Ivory Mingo the adopted daughter of Jimena Mingo called the Second Braille Mage and sometimes called the Whistling Witch. She is a former member of the Dark Guild Tainted Kiss also nicknamed Zeref's Bitches (Name was made by Mrs. Sting Eucliffe). But, she has reformed since the days of when she was a brainwashed servant of the Dark Guilds. She hides her features with mask and trench coat.


A short woman that wears a oni mask with black marks on it and braille on the cheeks. There is a kanji between her brows, that means Writing. Her hair is short and spiky green. She hides her body in a trench coat while carrying a telescopic cane. Her hands are covered in green gloves and her neck while lower head is covered by green spandex matching her trench coat. Her ears are even covered preventing her from being seen by others.


A rather mysterious mage that often uses some kind of magic to make herself inaudible. She can seem to walk past many people without their noticing her. Those who have caught a glimpse of her are often allowed to catch a glimpse of her. When not sneaking around she will be in her room under the stair case that leads up to the second floor.

The only person she seems to be openly fond to is Camm. When he is around she will sometimes stand in front of him and halt her inaudible magic allowing everyone to look at her. She does not like this and is a person of very few words, but feels that Camm deserves her few words.

Magic and Abilities

Sound Magic: Capable of making a magic that makes her inaudible and can also use the spell to whistle out sound made missiles.

Letter Magic: She has learned the same Braille style magic her mother taught her.

Solid Script: She has learned the same Braille style Solid Script magic her mother taught her.


  • The Dark Guild that is called Tainted Kiss was an all female Dark Guild wishing to resurrect Zeref. The inspiration of the guild was made as a joke by Mrs. Sting Eucliffe when she said, 'Zeref's Bitches'. And then we joked around about a an all female fan girl dark guild that was trying to resurrect Zeref. So, that's where the whole thing came from. The very same guild was the guild that was controlling a rain forest village that posted for a 10 years Job. Which Luke Mori and Jimena Mingo undertook. Not much is known about the mission except that Ivory was 15 years old when the mission was over. Where she was adopted by Jemina and has recently buried her adopted mother who loved her more than the Dark Guild that manipulated her. The credit for the Dark Guild's name goes to Mrs. Sting Eucliffe.
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