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Infinity is the Hylion version of Zero Isdeth and one who didn't suffer the atrocities of the experiments Zero went through. She is one to always stay calm and never get angry, but loves to fight.
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May 22

Hair Color

Dirty Blonde

Eye Color

LIght Blue

Professional Status

Koma Inu(Hylion)

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Right Shoulder



Base of Operations

Koma Inu(Hylion)

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Zero Isdeth


Fire Magic
Explosion Magic
Transformation Magic
High Speed


Infinity alt.


Infinity is easy going always talking in a relaxed and calm manner, bordering on lazy. In fact sometimes she is too easy going always seems to be too carefree for her own good. She can be found sleeping almost all the time somewhere in the guild. Usually places hard to reach and where sound is at its lowest. She is rather strict about her training schedule, but other than that it takes quite a bit to get her motivated to do anything and even more to get a reaction out of her. Her attitude does change quite a bit when in a fight, mostly do to the fact, that is one of the only things she really cares about. Fighting is when she is truly happy always having a smile on her face when doing so. This is mostly do to being raised as a fighter and nothing else. Being taught that fighting is all there is. Her carefree attitude does have a side-effect during some off her fights though, as sometimes she can be to careless and either cause too much damage to the surroundings or take too much damage herself thinking she can take anything thrown at her.


Infinity was raised in a small village isolated from the rest of the world. Here she was taught almost all there is to know about fighting as that is what the village mainly focuses on all the time. Creating strong fighters that are comparable to the strongest wizards in the world. When the time came where she had learned all she could, the village has a tradition to have their warriors travel the world. A pilgrimage of sorts to fight the strongest warriors the world has to offer and test their abilities. The village leader King and father of Infinity was the one who actually suggested Infinity look for a guild called Koma Inu and join there ranks as the guild master is always looking for power. something that always brings about the strongest wizards to gather."but be weary young one, as this also brings great misfortune in the form of war and death." Said King. Infinity left on her journey and traveled much of Hylion before reaching her final destination Koma Inu. Where she put her skills to the test and joined their ranks.

Magic and Abilities

Expert Hand-to-Hand: Being brought up as a gifted fighter to become a world class Wizard since she could walk, Infinity was trained with numerous martial arts, having each one beaten into her very soul until she could master them. She is able to fight numerous wizards or beasts alike at the same time. She can parry most attacks and add her own or block attacks in a way they do the least amount of damage. She is quick to read her opponents body language allowing her to be one or two steps ahead of her opponent. One notable thing about her fighting styles is that she can combine her flame or explosion magic with almost any attack instantly. With her flames she usually has her hands in a fist while her explosion magic has her palm open and with her fingers together,but extended out. There is almost no delay when she switches between the two magics and is very capable of exuding her magical power or flames from anywhere from her body also adapting them into a way to block or attack with her fighting styles.

Immense Magical Power: Infinity has a Massive fountain of Magical power at her disposal allowing for an endless barrage of powerful attacks. She has trained her body and mind to its limits constantly forcing her power to be forever improving. Completely refining her Magic to make her flames a beautiful gold Color.

Weapons Expert: Infinity has great knowledge of almost all weapons including their use,weaknesses, and Strengths. She is able to use the weapons to the extent she is on par with few masters. She of course always adds her own rhythm to all her weapons and makes them an extention of herself and not another simple tool. Her most proficient weapon being the sword as it's also her favorite type of weapon and the one she spent most mastering.

Fighting Sense: Intellectually,Infinity is quite smart and always stays calm assessing the situation before acting,but There is no denying Infinity loves to fight and It's during fights that Infinity shines the most, being quite a genius fighter always knowing her surroundings,reading her opponents movements, finding their weaknesses and even improving on her own skills from the vast experience she gains from each and every fight. Infinity always thinks of a way to continue fighting and never giving up no matter how hopeless the situation may look. She constantly thinks outside the box not wasting her energy needlessly and even using the surroundings as part of her defenses and attacks.

Incredible Strength: Her rigorous everyday training has allowed Infinity to hone her body to an amazing state. Being able to lift quite large objects several times her own size to even tearing down walls with one punch without any use of magic. When her fists are imbued with her flames she is able to punch cleanly through thick steel doors, break massive boulders with ease and even level a building from the inside with her flames.

Enormous Endurance: Infinity will never admit it,but she is possibly able to take more hits then she can dish out. She always has a thin coat of heat surrounding her at all times that is as natural as breathing. This helps to lessen almost any punch or attack to a great degree. She has been blasted through walls,rocks been pummeled to the ground and been continuously blasted by magic for an extended amount of time to only get up and dust herself off and continue fighting.

High Speed

Is a type of Caster Magic that allows the user to move at extreme speeds being able to dodge attacks and even use the extreme speed into her own physical attacks for more devastating results. Infinity has been able to perfect this magic to the point it seems she teleports rather then runs.

Fire Magic

Is a Caster Type magic that makes use of the fire element. Infinity's main magic that she has mastered greatly giving her immense destructive capabilities.This type of magic allows Infinity to create,shape and control the element as she sees fit for various purposes. The properties of this element can change from gas to solid depending on the usage. She is able to freely control the magical particles in the air to control her flames in anyway she sees fit, but she can also use hand motions to increase the speed of her attacks and their respond time.(ex: If she fires a fireball she can direct where and how it moves by moving her hands in the direction she wants the fireball to go.) Although her fire is defaulted to black she has learned to change the colors at will. Her flames are not affected by nature such as water and ice since she can create fire under water and can melt ice easily and thanks to her inner flames most temperatures will not bother her at all whether it be ice cold or extremely hot. This type of magic also gives Infinity great control over heat. Being able to create,manipulate Heat in many various ways.

  • Heat presence: Infinity has been training since she can remember to keep a thin layer of heat surrounding her body at all times. This has already become second nature and is as natural as breathing. This thin layer doesn't burn anyone around, but it helps her to always be ready should a battle break out. She can change it at will and use it to block attacks diminishing their damage greatly.
  • Fire resistance: Although not completely immune to fire based attacks it will take a great deal of power for fire attacks to even cause damage.
  • Fast Motion: Infinity can cover her body in flames to give her quite a boost in speed, whether it be at the moment or if she needs to cover long example being able to let out a short burst of flame from her palm that acts as a thruster propelling her arm at incredible speeds. Usually done when she needs to counter someone.
  • Budō Flames: Infinity combines martial arts with her flames. This spell requires little magical energy and she can hold it for more than a day. She can combine most of her attacks with her martial arts allowing a vast possibility of combinations. This is usually shown by forming fists, as an open palm usually means she is using her Explosion Magic.
  • Fist of the King: Infinity concentrates a decent amount of energy in her clenched hand causing her flames to erupt from her fist. She then throws a strong right causing to shoot out a projectile in the form of a lion head. Another usage of this spell is slamming it to the ground, Thus not only shattering the ground quite a bit, but it causes a wave of flames to burst through out the immediate area burning anything in its path. The Heat generated from this spell actually leaves a lingering heat that Infinity is able to use for different attacks.
  • Swarm: She creates a large number of black flame crows that swarm to attack her foes. This is one of Infinity's favorite spells to use. The crows are capable of being used as shields or to attack. They are able to absorb any fire around them and can also get so hot they could cut straight through rock. They are incredibly fast and are able to shift their form in an instant should they be targeted by an attack allowing the attack to just pass through.
  • Ghost Fire: Creates a vast amount of will-o-wisps that attack the desired target and leave everything else unharmed. This attack being incredibly useful when fighting in town or in a large group. The will-o-wisp's look like black burning floating skulls. While they charge for their target, the jaw actually moves up and down like if they are laughing.Infinity thought it would look even more menacing this way. Since they only attack the desired target they also serve as great shields being able to engulf other objects or people in their flames without harming them and being able to shield them from incoming attacks as the will-o-wisps will only burn what ever Infinity wishes being people or magical attacks.
  • Pelting Rain: Creates and shoots a ball of fire that Infinity is able to make burst and shoot out hundreds of tiny flame needles. She is able to chose the direction the needles will attack, usually throwing the fire ball above her apponent and having the needles rain down on her foe. Each needle hot enough to melt ice and strong enough to pierce metal.
  • Fire Orb: Infinity creates an orb of fire that will burst on impact. She usually combines this with her melee attacks as she sets up traps while fighting. Anyone hit with the orb will not only get slightly burned ,but the burst will feel like being hit by multiple punches. Infinity also uses this spell to block magical attacks as the fire orb will implode instead of explode when coming in contact with any magical attack causing said attack to be absorbed into its implosion and disappearing.
  • Tornado Flame: Generates a tornado of black fire, the size depends on the charge. This is usually done by Infinity throwing an uppercut and the Flaming tornado instantly appears in front of the uppercut. The strength and size of the tornado depends on how much She charges her power. Meaning if she throws an uppercut in an instant then the tornado created is 7ft and will do moderate damage with only slight burns, usually best when blocking an in coming attack or if she is countering her foe. If Infinity holds her stance and gathers flames for an extended amount of time then the size and power get bigger.
    • no wait: moderate power and 7ft
    • 30 sec wait: moderate power and burns, 12ft
    • 1 min: Powerful, scorches the earth and target greatly. Can topple large buildings, 16ft.
    • 5 min: Strongest, will incinerate anything it touches. Can melt steel like it was paper. 16ft
  • Fire Wave: Can release a wave of concentrated fire by concentrating fire magic in her hands. She usually likes to combine this with her melee attacks.This is usually done by holding her hand up at eye level while she gathers flames. once she has gathered enough she swings her arm to release the flames. If she uses her right hand she swings her arm from left to right and if it's her left hand then its the other way around. This attack can be done instantly or it may take longer depending on how much fire is gathered.
    • Added ability: Once enough flame is gathered, when she releases it, she engulfs her whole body in flames allowing for a much more destructive attack that also works to defend in case of an attack or counter.
    • Added ability: If she uses the gathered flame to strike the ground then a fire circle is formed and from it shoots up a concentrated beam of fire.
  • Flaming Sword Dance: Infinity Creates seven swords of different shapes and sizes that surround her. Each sword moving up and down while they circle her like they are dancing. With the combination of heat and small light magic the swords seem to become invisible. They can absorb almost any blast without taking damage and any fire magic is absorbed into the swords. They are capable of separating to attack or join together to protect.
    • Added abilities: The swords can pierce their target without injuring or destroying them. once they do They release large amounts of magic to make an object shatter from the inside or if its a living being the magic energy released creates tiny like explosions that cause excruciating pain that knocks them out instantly.
  • Inferno: This technique requires quite a bit of heat to be spread around. Infinity uses the heat to create what looks like to be rain, but is in fact Fire raining down. This technique is a combination of Ghost fire as well so it will not burn the ground or any other person that happens to get caught in it. This requires quite a bit of concentration. If Infinity were to use this move out of desperation it could end up killing his opponent and anyone else around.
  • Flaming Vipers: Creates two large snake creatures that attack the intended target. Aside from the zigzagging motions they are incredibly fast and either explode on their target or wrap around them. Not only do they cause major burns but they are able to completely shatter large pillars with their squeezing power.
  • Giant Arms: Creates massive Fire arms that extend from her own arms. They are large and long and give of an incredible heat. Infinity is able to use them as she would her regular arms. They are strong enough to break steel and create decent sized craters.
  • Lair: Infinity creates numerous large flame pillars that erupt from the ground. She uses the pillars as cover and a means to attack as they take quite sometime to disappear. She can enter the pillars as she wishes creating many opportunities for surprise attacks or to just evade attacks. Although she doesn't receive damage, anyone else who enters will be considerably hurt.
    • Dragons Lair(Lair version 2): Infinity creates two mid-sized Snake looking beasts that use the Pillars to attack. Being able to appear and disappear to any pillar they wish. While they do move from pillar to pillar they do not teleport, but are incredibly fast and are able to hide their appearance making them invisible.
  • Shadow Blades: Infinity can make flames erupt from any surface she touches. This spell makes it appear as if tiny blades of fire are shooting out of the surface. She can create these with either of her hands or feet. When ever she touches a surface, Fire Magical Circles appear anywhere on that surface including people. Useful when enemies decide to hold onto her, she could simply place her hand anywhere on her body and cause the Flames to erupt from anywhere on her body.
  • The End: She creates a huge shockwave of flames that has the capability of burning down an entire city. This is done by gathering not only her own Magical power but gather the ethernano in the area to instantly release it in one giant shockwave that destroys anything in its path.

Heat based attacks

These attacks rely heavily on the heat surrounding the area, but thanks to Infinity's ability to emit a large heat from her body she is able to use them quite frequently.

  • Mirage: Infinity using the heat causes what looks like a trail of copies following her. She uses this as an extension of her attack as it would make it seem like she throws multiple attacks instead of just one. She can choose how closely the copies follow and can create enough to surround an enemy.
  • Hallucination Room: Can create an area of any size where she is able to control the heat freely. While inside this room any one trapped inside will get their energy slowly sapped away and cause fatigue at an alarming rate. Much like being left in a desert this room can get so hot anyone inside can begin to hallucinate making it create your own foe. Infinity can choose who enters and leaves as well as who gets affected.
    • Wild Sea-(Hallucination Room attack): while an opponent is trapped in the Hallucination Room. Infinity creates fish like creatures appear made of heat within the room that have very sharp teeth and attack anyone of her choosing. They are incredibly fast and can appear from almost anywhere in the room.
  • Sun Chains: Infinity creates a shackle around her wrists and a long chain attached to each Shackle. This chains are created from the heat emanating from Infinity. They stay floating in air never hitting the floor, but are able to move at her will. The Chains create a small area of heat around herself and anything that enters that area is either deflected or caught by the chains. They are also able to multiply in an instant should the need arise.

Transformation Magic

is a Caster Magic that allows the Caster to change his or her appearance. Infinity also having the ability for Take Over Magic, thus allowing her to also transform into her Beast Take Overs

Beast Soul: Lobo (ウルフ) 

Lobo is a big Jet Black Werewolf that resides in the country of Bellum usually found in large forests or mountains. Lobo is a ferocious carnivore with a bloodlust so strong it often leaves his prey immobile making them easy pickings. Though not many in existance, these ferocious beast are capable of killing of an entire population of other beasts usually changing the dynamic of the environments in which they reside. Though they are incredibly intelligent creatures that much rather reside in the shadows and only come out to feed. They are not easily provoked and can even sense the strength of others being able to discern how strong someone else is. Their senses are incredible keen and in touch with nature itself allowing it to know when danger is near. sightings of this beasts are one of the most rarest known as they usually tend to veer away from humans.

Sharp Fangs and Claws: Lobo have the ability to slice through rocks and trees with ease with either their claws or fangs. They use these tools to hunt down their prey, which most of the time is not even a struggle. Even those beasts with extremely hard shells cannot hope to defend against their razor sharp claws. Even more amazing is the amount of pressure behind a bite from Lobo which is capable of crushing steel, not to mention it could cut through flesh and bones like it were paper.

Immense Speed: Lobo are among one of the fastest creatures in Earthland, allowing them to move from place to place in instances. Their preys are usually only able to see a blur before being taken down, not knowing what happened.

Immense Strength: Lobo are so strong they can topple large trees, break through walls or even thick steel doors. They even have the ability to climb buildings, mountains and other objects with ease by creating small incisions with their claws and using their strength to be able to hold themselves in place despite their weight.

Steel Skin: The amount of muscle the Lobo has is quite astounding and serve as an excellent defense against would be attackers. The muscles are so thick and strong it much feels like punching steel. Or worse, when getting hit by these beasts, it feels like giant hammers are pounding you to shreds.

Leaping and Jumping: Lobo is capable of jumping over tall buildings with ease and can leap great distances at a time, allowing them to traverse through areas in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Keen Senses: Lobo are capable of differentiating the different types of smells in an area making it easy to spot either their prey or possibly harmful toxins. They can pick up a scent from miles away as well as pick up a scent from hours ago and figure out who or what has come through the area. Their eyesight is incredibly sharp being able to pick up even on the most miniscule of details from long distances. They have come to be so aware of their surrounding no matter where they go, that taking them by surprise is harder than actually finding them. Their hearing is so incredibly sharp, they can pick up sound from great distances, though often their hearing could be used agianst them via ultrasonic sounds that can become incredibly painful stopping them in their tracks.

Fire Magic Usage

Lobo is able to use most of Infinity's fire spells with the exception of Flaming Sword Dance. She does however have a few spells that are unique to her Lobo Take Over.

  • Flaming Roll: Lobo engulfs her body in a dense fire. She then proceeds to curl up like a ball and actually launch hierself forward using her fire as a thruster. It basically looks like a giant flaming wheel. She can traverse through the air or ground and even go through walls and continue her charge. She is able to stop or start her roll at anytime and the flame surrounding her is strong enough to block many attacks.
  • Black Howl: By letting out a ferocious Howl. A large shockwave of fire is released enveloping her targets in a strong fire.
  • Fire Claw: Everytime she swipes with her claws it leaves a trail of fire. This could be used to shield incoming attacks or to even use as a diversion. These are also incredibly useful when attacked by a group.

Beast Soul: Bōnzu (ボーンズ) Edit

Bōnzu is a monster that is just a skeleton with a long tail and has purple and white flames coming out from his body. The bones from this monster is many times stronger and more durable than steel. This monster has incredibly sharp claws from its hands and feet. Infinity acquired this beast Take Over during her travels around Earth Land.

Increased Durability: In this beast form Infinity is able to withstand large amounts of attacks and damage and continue her plight for victory. Not only are the bones incredibly hard and near impossible to break,but a constant flames surrounds her at all times cushioning many blows.

Increased Flexibility: In this form Infinity is able to twist,bend and move in many different ways that allow her to dodge attacks; magical or physical. This helps to not only evade damage, but to land attacks of her own.

  • Tail: Can use her tail in many ways such as attacking or defending. Her tail is sharp enough to cut through many attacks or use it to deflect them as well. Her tail can also extend with the use of Flames and then circle in front or behind her to create a shield for much larger attacks. She is also able to use her tail as a type of weapon like a sword or hammer. The tip of the Tail can change to various shapes such as a blade, hammer, axe or drill.
  • Kamikaze: Wraps herself around her target, then proceeds to cause a massive explosion with the fire surrounding herself. Although it does not actually harm herself, her flames take a few minutes to return and engulf her body once more.
  • Dead Rising: Creates a Purple Fire Magic Circle underneath the intended target. From this Magic Circle, numerous purple flamed skeletons rise up and attach themselves to the target and then proceed to explode causing major damage and burns.
  • Cross bones: Shoots purple fireballs from her hands that are shaped like bones in a crossed manner. They explode on contact or if Infinity wishes then she can make this spell burst around the target and engulf them in flames burning his target.

Explosion Magic

Explosion Magic works by utilizing the user's own magic to cause the Ethernano in the air to rapidly increase their kinetic energy, moving at a much higher rate to allow explosions of varying levels of power to be brought from relatively simple motions. Depending on the skill and intensity of the user's magic, the time it takes to activate this magic ranges from instantaneous to a couple of seconds before the explosion takes place.If balanced enough, the user can imbue their explosions into objects. Infinity can imbue her attacks with this magic easiest when she does hand motions. (example: if she throws a fireball she can control the motion of the fireball by directing it with his hands and then causes it to explode by making a fist.)

  • Bomb Flick: Infinity imbues a tiny marble sized fire orb with explosion magic. She usually creates it with her index finger then flicks it at her target. It explodes with anything it makes contact with and although it isn't that powerful it will still cause some damage and burns. The range of this attack is quite short but incredibly fast to make.
  • Exploding Wisps (切れ間爆発Kirema bakuhatsu): This spell starts by Infinity stretching out either arm, either in front of her or to the side with her palm facing down. Doing so, she begins to concentrate her magic to create 13 orbs under her arm. These orbs, then proceed to shoot out in all directions at high speeds. After a little distance, they change course and go after their intended target or targets. They explode on contact and can cause serious damage. They are also able to change course at any given time, allowing them to dodge incoming attacks or go around shields, giving them a better chance to get a hit.
  • Black Parade (ブラックパレードBurakkuparēdo): This spell starts by Infinity gathering her magic into either arm and then proceeding to release her magic by throwing it in the direction she wishes her magic to go. The released magic takes a form of multiple medium sized flaming orbs. After their initial release, the orbs burst giving of a blinding light and multiplying into more smaller orbs like if it was fireworks. These smaller orbs then proceed to explode creating a massive chain of explosions, causing devastating damage to anyone trapped in the blasts.
  • Exploding Trail (トレイル爆発Toreiru bakuhatsu): This spell works by first creating a massive Fire orb in front, above or below depending on the situation. She then proceeds to shoot this massive orb, by pushing it with her palm slightly, which causes the orb to blast off in the direction it was pushed. The more this orb travels the smaller it gets, this do to the fact, that it gradually breaks off, leaving smaller orbs in its wake. Once the orb completely disappears and breaks off into the smaller orbs. They begin to explode creating a massive chain of explosion destroying anything in its path. Infinity could also make the orbs explode before it completely disperses by snapping her fingers. When she does this, because the orb didn't completely disperse, it creates a bigger explosion at the front, do to the orb being bigger.
  • Exploding Clone (爆発クローンBakuhatsu kurōn): This spell starts of by creating a clone of herself infused with Explosion Magic. As soon as the clone makes contact with anything, it explodes. This spell working great as a trap. For instance, when Infinity sees someone rushing towards her. She waits for the right moment and jumps back or to the side leaving an Exploding Clone in her previous place, making her clone explode when making contact with her foe, projectile or magical attack. Though one would think that being at such close proximity of the blast would harm Infinity, that is not the case, as the explosion veers away from her location. The explosion looking more like a stream then an explosion.
  • Exploding Trap (爆発トラップBakuhatsu torappu): Infinity is capable of infusing any surface she touches with Explosion Magic, either making it explode when someone else touches said area much like a mine, or she could make it explode after a set time. Infinity actually likes to snap her fingers when she does the timer effect making it look like she creates the explosions by doing so.



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