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Iwan Dreyar



Iwan Doreā




Male Male

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Raven Tail symbol Raven Tail

Previous Affiliation

Fairy Tail symbolFairy Tail

Guild Mark Location

Left Shoulder


Guild Master of Raven Tail

Previous Occupation

Mage of Fairy Tail



Base of Operations

Raven Tail Guild Building

Personal Status



Makarov Dreyar (Father)
Laxus Dreyar (Son)


Shikigami Magic
Wind Magic

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Iwan Dreyar (イワン・ドレアー Iwan Doreā) is the father of Laxus Dreyar, the son of Makarov Dreyar, a former Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, and master/founder of the Raven Tail Guild.


Although Iwan is the Son and Makarov and the Father of Laxus, Iwan holds no resemblance to either of them. Iwan is rather tall and has a more muscular body, also he has black hair and tanned skin. Iwan sports a unique looking beard. He wears a ornate cloak along with a dress shirt and an ascot tied in a full Windsor knot. His guild mark is located in the same place as Erza Scarlet's, his upper left arm. It is black in coloration.


Iwan shows many signs of insanity during his appearances. He seems obsessed with Fairy Tail enough to name his own guild a similar name. He also seems to enjoy killing things as he turns ravens into shikigami and then biting their heads off. Iwan also calls everyone with a -chan, as he calls Gajeel "Gajeel-chan" and Laxus "Laxus-chan", or even speaking about "money-chan". Iwan also cares little for the well being of his family, be it his father or son. Even referred to Laxus as money; that he wanted the dragon lacrima, that was inserted into Laxus, back. He has also displayed sociopathic tendencies as he viciously butchers his opponents by turning them into paper and shredding them, he usually laughs demonically after this.


Escaping the Raven Arc

Magic and Abilities

Shikigami Magic (式神魔法, Shikigami Mahō): This is Iwan's main form of magic and allows him to turn objects into paper dolls. He has been shown to turn his opponents into paper dolls as well as his allys, he also used this on a flock of ravens. They have also been proven to be able to be used for communication purposes overe a long distance and has his mages carry one at all times as a radio.

Wind Magic (風魔法 Kaze Mahō): He can also utilize wind magic to create slicing blades of wind mainly after turning his foes into shikigami he would slice them into tiny pieces with wind. He can also create small tornadoes to fly on with ease.


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  • His original magic is Shikigami Magic I gave him the rest.
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