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Iris Lavra



Irisu Rabura


Undefeated of the East (東方不敗, Tohofuhai)


Magic Beast


Female.png Female


20 (Part I)
27 (Part II)


May 19th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type

N/A (makō-infused)

Professional Status

243782-uzu logo super.png Akatsuki

Previous Affiliation

Magic Council Military Academy


S-Class Magician in Akatsuki

Previous Occupation



Momoko Sitri
Vivian Starrkewolfe

Personal Status

Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Twenty Unnamed Siblings


Fire Magic
Ice Magic
Beast Mode
Organic Link Magic
Unison Raid

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"Yes, evil comes in many forms, whether it be a man-eating cow, but you can't let the package hide the pudding! Evil is just plain bad! You don't cotton to it. You gotta smack it in the nose with the rolled-up newspaper of goodness! Bad dog! Bad dog!"
— Iris Lavra

Iris Lavra (イリス・ラブラ, Irisu Rabura lit. Rainbow Passage) is a Magic Beast, a race of magically-altered humans whom have been exposed to toxic levels of demonic DNA by humans, morphing them into their current forms of the Squirrel-Type, which grants her incredible physical strength and reflexes. Iris is a former Rune Knight who dropped out of the Magic Council Military Academy and a close friend of Vivian Starrkewolfe; she is also known as Undefeated of the East (東方不敗, Tohofuhai) for her insane power with a major focus on no-holds-barred hand-to-hand combat.

Later, after stepping in to help Vivian and her new allies fight Crudelis, she more or less joins Akatsuki.


Iris' general appearance.

Iris is a squirrel-type demon young lady with short brown hair, a big curly brown tail, and hazel eyes, and squirrel ears.

She wears an orange fighter top showing half of her bosom, two tonfas, black strap panties with an orange skirt-like cloth, long black socks, and orange boots.

Personality and Traits

Iris is a rather coy and playful individual, who, is well known for being full of energy. Jason says she's easily identifiable as the first to yell and the first to act rashly. She is proud of her power, and eager to show it off in battle, especially to impress people she's interested in. On rare occasions, Iris' hyperactive behavior causes her to make random outbursts that make no sense. She has a few complexes about her race, but nonetheless, she acknowledges who she is and is proud of it. She is often giddy and optimistic, especially when with her friends.

Iris can be extremely flirty, but once she finds someone she really likes, she attempts to settle with them, as Vivian Starrkewolfe found out to her chagrin. While fond of her animal features, she dislikes being called "more animal than human", and immediately strikes at anyone who refers to her as a "pet", unless it's Jason, due to the fact that she is more than happy to be thought of as his "pet", and refers to him as "Master" for unexplained reasons not related to his title as Guild Master. She also dislikes how many people worry about so many little things and them hurrying about all the time, which is probably why she chose to live in the jungle without technology before meeting Vivian.

However, while she's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, she has also proved on occasion to have more common sense than the others; and also tends to notice things that the others don't, such as when they met Momoko, and she was the only one of the group to first notice she was a girl when she said, "You're pretendin' ta' be a boy under that mask, aren'cha?", something that the others could not put their finger on. Iris also is amazed by a lot of things and is almost always upbeat, even when she is in danger. One of the only instances of her losing her upbeat nature comes when Exialia informs her of her true nature; she momentarily loses hope of being able to live normally and sadly suggests that she would leave the guild before the group rekindles her spirit.

On many occasions, she has been shown to be the glue that holds the guild together on their adventures; never getting into an argument with neither her closest friend nor her Guild Master. Because of this, she is often the one that Vivian seems to look to for reason as opposed to what her attitude. She also views her friends highly, often stating very good things about her friends, valuing them dearly. As with this, Iris is very loyal to her friends, an example being how she saves Vivian when Barakiel tries to kill her. All in all, Iris is a lovable and friendly person who always looks for the good in others and tries to help them.



Fairy Tail: Dawn


Kongou Shakujou (金剛錫杖, Vajra-Khakkhara): Iris' main weapon; a pair of tonfas. They have some magical properties and can emit small projectiles as well as magnify Iris' already overwhelming strength. The left tonfa reflects both magical and physical attacks if they are hit dead center. Any attack is reflected back at the attacker in a mostly random manner. Meanwhile, the right tonfa can change the mass size of whatever it hits, both living being and inanimate objects. It can shrink the object to a minimal size or enlarge it by a great amount. During the timeskip, Kongou Shakujou was destroyed while Iris was training, leading her to obtain a brand-new weapon.

Ryūsenga (竜閃牙, Dragon Flashing Tooth): The Ryūsenga are the name of Iris' weapons- they are a member of the Divine Tools that take the form of retractable gauntlets that can fire eternano-infused shotgun shells that she wields on her arms and can retract into golden bracelets. More specifically, the Ryūsenga take the appearance of a pair of golden gauntlets, covering Iris' forearms and hands, acting as arm guards of a sort; the shells loaded inside are colourless, instead reacting when Iris infuses them with her special magic; the left hand appears almost normal with an elbow-pad, whereas in contrast, the right-handed gauntlet is ever-so-slightly larger and shaped like a teardrop. The Ryūsenga act as a pair of single-barreled shotguns which are fired with a piston mechanism, launching shells of eternano from a gray barrel which is concealed in the front of both power fists and aligned between Iris' knuckles, specifically the index and middle fingers. Attached around the wrist-portion of both Ryūsenga are chambers which holster a magazine that consists of twenty-four shells on each hand, giving a total of fourty-eight shots when both gauntlets are fully loaded- once these shells have been spent, they will regenerate with time, being brought back through willpower alone it seems.

In order to be activated, the piston goes up and down in a cylinder built-into the gauntlets; when it is up, magical energy from the shells wrapped around the gauntlets is injected and ignited by the reaction between the Ryūsenga and the magical energy, causing the magical energy to build up and explode once it is ejected from the gauntlets, transforming into pulses of energy which shoot forth in the blink of an eye. While normally, the ammo clips loaded within the magazines are actually blanks rather than anything meaningful, once Iris activates her special magic, where she mentally molds the eternano particles, compressing and condensing them into the blank ammo clips of her gauntlets, causing the ammo to begin to shine a burning crimson in texture and finally gain substance. From here, the ammo is capable of being launched as pulses of energy which possess impressive piercing power and swiftness that have incendiary properties, often blasting enemies far backward upon impact. Not only this, as detailed below, Iris can use the recoil to increase her mobility drastically; and they are large and durable enough to serve as impromptu shields, defending Iris from almost anything thrown her way.

As the Ryūsenga is designed specifically for her own usage, or rather, they work into the existence of Iris' fighting style; as their kanji would indicate, the Ryūsenga were forged to negate the impact shock that her personal fighting style, Integrated Arms: Blazar Fist would usually cause, absorbing and dampening the recoil that she receives when firing Fire Magic from her gauntlets by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into heat, which is then dissipated, protecting Iris and her weapons from catastrophic events such as high-speed collision and getting an arm dislodged due to the sheer power of her magic-infused strikes. As such, Iris does not suffer from backwards momentum after discharging all forms of nuclear reactions from her fists, meaning that the time between what would normally be recoil and the launch of another attack is reduced to zero as she can launch multiple attacks in a row without being impeded by her own body in any way. The Ryūsenga also have the ability to absorb magical power from the area in order to drastically increase Iris' attack and defense power by an inhuman amount, enough that she can one-hit-kill some foes. Despite this, this ability cannot be employed simultaneously; as it's either attack, or defense, not both.

Magic & Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Iris utilizing hand-to-hand combat

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Iris is well-known for her amazing street-fighting skills- she's actually rather infamous for it, in fact. Whereas most of those whom are capable of harnessing the powers of the arcane generally focus on using magic alone or providing a mixture of close-combat/weapons usage and sorcery, Iris herself is her own unique beast as it can be said that she uses her prowess in harnessing these mysterious supernatural energies simply as a supplement to where she really shines- in close-combat, no holds-barred, taking full advantage of the superior physical abilities that applying magic in selective amounts would grant her, focusing mainly on the enhanced strength that her magic would grant her and hones it to absurd levels, smashing flesh and bone with her fists and feet alone. As a contrast to many other fighters, hand-to-hand or no, Iris' general fighting style is focused almost entirely on the ground, whereas generally any other warrior would have at least a few abilities and techniques to make them relatively competent in mid-air, allowing them to defend themselves until they reached the ground. Iris' combination of overwhelming speed and strength, along with her hand-to-hand prowess and minute application of her special magic allowed her to become a boxing champion at a relatively young age.

Taking upon a boxing-style approach to combat – a combat sport where two fighters square off in fisticuffs – Iris generally fights by throwing her everything into the match, possessing an unrelenting fighting spirit that allows her to prevail more often than not. Iris herself is known to possess a certain ingenuity in regards to how to go about boxing, to such an extent that it could be said that it was set in stone that she could become the middleweight champion of Four's boxing championship when she first decided to take up the sport, and could have even won the world title with or without the teachings handed down to her by those at the gym she used to frequent when she was a teenager. She has a rather unorthodox fighting style in comparison to other, more "traditional" boxers- indeed, Iris' boxing methods integrates all sorts of traits from almost every single "boxing type", though she mainly takes upon the combat method of a out-boxer, with a specific focus on footwork and swift jabs while creating a reasonable amount of distance between herself and her opponent after striking.

Iris displays a highly unorthodox boxing style that is optimized for maximum usage of her natural speed and strength, allowing her to move and strike like lightning crashing down from the skies to the earth. While she is extremely strong physically which shows rather prominently, Iris relies on her incredible punching speed, incredible reflexes, and her amazing movement speed. With her armoured hands constantly being in a low stance, she made lightning-quick movements forward with her mountain-like fingers, lashing out at her opponents in an unpredictable manner with a common strike; a quick, cutting jab with her left hand; with a crafty application of her speed and power, striking at least fifteen times a second as damage added up over time, gradually wearing down the opponent with her strikes causing them to become dizzier and dizzier, throwing vicious punches towards her opponent with such ease that more often than not, her opponent doesn't realize how damaging they can be truly be until it is too late with Iris knocking them out in a single blow; as a result, Iris has proven to be a devastating close-range fighter, with decent, if somewhat lacking, ranged abilities; though given how fast she approaches her enemies, this doesn't really matter much as a volley of blows land simultaneously and the effect of her punches are cumulative.

Iris' movements in battle are sublimely swift, and her constant movement allows her to dance around all sorts of enemies for a majority of her battles, circling them with such a speed that she appears to be naught but a mirage when in motion, making it downright impossible for her opponents to corner her no matter their own speed or even if they harness speed-enhancing magics such as High Speed and Slowing Magic as she raced around, outmaneuvering her opponents while gradually wearing them down, lasting longer than most other boxers due to a combination of her speed and durability- her speed played into a special "technique" known as the Windrider Waltz (風手の円舞, Fushū no Enbu), a movement-based martial arts "technique" that is effectively a full-body feint by moving her entire body at random angles, confounding the opponent's reflexes. Thanks to her fighting style, Iris often moves around like a gale while striking with enough force to stir up winds at the same time, throwing a barrage of punches while she was already in motion- when she was outside of the striking distance, as she accelerated forward, she was already beginning to launch a strike, meaning that waiting to get into range to hit her is an exercise in futility, and she has gone several battles without her opponent even capable of making contact with her. Despite her incredible speed being downright legendary in MMA circles, many an opponent, no matter what they heard about Iris, didn't realize how lightning-fast she was until their matches, with her foes being overwhelmed in short notice as her speed and power forces the opponent to approach with caution, lest they be defeated in the blink of an eye.

  • Premium Heart (プレミアムハート, Puremiamu Hāto): Premium Heart is Iris's signature technique; it is based off The Dempsey Roll; which is a technique developed and used by real-life boxer William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey. With it, Iris lowers her stance and central balance to begin with and begins to aggressively weave her body in a pattern similar to the shape of a figure eight, making it increasingly difficult for the opponent to track and trace her movements accurately. Iris then fires (starting from either left or right) series of rapidly executed punches whilst continuing her bobbing and weaving, catching the target in a high paced barrage of punches that few succeed on escaping from. The force of these blows are more than enough to shatter diamond; attacking the air itself with her fists, causing a large amount of magical power to dash forward and increase the pressure to the point where it creates a considerably powerful shockwave; the punch itself is an overhead smash, digging into the heart with wrist bent and elbow facing downward. The end result can lead to cardiac arrest from blunt trauma to the heart; transmitting her own magical energy through the air, releasing it in an abundance of powerful waves of destruction towards her foe, overwhelming them via sheer force.
Hyōkachū Amaguriken

Hyōkachū Amaguriken (氷火中甘栗拳, Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Frozen Fire Fist): The Hyōkachū Amaguriken is Iris's personal style of combat, developed over the seven year timeskip in order to save Vivian from the Shadow Remnants. As Exialia has pointed out, during the time passed, Iris had managed to learn more about her heritage as a homunculi destroyer and tap into that forbidden power; as a result, the Hyōkachū Amaguriken was born through the strength of her origins and her determination. The Hyōkachū Amaguriken drains Iris's life energy and turns it into immense strength; granting her overwhelming power and speed, as well as flexibility. However, the downside of this is that she will have her lifespan shortened the more that she utilizes Hyōkachū Amaguriken; despite this, she has utilized Hyōkachū Amaguriken a fair bit, and seems unfazed at the hazards that she can do. It should be said that the Hyōkachū Amaguriken is a perfect unison of opposing forces; it is mostly powered by the merging of Iris's Fire Magic and Ice Magic; it relies less on special and unique properties, and more on energy manipulation and martial art techniques as she blasts the opponent away with numerous, tremendously strong attacks. It is based upon the Hokuto Shinken of the Fist of the North Star fame, due to the tendencies of the attack kanji name to appear after Iris recites the attack name after the end of the attack, making it an extremely powerful way of combat.

  • Squirrel God Fist (栗鼠神拳, Risushinken): Squirrel God Fist involves Iris striking the foe three times in rapid succession, using the same hand. It transitions from open palm strike, to elbow blow, to finally a powerful knife-hand thrust, which all seem to connect at the exact same time due to the incredible speed at which she unleashes these blows. Each time, Iris discharges more of her magical energy into the foe, which increases drastically with each strike. While it does not inflict any physical damage, the magical energy which seeps into the foe's body disrupts their ability to utilize any magical powers for brief moments; at which time, their parameters are drastically reduced—the strike also may cause the target to bleed from the mouth, weakening the control of their magical energy and depth of perception of reality. It should be noted that "Squirrel God Fist" is synonymous with any triad of swift strikes, so in essence, this gives it great 'mix-and-match' potential. On weaker foes, this technique is able to incapacitate them without any hassle. As the enemy falls down, Iris delivers a powerful punch that knocks the enemy away; finishing the attack.
  • Squirrel God Twin Beast Attack (栗鼠神双獣撃, Risushin Sōjūgeki): When performing this technique, Iris gathers energy around her fists and punches forward, summoning twin dragons of flame and lightning, respectively, which Iris refers to as Flame Dragon (炎龍, "Enryū") and Thunder Dragon (雷龍, "Rairyū"). They then shoot at the target as if they were real dragons, moving at high speeds and possess tremendous force, they are touted to chase their foes to the ends of the earth, no matter where the foe is standing, even if they possessed high speed, as they would catch their foe eventually. The dragons can move at impossible angles, that always manage to reach their target; they will always change their path around any obstacles or pierce through any wall in order to reach their target. As they move though the atmosphere, they gather and condense stray magical particles upon their forms to increase in speed; once they reach the opponent, they enter their body before bursting out in an explosion. In addition to being a nod to Vivian's Solar Dragon's Twin Dragon Waltz, this attack is a homage to EnRyu and RaiRyu from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar series.
  • Squirrel God Furious Attack Fist (栗鼠神猛撃拳, Risushin Mōgekiken): When performing this technique, Iris gathers energy around her body in order to power herself up. Once she does, she begins an unflinching walk towards the opponent, walking towards them slowly, before sprinting towards the opponent with her whole body, now glowing with her life energy. The sheer radiance of the life energy paralyzes Iris's target, as she delivers a combination of punches and kicks, and eventually launches the enemy up to the air. She follows up by jumping to the enemy; as she changes the passion of her courage into flames that surge in her leg; releasing the flames in the form of a drill of flames which moves with ever-hastening speed, piercing through almost anything, while she channels it as a power source for the next blow; a shattering kick that sends the opponent flying. When the technique is finished, Iris recites the name of the attack, with the Japanese kanji displayed. Squirrel God Furious Attack Fist was adapted from a previous technique of Iris's; Heavy Metal Vulcan (ヘビーメタルバルカン, Hebī Metaru Barukan). The opening moments of the attack, where Iris is seen walking forward, mimics the first opening animation of the Fist of the North Star anime, while the kick itself resembles one of Hokuto Shinken's techniques: Hokuto Hiei Ken.
  • Roar Supreme Squirrel God Fist (轟覇栗鼠神拳, Gōha Risushinken): One of the most powerful techniques of Hyōkachū Amaguriken; when performing the Roar Supreme Squirrel God Fist, Iris charges her life energy and expands it, as her life energy explodes around her, properly shaped into the form of a dragon's head, as a tribute to Vivian. The explosion of life energy manages to devastate the ground below her, leaving a massive crater in the wake of the eruption. Suddenly, Iris quickly dashes forward, proceeding to hammer away at the opponent rapidly, delivering a series of fierce punches, which move at speeds which they can no longer be seen, leaving only jet streams in their place—the punches are set ablaze by her courage, so much so that it appears as if they were miniature flaming meteors, capable of striking the foe over a thousand times a second, and they are capable of attacking the foe over long distances. The fists land so fast that, after a volley, they seemingly connect simultaneously; after this fearsome barrage, Iris unleashes a final uppercut, releasing a dragon composed of her life energy which rises magnificently, piercing the opponent as the area around then explodes. Once the technique is finished, the Japanese kanji are displayed. In addition to being an adaption of Iris's Hard Rock Damashī (ハードロックダマシー, Hādo Rokku Damashī, lit. "Hard Rock Soul"), it is a homage to the Hokuto Hyakuretsuken of Fist of the North Star.
  • True Supremacy Squirrel God Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist (真覇栗鼠神関破天虚拳, Shinha Risushin Sekiha Tenkyoken): The secret ultimate technique of Hyōkachū Amaguriken, the True Supremacy Squirrel God Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist is a powerful technique whose secret lies in mastering the Hyōkachū Amaguriken while also discovering both the significance and insignificance of one's life. When performing the True Supremacy Squirrel God Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist, Iris charges her life energy into her fingertips and converges it, until her hands appear as if they are on fire. Once this is done, Iris thrusts forward with her hands, transmitting her life energy through her fingertips and unleashing a powerful beam of pure energy which is a blazing crimson in texture; it is capable of traveling great distances, wreaking havoc wherever it passes, as shown when it crossed half of a town, generating a large explosion, destroying almost everything that it touches. Iris's tremendous speed allows her to move faster than the True Supremacy Squirrel God Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist itself, allowing her to fire multiple blasts from different directions, and it is a powerful technique with great force, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction. When the True Supremacy Squirrel God Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist impacts upon the opponent, it penetrates their body, causing life energy to erupt from the body in the pattern of the "Big Dipper" constellation, piercing even solid objects behind the foe.

Physical Prowess

Incredible Strength:

Immense Speed and Reflexes::

  • Reduced Earth (縮地, Shukuchi) is a basic high-speed movement technique, developed long before magic became commonplace; effectively, through the user slamming their foot upon earth ten times in a split second, they are capable of kicking off the ground in the blink of an eye and live up to the technique's name of "reduced earth" as the technique shrinks the distance between the user and their target in a split second. When performing Reduced Earth, the user focuses the majority of their body weight to one of their legs of the briefest of moments, before stomping the foot where most of their weight is focused upon the solid surface of where the user is standing at a rapid velocity before shifting the weight back to the rest of their frame, generating enough thrust to propel the user forward at incredible speeds, at least akin to a master of High Speed and defying the abilities of Slowing Magic; accelerating at velocities that are almost untraceable to reach short or long distances near instantaneously- it should be taken into consideration that in order to perform the technique at all, the user requires a solid surface to kick into and thus produce enough thrust. According to the untrained eyes of those watching on while the user performs this technique, more often than not it appears as if the user has effectively teleported using sheer power and speed alone, moving faster than anyone is capable of following as they seem to reduce the earth between the themselves and the opponent in the blink of an eye. As the Reduced Earth technique is focused entirely on speed, it can be best characterized by 'the velocity at which the user gets from the starting point to the finishing point in the least amount of movements', attempting to waste no unnecessary motions while attempting to achieve its goal. Generally, in regards to how much any user is capable of getting out of the Reduced Earth technique, things like racial traits such as perhaps elves being faster than humans do not factor into the end result- rather, it relies solely on the user's training and skill to determine how fast they can actually move, and it is mentioned that if the user neglects the skill and rarely harnesses it or practices with it, they would move at a slightly slower pace as the body would have to be accustomed to undergoing the motions of the technique regularly- this is something that could quite possibly lead to a theoretically weaker user of Reduced Earth accelerating towards their point of choice at a swifter pace than somebody who was previously deemed stronger. However, despite being heavily compared to "true" Teleportation Magic, a user of Reduced Earth is capable of being stopped in their tracks if anyone who is in the vicinity of the distance between the user and their destination calculates the miles-per-hour as well as the ending phase of the technique that the user is accelerating at and takes steps to intercept the movement accordingly, and as such it can be quite predictable in comparison to actual movement-type magics, as it doesn't use supernatural energies to prevent any sort of interruption- indeed, with Reduced Earth, an opponent with swift enough reflexes can properly counterattack the burst of speed simply by blasting them with a higher-speed projectile no matter its origin, as in the case of most users, it is near impossible to stop and turn on a dime, requiring great effort of simply stop before reaching the destination, meaning that while in motion, a user can be seen as almost powerless against an opponent's attacks- however, commonly, it is shown that due to the speeds that they move at, this generally isn't a serious concern.

Notable Durability:

Magical Abilities

Immense Magical Power: As a Magic Beast, Iris is in possession of an absolutely overwhelming amount of magical power; she has natural control over the exertion of her magical power, keeping it contained to the point where it is virtually impossible to detect her by normal means, though the constant effort can be taxing. The presence it exudes is completely at odds with her personality; the magical energy itself is a vibrant golden, crackling intensely with electricity when Marta focuses; when Iris's power is at it's peak, it transforms into the frightening visage of a gigantic ethereal squirrel which surrounds her, striking fear into the hearts of her foes. It is so great it can be felt from a great distance and it has the tendency to make people perspire in fear. Her skill and control at using manipulating her magical energy aura allows her to perform a variety of abilities. Due to being created specifically to destroy homunculi, Iris's magical energy carries a "demon-slayer"-esque effect; only recently was she able to activate this ability permanently. This magical energy acts as a powerful barrier against demonic corruption, as well as darkness-aligned attacks, the former of which is how Iris has been able to stave off Beast Mode's corrupting influence. This magical energy is also apparent within her attacks, which are incredibly effective against homunculi, or any individual which has darkness-aligned abilities. This magical energy is strong enough to permanently damage a dragon, some of which can usually recover from even the most life-threatening damage, which is how Iris was even able to damage Vivian. This "demon-slayer" magical energy, along with Hyōkachū Amaguriken make Iris a large threat to her mystical opponents. All of Iris's Hyōkachū Amaguriken techniques as well as her regular magic carry her magical energy, while Hyōkachū Amaguriken is already incredibly effective against dark beings, her demon-slayer magical energy doubles this effectiveness, in addition to Iris's incredible strength, allows Iris to defeat most dark beings with ease. Magic originates from a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored.

  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki): A Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various magicians of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. A standard aura is produced by magicians with a moderate level of magical power within their body. By exerting it outward, it forms a thin layer of pressure that can cause one to be intimidated if they aren't a magician, or if they are a rather weak magician. This is generally demonstrated by individuals of S-Class strength when they are holding back, or when standard magicians are showing that they are entering their full reserves of power. It should be noted that the density of this aura, by a S-Class magicians, can cause physical attacks to be repelled with notable ease.

Fire Magic

Fire Magic (火の魔法, Hi no Mahō): Fire Magic is a Caster Magic and Elemental Magic that enables the caster to generate and manipulate the element of fire. Fire Magic is said to be the most basic of Elemental Magics and perhaps one of the simplest magics in existence, as it is more often than not the very first magic that many magicians discover.

Fire Magic allows the user to control and manipulate the kinetic energy of magical particles to generate, control or absorb fire, being able to manipulate it for general purposes. As magic is well-known to be influenced by the willpower of those who can manipulate the particles that composes the concept, when inducing Fire Magic, the caster pulses their magical energy hewn from their Magic Origin outwards rather subtly, forcing domination over all eternano ambient within the atmosphere as they use their willpower in order to excite the movements of the eternano, increasing their thermal energy to the point that the particles strewn about throughout the vicinity spontaneously ignite, forming orange-red flames that burn exuberantly, flickering wildly and continuously as long as the caster has control over them. Skilled users can induce this process upon not only eternano in the vicinity, but also solid objects and even oxygen particles. Interestingly, more often than not, a user of Fire Magic harness the particles of the supernatural solely for the generation of fire; this makes one of the most basic magics a sharp contrast to the other forms of Elemental Magic, which usually involve already present sources of their element, though a caster of Fire Magic can also control or enhance flames nearby if given the chance.

From this point, the user of Fire Magic is capable of controlling and moving the flames, casually forming fire-based attacks which can be used both in melee and as a ranged form of offence; more often than not, a caster of Fire Magic possesses a fairly aggressive attacking style with very little defensive spells, regularly attacking with powerful bursts and torrents of flame- though there are a few exceptions to this rule, and it should be noted that intelligent users of the magic can alter offensive spells to serve defensive purposes. The generated flames can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency by manipulating the ambient eternano in the air. The user can form fire into long streams, spheres, or even more complex shapes like letters in skywriting; molding them in any way that they deem suitable- this form is called Fire-Make. These blazing objects will only remain in their designated shapes as long as the user concentrates their energies upon them. The objects will only burn for about three minutes before expiring unless the user continues to infuse them with magical energy. The temperatures of these fiery projections are generally around two thousand, eight hundred Fahrenheit, near the melting point of iron. Not only this, as mentioned above, a user of Fire Magic can also control the size and intensity of any nearby flames and can draw them in order to manipulate them at will. One of the better usages of Fire Magic is to amass a large amount of fire upon the caster's feet or palms before releasing these flames in order to induce high-speed movement via jet-propulsion.

It should be taken into consideration that anyone who possesses a certain degree of power over fire-based powers is known to be much, much stronger whenever they can draw energy from all kinds of heat- indeed, like most forms of elemental magic, a user of Fire Magic can immediately turn the tables on the opponent if the weather is hot enough; it is also said that fire manipulation powers become much more powerful during the day, reaching the peak of its destructive power during noon. With Fire Magic, the caster is capable of controlling heat, allowing them to heat a wide range of liquids and metals or melt ice. The flames formed through Fire Magic seem to be unaffected by water, as the user is able to create flames even when submerged in water. As with all forms of Elemental Magic, a caster of Fire Magic is capable of modifying these fires in any way that they deem suitable, including the shape, heat and even colour; as long as they put their mind to it, anything can be done, and they can even change more obscure properties such as the smell and taste for different effects- these are more often than not signified by the fires changing colour- this is referred to as Rainbow Fire. Finally, a caster of Fire Magic is capable of charging up their spells by drawing more and more eternano towards their bodies, which then undergo the excitation process to form more flames to add to the collection already amassed.

  • Volcanic Viper (ボルカニク・バイパー, Borukaniku Baipā): The most basic spell that Iris has when utilizing Fire Magic, and her signature attack. Iris heats up her fist by spinning her arm around at high speeds, thus heating up her arm due to friction, adding extreme heat to the impact of her fist; due to the high temperature, this technique has the ability to burn her opponents; after this, she engulfs her fist in intense flames which surge around; transforming into a very apparent semi-dome of flame with trails of flame spilling behind it. With that, she punches forward at the opponent, performing an extremely devastating blow—not only is the opponent struck by the full force of Iris's fist, which by itself has enough power to shatter diamond, the flames that she gathered are launched face-first into the opponent's body, blasting forward with tremendous force, inflicting sheer blunt damage along with an explosive effect which is strong enough to blow away most of the top floor of a large building. This attack promises absolute destruction, which is granted by causing friction with the hydrogen in the air by the sheer ferocity of the blow, generating a medium-sized explosion upon impact. The resulting resonance of the energy-imbued fist can crush the target and is particularly dangerous to magical beings. It is capable of tearing through diamond and even through weak defenses. When the attack hits, it creates a fiery explosion even underwater and deals immense damage. Volcanic Viper is based upon Vivian's own Solar Dragon's Erupting Burning Finger; and it shows magnificently—furthering the tribute, Iris has a flash of Vivian's smile run through her mind as she first uses the spell.
  • Gun Flame (ガン・フレイム, Gan Fureimu): The normal ranged spell that Iris has; derived from Vivian's Solar Dragon's Roar. Iris gathers heat and light within her mouth, compressing it to its utmost limit, and subsequently releases them towards the opponent. This generates an extremely large and destructive sparking blast in the form of a vortex of fire that possesses explosive penetrative power, which produces an immense amount of light and is capable of travelling for great distances, wreaking havoc wherever it passes. The attack emits a high-velocity beam with enough momentum to breach defenses. However, the damage dealt to the target without penetrating an defense is significantly reduced due to its lower energy transfer. It will pursue the enemy and surly hit, but it cannot be used on opponents who also possess Dragon-related magic. Along with its astounding destructive power, the attack has a delayed effect if the initial blast should fail, wherein the target will be blasted by residual effects left over by the beam; which manifests in the form of shining beams reminiscent of shooting stars, which lock-on to her opponents no matter their position, chasing after them. They can dodge obstacles in their way, unless it is not physically possible, never ceasing their hunt until they catch their prey. While not as overwhelming as the initial blast, the after-effect can catch foes off guard. The attack requires about 3 seconds to travel a few ten thousand-kilometer distance, and Iris can immediately fire the next attack after confirming a miss, but after 10 attacks, she will run out of magical energy.
  • Bandit Revolver (バンディット・リボルバー, Banditto Riborubā): A simple technique, where Iris infuses flames within her fist and condenses them to their limits, to the point that they are almost invisible, before unleashing a highly powerful jumping uppercut where she spins and rockets upwards with some horizontal movement as well. This initial strike has Iris spinning around as she delivers the uppercut; which works similar to a vacuum; if the foe is caught by the initial blow; then they will be struck the successive eight times. It is one of Iris's most powerful blows; mostly because of it's "multi-hit" feature which doubles the damage each successive spin. When she rises, Iris unleashes energy upward that is comparable to the image of a majestic dragon which rises in the sky that violently strikes the opponent while rising into the air, giving the visage of a dragon devouring its prey. A variant on the attack is when it is not completely vertical instead, it is horizontal, showing the visage of a dragon that rotates around its prey. Despite its basicness, Iris prefers to use Bandit Revolver to finish opponents, as it is a stylish and graceful way to win the battles, and has different powerful variants as a result. Bandit Revolver also covers a lot of horizontal distance, allowing her to strike an airborne opponent from several meters away. This does, however, give the attack a good amount of lag, leaving her open for counter-attack if she misses or is blocked. However, Bandit Revolver does have one weakness—while performing the move, Iris's heart will be left open for a millisecond.
  • Tyrant Rave (タイラント・レイヴ, Tairanto Reivu): Iris initiates this technique by bending her right arm backwards, the fist clenched, and extending frontwards a mildly bent left arm, tiny streaks of flame gathering before her outstretched fingers from the surrounding area. Gathering and condensing stray flames, Iris condenses them upon her hand, intensifying the magical energy by convergence and acceleration, before focusing it upon her hands; igniting her arms as she generates long torrents of flames from them; swinging her hands around, Iris unleashes a devastating vortex of flames which overwhelms the enemy in a spiraling formation; every time the enemy is hit with a blade, it explodes and burns the enemy; before Iris finishes the attack as the vortex converges into an enormous fireball that splits into five smaller fireballs. The small fireballs then spiral upwards and then slam back together causing immense damage with a large explosion. If the opponent is hit with one of the fireballs, they are immobilized at the center of their striking point until the attack completes. The released flames will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface. This technique apparently requires more than average energy reserves, and covers an expansive range. This makes the technique extremely difficult to either avoid or contain, with it requiring the combined efforts of several Water Magic users in order to extinguish the flames. This attack is extremely powerful and destructive, and has been described as being able to smash through dragon scales, which are known to have extremely tremendous endurance capabilities.
  • Solar Drive (ソーラードライブ, Sōrā Doraibu): Technically not a Fire Magic spell; but a Solar Dragon Slayer Magic spell that Vivian transferred to Iris via telepathy before she was transformed into a doll via Kagemusha's Human Subordination Magic. When utilizing this spell, Iris's heat becomes infused with her bloodstream before reaching her brain, resonating with adrenaline she is experiencing during combat. This in turn reacts with her own body and magical energy, increasing the strength, speed, and potential she possesses tenfold, allowing her to take on even foes much more powerful than herself; entering a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability. This makes Iris become cloaked in intense heat. While in this state, Iris demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of her Fire Magic without exhausting herself. It infuses and accumulates flames into her body, momentarily injecting an arbitrary vector that allows for an exceptional boost of her abilities by instantaneously releasing the flames to reinforce herself. It can be called a jet blast of flame to increase her movements in close combat, and executing large-scale body reinforcement through Solar Drive is only possible with her immense magical power. When utilizing Solar Drive, each of her powerful blows contains enough magical energy that they are visible, and her strikes can be compared to a powerful shotgun. If Iris multiplies her base magical energy too much, the uprise of magical energy could easily obliterate her, or severely damage her body, as it did Iris's the first time she utilized it. Essentially, the ability is a double-edged sword; it has a ten minute time limit, which, if passed, has serious consequences for both Iris and her magical energy.
    • Finishing Move ~Hidden Blazing Bond Form~ Fullthrottle Break (必殺技・不知火縁型・フルスロットルブレイク, Hissatsuwaza Shiranuien Gata Furu Surottoru Bureiku): An extension of Solar Drive; by pushing her body's limits even further—which is done by using her burning desire to save Vivian at all costs—Iris completely shatters her body's limiters, which allows her to gather and converge magical energy upon her body; absorbing the surrounding structures, which are made up of magical energy, by breaking down magical molecules and absorbing them, fuelling the absolute power of this attack until it is a "sure-kill blow". After several seconds, the solar energy expands into the form of blazing dragon wings which unleash an explosive burst of flame to launch Iris at her target at near light-speeds, propelling herself towards the opponent at tremendous speed, leaving behind a long wake of flames while also tearing the traversed earth asunder with the force of their propulsion. The flames released during this technique resembles that of a phoenix rising from the ashes; when she reaches the opponent, Iris unleashes a devastating uppercut that transforms all particles in contact with Iris's fist into photons, unleashing solar energy capable of destroying anything it comes in contact with. Fullthrottle Break is most useful when activated towards the end of a battle between high-level opponents, since the area will be saturated with excess energy from their attacks. It is a recycling of the magical energy just used and spread over the battlefield. Therefore, even though Iris has been exhausted from magical energy, the ability can still be invoked. This is described as Iris's strongest attack, focusing upon piercing penetration in order to obliterate the opponent.

Ice Magic

Ice Magic (氷の魔法, Kōri no Mahō): Ice Magic is a Caster-Type Magic that utilizes the element of ice. Ice Magic allows the user to manipulate or create the element of ice.

Ice Magic is activated by reducing the kinetic energy of eternano and reducing temperature to a lower temperature, freezing it over, becoming ice; in addition, in order to assist, the user is capable of freezing molecules of moisture that hang in the air or by absorbing heat from the atmosphere; lastly, a master is capable of manipulating the water in the atmosphere and then halt the movements of the molecules that compose it while hardening it, turning it into ice in a matter of moments. In any case, Ice Magic enables the user to create and absorb the element of ice; capable of manifesting it in many forms beyond the norm. Primarily, Ice Magic is used to freeze others in place or to create a sheen of ice over an intended target. The user can also use Ice Magic to summon gusts of super-cold air, with which they can use to hurl frozen objects (usually ice daggers) at specified targets.

The user is also able to generate ice once even a single drop of water has been made contact with, or it has been touched by a single drop of water. It should be noted that in some cases, Ice Magic draws its power from the moon, and its effectiveness is drastically increased at night. The user is capable of harnessing Ice Magic to disable and immobilize enemies, freezing their bodies solid just by touching them, and threatening to shatter their fragile forms, and the ice can be formed into any object of their choosing: the only limitations are the user's own imagination, and the ambient air temperature which determines how long their ice sculpture will stay icy. The user does not have to hold the ice physically with their hands in order to shape it, as they can simply direct the waves of coldness they project in certain ways so as to create ice in the shape that they desire. Thanks to this element, the user gains a certain constantly-activated supplementary power; the power to give the user extreme resistance to cold, however, they are not resistant to absolute zero; which could be problematic when facing a more skilled Ice Magic user. Just like any other elemental magic, Ice Magic possesses a body transformation spell; as the user is capable of breaking themselves into their particular element to avoid damage from most physical attacks. Interestingly, the user is capable of making numerous hand gestures while harnessing the power of Ice Magic, to make it appear as if they can project ice directly from their fingertips. This is not necessary however, and is done mostly for theatrical effect.

  • Vaporization Freezing Technique (気化冷凍法, Kikareitōhō): This is a special spell which enables Iris to utilize a freezing touch able to freeze her body parts and transfer this to over objects. Essentially, it is the ability to transform organic matter, such as a human body, to organic ice and back again. With this, it is possible for Iris to project her consciousness through moisture molecules and reform her body at the destination. She is able to use the moisture in the air to freeze her body. Iris has a virtually unlimited supply of moisture since it is always present in the surrounding air or environment. Even desert air has sufficient moisture content for her to make temporary practical use of; however, the mental effort needed to employ Ice Magic under these circumstances could eventually fatigue her and render her freezing ability temporarily dysfunctional. Though she has only done this to herself, she does possess the potential to use it offensively; freezing the opponent's magical particles solid and thus cutting off their link to their magic for a few moments. This method is extremely effective against magical beings; especially homunculi—a fact which is drastically enhanced by Iris's own demon-slayer magical energy.
  • Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance (氷刃・七連舞, Hyōjin: Nanarenbu): A powerful combination which is not Ice-Make perse but Ice Magic harnessed through Ice-Make; when utilizing this spell, Iris forms two Ice Sabers, but they are attached to her arms. She then amasses stray magical energy in the vicinity upon the twin blades as well as her own magical power, which is further enhanced by her inherent magical power, causing a unique reaction with each other, forcing the magical energy to expand, extending into the form of two gigantic feathers of ice before solidifying, gaining overwhelming cutting power. In an instant, Iris unleashes a series of seven consecutive blows; slashing through her opponent several times from different angles at incomprehensible speeds, with each slash causing a blast of ice, before blasting through them. This is often used as a finishing move, causing heavy damage to the enemy. Iris has also been shown to be able to use the spell by freezing her own blood, thus creating resistance from Rory Walker's Arc of Time Magic.
  • Blizzard Claw Execution (ブリザードクロー・エクスキュージョン, Burizādo Kurō Ekusukyūjon): One of Iris's most powerful Ice Magic Spells; when utilizing it, she charges magical energy within one of her arms and refines it, utilizing Ice Magic on her arm in order to convert it into a large, jagged claw that is fearsome in appearance. This claw has immense cutting power; capable of cleaving through many materials. However, it's deadliest aspect is when Iris manages to cut the opponent with it, releasing hundreds of sharpened swords that flow forth from her claw, emitting a distinctive and intimidating howling sound upon generation. The attack's actual threat lies within its fragility, which results in the production of numerous razor-sharp shards that descend downwards when disturbed by the adversaries' magical energy, subsequently mincing the enemy to pieces. A single shard is capable of tearing through defenses and destroying weak foes with a singular strike; essentially becoming an overwhelming hail of absolute destruction, spreading out for miles, ensuring that nothing is left standing; a beautiful geometric curtain of death.
    • Ice-Make (氷の造形魔法 (アイスメイク) Kōri no Zōkei Mahō (Aisu Meiku)): A form of Molding Magic that allows Iris to create ice at her will and to shape it into objects. Ice-Make is known as an extremely versatile form of Magic, coming in useful both in battle, for offensive and defensive purposes, and outside of it. Ice-Make allows to produce virtually everything, granting the user an unmatched creation capability. Unlike Static Ice-Make and Dynamic Ice-Make, Iris uses a third form that is exclusive to her, known as Mechanical Ice-Make; this allows her to put her extremely deadly spells into action once she has wounded her foe. She is capable of materializing endless amounts of objects for a multitude of purposes. Outside of combat, Iris is capable of altering her surroundings using ice, such as covering the ground with ice. The ice also can be used as wound dressing, stanching bleeding and preventing the swell of an injury. According to Iris, she is capable of producing virtually anything that she wishes, giving her a capacity to create that is virtually unmatched. The ice cancels out heat when they clash, as seen with Vivian's Solar Dragon's Roar. Most of Iris' attacks require her to contact her opponent directly to use them, yet Iris found ways like creating ice spears to extend her combat range.
      • Ice Saber (アイスサーベル, Aisu Sāberu): Iris uses Ice-Make to create a sword made of ice for melee combat. The design of the sword is that of an extremely large broadsword which is highly sharp and durable, capable of slicing through magical barriers, and its slashes are capable of trailing large amounts of ice in its wake, which can damage the opponent. The moment that the sword makes contact with the foe via impaling them, the composition of the sword is altered to cause additional, smaller blades to protrude from the blade inside of the foe's body, drastically increasing the number of wounds dealt to the foe. Iris can also launch multiple Ice Sabers to make a lancing-type move; where she directs the sabers towards her target, aiming to impale them with incredible speed and force. However, mid-flight, the sabers veer off wildly in different directions, homing in on different targets in order to attempt to take out multiple opponents at once. When making contact with the opponent, the sabers freeze them solid. Iris can utilize an Ice Saber as transportation; the sword moves at high speeds to the point that Iris becomes a blur. At any moment, Iris can leap off of her transportation and strike her foe, either downwards or overhead with tremendous force.
      • Ice-Make: Gustaf (アイスメイク・ガスタフ, "Aisu Meiku Gasutafu"): After causing a wound on the foe that can vary in size and intensity, Iris draws a sample of that blood and integrates it within her next attack, as she summons a volley of missiles composed entirely of ice. Each missile contains the properties of targeting and propulsion, always condensing the magical particles that compose it, before spreading them out to the tip, coating the outer surface of the missile, enhancing its penetrative qualities. The missiles come in three types depending on the number of blocks, which open up several offensive options, mostly in attacking the opponent from all angles and even reflecting off of each other in order to disorient the opponent's focus. These missles will fire a beam of energy when initially deployed, but Iris can fire her own beams into these units to maximize their potency. They are noted to be strikingly similar to her friend, Vivian Starrkewolfe's own Solar Dragon's Drones; albeit they do not possess the same level of functionality that the latter has. Upon contact with the foe, each of the missiles release all of the ice and magical particles that compose it—the foe's own magical pressure serves to contain and amplify the destructive power of each missile; before warping the surface and exploding, dealing tremendous damage.
      • Ice-Make Unlimited: Blasting Freezer (氷の造形魔法無制限・ブラスティングフリーザ, Kōri no Zōkei Mahō Museigen: Burasutingu Furīzā): The basic spell of Ice Magic; when performing this spell, Iris points one or both of her arms at the opponent; gathering and condensing magical energy which is instantly converted into the element of ice. From there, she points a single finger at the opponent, launching multiple light blue beams from the point in her arms at the opponent; they move at blistering speeds and inflict massive damage. Iris will usually be immobilized for a short time after performing this move, leaving her vulnerable to counterattack. Blasting Freezer is able to cancel any type of other ice attack while continuing to hit the opponent. However, Blasting Freezer is able to produce gusts of cold degrees below absolute zero, as well as coat objects in a block of ice, create similar-looking constructs or encase opponents in a frosty 'cocoon'. As the ice beam travels towards her opponent, it freezes anything that it touches, finally impacting with enough effect in order to freeze the opponent solid for a few moments. When opposing an attack of similar power, it will not only double or multiply, but increase infinitely; meaning that eventually, Blasting Freezer will overpower the opposing spell and blast the foe to smithereens through sheer power. The sheer magical output released by Blasting Freezer is capable of withering the skin, muscle and tissue of any being of pure evil to a quivering mess.

Beast Mode

Beast Mode (ビースト・モード, Bīsuto Mōdo): Beast Mode is a special ability that gives Iris access to more of her immeasurable innate power; it is part of her; the ability is bonded to her soul, specifically designed to be able to destroy an homunculus. This ability is demonstrated whenever Iris is under significant stress; or if she is experiencing significant resolve. It is said to be a semi-primordial demon-esque being that acts according to the will of Iris' subconscious; serving as a protector or a destroyer depending on her desires. The Beast is a being born of negative and dark memories and the sins within a naturally reoccurring stagnated and tainted form of source magic, its purpose being an executioner and harbinger of death who comes during a period of great catastrophe and mass planetary-scale destruction, allowing the rest of the magic source to be gathered to a new planet to continue the cycle of life. In this form, Iris behaves in a very animalistic manner; attacking with the force of a berserker; showing no restraints in brutalizing her foes as her strength, speed, and durability dramatically increase. She is also able to shrug off even the strongest onslaughts, being an extremely powerful juggernaut and harbinger of destruction that none can even hope to quell. Activating Beast Mode seems to be very taxing upon her, exhausting her after five minutes of battle.

It is a physical transformation wherein Iris abandons the human half of her genetic makeup. Her body proportions are generally elongated, and she shows her large maw and uniformly shaped teeth. By the end of the transformation, many of her clothes are missing or otherwise altered. When Iris discovers her new reason to live once more when she saves Vivian from Kagemusha's control, the Beast Mode would resonate with her newly, awakened feelings and become strengthened. As well, this full-powered form of Beast Mode, known as the Beast Mode (Apotheosized) (ビースト・モード (神化) Bīsuto Mōdo (Shinka)), no longer requires life energy for strength, bringing an advantage to Iris in her fight with her enemies. The reason that Beast Mode exists is because the first squirrel demon was created to kill the homunculi with the Vritra Fragments imbued within it—reverse engineered from the Vritra Mode of the Solar Dragon Homunculi. However, due to not being part-dragon themselves, the squirrel demons are capable of controlling the Beast Mode at the cost of it being somewhat weakened; and the strength of the form is boosted sevenfold when the squirrel demon focuses on an objective that they wish to complete; in Iris's case, her desire to save Vivian drives the Beast Mode.

  • Shockwave Pulsar (ショックウェーブパルサー, Shokkuwēbu Parusā): Shockwave Pulsar is Iris's signature attack in Beast Mode; to form the attack, she gathers both magical energy, and natural energy, shape it into a black sphere, and then compress it inside her mouth; the sphere is incredibly dense, as when Iris creates one, the ground around her sinks beneath her weight after she swallows it. With a mighty roar, Iris unleashes the sphere from her mouth, now shaped like a cone. The energies that compose Shockwave Pulsar react uniquely; causing a powerful chain reaction akin to nuclear fission; as the magical energies rumble violently as the cone shoots towards the opponent—upon impact, the cone collapses in on itself then expands outwards rapidly towards the enemy; a flare is a contained release of energy, which fully exposes the enemy to the source rather than blow them away from it after a while. A fully charged Shockwave Pulsar can fill an entire valley with the explosion as well as plough through a multiple layered barrier, while creating an explosion that is far larger than a tower and the mountains around it, as well as equal that of Crux's Corpse Shell-enhanced Arrow of Light spell. The power of this technique creates a one hundred and fifty meter diameter of extremely high heated energy, and also an electromagnetic field effect- akin to a nuclear explosion. This attack creates an enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud; similar a nuclear bomb; this effect spreads out to a fan-shaped area.
  • Flight: In this form, Iris is capable of sprouting a pair of wings from her back at whim, which allow her to fly. Such wings are reminiscent of a bat's, and come with small spike-like protrusions on their upper edges. The wings allow Iris to travel across rough terrain, moving through areas where flying is the only method of passing through, or even just getting to higher places. When in flight, Iris can move at incredible speeds, reaching that of 768 Mph, and can even go fast enough to keep up with Vivian's running speed in Vritra Mode. When not using her wings to move through the air, Iris can also use her wings to give herself a speed boost when moving along the ground, by using them to propel herself forward at breakneck speeds. When using her wings to travel this way, Iris stands on her tip-toes and beats her wings to propel herself forward at high speeds. When facing enemies in combat, Iris can also use her wings for defensive and offensive purposes, by using them to attack her foes by twirling around, or swinging them like a whip.
  • Devastating Speed: When the beast is unleashed, Iris's speed is enhanced astronomically, able to move great distances in an instant as if to displace herself, moving so fast that Wizard Saint level opponents are unable to register her movements. She seems to flicker from place to place using a flash of light when engaging in acts of speed; capable of dematerializing herself from one place and re-materializing herself at a distance by literally breaking down into crimson particle shards and reassembles herself, making a strange phaser-like sound when in motion. Because of this, Iris' agility is massively bolstered; as she is capable of completely evading an attack from Crux in his Corpse Shell form; additionally, she has shown to move fast enough to sucker-punch a dragon in the span of a second, moving from ten kilometers away to strike the dragon directly. Even if someone could detect her trajectory, it is near impossible to catch her. Iris's speed appears to create up to eight doubles of herself while in motion. These doubles are not illusory; she is moving at a speed between different positions that is faster than the speed of sound. As such, were all the doubles to attack at once, it would mean that Iris is attacking from all those positions simultaneously, giving her incredible destructive power. Similarly, because of this same speed, attacking the doubles would be futile as Iris would have moved long before the attack even reaches her.
  • Strength & Durability Augmentation: When the beast is awakened, Iris is strong enough to cause a shockwave after being knocked down. Her skin and hands are also strong enough to catch and hold onto Crux's Elysdeon while the latter is in Corpse Shell without any damage. Her strength has also vastly increased, to the point that she can withstand Crux's Arrow of Light spell without suffering any severe damage. With little effort, Iris is able to cut off the right arm of Crux from his body; however, it did immediately regenerate. Another testament to Iris's monstrous brute strength in this form is that she is able to split the hydrogen in the air by punching, strike out with her fists or throw object through air with such force that she can make them ignite fire and punch the ground with enough strength to cause fissures, tremors and even kick up small volcanic eruptions over a wide area.
  • Chaos Defenser (カオス・フェンサー, Kaosu Fensā): Chaos Defenser is a technique that creates a "jail-like" shield imbued with loathsome emotions. It is formed by Iris using her fists as a conduit for her negative emotions, before punching the ground; this causes several helixes of dark emotions to spike up from the ground, erupting loudly with a notable sound—they then solidify into the jail-shape commonly seen in the technique's application. It is normally an invisible barrier but becomes visible to the naked eye when colliding with other things. It is mainly used as an almost impenetrable shield; only the most powerful weapons are capable of breaching it, and even then, damage to Iris is generally minimal. Rather than traditional force-fields, Chaos Defenser behaves more like membranes and twist and tear as such when it is penetrated. The shield is difficult to break and serves as a protection from outside forces, stronger with the emotion or memory that was used to create it. Unlike Crux's Armure Lumiere and Jason's Negativity Shield, Iris in her Beast Mode is sophisticated enough to use Chaos Defenser to enhance her movements by making jumps with it; and she can utilize it as a weapon, taking the form of a ring of geometric shapes which blast the foe severely.
  • Tyrant Crash (タイラントクラッシュ, Tairanto Kurasshu): Iris's most powerful spell when in Beast Mode; when performing Tyrant Crash, she gathers magical energy within her hands; she places her hands above her head and spreads her wings out—channeling magical power into the tips of her wings and claws, refining it to the point that it merely appears as unstable, glowing energy. Suddenly, her entire body glows orange and an orange ball of light appears inside of her chest. The glow fades and a ball of orange energy appears in front of her mouth; being attracted by the unstable magical power to levitate above her body. There, Iris finds the rift between the magical power of her opponent and her own; once she has, her wings beat heavily, launching the orb at the ground, which causes it to explode, erupting into a gigantic pillar of demonic energy from where the orb lands, causing large-scale area destruction. The blast produces an electro-magnetic pulse, but it lacks the radioactive fallout generated by a nuclear bomb, allowing Tyrant Crash to be used more readily than Shockwave Pulsar; and even so, it has four times the power of the latter. Iris will usually be immobilized for a short time after performing this move, leaving her vulnerable to counterattack. The magical energy utilized to activate this spell even once is thoroughly draining on Iris's magical energy to the point that even if used once, it will leave her nearly exhausted of all her magical energy.

Other Magic

Organic Link Magic (生連魔法, Seirenmahō) is a Caster Magic which revolves around creating all sorts of link between people and magic in various ways. The first way shown is an attack reversal of sorts, meaning if a person were to damage or destroy a specific target then the person who did the damaging would be damaged as well. The second way this Magic is used is linking Iris' own Magic Power to somebody in order to supply them with Magic Power. The last known usage of this Magic is for it to serve as a bind or a seal linking a group of magicians in order to seal away someone or something. Organic Link Magic also the ability to make two or more people's senses as one. If one of the people linked with the Magic feels pain then the others will as well. Although the Magic doesn't actually share the physical wounds, it is still able to "share" death. Extreme amounts of emotion can also be shared such as crying.

  • Sensory Link (感覚連結, Kankaku Rinku): This spell allows Iris to link two different people's senses by using strong feelings of some sort between the two people that are being linked. The linked people are distinguished by a seal that looks like a heart on one of their wrists. The two people being connected to the Caster do not have to be near each other in order for this spell to work.

Unison Raid (合体魔法(ユニゾン・レイド)Yunizon Reido lit. Fusion Magic) is an uncategorized spell that very few magicians are capable of performing due to the need to fully synchronize their magic and personal feelings. Unison Raid is considered a very rare spell, not it is hard to utilize but because it is hard to cause the initial reaction that unites two different Magics that are similar in nature to unite. According to a former Wizard Saint. many priest have wasted their entire lives trying to achieve Unison Raid without success, thus giving the illusion that it is an incredibly difficult spell to master. However that has been proven false on multiple occasion as seen by multiple Dragon Slayers as well as a Celestial Spirit Magician and a Water Magician have all succeeded in using this unique spell on multiple occasions, each time being their first attempt. Recently, a group of scientists have discovered the why it is seemly impossible to preform a Unison Raid. When most people are attempting to pull of a Unison Raid, they aren't synchronizing their magic and their feelings, which often lead to a failed result which is usually half of the strength of the spell. To successful pull of a Unison Raid, the users, while possessing Magics that are compatible with one another, must also have the same goal in mind, resonating their magic through a special Magic link. When both the users are perfectly synched, their minds will also become synchronized as they are able to instinctively perform the best spells that are capable of resulting in a devastating power, having the potential to be known as army killers. It is possible possible to resonate with more than one magician at a time, but it is noted to be a hard technique to control and use effectively. However when successfully pulled off, the magician can destroy even the strongest of defenses, doing the impossible and drilling to a new future. As mentioned before, it is key to having similar or the exact same goal when preforming a Unison Raid. Other than with Wendy, during her battle with Crux Kouga, alongside Vivian and Momoko, has Iris been shown to be able to utilize this magic, to devastating effect.

  • Ice Night of Purgatory: Hurricane Blades (煉獄氷夜:台風刃, Rengoku Hyōya: Taifūha): A special Unison Raid spell between Iris Lavra and Wendy Marvell, forged by combining Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Ice-Make. Wendy breathes out a Sky Dragon's Roar as Iris uses Ice-Make: Sword repeatedly, merging the two into hundreds of millions of icy blades propelled by a hurricane, which descend upon the foe tremendous speed and force, decimating the ground if there is any and drawing a beautiful geometric curtain of death. Of course, with the innumerable blasts being launched out of Wendy and Iris' hands, there is a slight chance that some blades will miss, but they are able to turn mid-flight, redirecting themselves at the foe before converging, causing an enormous explosion.
  • Angelic Dawning Combination: Combined Demon Dragon Ultimate Drill Breaker (天使夜明け合体・合魔竜究操砕, Tenshi Yoake Gattai: Gōmaryū Kyūsō Kudaki): A combination of Water Dragon Slayer Magic, Ice-Make, and Solar Dragon Slayer Magic; when using this supremely powerful spell, Iris locks the opponent's movements by freezing the ground and then using her Ice Spears on the foe's legs in order to hold them in place. Meanwhile, Momoko uses her Water Dragon's Roar on Vivian, which works as a powerful propelling force in order to boost her forward at incomprehensible speeds. Vivian coats her hand in solar flares, which increases its sharpness greatly through high frequency vibrations, as well as increasing its cutting range. This takes the form of a drill which is as big as her body. There, she is launched forward like a powerful bullet, pointing the drill in front of her, tearing through whatever may be in her path with tremendous force. This attack, as well as it's set-up sequence, is a reference to the Giga Drill Breaker attack from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.