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Iron Blood Magic



Aian Buraddo Maho


Caster Magic


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Iron Blood Magic(アイアン·ブラッドマジック,Aion Buraddo Maho) is a Caster Magic that allows the user to create weapons out of blood.


Iron Blood Magic is a caster magic that consists of creating weapons out of the user’s magic and blood which have defenses and offensive roles. It is similar to Blood-Make but not the same since The user can also repair weapons, If the weapons he/she makes have no blood left they will vanish because it cannot work without blood. Since using so much blood the user’s of this magic are generally physically weak and pale. The only way to learn this magic is to be taught by someone that knows it, or to learn it from books. Still the training to achieve it is very difficult, also the user needs to have high resistance since the magic uses blood, most of the mages who try to learn it ,end up fainted because of major blood loss this is why the user needs to be resistant.  If the user has an elemental magic he can combine it to make weapons that may use that element. However there is only one user by elemental magic.

Magic User
Fire Magic Reserved for KiddBoy
Water Magic Unknown
Wind Magic Unknown
Light Magic Unknown
Darkness Magic Unknown
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