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Iron Maiden

Lost Magic
Holder Magic



Iron Maiden is a forbidden Holder type Lost Magic.


Iron Maiden is a magic armor that consists of a corset like piece over the abdomen that has white bandages attached to it that wrap around the wearer's arms from the shoulder down and six "rib-like" protusions coming out from its lower half around the wearer's waist. The forearms gain large claw like gauntlets, in addition to two large white angelic wings sprouting from the back.

The armor forcibly enhances its wearer's powers to beyond their natural potential to the extent a simple punch can send its victim flying. The body cannot handle this however and simply wearing the armor doing nothing for longer than 10 minutes risks death, actually fighting with it reduces this time limit to barely over 3 minutes. The strain of wearing the armor also causes the wearer's body to become damaged as a fight wears on. It is this draw back of the armor that earned it its name.


  • Iron Maiden Offensive Form: Used to increase the alread

    Offensive Form

    y immense power of Iron Maiden. The gauntlets dissolve into energy and transform into more bandages like the ones already wrapped around the wearer's arms that can be telekinetically controlled.
  • Seraphic Feather: The wearer uses the bandages created by Iron Maiden Offensive Form to impale the enemy, transmitting an overwhelming surge of magical energy that is gaurenteed to kill the target.


  • Iron Maiden is named after the medieval torture device of the same name. The Iron Maiden was a standing casket like device with the figure of a woman imprinted on the front that opened up to reveal the inside was lined with spikes sometimes a foot long. A victim was placed inside to be killed.
  • Iron Maiden and its spells is based off the spells of the same name from the manga Rosario+Vampire used by Rubi.
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