment, but its true purpose is in its ability to absorb prana passively from its bearer. Within a day's time it is sufficiently charged, effectively doubling the mage's reserves in question as they can draw prana from it as opposed to their own limited reserves while casting spells. Furthermore spells cast through the Dragon's Gate are augmented in both power and scope, vastly increasing the mage's capabilities. When Indra channels the power that lies within the Dragon's Gate the overflow of prana transforms him. His form becomes subsumed in a pillar of arctic light, as an ancient and primal frost permeates though the air freezing all that it touches.

The heavens themselves cry out as thunder punctuates their subjugation as storm clouds roll through the air blanketing the region in darkness, ice and rain. A fierce blizzard envelopes the area, chilling winds whipping about stirring almighty winter from its slumber. The earth below is instantly frozen becoming a frozen kingdom for its heir. Then as quickly as it came, the storm ends revealing the Dragon that has made itself manifest in physical form. Wreathed in a mantle of white frost, it is as if the Frozen Wyrm of the North had become his very armor. Azure wings of ice and snow sit upon his shoulders, as he hovers in the air. His right arm bears the serpentine length of ice before forming the head of an icy dragon as his hand wielding the infamous Astradhari. The visage of an ancient wyrm of hellish winter enshrouds him, his cool gaze lit with power.

  • Nāgarāja: O King of Dragons, Become Me: "For whom winter has wreathed in armor and shield, shall become Dragon of all that is frost and snow, for the King of Dragons, thy ravaged soul becomes thee". Thus the incantation is spoken and Indra unleashes the stored power within the Dragon's Gate amplifying his power several fold. The prana stored within the Dragon's Gate is acquired through the passive absorption of the wielders own reserves over time. Once the Dragon's Gate has collected a sufficient amount the jewel can be used to unleash said power, adding atop the wielders own, effectively doubling their available power. Control that once slipped through his fingers he now commands with frightening precision. Whereas the dragon magic flowing through him enhances his physical abilities, driving them to their limit and beyond. Even with his small frame his strength is said to rival that of a Dragon in all its glory as every step or flap of wings cracks the ground beneath him or stirs the elements in air. The rate and speed at which he is capable of casting his Dragon Magic multiplies and his senses sharpen as the world becomes clearer, and more focused. All of his Frozen Dragon Slayer abilities are heightened, augmented with increased control, speed, scope and power, many times over. The Frozen Dragon's Dominion which he had little to no control over is now firmly within his grasp, allowing him to essentially terraform an entire region into a frozen tundra. His breath where it was once a wave of frost is now equivalent to a storm that erupts through the region, not unlike a miniature hurricane barreling forward at his enemies. His Dragon Claws sculpt formations of ice the size of buildings and the area plummets to sub-zero temperatures. As an "armor" it vastly improves his physical and magical defenses, granting the ability to weather through spells or powers that would have previously injured him.
  • Samudra Manthan: O Vasuki, Poison Me: The Dragon's Gate is a double-edged sword, for though Indra is able to draw upon the stored power, harness the energies he has infused within it, and focus such power with frightening efficiency, it is not without cost. Using it places a burden on the body, for while the power it grants is immense, the body must overcompensate for the influx of prana which can quickly drain the wielders stamina. What this means, is that even though it is possible to double one's power the drain on their reserves is massive, and in time could eclipse the very power granted by the Dragon's Gate. Even for one such as Indra, who possesses phenomenal resilience, using the Dragon Slave is particularly exhausting.


Kanji 金剛杵
Rōmaji Kongōsho
Parent Ability Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic, Archive, Requip, Organic Link Magic
Type Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic (Requip)
User Indra Svargaloka

Vajra (金剛杵, Kongoushu, lit. "Indestructible/Thunderbolt"): is a sword forged from the fang of Vritra, and the supreme instrument of destruction wielded by Indra. As the King of Storms exists primarily as a living storm, any weapon fashioned from its body is actually a small part of its essence crystallized into the physical world. As such Vajra is akin to a conceptual weapon, given form by the Dragon Magic flowing through Indra. This aspect of its nature gives it the ability to manipulate and interfere at not only the physical layer of reality, but the conceptual as well. Such a weapon is considered within the domain of not only the most powerful of Dragons, but the very gods themselves as beings who are of divine origin and linked to concepts can only be slain by such a weapon.

Shaped from the essence of a dragon, it possesses the phenomenal strength and is considered virtually indestructible save for another weapon or tool of the same caliber. Vajra has two forms, and the first is an elegantly sealed shirasaya katana. This is its dormant state, its power in a deep slumber which can only be awakened by the hands of a Dragon Slayer such as Indra. Ordinarily it is stored in a shrine housed within his pocket dimension but it can be called to his person at any time. According to Indra, it is sealed in such a manner as to keep the voracious and destructive tendencies of the blade in check when not in use.

When called to his hands, Vajra awakens, and its form changes to match the Dragon Slayer wielding it. For Indra, the blade cracks before shattering revealing a silver blade that thrums with power while drawn. That which serves as its guard is a four-pointed bronze star, which glows faintly as electricity can be seen dancing in its reflection. As evidenced by its name and the very nature of the Dragon from whence it came, Vajra possesses the ability to command storms and it is said that the stroke of its blade is said to crack with thunder. This blade possesses numerous powers though unlike the named abilities of virtually every other piece of equipment or spell, these are named in honor of the Dragons of the Civil War.

  • Nidhogg: O Dreaded Biter of the Sacral Tree: Named after the Dragon that was said to gnaw at the root of the world tree, this ability describes the unusual nature of the injuries inflicted by the Vajra. As though the fang from which it was forged from had bestowed upon it the phenomenal strength of a Dragon's bite, Vajra is capable of cutting through any material or defense that the bite of a Dragon could cleave through with its claws and fangs. Yet that is not what is unique, rather it is the manifestation of the injury inflicted that this power is so aptly named for. Injuries inflicted by Vajra leave marks akin to a Dragon's bite across the length of the wound, eviscerating chunks from whatever it was struck against as if a Dragon itself had tried to rip it to shreds with its fangs.


Kavacha: O Wanderer, Guide Me
Kanji カヴァーチャ: 放浪者よ、私を導きます
Rōmaji Kabacha: Hōrō-sha yo, Watashi o Michibikimasu
Parent Ability Archive, Requip, Organic Link Magic
Type Requip
User Indra Svargaloka

Kavacha: O Wanderer, Guide Me (カヴァーチャ: 放浪者よ、私を導きます, Hōrō-sha yo, Watashi o Michibikimasu) is the garb of the explorer, the shroud of the wanderer and dress worn by Indra. It is the physical embodiment of that which Indra has inherited from his parents; wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge and exploration. Sewn from the silk of arachnids native to the Dread Isle, Indra weaved his wardrobe using tools crafted from the wood of what Indra believes is a divine tree whose petals possessed strong mystical properties. The inhabitants of the Dread Isle had developed uncanny abilities and magical abilities that when utilized as tools, fabrics and crafting materials they produced wonders the likes of which have never been seen. Thus though it is an article of clothing, Kavacha is classified as a high level armor piece due to its unique properties.

  • Vimana: The Unending Journey: A property of the armor born from the work performed as it was crafted from materials born of a divine tree. It is a word from an ancient dialect meaning, "whose wheels are moving", Indra thought it apt to represent the ability of Kavacha to provide its wearer with the unusual ability to traverse vast distances through a form of territorial transportation. So as long as he travels along the path of nature, such as a mountain or a forest he can travel to and emerge from a corresponding forest or mountain vast distances away, even if they are in another country or continent. Indra is not entirely clear how the power works, though he does however have a theory. The roots of a tree are said to penetrate deep within the earth and can potentially span distances that exceed even the height of the tree itself, branching out over miles upon miles of land. As more plants sink their roots into the earth they interconnect creating a massive root system that connects plants across entire continents at the physical level. At the magical level it would imply that all aspects of nature are connected to one another, that a mountain's passages could potentially lead to yet another mountain, for in the eyes of nature are they not one in the same? A mountain will always be called a mountain, and the same is said for a forest or lake. Therefore as he travels through nature in such a fashion, the actual distance has no meaning. This is his working concept, but he is unsure as to how and when the shrinking or actual transportation occurs. Even with his Archive ability he always somehow misses the transition. Regardless such a power is the perfect tool for one who wishes to explore and unearth all the mysteries of the world.
  • Surya: Chariot of the Heavens: The name of this ability is derived from an ancient god who was said to soar across the skies on a chariot pulled by ten mythical beasts, or perhaps they were embers of light, streaming about the night sky in a cascade of vibrant hues. Like the chariot of Surya, Indra's Kavacha is grants him the power of flight. The armor is infused with his dragon magic, but he suffused it with the essence of a dragon's majestic movements through the heavens. The runes binding the armor are configured in such a way as to capture the very concept of a Frozen Dragons flight. The deafening beat of its wings as the dragon ascends to the air, the buffeting winds as it soars through the skies, and the currents of icy winds which keep it afloat. When Indra takes flight, freezing winds gather around him freezing the air and moisture around him creating transparent platforms beneath his feet. Cold energy surges around him suspending him into the air, where he sits on imperceptible ice. As arctic winds flow around him he is propelled in the air, and there is flight. In the air he has considerable control over his movements, able to navigate with perfect equilibrium in three dimensions. As Kavacha is a garb designed for a traveler, it also has the ability to flawlessly aid in the navigation and orientation of the wearer. This grants Indra the ability to move through the air with the casual effort and capabilities as if he were on the ground.

Powers & Abilities

Natural Abilities

Overwhelming Magical Power: The cold fury of winter in all its power and glory slumbers within the depths of Indra's soul. His presence ancient and primal drowns the world around him in its suffocating and chilling grasp. There is strength in his aura, a strength of will born from the tribulations of his past, tempered by the Dragon within. It is akin to a ferocious beast, its maw snapping wildly at the slightest provocation, its depths unknowing, its power unyielding, bringing about the inevitable death and decay of all around him. Wherever he treads winter follows, its cold breath washing away the warmth of summer only to usher in an age of cold and darkness. Indra's magical aura is simply put; overwhelming. He commands such a frightening amount of power that it is staggering. Just releasing its power brings about the damnation of the world around him as a glacial age bursts into existence before him. It is nearly impossible to distinguish whether this power hails from some primordial elemental dragon or whether it is the manifestation of nature's fury finally revealing itself to the world. But such magical strength was not obtained without pain and sacrifice. Countless times Indra had fallen to the precipice of death, only to claw his way out from its reaches. The Dread Isle had become him, had supplicated him with its rich eternano atmosphere, and nourished him with its equally magically rich food. The predators he slew all had powers rivaling that of some of the greatest mages, and he feasted upon them daily for years. His body was forced to change lest it be poisoned by the very magic his body was suffused with. Even then when he first encountered Vritra, the sheer weight of its magical aura had nearly shattered his mind, and destroyed his body. But in time he had grown accustomed to such awe inspiring but equally terrifying strength, his body once more adapting, changing to become like that which had nearly obliterated it. The immense power at Indra's disposal is a result of his bodies ability to absorb and convert ambient eternano, or magical energy into a form usable by his body. It is why he can consume sources of food that would otherwise be inedible by normal humans, why his body can extract precious nutrients from even toxins. His magic origin too has changed, it is not just a simple organ that filters magical energy but a complex organ spread throughout his entire like a secondary system, operating like a reactor. Though young he maintains a considerable level of proficiency in wielding his power, and an extraordinary degree of control. Though even then, such measures cannot account for the depths of the power at his finger-tips. Whereas most mages require the activation of a Second Origin to achieve such formidable levels of power, Indra's remains largely dormant. To unlock its strength now would be premature, and would forever sacrifice a significant amount of potential he would otherwise gain through time and training.

Master of Hunting & Tracker: Indra spent seven years surviving on the Dread Isle, hunting predators whom had evolved over the eons to become masters of the art of killing. He learned to distinguish tracks from creatures whose tread formed none, to sniff out prey who had learned to become all but invisible to the five senses, and more. Indra had only a smattering of survival skills when he found himself on Enca but through desperation, cunning and application he has become a master in the art of hunting, tracking and evasion. While there is a degree of physical ability that comes with survival and evasion, the majority of it is simply knowledge and experience. With liberal use of his Archive, Indra cataloged every creature, plant and exotic specimen he could find, analyzing their compounds and structures for weaknesses. His efforts at first were like all novices thrust into a hopeless situation, frantic, desperate and utterly prone to failure. Hunger taught him patience, pain instructed him in caution, and the hunt itself provided the necessary experience he needed. It may have been dumb luck or perhaps providence that he had not been killed in his earlier days but Indra did indeed thrive. Each day was wrought with new challenges, new prey to hunt, and he relished the opportunity to pit his mettle against the most tenacious beasts nature had crafted for him yet. Indra does not leave any discernible tracks when he moves through an area, and his steps are as eerily silent. He is capable of hiding his smell using both mundane and magical means, and obscuring his position in equal measure. In a natural environment he can disappear in moments, wipe his presence out completely, and even those who are currently observing have noted that to their senses were it not for their vision they wouldn't even know he was there. He is highly skilled in creating decoy trails, and has a penchant for crafting elaborate and very lethal traps in short periods of time. This strategy served him well in his battles against the beasts of Enca and Vritra as well. It takes only moments for him to establish complex glyph traps that impede, immobilize or reverse the situation so that they are immediately on the defensive. Like a wraith he strikes from the everywhere and nowhere, his traps unleashing eldritch chaos upon his foes. In the midst of such a bloodbath, Indra stands there unbloodied, save for a gleaming sword at his side.

  • Heavy Moon: A physical technique born out of the experiences of Indra constantly stalking his prey on the Dread Isle. Its name refers to the sensation one often feels while under the blood moon; a weight upon the mind and a burden on the body that slowly gives way to madness. Things we could not perceive before are now perceptible, this insight, this curse drives its victims to the brink of insanity, as phantasms from their minds take shape. No longer do they see the-world-as-it-was but the-world-as-it-is, or what the-world-has-hidden. It is a movement based skill, a refinement of Indra's ability to remain hidden, allowing him to move unseen by his adversaries. Heavy Moon is an anomaly as far as stealth techniques go, because it does not erase his presence from the perceptions of his opponents. Rather it allows Indra to move between the space of the conscious and subconscious awareness of his adversaries, that what they perceive becomes background, ignoring him entirely. It is not that they do not perceive him, they actually do, but their mind filters the information away as unimportant. Even to those with hyper aware senses, they too have fallen victim to this skill. Such a feat allows Indra to move virtually unseen with impunity. It even allows him to fool technology and magical means of detection, something which even he was not fully aware of.

Immense Durability: Thrust in a world of monsters, and having faced off against the wrath of nature itself in mortal combat, Indra's resilience and durability have been strengthened and honed to levels far beyond other mages. Against the savage beasts of Enca, he endured their viscous claws and poisonous fangs, weathered through insidious toxins and survived the relentless assault wrought by the extreme weather conditions of the Dread Isle. Through natural disasters he lived, through sweltering temperatures that reached scorching hot, to the frigid colds of Mount Meru, he thrived. Pain had become a constant companion to Indra, always hovering over him in his moments of triumph, and when darkness nearly consumed him. As a human, his body had been tempered by Enca, his tolerance for pain and his bodily endurance pushed to their limits till he had nothing left, and was still asked to suffer more. There were no hospitals, no caring physicians, no maternal figure to guide him, protect him, all he had was the knowledge in his mind and the tenacity to defy the embrace of death each time he closed his eyes. Then the almighty King of Storms began hunting him and then he learned an entirely new level of fear and pain. He was not coddled like other Slayers whose parents simply trained them in a controlled environment. Vritra meant to hunt, to kill, and he toyed with Indra as any predator would. Indra suffered through the brunt of such overwhelming might for three years, his body beaten and broken in continuous repetition. His survival was due only to his defiant will and refusal to die quietly. The first time they met his mind had nearly been torn asunder by the overwhelming weight of the Dragon's presence, its magical aura grinding against his bones and crushing his body. Suffice to say Indra has battled time and time again against a Dragon of unspeakable power, survived its assault for years and by its end had become so much stronger for it. There are few forces on the earth that can deter him. Pain is meaningless, Indra is capable of fighting at his full potential even should he be near death, and his resilience is such that he can survive near fatal injuries without so much as a whimper. After acquiring the constitution of a Dragon these already formidable traits were further augmented. His skin may as well be armor, as mundane weapons simply fail to inflict any damage. Thanks the highly evolved hunters of Enca his body has developed antibodies and a supremely efficient immune response against toxins and diseases rendering many found in Fiore impotent.

Preternatural Sensory Perception: During his time on the Dread Isle, Indra was forced to develop methods to be able to survive, most of which were contingent on his ability to recognize and immediately react to danger. That meant that he had to very quickly improve and adapt his senses to the environment if he had any hope of surviving. This was accomplished through Archive, using a very experimental and potential dangerous method of data acquisition. Using Archive Indra would scan an environment, convert the information into magical data, then reroute the information back into his mind through his senses. He used Archive almost like a form of sonar, it would pick up such minute bits of data, that when transmitted back through his senses he interpret it like a three-dimensional map that accounted for visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile sensations. This was was later expanded to include thermoception, and even his own perception of time. It took time, and quite a bit of trial and error, coupled with a desperation born out of necessity and a will to survive in the face of certain death. These factors are likely what allowed to him succeed where he would have likely failed and liquefied his brain from sensory overload. In the beginning there was a delay between the information but as he has grown older and more skilled with this method, it has become instantaneous. He can pick up details regarding a scene miles away with extreme detail and accuracy. His senses have reached a point where they are beyond the limitations of any human, and can be considered nearly magical in their function and scope. At any point in time, Indra has a three-dimensional model of the immediate area around him out to several hundred meters with one-hundred percent accuracy which only decreases fractionally as distances increase. At several miles his accuracy has only declined to a staggering eighty percent. Even then the true limitations of his senses are unknown, the beasts that plagued Enca possessed extraordinary senses, some even slipping into other dimensions as a means of catching prey unaware's while others lulled their prey with highly evolved illusory skills. Indra having contested with all of them has become adept at even picking up magical distortions, to detect when magic is being used in his vicinity. His senses are sharp enough to discern even the folding of space or the opening of dimensional barriers. This ability however is not limited to just extending the degree of his senses. Indra possesses absolute control over them that the can tune his senses, forging some altogether to focus and enhance a particular one. 

Preternatural Reflexes: Seven years Indra spent on the Dread Isle. There was not a single day that passed where his life was not in peril. Every waking moment was spent either being hunted or the hunter. Battling against beasts whose speed surpassed human limitation, whose strength rivaled some of the strongest Mages in all of Fiore, possessing supernatural abilities and other enhanced physical attributes forged Indra into a warrior like no other. His senses had been honed to a razor edge, a necessary trait for one to survive in the wilds, but coupled with his unique use of Archive to enhance them even further? His body has developed reflexes that are simply inhuman. He will react to danger and forms of attack that he is unaware of, and his body will move without conscious effort to defend and repel such attacks. The spectrum of his senses is so vast, that he is able to respond to virtually all known methods of attack directed at his person. To Indra, the idea of a blind spot does not exist, he simply does not have one. He can respond to attacks even if he is somehow blocked from access to his five natural senses, due to the fighting instinct and muscle memory grinded into his body. There were predators on the Dread Isle whose speed even to this day dwarfs his own, and he learned to adapt to such speeds. If he can anticipate an attack, he can react even if such an action would be instantaneous, such as magic that would manipulate time or his perception of it. 

Ways of Combat

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: In a world ravaged by towering behemoth whose strength could pulverize boulders and durability to match, no amount of fist-fighting would have made a difference. At mans' first inception he took to the creation of tools and implements which he wielded with ingenuity and skill to overcome the glaring barrier between their own physical limitations and the overwhelming primal power their prey was blessed with. To survive, Indra became a hunter, a fierce warrior of the wilderness who stalked the beasts who sought to prey upon him. At first it was simple tools fashioned from broken rocks, haphazardly bound together with whatever materials he could get on hand. These worked for a time, but the stronger he got, the more bolder he became. Soon these simple tools gave way to complex weapons, such as the fabled bow and he became quite the skilled archer. But in the end it was the sword which would define him. After slaying his first real beast, a creature whose size easily dwarfed his own with claws and fangs as large as any human, did he take hold of his destiny and forge himself a weapon that would cut through the darkness of his world. His first sword was crafted from the horn of such a creature.

Enchanted with meager magic to withstand wear and tear, it became the symbol of his hunting prowess. So sharp was its blade that it could sever even the thickest of hides, and so light was its weight that even his child-like hands could wield it with little effort. The Dread Isle was very much like a school of combat, and the beasts that claimed it as home, its instructors. Each battle was a lesson all on its own, each beast employing tactics and strategies that ruthlessly exploited all of their strengths and minimized their weaknesses. It was a grueling affair, where every misstep nearly cost Indra his life. Pain is the most thorough of teachers, and as oft as he was to lay beaten in a pool of his own blood, he listened and paid heed to its wisdom. The techniques he learned he acquired from thorough observation of Enca's most potent of predators. He mimicked their movements, finding speed where none existed. He emulated their behavior, finding clarity from such vision. He walked the same paths, stalked the same prey, and ultimately sought to become one with the hunter inside of him, to grasp that killing instinct. In time he succeeded far beyond his wildest imaginations. His swordsmanship was as brutal, primal and utterly without mercy as the the predators residing at the Dread Isle.

Each strike is a killing stroke, encompassing raw power, sheer speed and technique born out of experience no ordinary human could amass. When he attacks he is relentless in his assault, unleashing earth shattering barrages to overwhelm his opponent until they are grinded into dust. He fights like a man possessed, raining blow after blow, never letting up, or giving his opponent an ounce of breathing room. The arc of his strikes are swift and narrow, neither wide nor exaggerated. There is an economy of movement to his stride and the manner of his offense would be nearly clinical in nature were they not driven by such venomous fury. He prefers striking from multiple angles, flickering around his opponent in bursts of speed. He is used to fighting creatures with supernal senses, and his fighting style reflects that. He roars when he attacks, his lungs bellowing out deafening howls, his feet pulverize the ground beneath him kicking up dust and debris, while his sword blurs until imaginary figments accompany its strikes.

  • Wisdom of Rudra: Lord of Hunters (賢明の鬼神: 狩る神, Kenmei no Kijin: Karugami):
  • O Great Wyrm, Perish Before Me: For years Indra battled against Vritra, every snapping maw, every gouging rake, all the crushing power of its blows observed. Indra is intimately familiar with the movements of a Dragon, able to discern their attack patterns, their general strategies and techniques with a level of precision bordering on precognition. The insight he commands grants him the authority to wage battle against such entities and see himself to victory. This form, this knowledge that he possesses is a methodology to the manner in which Dragon's engage battle, it is an understanding born of experience and raw intuition that enables him to fight with increased speed, strength and vigor against his nemesis. To defeat a Dragon one must harness their humanity, not their draconian nature for it will inevitably lead them to the path of ruin. He learned that painful lesson against Vritra, when drunk on his own power charged into battle with the fury of the Frozen Dragon. He was effortlessly crushed for his impudence. No matter how much one might train, a human, even a Dragon Slayer will never exceed the prowess of a Dragon in combat if they attempt to engage in battle as on. To Indra it is a foolhardy endeavor, to attempt such a thing is to still one's progress towards victory, for humans are not Dragons and therefore can never truly fight as a Dragon. However he is familiar enough with a Dragon's overwhelming strength, its relentless vitality and unquenchable thirst for savagery. Having fought Vritra for so long, Indra is perhaps one of the few experts in how a Dragon fights and is able to effectively dodge, evade and defend against their attacks. This is made even more true for Dragon Slayers who seek to empower themselves by striving to fight as Dragons do. It is almost as if a Dragon moves with all the speed of an immovable rock, their tactics visible to him at every turn. Almost supernatural in its capacity, this form grants Indra augmented defensive and offensive capabilities against Dragon's, allowing him to weave through their attacks with increased efficiency, fluidity and technique. His attacks seemingly grow in strength, as do his defensive spells, as he subconsciously weaves the proper countermeasure in every stroke and step in his battle dance. Whatever abilities he has are effectively doubled in their potential scope when used against Dragons or on occasion the unwieldy Slayer striving for power far beyond their reach.

Magic Skills & Abilities

Archive Magic

Archive (古文書, Ākaibu): is a form of magic that acts as a form of magical sensory perception. It uses magical emissions to scan the environment similar in function to both echolocation and sonar. This magic is able to collect an extraordinary amount of data that can be related to the five senses. Once collected it is stored in a magical archive. As this is magical data, it can be retrived at will by its wielder and displayed as a data across their vision. As such Archive is the reason for Indra's continued existence. Its ability to convert information into magical data which can be stored and retrieved later one was invaluable to his survival on the Dread Isle. One of the first uses he developed this for magic was mapping out the isle. Through exploring the infamous isle he began systematically mapping out the region's he explored, obtaining data on indigenous species and plants, what was edible, poisonous, and more. He captured all of this data but realized that he was using the spell wrong. If he could convert information into magical data, then couldn't he convert everything that he could see, hear, taste and feel into data? After much trial and error he developed a technique of using Archive in a way that would allow him to expand the functionality of all of his senses.

One of the greatest obstacles he encountered early on was that his own senses were not refined enough, to filter all the information his body was actually receiving. He knew that Archive could transfer data between people, and realized that he could create multiple magical data pathways by which he could collect, analyze and return the data to his mind that his body was experiencing. He would scan an environment using Archive and all the information it would collect and convert was then transferred back into his mind. This allowed him to distinguish individual sights, sounds, smells, with such clarity, that he could hear and see an insect over a mile away if he so chose. The only struggle was refining the actual speed of the process. Once he started using this ability in earnest his mind became accustomed to the information it was receiving. As a result he possesses preternatural inhuman sensory capabilities. Simply looking at an object is enough to provide sufficient data, as if he had spent hours, perhaps even days studying it. This is what allowed him to hunt the predators on the island without being killed. It led to the development of his own preternatural reflexes. When used through the lens of his Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic, his senses are further heightened by an order of magnitude. Draconian senses are able to perceive the world in ways normal human senses cannot which was the only real limitation of this use. He was still limited by what his brain was capable of process and comprehending. His Dragon Magic simply expands what he is able to sense.

Indra can scan, analyze and then quantify more data than the average human is capable of perceiving in a single moment of time. His use of Archive allows him to instantly scan magical constructs, spells and other phenomena and obtain a highly detailed analysis of its structure, internal composition and capability. He has further developed the ability after reemerging into the world to "hack" into other Archive's by creating a backdoor connection, allowing him to siphon any relevant information they have obtained. The sheer number of applications of his Archive are numerous and he has come to rely on it as if it were a sixth sense. However such advantages can be used against him as he is prone to over rely on its capabilities. There are times when exposed to potent chaotic discharges of magic which can interfere with his own, that Archive has temporarily shut down, sending him reeling from sensory deprivation. Not unlike being succumbed to a flash-bang as it is extremely disorienting for him. Thankfully he has developed countermeasures in the form of his highly versatile Defenser skills which can serve as a temporary shield allowing him to regroup and prepare for any potential loss. Regardless, Indra possesses vast and immense skill in the use of his Archive, the likes of which can never truly be quantified.

  • Scan: This aspect refers to Indra's ability to scan his environment, allowing him to interpert the recieved data through his five physical senses. This ability shares similarities with echolocation in that a faint magical pulse is sent out, and anything that it touches is systemmatically analyzed along numerous channels and the feedback is transfered directly into Indra's mind. The exact range of this ability depends on its use. Passively, Indra is almost always aware of all happenings within three-hundred meters, possessing what can only be described as a three-dimensional model of the area. He can however activate a pulse to increase the effective range by up to 10km, though this ability seems to function more efficiency if he has a higher altitude. If he however medtiates and as he refers to it as, "communing with nature" then the distance of this ability increases by another factor, extending out to tens of miles. Doing so however requires immense concentration and a lengthy period of time for his mind to properly assess the information. It is a technique he employs when he has ample time, often requiring an hour to several hours to fully analyze the data. 
  • Scry: This version of the spell grants Indra a variant of clairvoyance, by creating a holographic window that shows events taking place in a different area. These interfaces can allow for two-way communication if Indra chose, but are generally reserved as a security feature of his lair, residence or as a form of advanced scouting. As compared to Scan, this spell works across vast distances, allowing communication across whole continents. 


Defenser (魔関 (ディフェンサー), Difensā, lit. "Magic Barrier"): Although considered a form of magic, Defenser is little more than a shaping exercise employed by professors to instruct their students in the most basic application of magical manipulation. It is considered a foundational skill, as it advocates the principles of releasing, shaping and maintaining the manifestation of one's magical power. It serves as the basis for conjured magical constructs and as the gateway for virtually all known modern schools of magical theory it is a spell practically every mage knows. It was also one of the few spells and exercises Indra was familiar with when he washed ashore on the Dread Isle. Left alone to his devices, Indra spent more time practicing and employing this spell than possibly any other mage in centuries. As a child he lacked knowledge of more complex arts, so he was forced to use what little resources he had to adapt accordingly if he wanted to survive. At its core Defenser is the ability of a mage to release their magical power, and then using mental imagery shape the released energy into a geometric form. As geometric forms are the foundation of geomancy and indeed the earliest forms of magic, the forms constructed from Defenser embody protection and defense. Skilled mages are capable of building complex geometric shaped barriers that go beyond mere walls or sphere's, and Indra is considered a master of the art. His ability to visualize shapes was fast-tracked due to his usage of Archive, and its presentation of data. This later allowed him to harness more intricate warding schemes thanks his skill in Glyphs that when combined with Organic Link Magic allows for the creation of barriers transcending the limitations of Defenser.

  • Sahasrara: O Jewel of Heaven, Nuture Me (सहस्रार, Sanskrit for, "Thousand Petals"):

    O Jewel of Heaven, Nuture Me

    The culmination of Indra's struggles in developing a flexible barrier scheme during the three years he was hunted by Vritra the King of Storms. In that time period, Indra was forced to create numerous shields of varying degree's of shape, size and functionality in order to fully realize the strategies he employed in his defense. In the beginning he began with simple geometric shapes but quickly found that they lacked the utility to properly defend against the overwhelming power of a Dragon, often they would shatter outright. He then moved on to adding additional sides, altering dimensions and even layering his defensive barriers into fully formed three-dimensional objects. Again he met with similar success, and he strained his human intellect to divine a means of creating barriers that exceeded Defenser's limitations. So like all great minds he took a step back and contemplated his efforts. As he gazed upon nature, saw her defenses he was struck by inspiration, when he saw a flower bloomed instantly its petals hardening until they were steel as a beast struggled to breach its domain. Awestruck by what he saw, Indra realized that nature itself had provided him an answer. The geometric shapes he thought he knew, where had they come from? As he looked at the world around him he could finally see what he had been blind to. Thus his shields became less static and more organic in their form and structure. Bending and twisting in ways ordinary shields could not, taking forms resembling plants, or possessing characteristics like water. He could shift, and alter the shape of his barriers even after activation, curving them inward or outward, or layering them atop one another. A magical barrier at heart is nothing more than a deployed field of condensed prana that can be used to ward off magical effects. When an opposing magical effect impacts the barrier, the barrier serves as form of resistance reducing and potentially canceling out the magical attack. Since the barrier is capable of blocking, or deflecting magical forms of attack those that are indirect such as a gaze attack or a curse that does not rely on physical contact can also be defended against in this fashion since nearly all forms of magical attack originate from the caster. Indra however modified the manner of its manifestation, much like a flower blooming, the number of petals of present symbolizes the strength and number of barriers created. In essence, Sahasrara allows Indra to create barriers that contain dynamic designs as part of a single barrier. Thus he is able to layer a barrier without resorting to casting the spell multiple times in succession, thereby increasing its defensive capabilities. Due to his rather massive reserves the exact limitations of what he can create remain unclear, however he has been shown to create barrier schemes capable of covering an entire settlement or city if necessary, though the process requires an extraordinary degree of concentration and prana to maintain. 
  • Muladhara: O Coiled Kundalini, Arise From Me (मूलाधार, Sanskrit for, "Root Support"): Defenser is primarily used to create geometric shapes through one's prana as a form of defense against incoming attacks. Usually this takes the form of a translucent shimmering barrier that springs to life at the Mages command. However Indra's requirements for this spell forced him to develop means to forgo the constant recasting of the spell, as against the predators of the Dread Isle, even half a second of time was sufficient to secure victory. Therefore Indra developed this variant of the basic Defenser. Archive allowed Indra to develop a three-dimensional model of his own person and using that visual image he is able to create a secondary membrane-like shield coating his entire person. This way, attacks from any direction can be deflected, no matter the angle or path of attack so as long as it targets him specifically. This spell serves as the most common form of defense employed on his person. It consists of three defensive shields layered on top of one another bounded together through the Organic Link Seal which links their defensive power directly to Indra's massive magical reserves. This allows them to be maintained indefinitely without him having to recast the spell, and serve as the final layer of defense on his person. Even if an attack is able to bypass the first layer it must contend with the additional layers beneath. Muladhara is a notoriously difficult defensive ward to bypass, primarily due to its configuration. Unless all three barriers are broken, any remaining shields will reconstruct until they are at full strength. Furthermore actually repairing any one shield does not drain Indra of much of his reserves and considering their gargantuan size he can easily replace lost barriers if he makes the effort. However due to the Organic Link Seal configured into this spell, he can simply don the protective measure once more, though doing so has an initially high prana cost, but a low cost to maintain.
  • Svadhishthana: O Sacral Lotus, Uplift Me  (स्वाधिष्ठान, Sanskrit for, "One's Own Base"): Although this spell was developed last due to its rather massive energy requirements it serves as the primary form of defense on Indra's person. It is a simple spherical defensive barrier extending one meter out from his person. It is configured with an Organic Link Seal glyph, binding it to Indra so as to maintain its duration, the simple, Field Seal glyph which establishes the distance out to which it will grant him protection and finally the Ward Seal glyph which is an intent based glyph seal which causes the barrier to react to an attack depending on the intent of the attacker. Combined they serve as a potent form of defensive barrier magic specifically against long range and area of effect magic. However as compared to Muladhara and even the Anahata, it is one of the few spells that cause a drain on his reserves when it is deployed in combat and warding off damage. Contrary to the Muldhara, Svadhishthana does not negate damage, instead serving to mitigate a portion of any damage he would otherwise receive. This synergies with his Muldhara as it is able to tank the remaining damage, and even if one barrier should fall it will simple repair itself later.

Magic Ray

Magic Ray (魔力光線 (マジック・レイ), Majikku Rei, lit. "Magical Power Beam"): is one of the basic shaping and emission exercises taught to young mages. Much like Defenser it is considered a foundational skill, for it serves as the basis behind all emission-type magics. Thus any magic that is released in the form of an attack traces its roots back to Magic Ray. It is first harness by releasing one's prana, allowing its power to radiate outward from their person. From there they must focus their will and gather their power into a single point, a swirling vortex of energies that condense until a luminous sphere of volatile eldritch power. Once they have accomplished this mental exercise they release the energies forward propelling it onward unleashing their magic on the world in a beam of pure light and magic. Indra practiced this magic until such a feat had become as instinctual as the drawing of his sword. He learned to shape and manipulate his magic into forms until he could form two at once, in time this multiplied to dozens. As his proficiency increased these became whole formations, cascades of shimmering balls of light that he could direct at will. Soon they too evolved to become phases of attack sequences, where rows, columns of magic beams, pillars, and massive sphere's would orbit around him or revolve in complex moving patterns. They were afterall the only offensive magic he had. It was not uncommon for him to shape his magic into a spear before twisting it into a deadly missile and hurling it at his foes. Or conjuring a blade of eldritch might capable of cleaving through magical defenses. The mental training he performed to shape his barriers allowed him to manifest his magical attacks in such unorthodox forms. Having gone above and beyond mere geometric shapes, he could fashion them into structures possessing an organic nature, wolves of pure energy that raced across the ground, butterflies whom would flutter about in their enemies space before igniting in terrible pillars of light, scorching the land barren with chaotic magic power. What Indra demonstrates is nothing short of a complete and utter mastery of one of the most basic skills in the arsenal of a mage. The sheer level of control he exerts, to manifest hundreds of not thousands of individual beams and sphere's moving together in concert requires a phenomenal amount of mental discipline, prana and ingenuity.

  • Wisdom Kings: Garbhakosa (明王:胎蔵界,Myōō: Taizōkai, Hindu for, "Womb Realm"): The realm of origins, where all things in creation are given birth, the plane of potential and possibility. This ritual spell is the culmination of Indra's efforts to manifest his mastery of the most basic skill in a mage's arsenal. With it he can summon forth geometric shapes of eldritch power possessing devastating destructive capability, fashioned into an impressive barrage of attacks. Utilizing the same recognition of the importance of shapes in his Defenser Magic, Indra realized that by applying the same to his Magic Ray attacks he could create one of the most visually stunning offensive spells in the world. Streams of bubbling prana burst into existence, ignited by his will as they form rows upon rows of glowing orbs of eldritch light. Beams emit deadly lances of arcane energy capable of slicing through opponents while shimmering orbs hover in formation sweeping across the battlefield in rhythmic patterns. This spell is capable of generating hundreds of individual attacks that can be harnessed to create a full-scale artillery. Opponents are overwhelmed by the sheer number of beams and orbs hurled at their person, as the attack seemingly takes on a life of its own. Spirals of orbs and beams rotate on an invisible axis spewing miniature versions of themselves that detonate with explosive force or sheer proximity. He has the ability to freely alter their formation at will, creating walls of death or curtains that twist and turn, or bend throughout the battlefield.
  • Wisdom Kings: Vajradhatu (明王:金剛界, Myōō: Kongōkai, Hindu for, "Diamond Realm"):


Glyph (魔法彫塑 (グリフ), Gurifu, lit. "Carving and Engraving of Magic"): is the basic foundation for all letter magic found in Fiore. It is a form of magic whose concept is rooted in the connection between the invocation of magic through "language". It has been widely understood that language is an integral aspect of magic, for it is one of the earliest methods used to wield the eldritch mystery. Therefore the written word, has a basis in magic as well. This is so because it is possible to inscribe a magical effect through the use of one's own language and the words and concepts imagined through the mind can be manifested. Thus this eventually gave birth to many advanced forms of scripts which became the basis for their own schools of thought, such as the Divine Authority Magic Seal Arts, but Glyphs do not subscribe to that level of complexity. Those advanced forms of script utilize a magic circle to further contain, and stabilize the complex matrix of concepts, ideas and magic contained within their casting. Glyph differs in that it allows for the engraving of singular ideas or concepts which can be applied in tandem or sequence, which will hereafter be referred to as runes, which follow a runic alphabet. The runes used in glyphs generally describe what something is, outlining both a concept and action. Individually a single glyph can manifest a single magical effect, but written together not unlike an incantation, they can invoke a result that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. To alleviate the complication of different levels of what he is capable of manipulating Indra developed a three-tier'd system. Aria-class glyphs are runes consisting of a single alphabetical letter transcribed onto a surface that can be invoked to produce a singular effect. These runes are almost exclusively used to modify the properties of an object. Such glyph's can be used to strengthen a material, weaken it, add properties it did not possess, and more.

Chant-class glyph's are a result when multiple Aria-Class runes are combined allowing for a significantly more powerful glyph. Chant-class runes are Indra's most common method of employing traps, as they can be dynamically employed in the field of battle, from detecting enemy movement, to having certain conditions that must be met before they activate. Chant-class runes are also unique because as they are the building blocks for most spells, general spells can be infused within them. Therefore its possible to place for Indra to place a Chant-class glyph onto a surface that can act as an interface by deploying Archive for example. One of their more powerful features is that can be used to affect individuals as well, imbuing debilitating effects on their person such as weakness, slowed movement, the nullification of a specific spell or set of spells, or to track them for later purposes. When used in this manner the cost to support these glyphs is proportionate to the overall strength of the individual in question. The last tier of glyphs are not considered a true tier, instead they serve as a gateway to the learning the Divine Authority Magic Seal Arts and although Indra has demonstrated a proficiency in the foundation he has not yet been able to capitalize on the ability to create effects similar to these magic sealing arts. However as he maintains a profound level of skill, it is possible for him to later acquire the knowledge of these arts and expand his magical ability.

  • Uruz: This rune represents strength of will. It reinforces the aspects relating to strength on any object or surface its applied to. Weapons become sharper, armor boasts greater defense, buildings are more sturdy. Whatever attributes relating to its "strength" are doubled. It can also be used to heighten one's willpower and temporarily act as a booster for mental acumen, memory, and force of personality. 
  • Thurisaz: A rune that represents "giant" but its meaning is related to danger or suffering. This is an intent based rune and a foundation for all ward based magic as it is able to discern negative emotions within its vicinity.  Alternatively it can also be used as a means to heighten one's sensitivity to pain or empathy to sense danger. 
  • Ansuz: A rune that refers to divinity, its meaning is synonomous with prosperity and vitality. Similar to the Uruz rune it strengthens aspects of an object or whatever surface it is placed onto. In this case, the durability of said object is multiplied. Weapons become near unbreakable, as do other surfaces. When applied to living beings, their vitality is magnified, giving them great endurance and resilience. However its drain is considerable in comparison to the other runes and often requires a link to a power source to maintain its function.
  • Raidho: This rune symbolizes the journey, movement and growth. When applied it acts as a multiplier for all things related to movement, and speed. It can be affixed to objects which will in turn double the speed at which they travel, and the rate at which they can sped up to. Indra typically engraves this onto his sword during combat to increase its speed through the air, and on his person doubling his already impressive speed and agility. Unconventionally, it can be used to speed up the rate of growth for a given area such as a garden, or the fabrication of materials when used as part of a crafting process.
  • Kaunan: A rune symbolizing mortality and pain. This rune does not cause physical damage but instead weakens an object, reducing its attributes, and capabilities. Armor becomes easily breakable, and weapons shatter on impact. Against living things, their resistances can be lowered, and if applied over a region it can be targeted to one's adversaries causing attacks, or even the opponent themselves to be debilitated.
  • Hagalaz: This rune symbolizes chaos and destruction. It is a volatile rune that can be activated to detonate with explosive force releasing a blast of eldritch energy damaging anything near it. It can also be used to heighten the damage inflicted by one's own magic, and can be thus considered a rudimentary form of magic amplification. By manifesting this seal and unleashing their spell through it, Hagalaz's effect boosts the power and destructive capabilities of the spell.
  • Isaz: A rune symbolizing the unknown or secret. A rune that when engraved on an object and conceal it from perception as though by an illusion spell. It can also be used to render words, phrases, thoughts or memories secret, from a target or collective. 
  • Jera: A rune symbolizing gathering and harvesting. This rune once engraved can harness and gather ambient prana. Alternatively it is the basis for all complex seals related to storage and containment.
  • Berkanan: A rune symbolizing fertility, growth and sustenance. A connecting seal that is used to create a rudimentary link that channels energy from one direction to another, or from one place or being to another. Alternatively it can be used to accelerate the maturition of an organism and can be applied to objects for the purposes of hastening their manufacture or production.
  • Ehwaz: A rune symbolizing trust, faith and companship.
  • Mannaz: A rune that symbolizes augmentation or support. A rune that is often engraved in concert with another, acting as a booster to the rune's effect. 
  • Laguz: This rune embodies the concept of chaos, potentiality, and the unknown.

Organic Link Magic

Organic Link Magic (生体リンク魔法, Seitai Rinku Mahō): is an advanced form of magic deeply rooted in the rule of sympathy. Historically, the study of magic has always revolved around its symbolic representation within the world, through shapes and geometric figures which could manipulate the flow of magic. Sympathy however refers to the principles behind the connections that govern magic and the methodology of how Mages wield it. Within the field of magic, there exists two principles which serve as one of its pillars; the law of imitation and the law of contagion. The first refers to the notion that one can manipulate an object or force, by manipulating something that is similar to it. Thus Mages are capable of creating anything within their desire simply by imitating it. The law of contagion refers to the idea that things that have been in contact or were once whole, continue to act on one another even if they are no longer physically connected. The complexity, particulars and the amount of energy required to perform magic can be based upon these two principles; how similar two or more objects or forces are, and were they once whole. In the world there is the spiritual flow of nature, which contains the spirits of all living things. It is an ocean of fragmented motes of thought, ideas and cultures past and present. The spiritual flow of nature can be considered as a sort of archive, a repository for the collective human consciousness, that if tapped into can recreate any feat, or power ever imagined. To perform magic, to work a wonder is to build a sympathetic link between oneself and the spiritual flow around them, and that resonance or sympathy will determine how much energy is required to fuel the desired change or effect. This is the basis for virtually all forms of magic.

Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic

Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic (凍の滅竜魔法, Kō no Metsuryū Mahō) is a form of Dragon Magic expressed through the elements of ice and cold. It allows for the manipulation and control over thermal energy, by chilling the air and freezing the world around them, sapping them of their heat and ushering in a deathly winter. Indra did not learn his magic at the hands of a draconic mentor, instead he harnessed the power of winter through the hellish environment of Mount Meru, a frozen island of five towering peaks among Enca the Isle of Storms. It is there that he tapped into the Dragon within him, the embodiment of a Dragon Slayer's power and unleashed the frozen power that he would become. With this he has all the formidable might of a Frozen Dragon: lungs capable of unleashing glacial blasts of ice and snow, a body suffused with winter strength, granting him sanctuary from all cold extremes, and dominion over the element itself. At his fingertips he holds the power to command the powers of rain and snow, summon forth the white frost and wreath his body in an aura of freezing winds and icy shards. Against him, ice magic is the breath of life, granting him strength and power where it once would have chilled his bones and frozen his heart and body. Like the mighty dragon of which he embodies Indra can consume external sources of ice to replenish his vigor and empower his magical potential. 

Like all Slayers of their element, Indra possesses vast capabilities to which he can manipulate his ice. With a surge of willpower and the mental imagery to match, he can command the chilling frost to form icy constructs of all shapes and sizes. A flourish of his hands and at his will a fortress will form from ice and snow in moments. Against his enemies he can form incredible ramparts towering over them to defend him and his domain. He need not form objects in hand, the thought itself is enough and winter shall obey. Gleaming blades of ice and snow sharpen into being as they hover in the air, dwarfing houses and other structures with their splendor. In a gesture he can swipe his hand downward and the instruments of death hanging above will obey, collapsing downward with titanic force. Whether they be weapons or shields, or any other construct within his imagination, frigid winds and chilling frost will work in concert to see his will done.

The difference between Indra's manifestation of Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic and the Ice Magic wielded by other mages is the degree of his attunement to the power of winter itself. He allowed himself to sink deeper into the magic of the element than any typical mage could. Nature was his teacher, pain and agony his lessons and the knowledge he gained came only when he had devested himself of his human shell and allowed winter itself to breath life into him once more. For this reason his ability to wield the elements of ice and snow is as natural as the Frozen Dragon, and with all the control that entails. He can use ice to interact with other forms of magic in ways no other mage can. But behind this mind, is a human and he is no stranger to exploiting the fragile laws of reality that govern the physical world. His magic does not freeze simply because it lowers the temperatures. It is the very concept of freezing and chilling something that even objects and powers that ordinarily would not be touched by the cold, are nonetheless potential victims. Whether it is a beam of pure light or a sword of metal or darkness, they can be frozen, and shattered as anything else in nature. That is the true might and terror of a Frozen Dragon, the relentless cold that is the death and end of all things. It is a force of nature and all of its glorious power is in the hands of Indra.

  • Frozen Dragon's Roar (凍竜の咆哮, Kōryū no Hōkō): When the Frozen Dragon roars, the sky darkens as the atmosphere is plunged into sub-zero temperatures and storm clouds gather. From its gaping maw of razor teeth, a burst of glacial frost blossoms out in an earth rending maelstrom of ice and snow. Jagged shards rip through the air, chilling winds so cold as to be blades ravage all in their path, a torrential outpur of snow unlike the devastating might of an avalanche blanket the field. In an instant the region is covered in shimmering ice as freezing winds instantly incase all in a frozen tundra. The aftermath of such raw primal power is as devastating as the damage if inflicts on those unfortunate enough to stand in its way. Indra is capable of unleashing such power as the Frozen Dragon Slayer, his magic pools into his lungs rapidly gathering and condensing the power within. With a deafening roar the magic is released through his maw, a miniaturized winter storm escaping from the depths of his soul, manifested into the world. The sheer force released by such an attack is as much a physical force as the icy shards within it, pulverizing all in its path. He exercises an incredible degree of speed in its execution, seemingly belching up such power in the span of an instant. It is not uncommon for him to unleash a Dragon's Roar point-blank on an enemy or use it tactically as he closes in or gains distance. The primary effects aside, it is the side effects of this power that makes it such a staple in his arsenal. A single usage is capable of flash-freezing the immediate area around him, and the colder the ambient temperatures are the more easily he can perform his spells and abilities.
  • Frozen Dragon's Dominion (凍竜の領有権, Kōryū no Ryōyūken): Winter is the domain of the Frozen Dragon and its chilling winds pour from its scales, pooling into the air and ground in swirling azure currents freezing everything they touch. Its very presence is akin to the heart of a glacial storm, and as a Frozen Dragon Slayer, Indra embodies such power. Though considered a spell, this ability is simply put the manifestation of his own prana leaking out in the world, changing it, altering the atmospheric conditions to resemble that of a winter wasteland. His mere presence is enough to cause a subtle shift in the weather patterns of a region, as cold currents begin increasing in frequency, the ambient temperature reducing little by little daily. Within a week, a region experiencing summer will see a drop as low as 20 degree's in its temperature. Within a month, frequent showers of rain followed by light snow. Following that, snow will begin down pouring over the area, until frigid winds and ice creeping along its surface becomes the norm. Indra is a vessel for winter, and the power of a Dragon does not come lightly, nor without its price. Creatures long since thought dead, will be drawn by the presence of such primal power, a gathering of the supernatural that will subconsciously attract their attention. But at the heart of this vortex, Indra's power is at its strongest. His magical aura is so aligned with the power of winter, that lest he lose control or allow his power to leak, the vicinity around him will have its heat plummet to an uncomfortable chill. In battle this power however can be released, punctuated by a faint burst of white light spreading outward, flash freezing the area. This sudden change in temperature actually alters the ambient atmosphere and weather as dark storm clouds form above followed by a downpour of snow and ice. Such power is wielded with masterful proficiency by Indra who can expand his "dominion" at will, freezing the ground beneath him and the surrounding area instantly and over a large distance. Wherever he goes winter will follow, that is the price Indra paid to obtain his power. There is no place he can settle, no guild he can join, no life he will be able to share without the death grip of winter accompanying him.
  • Frozen Dragon's Dominion: Great Wyrm Climhazzard (凍竜の領有権: グレートワイアームクライムハザード, Kōryū no Ryōyūken: Gureeto Waiaamu Kuraimu Hazādo): Through a concerted effort, Indra is able to harness the innate power emanating from his being, to herald in a terrifying winter storm. His mere presence distorts the world around him, causing the very heaven's to tremble as torrential snow downpours, chilling arctic winds rip through the air, and freezing rains drown the earth. In moments, a whirlwind of hail and snow manifest suffocating the region transforming it into an altar to winter itself. Anyone caught within its confines are blinded by the whiteout of the snow, and other forms of sensory perception are likewise scrambled, and diminished significantly while within its confines. In addition to the sensory deprivation victims within the storm are pelted by chunks of hail, that can overtime deal tremendous damage. Likewise the downpour of freezing rain, coats a target in a sheen of ice that quickly freezes over, thereby reducing any targets resistances to ice if not outright nullifying it. Only those immune to winter itself are spared the agony of the sensation of their bodies freezing. As this is an application of his own prana, the drain of this spell is virtually non-existent, more akin to flexing a muscle so to speak. Such is the fearsome power of Indra's Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic.
  • Frozen Dragon's Claw (凍竜の鉤爪, Kōryū no Kagizume): The strength of a dragon is incomprehensibly vast, for with a single swing of their talons, the earth itself is reshaped. Their element forms at the tips of their claws, magic in all its splendor bursting with light and power. As the talons cleave through the air, the only certainty is death to whomever is its prey. For the Frozen Dragon, its icy claws tear through the atmosphere leaving streaks of jagged ice in its wake, as they spread outward eviscerating all along its serrated crystal edge. The magic born of the Frozen Dragon that dwells in Indra gives him the ability to perform such a feat. With a swipe of his hand, an overflow of ice pours out in the arc of the swing stretching outward like the edge of a sickle. Its range is impressive as its speed as the ice greedily expands outward in a wide arc severing stone and metal with contemptuous ease. The power of this technique lies in the fact that Indra can perform it with even minor movements of his hands or fingers. A simple gesture and ice will blossom at the tip of his finger before overflowing outward in a massive arc. The degree of the gesture matters little, as the sizable length of the attack is its true danger, requiring opponents to make wide movements to dodge his attacks lest they be struck, even with a glancing cut by the ice.
  • Frozen Dragon's Scales (凍竜の体重計, Kōryū no Taijuukei): Dragon's are one of the mightest creatures of nature, their power unequaled. Against the gods, and the mortals, their scales are like armor against their feeble energies, which splash harmlessly against their hide. They possess formidable magical resistance as only the magic of another Dragon possesses the necessary qualities to harm them. With such power flowing through his body, Indra's own body boasts such powerful defensive measures. His skin will instantly harden as scales of ice form across its surface protecting him mundane methods of attack, and provide a degree of magical resistance against spells. It is not a measure of pure defense but rather an amount of sheer magical mitigation. Magical spells and abilities used against him have their overall effectiveness reduced, reducing any damage he recieves by a percentile of twenty, lowering the strength to roughly four-fifths of its original potency. Indra can channel vast quantities of mana through his body to increase this resistance, though doing so is disportionatly costly. He is however granted several passive benefits; as a Frozen Dragon Slayer, the domain of all that could potentially "freeze" him is nullified.
  • Frozen Dragon's Blade (凍竜剣, Kōryūken): The constant frigid cold emitted by Indra naturally coats his body and weapons in an imperceptible aura of freezing energy. Cold temperatures on objects can make them become brittle, even objects that would ordinarily be indestructable, can be weakened with this effect. Each time his blows connect with his opponent or their weapons this effect gradually gives way allowing him to shatter objects of incredible durability. Conversely he can simply touch a structure, weakening its durability in a flash of white frost instantly causing it become brittle, before cracking the structure with a tap. Given that his frost can even affect magic, magical barriers can also become "brittle" through this method, eventually breaking down even if their overall strength would ordinarily exceed the damage he has inflicted on it. This is yet another subtle, tactical ability he employs to lower the defenses and capabilities of his opponents.
  • Frozen Dragon's Wing (凍竜の翼撃, Kōryū no Yokugeki): This is a spell developed by Indra expanding the applications of his winter powers. The creation of frozen constructs is indeed the hallmark of any ice mage, but relying too much on a single aspect of the element ultimately leads to predictability, and without the capacity for change any strategy he considers will be felled by a cunning adversary. He wanted to create an amorphous, formless method of freezing whatever he desired, and to do so he learned to create an icy mist. The mist’s primary purpose is in its capacity to freeze because the water concentration is higher, that which becomes dowsed with water loses heat twenty-five times faster. But the greatest application of this spell is in his ability to instantly convert ice from its solid state to a mist form and vice versa. He can summon a massive slab of ice in the form of a jagged edge then instantly cause it shatter into an icy mist as it fills the space of his enemies. Then in the next instant he can change its form again into hundreds if not thousands of icicles enclosing in from all sides. Not unlike an Iron Maiden. As a vapor is easier to control it is also several times faster than his normal ice, giving him complete dominance over his ability to alter and shape his element.
  • Frozen Dragon's Tail (凍竜の尾, Kōryū no Bi): As the chilling cold emanates from his body and seeps into the earth, the moisture deep in the ground crystallizes, violently expanding causing the surrounding earth to crack and destabilize. Like the mighty Frozen Dragon smashing its tail upon the surface ice quakes erupt throughout the battlefield, massive chasms ripping open, entire fields ravaged by grinding earth as pillars of burst from its crevices. Nearby buildings topple as their very foundations crumble and the terrain itself is reshaped from the release of such power. Ordinarily such seismic events occur the instant Indra unleashes his power into the world, but he has since developed enough control to not completely obliterate the earth on which he stands. Indra is capable of performing this feat with such precision and timing that he can rearrange a battlefield, causing the earth to twist and shift by manipulating the concentrations of cold energy within the earth. He has caused towering earthen structures coated in thick layers of ice to rise above ground, rend the earth as opponents find themselves being flung, or even twisting the ground as to change his location. 
  • Frozen Dragon’s Heavenly Reign (凍竜の天津統治, Kōryū no Amatsutouji): Indra had always desired to defeat Vritra, and he knew that he could never hope to achieve that by acquiring the same elemental power as his adversary. He needed an element that would mitigate or even outright deny all of Vritra’s elemental prowess and he found that ice was the perfect counter to his lightning. Indra accomplished by two methods. The first is though he is a Frozen Dragon Slayer, ice is ultimately a byproduct of water and thus he too possesses the ability to create, shape and manifest water, though not nearly to the extent as his ice powers. Still it is in this he found one part of his solution. Water ordinarily has impurities in it, that allow are conductive and thus vulnerable to water. This is one of the few instances in which his scientific understanding of the laws of nature is to be exploited. By creating such ultra-pure water he can remove these impurities thereby negating any conductivity with regards to his water and ice. Ultimately this acts as a powerful resistor to any lightning effect, neutralizing it. It is possible with this to wield water like a shield against lightning. But it is the second part of this spell that demonstrates his tenacity. His Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic allows him to manipulate the atmosphere in such a way as to remove all moisture from the air. This effect is what allowed him to survive in his second battle against Vritra. Lightning travels along the path of least resistance, and as moisture is a conductive material it allows for lightning to travel along the straightest path. But once that’s removed, lightnings own highly energized erratic nature becomes its undoing. Lightning released in such atmospheric conditions has no defined path by which it can travel. It will arc and bend uncontrollably and due to his ultra-pure water as the source material, lightning will bounce harmlessly off of his ice.
  • Forge of the Frozen Dragon (凍竜の埋蔵物, Kōryū no Maizobutsu): When Indra arrived on the Dread Isle, he did so more prepared than any child should reasonably be. But then that was the benefit of having parents who thought ancient ruins were a fantastic vacation spot. Within his mind was a small but highly useful collection of magic styles engineered towards utility and survivability. Chief among them was Artisan Magic; the ability to harness his magical power and craft a variety of tools and implements to suit his needs. He very quickly realized that his survival was dependent on his ability to construct tools, fashion weapons and armor lest he find himself unable to hunt for food, prepare traps, nor defend himself in any capacity. As a result he gained ample practice in this skill which was only further honed as he aged. After he acquired the powers of the Frozen Dragon however, his excitement was boundless as he realized the opportunity before him. With Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic, he could use the ice created as the material component for many of his tools. He has such practice that he can fabricate tools of any simple design with a thought, having them appear in hand. However his most prestigious use of this magic is in the creation of several powerful magical artifacts in his possession that are the culmination of his resourcefulness. Such treasures are bound to him, and stored away in his own closed dimension. He later discovered that so as long as he crafted such an item and retains the original within his storage dimension he can use the organic link tying him to it and recreate a perfect replica, though because it is merely a replica, its scope and powers are vastly degraded.
  • Frozen Dragon's Murderous Intent (凍竜の殺意, Kōryū no Satsui): The magic of dragons is believed to be outside the reach of mortal hands, but for Indra one whom has allowed his mind, body and soul to become one with winter itself, he has grasped it with his own hands. He discovered that the primal instinct of a dragon is buried within his Dragon Slayers magic, and that one need only sink within that reservoir to call upon its might. Yet it is a dangerous trial for the instinct of a dragon is wrought with an overwhelming thirst for power and destruction. They are the physical embodiment of nature's wrath, her strongest heralds and the very zenith of the devastation Gaia can unleash upon the world. It is an ocean of primal urges unknown to any man, and to dive into its depths is to risk losing oneself forever. Indra however was not trained conventionally, he had not seen modern society for nearly seven years. He had immersed himself in the natural world of Enca, and his instinct had been revitalized. When he dove beneath within those abysmal waters of the Frozen Dragons rage, he was not consumed by it, rather he was at home with it. It sung in harmony to the feelings bubbling within his own subconscious, thereby allowing him to emerge victorious. Reaching that deeply into his magic invariably changes the nature of its manifestation. It is as if he emerges from the womb into a new world. It is a state of being, a kind of magic amplification that temporarily heightens the strength and scope of his Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic. As one whose mind and body have become more like that of a dragon Indra's eyes become a smoldering turquoise, and slitted like the beast his magic is so famed for killing. When his chilling power freezes, that which has become frozen becomes affected by the same primal magic flowing through his body, bestowing upon it a measure of animal intelligence. A cold and ruthless cunning devoted solely to the destruction of Indra's enemies. Where once frozen rock and air sat in stillness, now they writhe with life, pools of white light snapping open as they animate. Their forms crack and shift until they more resemble the heart of their caster, becoming draconian in their appearance. These living constructs rise from the frozen wasteland at Indra's feet and become his sword and shield, they move with purpose and coordinate their attacks, slashing, clawing and biting all within reach. Icy wings unfurl and take flight as they breath beams of white frost and in this realm of chaos, where his very touch spreads the seeds of his power more of his minions arise. A supplementary spell its effect is potent as it is devastating, for his very magic comes to life, animated by the murderous instinct of a dragon of winter.
  • Frozen Dragon's Glacial Age (凍竜の氷河期, Kōryū no Hyōgaki): Often is the hallmark of a powerful ice mage to plunge his surroundings in such cold as to lower the temperature and approach absolute zero. For a time Indra had believed such to be the height of his ice powers but the more he unearthed about the Frozen Dragon and the magic at his command the less he became certain regarding such a feat. Bound by human reason he once more overlooked the simple fact that Dragons do not abide by such conventions. What is absolute zero to a dragon? This are concepts created by humans to understand the world around them, but to a dragon, such absolutes do not exist. When Indra realized this it was only then that he was able to improve upon his Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic. This spell is a testament to that achievement, and with deft hands and ancient tongue he calls upon the power within his soul. All around him arctic winds flow about, freezing the world around him, ice creeping along the surface at astonishing speed. In moments the world is plunged into an ice age like no other, the embrace of winter blankets the land and chokes the atmosphere in temperatures exceeding the idea of absolute zero. Known otherwise as the Second Phase the ice and frigid winds of created by this spell exceed the imagination of ordinary humans, existing in a domain of magic cast almost exclusively by Dragons themselves. In this phase, the ice is capable of influencing aspects of reality cold does not interfere with, and is also the basis for the chilling cold within his Infernal Ice Prison. Motion itself is a victim to the cold, as it too begins to freeze, movements become slow, and the speed at which objects and even magic itself travels slows considerably as they too are frozen the moment they are executed. Enemy spells once unleashed slow to an agonizing crawl before succumbing to the chilling cold and freezing entirely. It is insidious, as it seeks to freeze even enchantments cast upon arms and other such items temporarily suspending their effect. Unless one's magic is ice, all other forms suffer notably debilitation's with regards to their speed, scope and power. However expending more prana to strengthen one's body and even their spells can withstand the effects of this chilling frost, but that is in Indra's mind the entire point of the spell. In his mind it is a strategic region-class spell whose sole purpose is to make his enemies burn through their reserves quickly. It is to make every action as taxing and labrous as possible. If they wish to fight him they must put forth twice the effort or more, and if they dare to use magic, there will be a price to pay for even the simplest spells. Meanwhile due to the extreme colds generated his own spells cost but a fraction of their original, though this is mitigated by the massive amount of power required to cast this spell. One cannot fight the tide of winter, no matter how warmly you dress, or what steps you take, the cold is patient and unforgiving. Every inch they walk, and every moment they still breathe is a constant battle against the cold. That is what this spell embodies, the all encompassing wrath of winter itself, relentless in its tenacity, it will come and claim its victim, for it is only a matter of time.
  • Judgement of the Frozen Dragon (凍竜の判決, Kōryū no Hanketsu): That which separates Indra's Ice Magic from his peers is not the degree of cold he can unleash, but the ability to manifest the frost as more than a mere element. It is a power existing on a level above the physical, capable of interacting at the conceptual level. His magic does not freeze simply because it is cold, it is the embodiment of winter, the encroaching death and decay of all things, it is the icy grave by which nature has decreed all things will eventually meet. It is the truest symbol of stillness, of the transformation of energy to its dormant state, in an eternal rest. Indra's Frozen Dragon Slayer Magic is capable of harnessing this power in a way few Mages can, he can direct these frigid winds and chilling cold to encase even magic itself in its icy embrace. This allows him to quite literally freeze any given spell, to still its action and imprison it in a frozen prison. A Dark Mage wielding black flames found to their horror that Indra could freeze his fire, before contemptuously shattering it into a thousand pieces. Another had discovered that his curse which he had inflicted on Indra had been stopped entirely, frozen in its tracks along Indra's skin. This power in many ways parallels the effects of Dispelling Magic, in that it is capable of nullifying a magical effect. However this particular spell drains substantial amounts of magical power, as it requires Indra to expend an equal if not greater amount of energy as the same spell. This cost is mitigated if he can modify the conditions of his freezing capability such as lowering the ambient temperature beforehand.
  • Slaying Art: Heaven Splitting Dragon Rending Roar (スレイヤーアート:天切り竜滅却咆哮, Sureiyaa Aato: Amakiri Ryū Mekkyaku Hōkō): The purpose of Dragon Slayer Magic is to destroy and kill a force of nature itself, to wield the power of the elements and turn that strength back against its strongest avatars. Indra has no need for magic that can slay any ordinary foe, he needed a power that would fell a Dragon, an ability that would cleave through their hides and topple their overwhelming strength. Since his journey from Enca he has worked tirelessly to create such a spell. The inevitable conclusion of his conflict with Vritra demands nothing less and so he dived within himself, and allowed the draconic might flowing through his veins to guide him to the true path. It is through these efforts he was finally able to create such a spell. The answer like always was hidden in plain sight. In his life, Indra had painfully discovered that to be a Dragon Slayer is to sacrifice much of their humanity. But to kill a Dragon, he realized that inverse must also be true. This is a spell of sacrifice, of wielding the full brunt of his Dragon Slayer Magic, and weaponizing it. When he chants the spell, his aura changes, matching that of a Dragon as his prana skyrockets in magnitude. Its form takes shape, as frozen wings and fangs of icicle grow from around him. His roar which splits the skies and quakes the ground unleashes the power deep within. His aura becomes a dragon onto itself and it mirrors his roar, unleashing a dissonant wave energy that ravages all who bear the blood and power of Dragons. When Indra casts this spell it uses the entirety of his Dragon Slayer Magic, to act as an amplifier for his Dispelling Magic. It is the ultimate form of Draconic Nullification, for it is able to completely and utterly disable the powers of all Dragon Slayers within miles of his location. He and any dragon slayer in the vicinity have all of their Dragon Slayer powers and abilities temporarily nullified. This effect will last for up to a solar day: 24 hours. For Indra he must rest for twice that in order to recover his Dragon Slayer Magic. Such beings will suffer excruciating pain as it feels as if the very essence of their magic is ripped out of their bodies. This spell is so devastating because of the price Indra himself pays, weakened to the point of exhaustion his magic reserves are depleted entirely, leaving him on the brink of unconsciousness. He has found no forms of defense capable of blocking this spell, for to defend against it, a sacrifice of equal measure must be paid, and unless another Dragon Slayer can comprehend the level of sacrifice needed, they too would need to temporarily sacrifice their own Dragon Slaying Magic to negate it. Therefore it is the ultimate dragon slaying spell, for to nullify its effects requires an equal sacrifice. When all is said and done, Indra is left with his physical abilities, and the most basic forms of magic and even then he could muster no more than a single spell before darkness would claim him. Yet it is its effects against Dragons which is why this spell is considered a slaying art. A dragon afflicted by this spell suffers a near fatal injury as their very magic is ripped from them, their forms ravaged as though by a thousand colossal sized blades gouging through their body. They too will find their own magic weakened to the point of exhaustion, their bodies barely able to keep afloat in the air as their crippled wings struggle to move. The backlash against dragonkind is immense as it is devastating, forcing any sensible dragon to retreat. And this is for Dragons whose power borders on near immeasurable such as Vritra himself. For lesser dragons they will most assuredly be wiped out entirely.


Vritra the King of Storms

Indra's relationship with Vritra is to any outside observer far too complex for any word to accurately describe. Their first meeting resulted in the King of Storms annihilating the region with a single bolt of lightning several hundred feet in diameter. Indra survived that on blind luck, having tripped and fell into a cavern below. After that, Indras only interaction with the fearsome dragon was in combat, and to call it a battle is just as much of a stretch. It is better to consider the role as one of who is hunting and one who is the prey. After several years, Vritra opened up dialog and because of Indra's desperation for any sort of social interaction, gladly accepted the proferred hand so to speak, even if was a deadly claw aiming to bifurcate him when the opportunity presented itself. They're not rivals, that would imply that they are equal, nor are they friends or enemies for that matter either. Vritra is at best a guide in the form of a force of nature that helped hone Indra into what he is today. He is the hammer, to nature's forge while Indra is the blade.

There exists no animosity between the two, yet neither is there a sense of companionship. Vritra has generally looked upon Indra with amusement, curiosity and mild interest, but given the perspective of a Dragon eons old, its difficult to ascertain how it would view him personally if at all. Indra considers Vritra as both a worthy teacher regarding life lessons, but he holds no emotional attachment indicative of a loved one or parent. He desire's to defeat Vritra and therefore considers him an adversary but will speak fondly of the Dragon when questioned about their relationship. Its strange because Indra has no illusions regarding how Vritra see's him, and in fact is readily accepting of it. He is actually rather perplexed by the relationships other Dragon Slayers have had with their parents, (the description attributed to such a primal creature is utterly baffling to him) and regularly challenges them on whether or not such beings were actually Dragons to begin with. The only certainty about the two of them is that Indra considers Vritra to be the "last adversary to be defeated", and not for the purpose of just wanting to kill the Dragon but fight it as an equal. It could be theorized that Indra feels a sense of gratitude towards Vritra for the unorthodox way he raised him and the only way to repay that debt is to one day fight the King of Storms as hiis equal.


  • Indra's images are inspired by the character Hitsugaya Toshiro from the manga & anime series Bleach by Tite Kubo. All credit goes to the original author.
  • Indra is sanskrit for "King of Gods" and refers to the Hindu god who leads the devas and is lord of Svargaloka, a level of heaven. Indra's name is thus inspired by this myth and his surname is derived from the heavenly plane of which he rules.
  • Indra's character and the names of his abilities are all inspired by Hindu mythology and terminology. For example the term prana which is sanskrit for vital life force, or the cosmic energy that pervades the universe is used for all references regarding mana or magical energy would otherwise be used. 
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