"Really? Again? Come on! It is NOT that hard to tell us apart!!"
— Isaiah Backburn

Isaiah Backburn
Name Isaiah Backburn
Kanji イザヤ戻るバーン
Rōmaji Izaya Modoru-moyasu
Alias Backburn Combination (バック燃やす組み合わせ Modoru-moyasu Kumiawase)
Race human
Age 18

Male male

Height 165 cm
Weight 68 kg
Eye Color gray
Hair Color brown
Blood Type B
Guild Mark Location right hand
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail guild symbolFairy Tail
Previous Affiliation Serpentine Guild SymbolSerpentine
Gryphon Tail Guild symbolGryphon Tail
Occupation Mage
Team Team Bella
Previous Team Allied Forces
Team Fairy Tail C
Partner Jedediah Backburn
Base of Operations Fairy Tail
Personal Status
Status alive
Marital Status single
Relatives Jedediah Backburn (brother; deceased)
Alignment chaotic good
Counterpart Isaiah Acidwire
Magic Acid Magic
Weapons the weapons he mold his acid into

Isaiah Backburn is a Mage of Fairy Tail wherein he is a member of Team Bella and a part time member of Team Natsu.


Identical to his brother Jedediah, Isaiah has dark chocolate brown hair and gray eyes. He wears glasses like his brother. His guild mark is located on the back of his right hand.

Isaiah does not consistently wearing the same type of clothing, but he is always wearing a denim jacket. He wears the collar turned upward, something that enables others to tell him apart from Jed.

His battle gear doesnt differ much from his casual attire. He wears a silver jumpsuit, black boots, and a black leather jacket with the collar turned upward.


Isaiah is the louder twin who doesnt think things through before he does them. He can make careless decisions, like Han Gauss. He does not like people confusing him with Jed, as there are three things that can be used to tell them apart.

Magic and Abilities

Acid Magic: Isaiah is an Acid Mage. Isaiah normally uses alot of his magic energy. He can handle acid without burning his skin off and can mold acid into shapes; he normally molds it into large blasts to hurl at the enemy.

  • Backburn: the twins use a combination which they named after their surname. Isaiah represents the "Burn" part of the combination. He uses his magic energy to attack the enemy while Jedediah attacks from behind.


Isaiah and Jedediah were born into the guild Acidwire, but they left for Fairy Tail at a young age. They challenged Erza Scarlet and were beaten and each gained a scar.


  • Isaiah and Jedediah are the first pair of twin OCs that the creator worked with
  • Sandra Skyheart thought she was seeing doubles for the first few weeks she knew the twins.
  • Isaiah and Jedediah are based off real twins that the creator knew. However these Acid Mage twins are easier to tell apart than the ones the creator knew.
  • If Isaiah had a voice actor, it would have been Michael Sinterniklaas
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