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Ishida Asshu
Ishida 2
Name Ishida Asshu
Race Human
Birthday 8/23
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5"8
Weight 132 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Yellow
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Occupation Mage, Adventurer
Team Unkown
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Magic Holder Magic

Ishida Asshu is a boy who was abandoned as a child with no one to care for him. Frightened by the dangers of the streets, he studied magic from a local Mage who tought him a wide variety of different magic. Ishida is most skilled in the use if holder type magics.


Ishida 3

Ishida's Full Appearance

His hair is a dark yellow and has brown eyes. Ishida wears a red buttoned up dress shirt with a yellow jacket that's brown at the top and has fluff at the top. He wears white jeans and brown boots with red laces. Lastly, he wears Two necklaces around his neck and carries a small bag on his back. His facial expression is usually dull and barely changes due to his tough life on the streets.


Ishida is a rather laid back, carefree wizard who only fights when the situation calls for it. He can also be very rude and a bit of a flirt towards women that he has taken an interest in. Besides this, is also very valiant and can't ignore a girls tears as they anger him or as he says "they're not cool."


Magic and Abilities



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