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The night sky could be seen filled with many stars in it as they all shined with the moon on down the island, showing it to be glowing in a sense. After the group had met up with each other and realized that they weren't alone, they began to talk with each other and agreed that they would need to build a raft in order to escape the island. However, they knew that for the time being, they would need to help each other out, despite the protest of two girls with similar personalities.

After introductions and killing a beast that had found them, which in turn provided them with dinner for the night. They had stumbled apon some hot springs nearby, two pairs decided to go and take a bath to wash away the dirt that they had received. The only two left in the springs were Judea and Lucrecia as they were both in the springs, smiling with content. "Ahhhh, this is the life, even with all the crap we took this afternoon, this makes up for it big time" She said with a large smile on her face. 

"You think so, we are still on this island you know? Honestly I don't know how you and the others are just so accepting of this situation. On top of that, one of these jokers could be the ones that brought us here in the first place." Lucrecia said in a somewhat annoyed tone. She leaned her head back closing her eyes recall the events from earlier.

"Oh come on, none of them honestly had the potential for something like this, and besides at least this way we're not completely alone" She said stretching her arms, causing the top part of her cleavage to rise above the water as she laid back down and smiled, "Though I gotta admit, it's interesting that there are only two guys here on this island" she said looking back over to Lucrecia. 

"Why would that matter? That boy with blue hair just looks like your everyday weakling, and the other guy Brock he seems slightly more capable but not the type you could rely on." Lucrecia made the comment as she looked over at Judea's chest then back at her own and sank further down into the water as if to hide.

"Haha, what are you embarresed about, I'm sure you got a nice set of these on you" She said winking before sinking deeper into the water, "I don't know, just something about them, especially Brock. In any case, we're gonna have to learn to work together Lucrecia, we can't do this all alone" She said looking at her with a serious look on her face. 

"Yes I know I'll do what I must to survive" Lucrecia responded in a somewhat proud tone. "Be straight with me Judea, what do you think about the others we've met on this island? Surely you have some opinion about them and there situations?"

"Well, they seem like a rather lively bunch I can tell you that, you and Rose seem to have similar personalities while Misaki is kind of an air-head, Brock seems to be the most level-headed out of all of us, and well Tsunayoshi has this aura about him that makes him a nice guy to talk with. I honestly don't think anyone of them could be capable of doing something like this" Judea said splashing her face with some of the water. 

Lucrecia splashed Judea back playfully smiling a bit. "Well at least I was able to meet someone like you coming to this cursed place, But if tell anyone I said that I'll kill you." Lucrecia said with a smile on her face. "I wonder what happens next for us though." She stood up preparing to get out of the hot spring.

"We try to make the best of it with the people we're surrounded with, build this raft, and get out of this place with a better sense of life" Judea said getting up and stretching as she grabbed a towel they managed to find among the shipwrecks, "Come on, I'm sure the others will be wondering what's taking both of us so long" She said wrapping it around her body and helping Lucrecia out of the springs. 

After scavenging some clothes they found in the wreckage and hanging them out to dry, Judea and Lucrecia made their way to the camp site where Brock was waiting for them as he added more wood to the fire, "Hey looks who's back, how was the bath?" He said chomping on a piece of fruit as he threw two more to the two of them. 

That's none of your business you pervert. What kind of sick pervert asks a lady about there bathing" Lucrecia said whith her face turning red as she pointed at Brock as though she was accusing him like he was a peeping tom.

"All I was asking if you enjoyed it is all" He said in a calm manner before bitting into the fruit he got while Judea did the same and looked over to her.

"So where are the others at?" Judea asked smiling at Brock.

"They decided to take the shift of keeping guard and exploring the island at night, make sure there aren't any surprises, so looks like it's just us till morning" He said adding more wood to the fire. 

"Since we have nothing else to do and it seems as though we won't be leaving anytime soon why don't we share a little about ourselves." Lucrecia said as she took a seat. "Does anyone want to volunteer to go first?" She said as she took her first bite of the piece of fruit looking around at the others.

"I do!" Judea said with a smile as she sat down on the treetrunk, "Well you guys know my name already, but I know you don't know that I was actually born in another world and brought here by an Anima" She said looking over to Brock who looked at her with a confused look.

"Wait, you're talking about Edolas right? I've heard rumors about that place, but I didn't think it actually existed" He said looking at her with a surprised look. 

"So you really came from another world? Why come here why not stay in your world?" Lucrecia asked with a puzzled look on her face. "It also seems a little suspicious coming from one world to another. Most time you here something like that the people in my home country would think of the vanguard for an invasion".

"It wasn't exactly a choice in the matter, the anima's appear controlled in our world so someone accidentally sent me without meaning to" Judea said smiling as she looked over to Jacob, "How about you, what's up with that magic of your's?" She said looking over to him.

"Believe it or not, I was chosen to be experimented on with a new form of magic a group was trying to control, which ended up bonding with me" He said as the skin began to turn steel black and form around his arms, "It's called Membrane Magic". 

"That's incredible, I've never seen magic like that before. So what kind of properties does is have? can you only use it like armor or are there other forms and ways you can use it. Does is always stay hard or can it be soften depending on the situation?" Lucrecia asked him while she looked at Brock with amazement.

"It varies, but let's just say it's a powerful magic, something that has gotten me on lists for many different bounties" Brock replied as he threw another wood to the fire, "How about you Lucrecia, what's your story?". 

"I'm a knight from a kingdom far to the south of here. Not really much to say on that I love my home country and would give my life to protect it. I was trained along side my brother for years in the ways of a sword. Nothing to interesting" She said with a smile on her face.

"Wow Brock, you made her smile just as well, you are something else" Judea said running over to her friend as she hugged her tightly, making her blush in the process. 

"H..Hey stop that Judea your way too close, plus Brock is watching us" She said as she turned red and tried to push Judea away from her. This is not proper behave of a young woman.

"Haha, I think at this point, there's nothing to worry about showing affection, times like this, we need to be able to trust each other" Brock said looking up at the night sky. "In any case, for the meantime, it's good that we're not all alone here" He said looking over as Judea kept hugging her before letting go and yawning.

"Well I'm gonna turn in, since there were only two beds for the girls, looks like we're sharing Luceriea" She said with a smile. 

"As in sleep in the same bed together? No I haven't slept with anyone since the princess when we were kids. No no no no no. You take the bed Judea I shall sleep on the floor." Lucrecia said as she twiddled her thumbs together, while fidgeting. "It would be most unfortunate if we were attacked while we are all asleep right?"

"I told you, the group took shifts, they will sleep during the day to rest after watching the perimeter, while we'll be hunting and gathering food for the day, afternoon, and night" Brock said over to them as they looked back with a nod.

"Come on, I don't want you getting sore when we have to go hunting, just sleep next to me, it's not like we're gonna do anything" Judea said as Brock walked over to the boy's hut for some sleep himself.

Lucrecia sighed ash she walked into the hut. "Fine you win please don't get to close to me and please don't cuddle me while I'm asleep." Lucrecia laughed as she  began to take of some of her clothing. "Seriously how do you stay so optimistic Judea?"

"Believe it or not, I had a rougher time living in Edolas more than here, and throughout that time I did my best to keep positive in hopes of finding a place to call home" She said stripping down to her panties and bra as she looked over to her. "Looks like this is my pajamas's since we couldn't find any other clothes" She said looking over to Lucrecia who was bright red. 

Lucrecia looked at Judea and mumbled to herself "How can they be so big!" She quickly wrapped her arms around her chest and turned around red in the face. "On second thought there is no way the two of us could sleep together. Not with those...those things!" She said as she pointed to Judea's chest. Lucrecia's face was so red it has smoke coming from it.

"What? They're just boobs, it's not like they're gonna jump out and attack you" Judea said with a grin as she sat down in the bed, "If it makes you feel any better, I'll sleep facing away from you so they don't smother you in your sleep" She said winking at her before laughing. 

Lucrecia reluctantly laid in the bed. "Let me ask you something Judea, how do you feel about Brock? I guess I'm asking if your interested in him. Not in a weird way though just as a person." Lucrecia struggled to get the words of her mouth. She tightly covered her exposed chest.

"There's no reason to feel embarrassed, we're both girls here" She said laying down as she threw the blanket on top of both of them and looked on the opposite side, "As for Brock, he seems like a great guy, though there's something alluring about him too..." She said with a smile, being thankful that Lucerica couldn't see the large blush that was on her face. 

"How about you? What do you think of Brock?" She asked slowly turning her head to look back at Lucerica's head while she laid there. 

"He seem a bit unusual to me. A very mysterious type of person. I'm not sure why but when we talked about magic and our backgrounds I felt strangely at ease." She replied blushing with a smile on her cherry red face.

"Haha, true, it might be awkward for both of us if we both fell for him huh?" Judea said still blushing as she sank deeper into the covers, trying to make sure Lucercia couldn't see her entire face being red. 

"Could it perhaps be that you like him Judea?" Lucrecia asked in a somewhat curious tone. "When you talk about him it seems like you get rather excited when we talk about him. Even now if I had to guess I'd say you were blushing." She said in a joking tone.

Judea froze quickly as she tried not to make any sudden movements, Lucrecia had guessed correctly and Judea's action alone confirmed it, but she knew two could play this game. "Maybe, but then again You seemed to feel at ease when you were talking with him, so maybe I'm not the only one who seems to like him" She said with a grin on her face, knowing right then and there that she got her where she wanted her. 

Lucrecia chuckled nervously. "Is a custom in your home world to avoid the questions of other and start to question them yourself? Unlike you I will answer the question. I will admit you are correct that we had a nice talk earlier; however I'm not intrested in men. They all have the same goal in mind. On top of that their lazy, pig headed, and perverts." Lucrecia said before stopping to take a deep breath. However you could tell by her tone that she did not believe that everything she had just said was true. She just hoped Judea didn't.

"Some men are, but just because there's a few bad apples doesn't mean the entire patch is rotten" Judea replied which gave Lucercia a shock. "During my travels, believe me, I've seen enough men to know that what you said is partically true, but I think it's more of them wanting someone to be with, and there are rare cases like Brock, he thinks more with his head than his hormones. I think he's an overall good guy" She said looking back to see what her reaction would be to all that Judea told her. 

She smile before laughing. "I didn't think someone like you would take it so seriously. Of course not all men are jerks. But you defended Brock rather quickly I guess I have my answer. I must say I'm surprised I didn't think you the type to fall for a guy after only just meeting him. Well I wish you the best of luck in you endeavor of love my friend." Lucreica said in a somewhat teasing tone, while turning to face Judea.

"I get the feeling I'll be having a rival in that endeavor, you can deny it all you want, but I think you like Brock just as much as I do" Judea said turning to see her face to face. "You can put on this front that you don't have any clue what I'm talking about, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and I can tell you want Brock as well" She replied giving a grin as Judea winked at her. 

"Well then may the best woman win." Lucrecia said as she began to close her eyes with Judea. The girls both began to fade in to a realm of dreams as the silently fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

Food scavenger hunt list

Lucrecia woke up early at the crack of dawn as to not break her normal routine. She quietly slipped out of bed as to not disturb Judea. She put her cloths back on and grabbed her sword as she walked out of the hut. "Last night was nice but I really hope we won't have to share a bed for too much longer." She said with a small smile on her face.

"Sounds like you had a good rest" A voice said as Lucrecia quickly drew out her blade to turn over to see Brock with two jugs of water in his hands. "Sorry about that, I saw you come out just now so I figured you would still be sleepy" He said putting them down as she sheathed her sword and looked at him. "How did you sleep last night?" He asked while he sat down and added some wood to the fire. 

"Lets just say I'm hoping we find away off this island before nightfall." She said as she chuckled while taking a seat. "How about your Brock did you have any trouble getting to sleep last night?" Lucrecia asked in a somewhat caring tone.

Brock looked at her for a bit, smiling a bit as he noticed a change in her tone from yesterday "Yeah it was alright, though when Tsunayoshi came back to sleep, he just knocked out and feel right on the floor, I had to move the guy to his bed" Brock said putting some fish he just gutted on the fire, but quickly felt a hug from behind as he was pushed forward, almost falling off the seat he was on.

"Good morning Brocky!" Judea said with a smile as she let him go and sat down next to him.

"Morning Judea, how did you sleep last night?" He asked looking at her.

"Very good, thanks again for the softer beds, I really appreciate it" Judea replied with a smile as she turned over to Lucrecia. 

"You seem awfully chipper this morning Judea, and when did you give Brock that ridiculous nickname?" Also I thought we had the personal space talk last night?" Lucrecia was standing up pointing at Judea, her face was beet red and she was breathing rather heavily.

"Hey, that only involved you, besides if Brock had a problem with it, he would've pushed me off" Judea said sticking her tongue out at Lucercia, who got angry at her.

"Alright you two that's enough" He said taking Judea's arm off his shoulder as he grabbed a fish and handed one to both of them, "Eat up, we need to go explore this island and find anything edible to bring back so we're gonna need all of our strength" He said biting into his fish as the two looked back at each other, nodding as they began to eat their meals.

Horseplay: Tour of The Island. 

After having their meal and preparing a small lunch for the three of them, they began their investigation into the wilderness to see what could be found on the island. During their time, they noticed a lot of rare and exotic animals that they have never seen before, along with some of the most exotic plants that have never been seen as well. 

Brock was walking through some leaves with Luceria and Judea right behind him as they passed through them into a unusual phenomenon. In the middle of an area was what appeared to be water gushing out from the ground in a statue-like manner with each different shape. they surrounded a large watering hole.

"Wow, this is amazing!" Judea said with a smile as she ran towards one of them.

"Well this is something else, the water her seems to be much more different than any other watering holes we've been to" Brock said walking to the lake as he carefully took a sip from it. "Hmm, doesn't taste any different, so what exactly is doing this to make the water into these shapes?" He wondered.

Lucrecia knelled down next to Brock. "What do you suppose this is? There has to be some kind of significance to these shapes. Come to think of it everything we've found on this island has been pretty weird, I mean think about it the plants and animals are completely different from the ones that we are all used to. On top of that now we find this strange gyzer of water. What could it all mean?" Lucrecia asked as she began to become lost in thought.

"Who knows!" Judea said with a smile, hugging Lucrecia from behind and laughing, "Maybe this island has all sorts of fun things, I mean look at us, we're here surrounded by water statues, how awesome is that" She said with a big smile on her face as Brock laughed.

"Well, for now, we'll have to worry about this later, we better keep moving if we wanna find some meat, we got our fruits and veggies, but something tells me this island isn't just a peaceful place" He said in a serious tone as he began to walk along with the two girls by his side.

"How do you think the others are doing? We haven't had much time to compare notes, I'm curious to know what they discovered." Lucrecia stated as she looked around. She seemed to be somewhat restless ever since they started searching for meat and after they had found those strange water like statues. She continued to walk with Brock and Judea although she began to fall behind as if she was slowing down.

"Well I'm sure they might have found some interesting night time activites, but hopefully they'll be awake by the time we get back to compare notes" Brock said as he turned around to find Lucrecia looking at something that caught her attention.

"Come on Lucrecia, I know you're bored but we gotta pick up the pace" Judea said walking back to her as she went to see what was wrong. 

"I just heard something from over there. Come on we have to follow it before it gets away!" Lucrecia began to chase after the creature breaking off from the original path she was on. As she continued to chase after it she began to get a tight feeling in her chest and her breathing became heavy. Brock and Judea chased after her a were steadily picking up the pace.

Brock and Judea found her panting heavily as she was looking around, noticing that the pray she was after had disappeared. "Aww, too bad Lucrecia, maybe next time..." Right when she said that, a very large beast appeared out of nowhere, roaring greatly as it even scared both Lucercia and Judea.

However, in that instant, Brock was seen with his claws, slashing at the beast as it was killed by one deep cut on it's neck as Brock panted heavily. They looked at him in awe, both blushign at the fact the light seemed to be drawn to him like a god.

"Are you two alright?" He said looking them before helping them up.

"Y..yeah I'm fine" She said blushing as she got up and dusted herself off. 

"That was amazing Brock with this we won't have to worry about meat for quite some time." Lucrecia said pushing some of the loose strands of hair out of her face. before celebrating however she looked over at the beast and realized that they had no one to transport something that big. "I don't suppose you have a way to move this thing closer to camp do you?" Lucrecia asked chuckling still trying to catch her breath.

Brock smiled as the membrane began to grow all over his body, transforming Brock's body into armor as he easily lifted the beast with ease, "We may want to hurry though, I can only be in this form for about 10 mins, which should be just enough time to get it back to the camp" He said beginning to run with the two following behind him.

"Wow... that is" Judea said blushing as she looked over to Lucrecia, who looked the same way. 

"Brock really is amazing huh Judea? I'm not just talking about his magic though. He is just an amazing person. Like when he killed that beast earlier he was prioritizing our safety over his own. Not many people would do that. Even know he must be pushing himself to carry that beast back to camp so everyone has something to eat." Lucrecia commented while blushing.

The trio eventually made their way to the camp grounds where Brock put down the beast, having his armor disappear as he was seen dropping to the ground, only to be caught by both Judea and Lucericia came to his rescue, both blusing as they had their hands on his chest. "Thanks, I don't use that spell too often, especially when it's for more than five minutes" he said gently being put down as the two went in front of him to check him.

"Lucerica, why don't you start skinning the beast to make some new blankets for us, I'll take care of Brock" She said looking at her. 

"Huh? Why don't you start skinning the beast while I take care of Brock instead. Don't think I'll let you use this situation to take advantage of Brock, after all you are my rival." Lucrecia said as the two woman glared at one another. They were however interrupted suddenly from a voice that came from the guys hut.

"Now now ladies I'm sure if he was conscious, Brock would love the attention he is getting, but he's isn't so how about we compromise. You two take care of that creature and I'll take care of Brock okay?" The voice had revealed itself to be none other than Tsunayoshi.

"One passing out and suddenly I'm the helpless person am I?" Brock said standing up as he felt a bit woozy, but was helped to stand by the girls who glared at each other. "I didn't think you'd be awake this early Tsunayoshi, where are the other two?" He asked as he cracked his back.

"Yeah, they still sleeping?" Judea asked pushing against Brock's arm as her breast were seen being pushed up by it. 

Before answering Tsunayoshi stared at Judea's breast discreetly not trying to give off the wrong impression. "Ah....well Rose is still sleeping I'd assume and as for Misaki she had trouble sleeping so she's-" Before answering Misaki ran out of the guys hut and met up with them.

"Ah Tsu Tsu, whats taking so long? Hmm hey everyone back when did you get back?" Misaki asked with a smile on her face.

Lucrecia looked at Tsunayoshi with pure discuss. "You two sleeping in the same tent....and she called you Tsu Tsu..." Lucrecia's face turned bright red and began to steam.

"Well, glad to see you guys getting along better" Brock said jokingly as Judea blushed bright red as well, beginning to steam herself. 

"I...Its not what your thinking at all" Tsunayoshi said as he turned red. Misaki grabbed his arm suddenly. You don't have to be embarrassed about our relationship.." Misaki said as she laughed enjoying the joke along with Brock.

"Hahaha, oh man you are so easy to mess with Tsunayoshi, don't worry about it, what you do is your business" He said moving towards the beast as he looked back at the two girls, maybe you two should go wash the fruit over at the waterfall, I'm pretty sure you don't wanna see this sort of thing" He said summoning his claws as the girls nodded.

"Tsunayoshi, why don't you go help him out, the three of us will wash these fruits and vegetables" Judea said as she grabbed Misaki and Lucerica as they headed towards the waterfall. The trio began washing their fruit as Judea looked over to Misaki, "So why did you sleep in his room really Misaki?" She asked looking over to her. 

"Huh that's what you wanted to ask me? I was just bored since Rosy can be a grouch sometimes I went over to talk with Tsu Tsu. He's very caring and even let me put my head on his lap when I started to get tired." Miskai said grinning like a child. She grabbed a few vegetables and began cleaning them.

"I see..." Judea said looking over to Lucrecia as she gave Misaki a wink, "Maybe I'll give that a try myself..." She whispered to her before returning to clean the fruit she had placed in the water. "So how are you adjusting to the island Misaki, getting along with your team?". 

"I am this island is a lot of fun. Tsu Tsu is always nice to me and while Rosy can be a bit cold at times, she is a good person almost like an older sister to me. How about you guys, is it weird being grouped together since you both like Brock?" Misaki asked which made Lucrecis jump a bit.

"You're not as innocent as you'd like us to think are you Misaki." Lucrecia stated before looking at Judea. " I would say that the three of us get along fairly well. Judea and Brock have been very kind to me. I hope we can find a clue about this place soon though."

"Well we found one, the water statues, but yeah, we should encounter something concrete about this island, especially if we want to go home" Judea said looking back at Lucerica. She then turned to Misaki, "I also agree with her Misaki, I bet you and Rose are exactly like us, trying to get Tsunayoshi's attention" She said looking over to her friend. 

Misaki looked at the two girls and smiled. "Well I'm okay with not going home then I can stay with Tsu Tsu forever." Misaki said while she grinned. Lucrecia however began to turn red again. "F..F...Forever that's a bold statement but what would a man and woman do forever on this island alone?" After a small pause Lucrecia fell over from shock.

"Oh boy, you had to say that didn't you" Judea looking over to Misaki as she went to the river, cupping some water before she splashed it on Lucerica, who quickly got up and started to cough from some of the water that got in her mouth. "You really think dirty if it forces you to pass out" She said handing her a small towel to clean herself up with before returning to their work. 

"I don't have a dirty mind Judea what Misaki said just caught me off guard that's all." She said as she continued to wipe her face. Misaki began to laugh causing her to accidentally knock over one of the baskets of vegetables. "You two must be really good friends to get along as well as you do."

"Haha, I think Lucerica has a good heart, she just doesn't really know how to share it with everyone, though I'm slowly getting my style into her" She said smiling as she went to grab the basket to bring back to land. 

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