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"Allow Me To Cut Through Those Words!"

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Izar Tasya



Izar Tashia


The Wanderer (放浪者, Hōrō-sha)




Human (Immortal)


August 28, x325


Kingdom of Pergrande


Male Male


Biologically 25
Physically 400+

Blood Type



Private institution
Several practiced tutors
Self taught





Guild Mark Color


Guild Mark Location

Left Pectoral

Professional Status

Koma Inu Guild Mark Koma Inu
Magic Council Symbol Magic Council


Legal Mage
Council Chairman

Previous Occupation



Itari Renato
Akumu Renato

Base of Operations


Personal Status


Marital Status



Theia Tasya


Koma Inu
Magic Council


Theia Tasya (Wife)
Alysa Tasya (Daughter)
Amir Tasya (Son)

Powers & Equipment

Cosmic Magic (Cosmic-Make)
Elemental Magic (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind)
Abyss Break
Requip(The Wanderer)


Arata's Curse

Signature Skill

Culinary Arts

"I have done so many terrible things, I often find myself wondering if I should have done things differently, but then I realize that none of that matters anymore. The only thing that matters now is what I do from here on out"
— Izar to Thomas

Izar Tasya (イザール多志矢, Izar Tashia) is a young mage born and raised in Pergrande, son of the king, Izar was raised amongst the rule family alongside his younger brother. Izar, being the first born, began learning the ways of politics and war at a young age alongside his scholarly studies. It was at the age of eight that Izar's father forced him to abandon all of these scholarly studies and focus on the arts of war. This was not taken well by Izar's mother which led to unrest within the Tasya household, eventually leading to the demise of Izar's mother via order of execution by his father. It was after this that Izar was forced to raise his brother alone as their father was far too focused on expanding their already vast empire to care for them in any way.

At the age of fifteen Izar was forced to marry a woman from another kingdom under order of his father as part of a treaty with said other country. Izar despised this woman, doing all he could to avoid her. This tactic worked for the longest until both Izar's father and the ruler of the other country demanded a child who would grow up as heir to both countries. Izar went against his father's orders for the first time in his life, secretly allowing another man to impregnate his "wife". A boy was born from this arrangement, a boy whom Izar came to love dearly despite his deep hatred of his wife. Izar raised this child with love and care until the age of seventeen years old. At which point Izar placed the child in the care of his brother whom at this point in time was a general in Izar's great army. It was less than a year later that Izar lost both his son and brother in an invasion from a rival country. The death of these two individuals left Izar bitter and angry with the world, he struck back against this country, completely overthrowing them. Despite the sweet revenge Izar was left to spend the rest of his life in bitter sadness. It was in the moments before Izar's death that the Angel Arata placed his curse upon Izar in hopes that he would use the second chance he has been given to find happiness in life.


Casual | Formal

Izar Tasya Full Body

Izar is a handsome man with a mesomorphic body type. He stands at approximately five foot and nine inches tall with a lean muscular body. Izar has straight, near shoulder length lavender colored hair with long bangs that usual hang into his face, this is the way Izar chooses to wear it though he has been told that slicking it back helps show off his facial features and makes him look nicer. Izar's face consists of mostly soft features with a sharp chin, violet eyes give off an inviting aura, even more so when coupled with his pinchable cheeks and a soft smile that can normally be seen adorning his features. Izar's skin is light in pigment with a slight, natural tan that comes from living in a desert environment. His skin is smooth and silky, rarely ever oily in any way as he tends to bathe often. Izar's torso is not necessarily extremely muscular, his abdominal muscles are not clearly defined when not flexing though he is by no means out of shape. The muscles in his legs are the most well defined throughout his body, this is most likely due to his constant traveling by foot as he does prefers to do so rather than riding a train. The muscles in Izar's arms are nearly as well defined as those in his legs, only being slightly less so.

Izar can be seen wearing a multiple of outfits from more casual clothes to formal depending on his mood of what it is he intends to do that day. In terms of casual clothes, Izar has a variety of tee shirts and jeans normally worn with a hoodie or heavier jacket during the fall and winter months. Among his casual outfits, he does have a favorite, a purple colored tee shirt and a black hoodie with a pair of with a pair of faded black jeans and purple/white sneakers. However, when traveling Izar normally dawns a different style of clothing, a tee-shirt of any color will do alongside a pair of cargo pants and combat boots to ensure he is able to tackle whatever it is that comes his way another consistent in his travel wear is a sandy colored cloak gifted to him by a friend a very long time ago. When it comes down to Izar's formal clothes, normally worn during special events or simply when he's feeling up to it, Izar will wear a light blue button up are deep violet colored sweater several shades darker than his own hair and eyes. He will also wear a pair of khaki dress pants and black loafers normally with black socks.


"Go where the wind takes you, that's my philosophy anyways"
— Izar
Izar two

Izar is a charming and often playful individual.

Izar has always been known for his charm and charismatic tendencies, easily winning people over with a few words. His ability to weave his sentences in a way that wins the hearts of others is a skill he is unaware of but uses constantly without even knowing it. While many would use this charisma to get others to do whatever it is he pleased from them, Izar uses his to instill self-confidence in others, giving people advice and helping them in whatever way he can. He is known as the type of person others want to follow, his free-spirited and chilled nature making him out to be a very down to earth individual that truly cares about everyone he meets. With is unconscious charm comes his habit of being a bit overly friendly, sometimes seeming flirtatious when in reality he is only trying to be kind. This lead to a few misunderstandings and earned him a reputation as a flirt for some time before the gossip died down and he was once again able to act as he normally would, though, a bit more cautious about how he interacted with others.

Izar Personality

Another of Izar's most prominent traits is that of his sense of humor, he possesses a great sense of humor as he enjoys telling jokes and performing magic tricks for others to laugh at or be entertained by. Izar loves making people happy, seeing their smiling faces and knowing that he caused it warms his heart greatly. His kindness does not go unnoticed by others, it being another of his most well-known traits and in a way adds to the charm of the man who loves nothing more than to bring joy to all those around him. In particular, Izar enjoys bring a smile to the face of his beloved, having once told her that he finds her smile to be the most radiate of any he has ever seen and her giggles send his heart fluttering. In some ways, Izar can be described as a hopeless romantic, while he doesn't view the world through a pair of rose-colored glasses he does tend to think deeply about romance and love whenever the ideas cross his mind despite having spent nearly three hundred years without so much as going on a date with another woman before meeting his girlfriend a few years ago. He is the type to give unexpected gifts or leave little love letters around. He believes that the romance in a relationship should only get stronger as it develops rather than fading away like it does in many other relationships he has witnessed and for that reason he does everything within his power to keep the fire burning bright to make sure the spark never disappears.

Izar thinking

Izar often contemplates his past despite knowing how unhealthy it is.

Despite the fact that Izar always appears so charming and happy, there are a select few who understand that deep down Izar is riddled with insecurities about himself and his life. He lives with so many regrets, things he wishes he could go back in time to change but knows he cannot. Every evil or bad thing he has ever done haunts him and his curse is a constant reminder of his transgressions against his own beliefs and ideas. He remains terrified of who he once was and wonders if the person he is now is truly him or if he is simply putting on a mask and pretending to have changed. These thoughts often keep him up at night and were the reason he found comfort in the isolation the Pergrandian deserts once gave him. One shining light in his life however has been able to silence the voices in his head, being around his beloved gives him faith that all of his efforts have not been in vain. She brings him the absolute bliss of knowing that there is something greater for him in the present, something his painful past can never take from him.


Izar was born the first son of a powerful king who governed a large and vast empire, destined by birth to one day lead that kingdom, Izar was trained as a both a warrior and a scholar, from sword skill to battle tactics, Izar was taught all of these things. Izar followed his father's commands without question. As their empire grew so did his father's bloodlust, he forced Izar to abandon all of his scholarly studies, forcing him to focus on more battle themed studies. Izar's mother had not been happy with this, nor his father's recent fall into a power hungry and bloodthirsty man. Izar was forced to face reality upon his mother's "disappearance" when he was eleven, four years after the birth of his younger brother. All evidence of their mother's existence was destroyed and none in the kingdom were ever allowed to speak of her again under threat of execution.

Izar was forced to raise his younger brother on his own. Their father being much too busy leading his crusades. At the age of fifteen, Izar was forced to marry the princess of a rival kingdom as part of a treaty the two kingdoms chose to sign after several long years of battle. Izar and his 'wife' were forced to have children, Izar refused in secret, hiring another man whom he knew his wife had come to fancy to do the deed. Luckily, the child looked like his mother and he was able to pass him off as his own. Despite the fact that the child was not his own blood, Izar grew to love him as if he was his own. Several years later, 'his' child being seventeen years old. Izar felt it was time to teach him the ways of war. Izar's father's warmongering days were over, having given power over the kingdom to Izar years earlier, however, their country still had plenty of enemies and Izar felt it best to have his son understand how to take charge during wartime. Izar sent him to their southern border, their most peaceful, where he had also stationed his younger brother as commander. Izar had planned to have his son spend ten years under his brothers' wing, however, two years after Izar had sent his son to the border. Their southern neighbors attacked, having allied with those in the east. Their southern army was slaughtered during the initial attack, killing Izar's son and younger brother. Izar, broken by the loss of both his brother and his son, waged a twenty-year war against both his eastern and southern neighbors. Even after he had conquered both lands, Izar was not satisfied. He then went on to wage several other bloody wars all in the name of power and bloodlust.

He had become ruthless, arrogant and power hungry, he killed any and all who dared stand in his way, waging bloody war after bloody war, expanding his already vast empire. As he grew in age too did his lust for power. In his advanced age his attention turned toward the idea of everlasting life, several horrific experiments were conducted on his own populous as he searched for the key to immortality. These experiments were all met with failure. In his final days, growing desperate, he enlisted the help of the town mystic. Knowing of the horrific experiments that Izar had conducted, the mystic cursed Izar with exactly what he wanted. Waving a hand over Izar's face the mystic said "May he who never lived, never die." The mystic said before Izar breathed his final breath. Izar then awoke in the grassy fields of a strange foreign land, looking into the water of a nearby pond, Izar saw that he had returned to his younger years. The excitement of this moment was short lived as Izar quickly realized he was completely alone. The place in which he stood in no way resembled his vast kingdom. Izar spent the next several years trying to find his way back home, with no luck, Izar was doomed to wander this strange land for all of eternity, unable to die.

Throughout his travels Izar has had the pleasure of encountering several strange and Unique individuals, each having their own impact on Izar. Shaping him into the person he is today. The first of these individuals Izar encountered was an old woman that owned a worn down bar on the edge of a small village, who insisted that he call her "Momma Moonshine" like most of her patrons did. She never told him her real name. The two met one evening as she discovered Izar rummaging through the dumpster out behind the bar. Rather than threatening to get him arrested of trying to chase him off like many others would, she offered him a job as a bartender. Izar, not really having much other choice, took her offer and spent ten years working under her before she passed. Izar had thought of her as a mother figure, her having been one of very few who had treated him with kindness and respect despite his situation. She taught him everything he knows when it comes to alcohol and bartending.

The second of the life changing individuals Izar had encountered was a very rich man named Thomas Wimbly, whom Izar was being paid to protect. Izar spent twenty years as Thomas' bodyguard. During that time Thomas and Izar had become good friends. Thomas, being a very wise man, liked to give Izar advice on occasion. He spoke wise words on several topics which ranged from the meaning of life to the importance of friends and even sometimes romance. Izar learned a great many things from Thomas. It was from Thomas that Izar inherited his free-spirited attitude and his willingness to accept the hands that life dealt him. Izar eventually decided that he should continue his travel, the lessons that Thomas had taught him had served to light a new fire in a weary Izar. Whenever Izar mentions Thomas he always refers to him as a wise old friend. When Thomas dies, because he had no wife or children to inherit his vast wealth, gave it all to Izar, making Izar an incredibly rich man. Despite this, Izar continued with his travels, only using the money to buy basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Due to the lengthy amount of time it has set in the bank, the money has inflated to the point that Izar now has a net worth of several hundred billion jewels, however, this affects him little though he tends to hide how wealthy he is from others.

The third of these individuals was a beautiful woman named Marie Fraser. A master chef who owned one of the most famous restaurants in all of Fiore, she was a very eccentric woman who refused to eat anything but the best food, even when traveling, she'd stop hours before sundown and begin preparing dinner. When asked about why she did this she responded by saying "Fine women deserve only the finest food.". He had met Marie during his travels, stumbling upon her campsite by accident as she led a one-woman expedition in search of some of the rarest ingredients in Earthland. Having nothing better to do, Izar had decided to help her in her venture. Two became good friends, Izar often joining her during her expeditions to act as protection. At least, that's what Marie had always told him but he knew she was the type of woman who could easily handle herself. In return for his help, Marie taught him everything she knew about the art of cooking. After five years under Marie's tutelage, Izar had decided that it was time for him to move on again, leaving it all behind for the third time as he continued his journey. Even to this day, he continues to credit her whenever complimented on his culinary skill.

Izar traveled to Pergrande often, taking comfort in its large open deserts which allowed him to spend a large majority of his time contemplating his past and existence. It was during his travels here that he discovered a large tower protruding from the sands of the Kohari desert. Upon entering the run down tower and reaching the top he found an ancient book, much older than even himself. It was through the reading of this book that Izar was able to learn and revive the long lost magic know as Cosmic Magic. Izar took the book with him, studying from it until he had completely memorized the book before destroying it, as he knew that allowing the power of Cosmic magic to fall into the wrong hands would be disastrous. Izar honed his skill in this magic, eventually mastering it completely.

Izar's drowning

The fourth of these individuals was a young freedom fighter deemed a pirate by the Bosconian government. Izar met this individual during his travels in Bosco, after being tricked into helping a bunch of slave traders. Izar had attempted to stop them only to be weighted and thrown overboard. Izar spent two months underwater, drowning only to be revived to drown again. Izar was eventually able to make it back to shore where he met up with Jacob Blackwell, Jacob was the "pirate" who had been attacking slave ships and freeing their captives. Izar joined his crew for a very short time, only long enough to get revenge on the slave traders who had thrown him overboard. Despite their efforts, the people Izar had attempted to save the day he was thrown overboard were never found. Izar continued to blame himself for this and regrets not being able to save them.

It was several years later that Izar was asked by a man named James Derkly to join him along with a group of mercenaries in trying to end slavery in Bosco. Izar, still feeling remorseful about being unable to save those people all those years ago that he decided he would join them. It was during this venture that he met Akemi Zetsumei, a beautiful, incredibly disturbed, young woman. Izar befriended her quickly, his inviting personality being enough to break through the young woman's tough shell. The two became good friends, often working together on missions. Izar came to trust her with his life, so much so that he chose to teach her Cosmic magic upon her request. They went their separate ways after both Izar and James were captured and publicly executed. Izar is sure she believes him to be dead and often wonders where she ended up though he has made no attempts at finding her again. It was also during this time that Izar again came upon a large sum of money as the mercenary group was funded by a former Bosconian slave who escaped to Fiore, eventually becoming an incredibly rich man. This man paid each of them handsomely for their work

In the year x801, Izar was given a position on the Council, soon after being promoted to Chairman after an unfortunate incident led to the death of the previous one. Izar believes he was chosen simply because his immortality made it impossible that he would meet the same fate as the other two chairmen had. However, it was actually his skill in handling political matters that earned him a spot on the council, Izar refusing to admit that his former royalty would ever serve him any use now that he considered himself a changed man. A year later, Izar fought alongside Samarra Inari, Carwen Khapree, and Nova Akira during the war with Aeternum where he and the others along with the combined forces of Ishgar were able to defeat the unprepared country through military skill and tactics. It was during this war that he first met Theia Zhulong as the Female Wizard Saints met to plan out the final push toward the capital. While he didn't notice it at the time, he now remembers the overwhelming feeling he felt when their eyes first met, a gentle calm that had been lost to him during the gritty duration of the war. The two would meet once again in the streets of Crocus, the two of them spending the next two years as good friends before their feelings were confessed to one another and they began dating.

A little over a year after the two started dating, in x806, Izar proposed to Theia on Christmas day after obtaining the blessing to take her hand from her Grandfather who was delighted to see that she had found the one she would spend the rest of her life with. The two of them now live their busy lives together in bliss as husband and wife, finding comfort and relief from their stressful jobs in one another, traveling frequently whenever their schedules permit it, and have even begun discussing the possibility of children in the near future.


Knives and Daggers

Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives (ナイフを投げます, Naifu o nagemasu): Having once acted as a mercenary assassin in Bosco, Izar knows the importance and versatility of these silent killers. Izar is highly skilled in the art of knife throwing, making him a deadly ranged adversary. Izar carries several small knives on him at all times, within his cloak, up his sleeves, and strapped to his calf. These are normally used to target vital organs or muscles to limit enemy movement, however, They can also be thrown with deadly accuracy. Izar also carries several poison coated throwing knives within his cloak. There are two different types of these poisoned knives, one type being coated in a neurotoxin which causes paralysis of the victims muscles as well as excruciating pain. The other being coated in a poison which causes the victim to suffer from incredibly realistic hallucinations. These poisoned knives are kept in waterproof sheaths to keep the poison from being washed away by water. Izar keeps several vials of the antidote to both poisons on him in case of accidental exposer to the toxins during battle.

Butterfly knife BD1

Butterfly Knife (バタフライナイフ, Batafurainaifu): A butterfly knife, also know as a fan knife, is a folding pocket knife with two handles which counter-rotate around the tang such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within grooves in the handle. Over the years Izar has become very good with this small weapon, having been taught of the existence of this type of knife as well as the majority of tricks he knows by Akemi Zetsumei. While Izar is indeed quite good at performing entertaining tricks with this blade he is by no means clueless on how to use it during knife based combat, easily parrying other knives and disarming opponents before delivering painful, sometimes deadly strikes. Izar's pocket knife is made from steel, the blade measuring in at just a little over five inches long not including the tang. The handle of this knife is a deeper shade of red.


Izars scimitar

one of Izar's Scimitar

Dual Scimitar: Izar carries two Scimitar Hikari (光の一つ Hikari no hitotsu, lit. One of Light) and Yami (闇の一つ Yami no hitotsu, lit. One of Darkness). Izar has wielded two Scimitar for nearly three hundred and fifty years, winning them from a blacksmith in a game of poker, Izar has taken a liking to them seeing as they remind him of back home. These blades are made from high-quality steel that is still strong despite their age much like Izar himself. He tends to take very good care of these swords as they are his go to weapons for any and all weapon based combat. He re-enchants them often to keep them from running out of magic when he needs them most. Hikari is infused with Light magic while his counterpart, Yami, is infused with Darkness magic. Hikari has a white blade with a black hilt, guard, and pommel. It's counterpart and sister blade, Yami, has a black blade with a white hilt, guard, and pommel.

  • Sword Pressure BD1
    Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu): While not a technically a spell of sword magic, in the hands of those who utilize this sword oriented form of magic this ability can be incredibly devastating to opponents, being far more powerful than the form utilized by those who do not use sword magic. Regular sword users begin this technique by swinging their blade so swiftly that the very air itself is propelled forward by said swing, becoming a sickle-shaped current of air capable of cutting through metal and other materials. The blades produced by this technique are invisible to the human eye, a sudden gust of wind following the sword strike being the only warning an opponent may receive before they are bombard with as many as a thousand small razor-like knives that will cut at their clothes and flesh. This technique can also be used to knock projectiles off course or blow enemies away. When utilized by users of sword magic however, this technique can be boosted tenfold. The mage begins this technique by focusing ethernano along the edge of the sword they intend to swing toward their opponents. They user may then swing the sword in any direction they like, no different than when someone uses this technique without sword magic. The sickle-shaped gust of wing that flies forward will also be infused with the ethernano that had been focused into the edge of the blade, allowing the wind sickle to be carried much further. This ethernano also adds to the cutting ability of this technique, being able to cut through multiple targets or stronger materials than it had been able to before.
  • Heaven Shaking Slash BD1
    Heaven-Shaking Slash (動天斬, Dōtenzan): A sword spell of considerable destructive power, as the name suggests, it allows the user to swing their sword with such power that everything within a certain area trembles in its wake. This spell occurs similarly to how other sword spells are cast, the user gathers magical energy into the blade of their sword until it can no longer be contained, leaking out from the sword in a way that it even begins to distort the air around it. The user will then lift this sword and bring it down in a vertical slash toward their opponent or the object they wish to cut through. The moment the sword stops moving a shock wave of both magical kinetic energy is released out into the surrounding area, causing tremors that extend outward to a twenty-foot radius as well as cutting everything within a five-foot radius of the user. This technique may also be referred to as the 360 slash for that same reason, cutting anything within that five-foot radius, even objects behind the user. The shockwaves are also known to create a powerful gust of wind capable of pushing back or knocking opponents off balance, also having the ability to clear away dust or smoke to create a clearer line of sight. While this spell is indeed powerful it requires a large amount of energy to cast, having the possibility of leading to fatigue if used repeatedly in quick succession as well causing large amounts of unwanted collateral damage to the surrounding area.
  • Sword Beam (魔力剣波, Sōdo Bīmu): A powerful spell of sword magic and believed to be the first spell every to be conceived from weapon based magic and possibly even magic in general as it takes on the form of energy without any other form to it unlike elemental magics and others of that sort. The user begins casting this spell by infusing the sword with their own magical energy to the very limit in which the blade can withstand. The focal point of this energy is focused at the very tip of the sword which will begin to glow a bright blue. The user may then swing their sword in the direction of their opponent or the object they wish to destroy. A large, powerful beam of magical energy will be launched from the blade. Upon impact, the beam will cause a large explosion capable of breaching strong defenses and other shields in its path. The beam is also said to have tracking properties, following opponents at a speed of two hundred kilometers a second, also having the ability to disperse clouds if fired into the air, clearing away rain storms. The user can also fire this spell into the ground, creating a shield of debris to block oncoming attacks. It takes about two seconds to cast this spell, after which the user can move freely onto their next attack. It can also be fired rapidly so long as the beams are weakened so that the energy in the sword isn't poured into a single beam, allowing for the mage to fire the spell multiple times in quick succession.


Explosives BD1

Explosives: Izar carries several different types of explosives within a small pouch on his belt. These different types consist of regular explosives which, while small, can deal massive damage is detonated within close proximity to the opponent. These bombs are filled with metal shards, ensuring that even if the explosion does not cause major damage, the shrapnel would. The second type of explosive Izar carries are smoke bombs used to disorient enemies in a large cloud of either gray or black smoke. Izar also carries poison smoke bombs which spray toxic gas out, causing cardiac arrest within those unlucky enough to breathe in large amounts. The third and final type of explosive carried by Izar are powerful flashbang grenades used to temporarily disorient opponents sight and sound, causing blurry vision and a loud ringing within the opponents ears. If these are used in close range to a target the effects could cause permanent deafness and blindness. Izar color codes the bombs so that he can quickly distinguish the different types. Yellow for regular bombs, black for smoke, purple for poison smoke, and white for flashbang.


Izar's revolver BD1

Revolver: Izar carries a six-shot revolver on his belt at all times, quick with the draw, Izar has only ever twice been bested in a duel. He received this revolver from a "pirate" after helping him get his ship back from a group of slave traders in Bosco. This revolver is silver in color with a long barrel, allowing for maximum range for a gun of this type. Izar his known for carrying different types of bullets infused with elemental magic, he tends to requip bullets to reload rather than doing so manually. This allows him to quickly continue unloading rounds onto targets, leaving them little time to return fire.

  • Impact Rounds (衝撃弾, Shōgeki-dan): One of Izar's special bullets this bullet's design is made to cause, as the name suggests, heavy impact damage rather than damage through penetration. This is made to be used as a none lethal substitute for taking down opponents, capable of knocking opponents off of their feet and completely shattering bones at close range. This type of round does have the chance of causing lethal injury in impact is made with either the chest or head. Rounds delivered to the chest have a possibility of stopping the heart while impact to the head has the potential of causing damage to the neck, shattering the skull, or causing hemorrhaging within the brain. Due to the fact that they tend to weigh more than other bullets their range is much more limited, being unable be shot long distances which limits them to mid-ranged combat.
  • Fire Bullets (火災の弾丸, Kasai no dangan): The second of Izar's special bullets but the first of his elemental is infused with fire magic, making these bullets incendiary rounds. These bullets are used for two main purposes, to start fires or cause explosions. These bullets explode on impact sending flames out in every direction which have to potential of starting a raging inferno if not contained quickly. The explosion caused by these bullets is more than enough to knock a full grown man off their feet, possibly killing them in the process.
  • Lightning Bullets (雷の弾丸, Kaminari no dangan): The third of Izar's special bullets and the second of his elemental is infused with powerful lightning magic which allows these bullets to carry a deadly electric charge capable of harming multiple targets at once. Once fired, these bullets will fly toward their target at nearly undodgeable speed. These bullets explode on impact, sending out a strong pulse of lightning magic in every direction with a radius of three feet. The effects of this bullet does not stop there as the current has the ability of jumping between people, effectively extending the range of the attack so long as the targets remain in close proximity to one another.
  • Black Bullets (クロ弾丸, Kuro dangan): The final elemental bullet in Izar's arsenal, these bullets are infused with powerful darkness magic which allows the user to utilize these bullets in a much different way than the previous bullet. The user can fire the bullet at the target, upon impact darkness magic will explode outwardly, wrapping around the target like a rope, these vines of darkness will begin to squeeze down on opponents until they are incapacitated either through passing out or dying. What makes these bullets the most powerful utilized by Izar is their ability to be shot into a shadow, teleporting between them before hitting their target. This allows the user to "curve" the bullets around corners, though, in reality, the bullets are simply traveling through the shadows.

Other Equipment

Izar cloaked

Izar's traveling cloak

Cloak: When traveling Izar prefers to wear his signature traveling cloak. This cloak was gifted to him several hundred years ago by his good friend Thomas Wimbly. Once white in color, the cloak is now sandy or Creme in color due to its extended use. Izar has taken very good care of this cloak and in return it has taken good care of him, it is made of light, fire/heat resistant material. It is also waterproof, capable of keeping out the wind was well. However, in recently Izar has put up the cloak he once held so fondly, instead, trading it for a large black poncho. This poncho is also fire resistant and waterproof, made of lightweight material similar to that of his former cloak.

Journal: Several hundred years ago Izar was convinced to begin keeping a journal of his life and adventures by his good friend Thomas Wimbly. Izar was hesitant at first due to his poor penmanship, however, as the years went by Izar began to enjoy writing in his journal and reflecting on his past adventures in his alone time. With the keeping of this journal also came great improvement on his penmanship, which looking back, Izar believes was Thomas' original intention for having him start keeping it.

Mint Leaves: In a small bag located in his back pocket, Izar carries a bag of mint leaves that he tends to chew on from time to time. This habit was picked up during his younger years before the creation of toothpaste and other oral cleaning necessities and was a highly popular trend to keep one's breath smelling fresh even though it did nothing to actually clean one's teeth. Izar kept the habit up for a long time even after toothpaste became an easily accessible simply because he had come to find the small green leaves tasty, chewing on them regardless of whether or not he had brushed his teeth that day.

Ginseng root: As a traveler, Izar would spend several days on his feet as he walked through deep forest of merciless deserts. To help keep up his energy he would always carry around Ginseng round, boiling it with water to make a fresh and rejuvenating tea. While the tea doesn't have much in the realm of taste, it has become one of Izar's favorites to drink after a weary day.

Wedding band A small silver ring located on the third finger of his left hand and one that has not left his hand since the day he and his beloved became husband and wife. This ring is a reminder of the everlasting love and unity he and Theia share as well as the family they created on the day they spoke their vows, promising to never leave the others side. It is one of his most precious possessions.

Soul Ring: One of the first rings of its kind, with the help of a powerful wizard and a blacksmith, Izar and his wife commissioned the creation of a matching set of rings they would wear on the little finger of their right hand. These rings are special and one of a kind due to the unique nature of their creation, fragments of both Izar and Theia's souls being placed in the opposite's ring to forever bound the two souls together no matter the location in time or space. Like the wedding band on the opposite hand, Izar feels strong fondness toward this ring as it allows Izar to carry with him a piece of his beloved no matter where he goes while knowing that he too will always be with her as if the two rings are a red string of fate tieing the two together.

Magic & abilities

Non-magical Abilities

Mental Abilities

Slightly above average intelligence: Izar was raised by his father to possess a great deal of knowledge about tactics and war, being much more comfortable commanding an army than he would like to admit, feeling utterly ashamed of anything having to do with his father or his past life as king of Pergrande. Most of Izar's other knowledge was learned throughout his many travels, having been a student to many great teachers over his long life. Despite his immortality and thus the opportunity to learn all there is to know about the world, Izar prefers the idea of a simpler life, afraid of ever becoming obsessed with any one thing ever again. This is why Izar has chosen to become a jack of all trades, being good at many things from cooking and cleaning, to magic usage, and weapon based combat but not being an actual master in any one thing, making him highly versatile in combat. Izar is well known for his ability to read people and situations, rarely ever being wrong as he reads people like open books, easily finding tells and being able to predict future movements and attacks based on body language. This ability comes from spending hundreds of years around people, some good and others shady enough to need to be cautious around.

Charisma: Izar is known for being a very charismatic and charming individual, being highly regarded as a people person. He tends to give off a warm and inviting aura which is normally enough to get others to let down their guard rather quickly. Some may credit this to his appearance as Izar is a handsome individual whose signature feature is not only his brightly colored hair and eyes, but his warm smile that can melt through the most icy of frozen hearts. He has also been told that he has a way with words, easily invoking the emotions he wants from others without actually meaning to do so through his use of chosen diction.

Multilingual: Throughout his many years of travel Izar has spent time in several of the countries within Ishgar and beyond. It was during these travels that Izar picked up the languages of those living within those countries. Izar speaks Pergrandian, Bosconian, Fioran, Bellumian, Icebergian, and Seven along with several less common languages found beyond the borders of Ishgar. He speaks all of these languages rather fluently though he can only write in Fioran, Pergrandian, and Bosconian. Despite only being able to write in those three he has no problem reading in all of them. While Izar himself is not an avid reader, over time he has collected books from all over Earth Land which he still studies from time to time to keep his language skills from getting rusty.

Basic Survival Skill and Knowledge: His years of travel have seen to it that Izar has become somewhat of a boy scout, having great knowledge of how to survive in several different environments. Having obtained a good sense of direction as well as a vast knowledge of different plants and animals, being able to tell which one make for good food or medical supplies and which ones are to be avoided, Izar is equipped to handle almost any survival situation. He is able to make shelters from sticks and leaves, pack snow to make igloos, create fire with wet materials, tie several different knots. He is also skilled in hunting, setting traps and even catching fish with his bare hands.

Physical Abilites

Keen Observational skills: Izar is a naturally curious fellow, always having his eyes out for new sights to see. It is from this habit that Izar eventually began to be able to pick up on things and people around him, noticing even the slightest changes in body language, easily being able to read intention and emotional state from these subconscious movements. Izar's excellent hearing allows him to quickly distinguish changes in the vocal patterns of those he is interacting with. This ability is a big help determining whether or not someone is lying. These skills have also improved to the point that Izar can read lips, soft mumbles and whispers are easily read so long as Izar can see the person's lips. These keen observational skills are not limited to social interactions, Izar also being able to utilize them in battle. Watching his opponents closely, noticing the slightest shifts in movement both in their body and eyes, allowing Izar to predict the movements of his opponents.

Astounding Speed and Agility: Izar is well known for his swift feet, being able to move across the battlefield at great speeds. Izar is, after all, a speed fighter, relying on quick, shallow slices to take down opponents rather than brute force. Izar's reflexes are astounding, being able to register and efficiently react to changes in his environment. Izar's reaction time has clocked in at about twice that of a regular human being. In battle he has been said to be swift and graceful, never missing a beat. His running speed measuring in at around seventy-five miles an hour, equal to that of a cheetah. While this speed is incredible, it can be further boosted through the use of his cosmic magic which allows him to instantly teleport across short distances with ease. Izar can only run at his full speed of seventy-five miles an hour for a total of nineteen minutes before needing to cool down, such speed causing immense stress on his bones and muscles. However, damaged caused at such high speeds are healed relatively quickly.

Above average Strength: Izar is not well known for his strength, preferring to show off his speed in battle. Despite this, Izar is quite strong, being able to lift several times his weight up to around five hundred and eighty-eight pounds. The reason Izar is able to lift so much is due to his ability to utilize the full potential of his muscles, and even pushing them beyond their limits. Izar's regenerative abilities allowing for tears produced in his muscles due to heavy lifting to be quickly healed. It is actually possible for Izar to lift several tons, utilizing the power of his cosmic magic he can reduce the gravity around objects and even himself to allow him to lift things the average human cannot.

Peak Endurance: Years of hard work have allowed Izar to reach peak conditioning in both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. This allows him to keep going long after others have worn themselves out. Izar is also a master of conserving energy, being able to efficiently stretch out his energy reserves rather than suffering from overexerting himself in the beginning of a fight like most do. Izar's travels have been a large contributor to the development of this ability, long journeys through hash environments have allowed him to reach this stage of peak endurance.

Sleight of hand: Izar spent many of his first years in Fiore pickpocketing to survive. Thanks to those many years Izar has become very good at sleight of hand. While his pickpocketing days are over, Izar still uses his skill in this art to entertain or amuse others through the use of card or magic tricks, though the one person he truly seeks to impress is unamused with such antics. Izar may still use this skill for its original purpose if he feels the need to in order to gain information for a job or perhaps to silently steal back stolen items to return to their original owners.

Weapons Specialist: In his youth, Izar was trained to mastery of several different types of weapons including but not limited to swords, axes, polearms, knives, daggers, scythes, blunt weapons. Izar continues to practice with these weapons, furthering his skill as well as keeping himself from getting rusty. While Izar is indeed skilled in all weapons listed, he tends to prefer the use of swords and or polearms over the others. He prefers to dual wield swords, making quick slashes at opponents, causing minor wounds that eventually add up until the opponent can no longer continue. He enjoys the use of polearms because their length allows users to keep their enemy at a safe distance while still allowing them to deliver deadly strikes. Izar is also known for being able to turn the defensive shield into an offensive weapon, using shield bashes to throw enemies off balance or stun them long enough for him to strike a decisive blow.

  • Kenjutsu (剣術, Kenjutsu): Meaning "Method of the Sword", kenjutsu is a discipline of swordsmanship that utilizes the use of katana in battle. It is an umbrella term for all martial arts styles that use swords as a means to kill their opponent. There are hundreds of different schools of kenjutsu, each having their own unique ideas and fighting styles. Izar spend several years training alongside a traveling swordsman during his time traveling through seven, by no means mastering the art of swordsmanship but still gaining an intermediate skill in the art as well as a firm understanding of the philosophy behind the art of swordsmanship.
    • Iaijutsu: A school of Kenjutsu that revolves heavily around the user being aware of their surroundings and quickly being able to draw and sheath their sword. User's draw and sheath their swords in mere seconds, surprising opponents with quick, precise strikes before shaking off the blood and returning the blade to its sheath. This technique is meant to kill opponents quickly, often before they even know it is coming. It is also a well know technique for countering attacks, the user's ability to quickly draw their sword serving them well for defensive purposes as they quickly draw their sword to block attacks before delivering a deadly counter.
  • Fencing (フェンシング, Fenshingu): Based on the traditional skills of swordsmanship, Fencing involves the use of rapier-style swords such as foils, Sabres, and épées. While this style of swordsmanship is normally only used for sport, the techniques taught those who choose to excel in this form of sword fighting can be utilized in battle to wound or even kill opponents. Fencing consists of several different techniques, both offensive and defensive. Offensive techniques consist of thrusts, a technique in which an opponent thrusts their sword-wielding arm forward toward the opponent in an attempt to hit what would in the sport be considered an opponent's "valid" area. A riposte, an offensive technique performed after the wielder successfully parries an opponent's attack, the wielder will then counter in an attempt to possibly take away the opponents weapon. A feint is an attack made by the wielder in an attempt to provoke the opponent into attacking. A lunge is an offensive technique that involves the wielder thrusting their blade forward toward the target, extending their arm while kicking their front leg forward to propel themselves using their back leg. A parry is a basic defensive technique in which the wielder blocks the opponent's blade with the intention of quickly countering, pushing the opponent's blade away from themselves in order to give the wielder the right of way. Parries are normally followed by a riposte.
  • Sōjutsu (槍術, Sōjutsu. Lit, Art of the Spear): Sōjutsu is a martial arts style that focuses on the use of the spear or lance in combat. Users of this form of martial art hold the bottom of the shaft with one hand, keeping the other one near the middle. While in this stance the user can keep the weapon between himself and the enemy, keeping them at a distance this stance also allows the user to move out of the opponent's range as well as easily return jabs and slashes.
  • Quarterstaff (六尺棒, Rokushakubō): Quarterstaff is a fighting style that utilizes polearm weapons. The weapon is held with the backhand a hand’s breadth from the butt end of the staff, and the other hand up to the middle of the staff. Of these the low guard is considered the central guard. Blows were primarily delivered downwards either directly or at angles. Parries of blows to the legs were done either by lifting the leg away from the line of attack or by thrusting one end of the staff into the ground and releasing the foremost hand which was in danger of being struck. Thrusts were often performed with the release of the forward hand and a step with the forward leg like a fencing lunge, stretching forward the backhand as far as possible. Longer thrusts were delivered with a full step forward with the back leg accompanying the backhand. It was recommended that when delivering a blow that at the end of it the back leg and foot should be compassed about so as to fall roughly into a line with the front foot and the point of the weapon. The same circling round of the back leg was applied to parries also.
  • Bōjutsu (棒術, Bōjutsu): Literally meaning Staff Technique, Bōjutsu is a form of martial art that, as the name suggests, involves the use of staves in battle. This style of martial arts teaches students to treat the staff, or "bō" as an extension of themselves. Techniques of Bōjutsu revolve around slashing, swinging, striking, and thrusting with the staff, some techniques involve the user to use the staff as a vaulting pole. Users of this form of martial art possess incredible hand-eye coordination, allowing them to quickly and efficiently wield their weapon against opponents, block and countering strikes with relative ease.
  • Izar with gun BD1

    Izar wielding his revolver

    Expert Marksmanship: Izar is an incredibly skilled marksman, and though he is skilled in the use of long barreled rifles, Izar prefers to use his six-shot revolver. Izar has trained for several years training to turn himself into a quickdraw master, only having ever been outdrawn twice in all four hundred and seventy-five years of his life. Izar is also good at picking off enemies from a distance, able to easily shoot down moving targets. Izar normally incorporates elemental bullets into any gun he uses which, depending on the type of round used, increases the amount of damage done as well as the overall area the attack covers, lightning bullets make quick use of crowds as a single shot can produce an electrical pulse that will jump from one target to another standing nearby. Fire bullets, also know as incendiary rounds, can start fires or even explode depending on the type of flame round being used.

Master of Hand to hand combat: In his youth, Izar was trained in several forms of hand to hand combat, eventually mastering a multitude of them, making him a truly formidable opponent in the art of close ranged combat. Izar has spent a large majority of his life continuing to practice these skills, picking up other martial art styles along the way. While Izar is skilled in several forms of martial arts he prefers the use of Jeet Kune Do over the other due to it allowing to fully utilize his speed in combat, the quick flow, water-like flow of movement get's his heart pumping in a way the others simply cannot.

Jeet Kune Do BD1
  • Jeet Kune Do (截拳道, Jeet Kune Do): Jeet Kune Do is a form of martial arts that utilizes elements of other fighting styles such as Kung Fu, Fencing, and Boxing. Users of this form of martial art are said to be able to "Move like water" which is a key element of the fighting style that is highly emphasized by masters of the art. Users efficiently deliver strikes at unimaginable speed while still maintaining the maximum force behind each and every strike. Deflecting and parrying strikes are also an important part of this art as users are known to use their opponents own attacks against them to open opportunities to deliver counter strikes. Like Aikido, Jeet Kune Do is a martial art meant to bring an end to the conflict quickly, meant to conserve the user's energy while also leaving the opponent mostly unharmed.
  • Krav Maga (連絡先の戦闘, Renrakusen no sentō): An extremely efficient form of combat known for its brutal counter attacks. This form of self-defense consists of several different techniques taken from Aikido, Boxing, Judo, wrestling, all alongside realistic fight training. The combat style's philosophy focuses on neutralizing the threat, offensive and defensive maneuvers coupled with aggression. Attacks and counter-attacks delivered by users of this form of self-defense target the most vulnerable parts of the human body, eyes, throat, groin, ribs, kidneys, knee, and liver. Those who practice this form of self-defense are also taught to be situationally aware of their surroundings, identifying potential threats before said threats have a chance to attack. The basic purpose of Krav Maga is to end a fight as quickly as possible. Unlike Aikido and Judo, Krav Maga concerns itself little with the safety of the threat being neutralized.
  • Way of the Astral Fist: Way of the Astral fist is an interesting martial art utilizing elements of boxing and Jeet Kune Do combined with Izar's cosmic magic, specifically its ability to control gravity to dish out powerful and devastating blows to an opponent. Punches thrown when utilizing the astral fist can carry several tons of force behind them, easily shattering bone and rupturing internal organs with a single blow. For those facing users of this martial art they must understand that the next punch that they are unable to dodge may very well be the last they ever take, it is a brutal and fearsome martial art that is normally used to end battles quickly, held back punches being able to knock back opponents with little effort.

Magical abilities

  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki): A magical aura is the exertion of magical energy around the user's body. Encapsulating the user in an aura of a color befitting their personality. Colors and potency of Magical auras are various. This aura is normally accompanied by a pressure of sorts, the strength of this pressure depends of the level of magical aura the user wields. Depending on the level of ones magical aura as well as their control over it, it may also be used as an intimidation tactic or even as a way to negate weak attacks. Magical aura come in three different forms, a standard aura which is exhibited by those of weak or average magical power. These auras are often weak, only being able to intimidate none mages. The second of these auras is an S-class aura which is exhibited by those whose level of magical power is equal to or greater than that of an S-class mage. This aura emits and overwhelming pressure that most anyone might find intimidating. The final and most powerful for of aura is the monster aura which is only exhibited by those whose level of magical power is equal to or exceeds that of a guild master or wizard saint. These auras encompass a large area around the user, releasing an incredible amount of pressure. This pressure may even completely immobilize some opponents. The user is replaced by a phantom-like apparition as they are completely enveloped in their respective color.
    • S-class aura (大力の魔霊気, Dairyoku no Mareiki):
    • Second Origin (二原, Nigen): The second origin, due to the nature of the magic origin, is wrongly named as it is simply the full extent of a mages power. Therefore, the activation of the second origin is simply the unlocking of the mages total possible magical reserves. There are a few different ways in which a person can go about unlocking their second origin. The first of which is through a sudden surge of willpower during a moment or time of immense stress. The body's natural instinct to survive causing a sudden increase in magic power and forcing the second origin open. The second way in which one might be able to unlock their second origin is through the usage of Arc of Time, aging the origin until it has unlocked. This suggests that if left alone, the second origin will eventually open on its own. Regardless of how it is opened, there are several passive effects that immediately take place upon its unlocking. In the case of Slayers, their physical prowess and magical potency will dramatically increase. In the case of standard mages, an immeasurable burst in magical power will occur, allowing them access to magic and items that have the ability to rewrite the laws of magic. However, it should be noted that such statements are still up for debate. If one wished to activate their second origin without suffering the passive effects for whatever reason, they need first place a seal on a portion of their magic origin. Due to the fact that magical energy is so intertwined with one's own emotions and willpower, this must be done via a method know as the pact. The pact is made once the user has reached the full potential of their magic origin, something that is known to take a considerable amount of time of emotional distress. The pact seals away a portion of the mages magical power behind several magical seals that can only be unlocked once the pact has been fulfilled. In past cases, this has happened when a mage feels their life or the lives of those they care about are being threatened. This sudden burst of magical energy, while extremely useful, leaves the mage utterly drained immediately after its use. Once the pact has been met and the seal having been broken, it can never be recreated again. The full potential of the origin now being accessible to the mage at any time, increasing their magical reserves and base stats by a considerable amount.

Harmonic Convergence (高調波収束, Kōchōha Shūsoku): The process of converting ambient ethernano into a form a mage could store within their magic origin is a time consuming one. One that can take upwards of twenty-four hours if the mage's origin had been fully or nearly depleted. Harmonic Convergence is an enhancement that allows a mage who has spent years training and have mastered ethernano manipulation to take in and store the ambient ethernano from the world around them. This pure ethernano can be stored within the mage's second origin for a period of time and utilized later in battle. This process is normally done through the use of meditation, the body drawing in the pure ethernano into their body over the course of this spiritual activity. This allows them to replenish their stores at an accelerated rate, restoring in only a few minutes what would take a regular mage hours to collect within themselves. Normally, taking pure ethernano into the body in any way without converting it would harm the mage who attempted it, leaving them incredibly sick and possibly damaging their magic origin forever. However, these masters of ethernano manipulation have the ability to use the preexisting ethernano in their body to act as a buffer, protecting their origin from the pure ethernano in much a similar way that a lining of mucus protects the walls of your stomach from the acid within it. This pure ethernano will be stored within the user's second origin to be brought out later. There is of course a catch, the user may only fill half of their second origin with this pure ethernano. A perfect balance between the already converted and the pure ethernano within the second origin. If the converted ethernano were to be held in majority over the pure ethernano, the pure ethernano will be overwhelmed and will be ejected from the body. This will cause the user immense pain and has the possibility of damaging the magic origin. If the opposite were to occur and the pure ethernano became the majority of ethernano held within the second origin it would be the converted ethernano that would be rejected and the pure ethernano would completely fill the origin, damaging it beyond repair by even the greatest of Healing Magic users. The user will completely lose the ability to cast magic of any kind forever, being unable to convert ethernano due to the damage caused by the sudden surge of pure ethernano into the origin without the use of a buffer to protect it.

Despite the risks, many masters of ethernano manipulation choose to utilize this ability to gain the upper hand against powerful enemies. The utilization of pure ethernano in battle has been known to boost the physical capabilities to that of a peak human and transform the spells cast by these mages into far more powerful attacks than they could have hoped to achieve by only using the converted ethernano produced within themselves. Spells cast by mages the utilize only the pure ethernano stored within them will lose any elemental typing they may have once had, becoming energy based, twice that of the spells original strength during this form when converted and pure ethernano were used in unison. The danger of this comes from the fact that one must remain still to take in pure ethernano, meaning that utilizing spells that rely solely on that form of ethernano has a greater risk of upsetting the balance of ethernano within their body. Physical changes also occur when the mage begins using this enhancement, their body will begin to give off a white glow similar in appearance to that of an aura release but any seasoned mage would instantly be able to tell the difference from a regular aura release and the activation of harmonic convergence. The crushing pressure released rivaling that of a monster aura. The pure ethernano's effect on the body has also been known to affect a person's iris', making them appear to glow.

Curse of Fullfilment

Arata's Curse (アラタの呪い, Arata no noroi): Arata's curse, also know as "The curse of fulfillment" is a curse placed upon those who have lived unfulfilled lives. This curse is placed upon these poor souls in the last moments before their deaths, reverting them back to the biological age of twenty-five years old by the "benevolent" angel Arata. Arata believes in giving those who spent their lives in search of happiness but finding none a second chance, placing this curse upon them as their chance to continue their search, unrestricted by the sands of time that bounds most others. Those who are forced to endure this curse are normally given no indication of why they were cursed nor how to break it. Arata believes that realizing what must be done is all part of life and that if he were to explain to them exactly what it is they must do, that they will never truly appreciate the second chance they have been given. Those "blessed" with this curse are "gifted" semi-immortality. Being able to die only to rise again within a weeks time though, those who experience this will have no recollection of what awaits them once they can finally rest once and for all. For them, death is no different than blinking. One second they feel the cold hands of death wrapping around them and the next, they awake, fully healed as though nothing had happened. Another blessing placed upon those with this curse is that of unimaginable regenerative abilities. Cuts and bruises heal nearly instantly, and they are unaffected by all disease. Though, single hit kills and massive trauma to the body forces them to enter the death-like state mentioned above. This curse can only be broken when the victim finds what they were missing in their past life. Once this has been achieved, the victim will begin to age again, losing both their immortality and their regenerative abilities. In Izar's case, his anger and bitterness toward the world cost him his happiness. Forcing him to live a life of self-loathing, Arata, taking pity on the poor man, placed the curse of fulfillment onto Izar in hopes that the man would one day find happiness.


Cosmic Magic Spells

Cosmic Magic(コズミックマジック, Kozumikkumajikku):Cosmic Magic is an incredibly rare form of Lost Magic which utilizes the power of cosmic energy to cast powerfully destructive spells. Much like that of Green Magic, Users of this magic draw energy from the earth itself, harvesting it's "Life force energy". The difference being that Users of Cosmic Magic have the ability to draw energy from other celestial bodies such as planets and stars. The energy that users draw from these celestial bodies is unrefined and extremely watered down so to speak, making it unstable. This is why most Cosmic magic spells are highly destructive as even one who has completely master the use of Cosmic magic has a hard time keeping that amount of raw power stabilized for very long. It is an extremely powerful form of magic which became lost after the battle of the dragons, about 400 years ago of the current timeline. It served as the mother magic to two other incredibly powerful Caster Magics- Territory and Heavenly Body Magic. It allows its rare casters to have dominion over all the regions in the user's eyesight as well the cosmic energy residing in that region.

Gravity Distortion (重力のゆがみ, Jūryoku no yugami): Given that the powers of Cosmic Magic extends to that of giving the user control over the forces of gravity. The user can distort the gravity in an area or around a single target, either crushing them under the force of however many times the normal gravity that they so choose or forcing them to float away, lowering the gravity as they see fit. Izar uses this spell to levitate and fly. This spell has a radius of ten feet from the user's position. While the base length that this spell can be maintained is only twenty seconds, advanced users have been know to be able to continue using this spell past the minute marker though anything past a minute will place immense stress of the user as it begins to quickly drain their magical energy.

  • Rise (騰貴, touki): A basic spell that allows the user to lower the gravity around them or other objects. The user begins casting this spell by taking control of the gravitons surrounding the object he wishes to lift or "rise". The user will then use their own magical energy to disperse the energy if the gravitons around the object or object in question, effectively negating their hold on objects and allow said objects to begin floating through space. The user can control this object similar to a telekinesis user by manipulating the gravitons surrounding the negated gravity field, pushing the object around using the still active gravitons. The user can allow the object to float as high as he wants it to until it becomes out of range, which has been estimated to be just above one full mile into the air.
  • Fall (下降, kakou): Another basic spell that is also a sister spell and exact opposite of Rise. This spell is cast in much the same way, the user taking control of the gravitons around the object they wish to cast this spell on by infusing the particles with their own magical energy. The user will then increase the number of gravitons in the area by pulling them away from other areas. This means that while the gravity will increase in the area around the target it will decrease slightly in others. It should be noted that this decrease is minimal, pulling in gravitons from a number of different clusters around them. This collection of gravitons will converge on the object, increasing the gravity acting on the object to whatever degree the user sees fit. This spell can have horrific effects on the victim's body, causing lightheadedness at just twice earth's gravity bearing down on them. The user can continue to converge gravitons to this single area until the gravity has reached six times earths gravity, effectively crushing the opponent to a pancake. The side effect to casting it that high is immense stress on the user's body, resulting in lightheadedness and possibly fatigue.
  • Push (押し, oshi): A basic spell of Cosmic magic that allows the user to push objects away from them, completely ignoring the laws of physics and turning gravity on its side. The user initiates this spell by infusing the gravitons around the user with their own magical energy before increasing the number of gravitons around them, turning the gravity on its side before increasing it, throwing the opponent back, often with great force. The concentration of gravity is normally highest in the chest area, meant to knock the user off balance before a second increase in gravity throws them back. Those who have experienced this attack have described the sensation as similar to being hit in the chest by someone much larger than they are, often knocking the wind out of the poor victim and leaving them to try to catch it. This attack can be deadly for those moving toward the user at highspeeds, the gravity change normally causing a sudden stop that many describe as running face first into a brick wall. If the opponent is moving at high speeds, the sudden stop may break their neck or other bones in their body depending on their speed.
  • Pull (牽引, kenin): Another basic spell of Cosmic Magic, and the sister spell to push, that allows the user to pull opponents and other objects toward themselves. Similar to its sister spell the user takes control of the gravitons surrounding the user, breaking the laws of physics by turning gravity on its side. Rather than pushing the victim away it will pull toward the user, normally focusing the pull in their hand. Objects are normally pulled toward the user at speeds just above seventy miles an hour depending largely on whether or not they choose to resist the pull. Opponents who have experienced the pull of this spell have described it like losing all control over their own body. Like they had suddenly become weightless before a powerful forces acts upon them, pulling them back. This spell can be deadly to those running away at high speeds, very similar to push, the opponent will come to a sudden stop once the force acts upon them. This means that objects going at dangerously high speeds have a possibility of breaking bones or causing other injuries.
  • Weight Change (逆転, gyakuten): An intermediate spell of Cosmic magic that allows the user to utilize their ability to control gravity to lift and throw what would normally be considered incredibly hard to move objects such as large boulders and heavy metal bars. The user takes control of the gravitons in the area directly surrounding themselves and the object, reversing the gravity around them and allowing the user to pick up the object as if they were picking up a feather and throwing it like a small pebble. Once the user has thrown the object and it has reached exactly one foot away from him the gravity field surrounding the object will cease to exist and gravity will once again act upon the object normally, however, the object will still travel at a similar speed to how it had before the gravity field disappeared as it will wish to continue staying in motion. That being said, the sudden act of gravity on the object will ensure that it does fall to ground much fast than if it had remained in its neigh weightless state.

False Monster Aura (偽未力の魔霊気, Nise Miryoku no Mareiki): Through the use of the gravity effecting abilities of cosmic magic combined with the use of Izar's S-class Aura, Izar can create a powerful gravity field around himself to give it the appearance of a magical pressure, at the same time Izar will fully release the power of his S-class aura in an attempt to trick the enemy into believing that Izar possesses power equal to that of a guild master or above. Anyone who has encountered a monster aura of any kind will easily see through this trick but against those Izar merely means to intimidate, it is a useful spell.

Cosmic Bombardment (宇宙の砲撃, Uchū no hōgeki): A basic spell of cosmic magic that allows the user to create a large sphere of cosmic energy which can be thrown at enemies. This spell is initiated when the user begins to gather cosmic energy into the palm of their hand, this energy will take the form of a sphere that will grow to an unbelievably large size. As this is a spell meant for crowd control, users will normally throw this sphere at large crowds of enemies or their defenses causing massive blunt damage upon impact before exploding into a large wave of incredibly hot liquid that burns at a similar temperature to plasma, easily melting through most metals, armors, and shields, even those created through the use of magic. The blunt force of this attack is nothing ignore, the force of the attack being able to smash through most walls or barricades with ease. This attack can be done on a smaller scale, creating one or more baseball size spheres of cosmic energy that can be launched at singular opponents at high speeds, smashing into them with enough force to shatter bones. Most users prefer to use the small-scale attack as it allows the user to quickly target individuals, taking them out without having to worry about collateral damage done to allies or the surrounding environment.

Cosmic Shield (宇宙シールド, Uchū shīrudo): A basic spell of cosmic magic, being one of the few defensive spells in a cosmic magic user's arsenal. The user initiates the casting of this spell by holding their hand out in front of them, gathering cosmic energy into the palm of their hand before creating a thick wall of cosmic energy in front of them. This shield is capable of negating most physical attacks quite easily, quickly healing cracks formed after taking a hit from a powerful attack though the constant repair of this shield has the potential to quickly drain the user of their magical energy. This shield can also be wrapped around into a sphere, completely protecting the user from attacks from all angles. This shield causes backlash when struck by physical attacks such as swords or other none magic based attacks, causing minor damage to those affected though the backlash does tend to have a bit of a stun effect, leaving opponents dazed after being pushed back several feet. While primarily used to protect the user, this spell can also be cast around others to protect allies from attacks they are unable to dodge or defend against. It is because of this ability for it to be wrapped around others that it can also be used as an offensive move to trap opponents within the shield, effectively turning an object meant to protect the user into a prison for the opponent.

Cosmic Blast (宇宙の爆発, Uchū no bakuhatsu): A basic, yet incredibly powerful spell of cosmic magic which allows the user to gather cosmic energy into the palm or palms of their hand, condensing it into a small sphere before releasing this energy in the form of a devastatingly powerful blast capable of easily burning holes through steel. This beam of energy has a range of about two hundred feet, it's temperature measuring several thousand degrees Celsius similar to plasma in a sense. This beam also takes on a blunt effect, knocking back opponents hit by this beam though most are more worried about the agonizing burns that are normally received upon contact. While the beam itself travels on a linear path, the user is able to move their hand to aim the beam in different directions, allowing them to possibly turn this into an attack completely covering all three hundred and sixty degrees around them. This can be further boosted when a single beam is cast from each hand, allowing two beams to be fired at once, though. These single, separate beams are normally much weaker than one cast with both hands. This spell has a time limit of five seconds with a cooldown of ten.

Cosmic Arrows (宇宙の矢印, Uchū no yajirushi): A basic spell of cosmic magic which allows the user to fire a deadly array of purple colored cosmic energy that takes the shape of arrow-like objects. The user does this creating a total of six magical circles above and to either side of them. The circles will act as the birthplace of these arrows, firing them at rapid speed toward the target or targets as this spell can be used both to target individuals as well as groups of enemies, impaling them on the arrows. The temperature of these arrows, like most spells created through the use of cosmic magic, is similar to that of plasma, burning enemies of contact. What truly makes this spell deadly is the arrows' ability to lock onto targets similar to a heat seeking missile. They do this by locking onto a target's magical signature, following them wherever they go until they hit their mark. While this sounds remarkable and truly is, there is a limit of time for which these arrows have to hit their target. A total of ten seconds is the longest one of these arrows can stay airborne before fading away as the second they are fired they are no longer being fed magic from the cosmic magic user. This is rarely a problem though as these arrows travel at a speed equal to that of most bullets

Cosmic Bullet (宇宙弾丸, Uchū dangan): Through the use of Cosmic magic, the user is given the ability to harness the power of cosmic energy and give it physical form. In this case, the energy takes the form of a large bullet. By holding out their hand and forming a ball of cosmic energy within the palm of said hand. Using the newly formed ball of cosmic energy, the user can fire it like a bullet toward their intended target. This can be done consecutively, allowing the user to rapid fire this attack if they so choose. This spell can also be charged into a beam shot, similar to cosmic blast although, much weaker. When using this spell, Izar tends to hold his hand out in the shape of a gun. This does not affect the casting of the spell in any way.

Cosmic Meteor(s) (宇宙流星, Uchū ryūsei): Cosmic meteor is a basic spell of cosmic magic, the user initiates this spell by placing their palms flat against one another, this can be done with fingers pointed upwards or with them lying flat against each other pointing in opposite directions. The user will them throw one or both hands up toward the sky. Within said sky one of two things will happen. One, a large mass of cosmic energy will form, solidifying into a giant meteor before crashing down onto the earth with great force or two, several much small balls of cosmic energy will for before solidifying into meteors before they begin falling down on top of their target(s) in a shower of rocks

Cosmic Warp (宇宙ワープ, Uchū wāpu): Through the use of Cosmic magic, the user is given the ability to warp the very fabric of space around themselves, allowing those who wield this magic to warp the space around themselves, forcing projectiles to move around him or even forcing them to disappear completely only to reappear behind him. This spell uses up magical energy at an increased rate compared to other spells and is therefore used sparingly.

Cosmic body (宇宙物体, Uchū buttai): Through the use of cosmic magic, in a similar manner to the way he uses Cosmic Warp, Izar warp the space in and around his body to allow physical objects to pass through him causing no physical harm, however, this spell is not capable of allowing magical spells to pass through. This spell is very similar to that of elemental body spells. Izar cannot use cosmic warp when I this form.

Black hole (ブラックホール, Burakkuhōru): An intermediate spell of Cosmic magic that involves the user's ability to control and manipulate gravity as the increase the gravity in an area until it collapses in on itself and creates a black hole. Izar begins the casting of this spell by holding his hands out to the side, though, it should be noted that this spell can be cast mentally but requires the usage of more magical energy to do so as the user's ethernano must travel through the air beyond the user's body to enchant the gravitons rather than simply enchanting the ones already making contact with the user's body. The user will take control of these gravitons, increasing their energy and thus the gravity within a small area to the point in which it collapses in on itself to create a black hole capable of sucking in nearly any object that crosses its event horizon at which point not even light can escape from it. Objects sucked into the black hole can be shot from a "white" hole created by the user based on the theory that Black holes lead somewhere. However, when a white hole is not created the user can continue to allow the black hole to devour objects to the point in which the user feels it is ready and can then be used to create a powerful explosion, the more objects it has devoured the larger this explosion will be.

Advanced Spells

Cosmic Ruler: Heaven's Rain (宇宙定規:天雨, Uchū jōgi: Ten ame): An advanced spell of cosmic nature, the spell proceeds to create a shower of magic arrows, seemingly made of Cosmic magic. The spell due to its nature is seemingly impossible to evade, although advanced mages are capable of evading it and even countering it with their means, although it should be noted that the said power is quite uncommon to find. To activate the spell, the user raises their hand or waving their hands in linear motion, which glows in a cosmic aura and initiates the spell's effects. The mechanics behind the spell is quite simple though, as it is explained to condense the Cosmic energy of the caster into several projectiles which make their way towards the target when the user uses their hand to release it.

Cosmic Ruler: Supernova (宇宙定規:超新星, Uchū jōgi: Chōshinsei): An advanced spell of great destructive power, it is a fearsome spell utilized by the users of this lost magic. To activate the spell the user needs to first perform some unique mudras. These include the user to keep both the index finger and the middle finger open while keeping the other fingers closed. They then chant out the incantation- Aurea quae supra caelos, Cosmic Ruler: Supernova, which proceeds to create an intense blast of Cosmic Magic whose shockwaves could be felt over the whole region. Anything caught inside the spell's actual radius is instantly pulverized or at the least mortally injured.

Cosmic Ruler: Planetary manifestation (宇宙の症状, Uchū no shōjō): A highly advanced spell in which to user collects a large portion of cosmic energy into the palm of their hands, creating a mass of cosmic energy which soon splits into nine separate entities. The now softball-sized orbs manifest into the small versions of the planets the make up the Sol system. These miniature planets take on a physical form and can be used at blunt force projectiles as well as be collapsed into miniature black holes.

Cosmic Ruler: Pillar of Heavenly Retribution (コズミックルーラー:天国の報復の柱, Kozumikkurūrā: Tengoku no hōfuku no hashira): Through the use of highly advanced cosmic magic the user is given the ability to cast Cosmic Ruler: Pillar of heavenly retribution. The user holds their hand up into the air, creating a pillar of pure cosmic energy on which the user will stand. The four faces of the pillars will then begin to glow just before shooting out several beams of cosmic energy. The beams will begin to spin around while the pillar remains in place. The beams will spin several times before dying out. The pillar will them begin to fade back into the ground, leaving a weary and tired user where it once stood. This spell is a last resort, crowd control spell that uses up the majority of the user's magical reserves.

Cosmic-Make Spells

Cosmic-Make:Cosmic-make is an incredibly rare form of Molding Magic which branches off from Cosmic Magic, Users of this magic utilize the use of "Cosmic energy" to mold creations such as swords, shields, wings, and even armor much in the same manner to any other form of molding magic. Much like that of Green Magic, Users of this magic draw energy from the earth itself, harvesting it's "Life force energy". The difference being that users of Cosmic magic and make have the ability to draw energy from other celestial bodies such as planets and stars. The energy that users draw from these celestial bodies is unrefined and extremely watered down so to speak, making it unstable. This is why most Cosmic magic spells are highly destructive as even one who has completely master the use of Cosmic magic has a hard time keeping that amount of raw power stabilized for very long. In the case of Cosmic-make magic, however the user has the ability to stabilize the unrefined cosmic energy through the use of their own magical power, allowing them to mold in it into different forms. The problem with this being the fact that celestial bodies including the earth have a limited, while still incredibly massive, pool of energy to draw from and prolonged use of this magic can cause damage to the bodies the user is drawing energy from. This magic, unlike its mother magic, is not considered a lost magic due to the fact that it was actually recently invented by the Cosmic magic by Izar himself.


Energy Sword BD1

Energy Sword: One of the most basic spells of any maker magic is the creation of a sword, Cosmic make being no different it is normally the first defensive spell learned by those practicing this magic. The user will begin the casting of this spell by placing their hands together, a bright purple light emanating from the space between the user's palms. The user will then extinguish the light via placing their plams completely closed together. They will then being to slowly pull them apart, revealing the sword being created in their hand. This will continue until it is too long for them to continue spreading their arms at which point they will place their palms forward out in front of them and the sword will complete itself. The entire process only takes approximately five to ten seconds to complete. The sword itself can take on many different shapes and forms ranging from greats swords to katana depending entirely on the user's own preferences. The only constant amoungst the blades is that they normally emit a faint blue or purple glow from them.

Cosmic Javelin: Through the use of Cosmic magic the user holds up one or both of their hands, casting five magic circles around their target, from each of these circles will be shot a single javelin shaped spear of orange cosmic energy. These javelin are meant to impale the enemy from several different angles, causing major damage. The user may also use this as one might a regular javelin by casting a single magic circle to the side of them before having the javelin emerge from within. At which point they may grab the javelin and proceed to throw it at the target.


Astral Dragon BD1

Cosmic Dragon: An intermediate spell of Cosmic make that one again takes advantage of the user's ability to mold and shape their magic into different objects. This particular spell has the user create a life-size dragon to attack their opponents. While, of course, this replica is in no way as powerful as the giant lizards once were, the mere sight of such a large creation is normally enough to frighten and intimidate even the bravest of opponents. The Cosmic dragon created through the use of this spell stands at around seventy feet tall, towering over humans as if they were ants. Like all dynamic spells of any maker magic, the creature must be installed with a command upon its creation as these creations are not given the ability to think or act on their own, simply being mindless puppets to be used to achieve their creator's goals. These commands can be as vague or specific as you like, however, it should be noted that specific commands tend to get the best results. The dragon is purple and sometimes blue in color and semi-transparent. Several jagged shards of ice extend outward from the dragon's body to give it a rigid and rough feel, similar to that of scales. Long ice claws extend outward from each of their four feet. The beast is capable of shooting a blast of Cosmic energy from its mouth, an attack meant to look like that of a Dragon's roar, further trying to make the Cosmic replica seem like the real thing

Cosmic wolves BD1

Astral Wolves: An intermediate spell of Cosmic make that allows the user to mold and shape their magic into different creations. The user will begin casting their spell by forming several small orbs of cosmic energy in the palm of their hand, this number depending on the casters own preferences but can reach up to twenty small orbs at once. These orbs will then spread out in a circle around the user, the more orbs the larger the circle must be. The orbs will have about an arms length of space between each one and will hover about six inches off the ground. Once the orbs have made it to their proper places they will begin to grow to twice the size of an average watermelon before the purple or blue light emitted from these orbs will become much brighter, too bright for them to be looked at directly. It is during this time that they will begin to take shape. These wolves normally take on the size twice that of an average sized wolf, easily looking a grown man in the eye when standing on their hind legs. Like with all dynamic creations, these wolves will be given a simple command during their formation, this command can be anything from bringing them and object to tearing apart an enemy. This command will be followed without hesitation as it becomes their singular purpose for existing and will do anything it takes to see that the command given is carried out. Cosmic wolves carry four inch claws capable of tearing away at flesh with single swipes, latching onto prey to dogpile them into submission before delivering a deadly final blow. Their teeth are razor sharp with a bite force strong enough to crush metal and bite through swords. As these wolves are made of Cosmic energy, they possess the ability to phase through non-magical objects such as swords and shields, their plasma-like bodies burning away at flesh and other materials.

Cosmic Golem BD1

Cosmic Golem: An advanced spell of cosmic make that can be used as both an offensive and defensive spell, the user creating the upper portion of a golem while remaining inside it's hollowed out center. The user will begin casting this spell by forming a large magic circle around themselves, their own aura seeming to leak from their body as it begins to grow around them and creat the outline for the golem's body. The blue aura molding around the magic circle as it increases its height to that of several stories. Once the golem is complete it will have surrounded the user, allowing it to act like a shield from oncoming attacks, the completed golem will stand at approximately 18 meters tall, towering over opponents while swiping at them with its massive arms that have a range of a little over nine meters. Unlike with most dynamic maker creations, the user does not have to give the golem any commands during its creation as it stays connected to the user they may mentally control it like a large puppet. However, similar to all cosmic creations, it is made of cosmic energy which means that with will burn anything it comes in contact with, burning so hot that it appears to eat away at objects rather than simply burning them.

Earth Magic

Earth Magic BD1

Earth Magic (土魔法, Tsuchi Mahō): Earth magic is a form of Caster and Elemental Magic that allows the user to utilize the element of 'earth' to cast powerful spells. This "earth" can mean a variety of different types of stone, mud, sand, and even magma, making this magic highly versatile in combat. Users can cause powerful earthquakes or create and throw "earth" at targets at high speed through the use of their own magical energy. Users of this magic can tunnel through most forms of dirt and rock with ease, allowing them to escape sticky situations and strike the target from below.

Earth magic users can create things such as dirt and stone, allowing them to smash and hurl these heavy, sometimes massive objects at targets with great ease as their magic allows them to lift these objects telekinetically. Earth magic users magic effects any and all types of stone and dirt, including but not limited to Limestone, Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Slate, Clay, and even the many gemstones found in the earth such as diamond. This ability to manipulate earth also extends to things such as mud and sand. As mud is simply "wet dirt", earth magic users can manipulate this soggy soil into devastating attacks such as whipping the mud at opponents to slash them. Because this dirt is also filled with water, earth magic users can drown opponents in mud similarly to how a water magic user might do with their water. In muddy environments, earth magic users also have the ability to harden the mud, banish the liquid from the earth they intend to use. Advanced users can do this on a large scale to turn swamp areas into plains or deserts if they so choose, but doing so requires a lot of magical energy despite how simple the task sounds.

Sand manipulation BD1

Because sand is simply ground up siliceous (as well as several other kinds of) rocks caused by erosion, earth magic users are able to take control of the tiny grains, turning them into a truly destructive force as they can be crashed down onto enemies from above to bury opponents alive. In sandy environments such as deserts, earth magic users can easily create powerful sandstorms and twisters known as sand devils, giving the sand a cutting effect to completely rip apart opponents. Users can also use these sand storms to hide or disorient enemies, using their earthen sense to locate and take out the blinded opponents.

Molten Earth BD1

Due to the fact that magma is made up of molten and semi-melted rocks, earth magic users can also take advantage of that form of earth, manipulating it with ease just as they can do to mud and sand. This is arguably the most dangerous and destructive form of earth that earth magic users can utilize. With the temperature of magma being anywhere between 700 °C to 1300 °C, the hottest ever recorded being 1600 °C, earth magic users can use magma to burn through metals such as steel and quickly burn targets to a crisp. Due to the fact that magma can be thousands to millions of times more viscous than water, said magma can also be used in blunt attacks, smacking into the opponent with more than enough force to break bones rather than washing over them like a wave of water. It is this combination of things that makes earth magic user's ability to manipulate magma one of their most dangerous abilities.

Earthen Sense BD1

Earthen Sense (だいちいしき, Daichi Ishiki): Earthen sense is an incredibly basic spell, usually the first mastered by those practicing earth magic. This spell allows users to track and locate others that are touching the ground, making this spell utterly useless against flying opponents. Users can initiate this spell in a multitude of ways, so long as a part of their body is striking the earth in some way, shape, or form. Upon striking the ground the user will send out a pulse of their own ethernano into the ground. This pulse will spread out in every direction for several hundred feet with a maximum range of eight hundred and forty-six feet. The pulse will move outward from the target until it comes in contact with other objects such as rocks or trees, or other vibrations created by objects moving along the earth's surface. Upon coming in contact with objects, the pulse will return to the user, giving them an incredibly detailed map of the objects and individuals around them. This spell also penetrates three feet into the ground, allowing users to easily find landmines and other hidden traps within the ground. This spell makes hiding from earth magic users nearly impossible, opponents who attempt to do so are easily discovered and dispatched. While this spell can be used while wearing shoes, most prefer to use it without them as the spell is normally much more accurate when the user maintains skin to earth contact. Users also tend to close their eyes when using this spell as the clash between their visual interpretations and the information obtained through the use of earthen sense has a tendency to confuse and disorient the user. This spell works very similarly to echolocation, the vibrations sent out are returned to the user with information about the environment they are in.

Earth Cutter BD1

Some pick up this technique much quicker than others

Earth Cutter (だいちカッター, Daichi kattaa): An incredibly basic spell, normally the second learned by those who chose to practice earth magic. This spell allows users to cut and dig through solid stone no different than one would be able to do to fresh powdery snow. The user is able to achieve this ability by wrapping their body or the body part they wish to use, which in most cases is either the user's hands or feet, in the ambient ethernano found in the air around them. The user will then send out a blast or wave of ethernano into the ground or stone they wish to cut through, the ethernano blast sent through the stone of dirt will break apart the molecular bonds that keep the object together, effectively breaking it down and allowing the user to easily cut or smash through. While this was originally created to be used for the purpose of things such as construction and therefore, unable to be used any further than close range.

Those utilizing this technique in battle have discovered a way to make this a mid-ranged attack, condensing the ambient ethernano pulled from the air round them into an invisible, flat, disk or blade-like object which can be thrown. This object will have a similar effect to the pulse of ethernano the spell normally takes the form of, when it comes in contact with something such as stone or any other form of earth it will cut through it. More advanced users have found a way to utilize the pulse as a long ranged attack, creating a "wall" from the ambient ethernano around them before sending it flying forward. This allows users to quickly and easily punch large holes in the ground or wall to make trenches or doorways, however, it can also be used to negate projectile attacks. For example, if a rock of some kind is throw at the user and said object comes in contact with the ethernano pulse fired by the user, the rock would quickly turn to dust. These earth cutter techniques allows users to easily cut and tunnel through dirt and stone, the showing of this ability is normally enough to intimidate most people as they watch someone crush solid rocks to dust as though it was nothing. While these pulses can be devastating to earth based attacks, it is completely harmless to humans. People who come in contact with any of these pulses will simply feel as though they had been hit by a quick gust of wind possibly strong enough to knock the hat off of someone.

Earthquake Slam BD1

Earthquake Slam (地震スラム, Jishin suramu): A basic yet devastating spell utilized by earth magic users. This spell allows users to cause large tremors that leave behind large fissures in the earth. The user initiates this spell by concentrating a large amount of ethernano into either their hand, normally curled into a fist, or their foot before striking the ground with incredible force. The ethernano that had been concentrated into either the user's hand or foot with be instantly released into the ground upon impact. The sudden release of such a large amount of ethernano into the ground causes a sudden violent explosion to occur deep under the earth, the shockwave caused by this explosion will cause the ground within a twenty-meter radius of the user to begin shaking violently, knocking opponents off balance. The explosion is also released upwards, causing the ground to crack and push skyward, normally resulting in the rising of several spike-like objects from the ground which can further damage opponents. This attack also has a tendency to uproot trees, causing them to fall every which way causing further damage to the environment.

Advanced users can concentrate this attack for better accuracy and to cause less collateral damage to the environment around them. They will concentrate the condensed ethernano they have gathered into their hands into a form of a blast sent into the ground and toward their opponent with great speed causing fissures of earth to form along the surface of the ground before a larger explosion of earth occurs once the fissure has either reached the target or exceeded the spells range of exactly two hundred and fifty-six feet. This explosion will bring with it one of four things, it will normally be three large earth spikes that will jut from the ground in an attempt to knock the opponent skyward. This is normally the go-to thing because it is the most basic and normally the first learned by users who begin practicing this spell. The second is a large amount of mud that will shoot up into the air and then crash down onto the opponent in an attempt to disorient them. The third may be a large fountain of sand that will blast straight from the fissure and into the opponent's face, this is meant to achieve the same effect as the mud, to disorient the enemy long enough for the user to cast another, more damaging spell. The third and arguably the most powerful object that may come from these is magma, which is simply molten rock and therefore easily controlled by earth magic users. This magma will be released in a large wave which will crash down upon the target in an attempt to burn them. All four of these variants of earthquake slam are known as Earthen Geyser (だいちかんけつせん, Daichi kanketsusen).

Earth Armor BD1

Earthen Armor (だいちよろい, Daichi Yoroi): A basic spell of Earth magic that allows the user to create an armor made from the earth around them to increase their defensive capabilities in combat. This armor can be made from a variety of different forms of stone, the strength of the armor depending heavily on the type of stone the armor is produced from. While it is possible for users to create these armors out of sand, mud, and magma, these choices are not highly recommended as both mud and sand are weak materials that tend to break fairly quickly when physical damage is dealt to them. Magma is not recommended for obvious reasons, while cooled magma may make for a good temporary armor, hot magma will have the same affects on the user as it would the target as earth magic users are not resistant to heat the way fire magic users are. Therefore, the magma would cause horrific burns and possible death to the foolish user. Diamond is considered the strongest material in which users can create armor from as it is nearly impossible to cut or shatter. While diamond armor is indeed considered the strongest of the possible armor sets earth magic users can create, the creation of said armor uses more magical energy than some would deem worth the effort. Though higher level mages have no qualms with using the magical energy required as their reserves are much larger than most others. Regardless of how strong or weak the armor may be, it will always suffer from the same weaknesses that have plagued all armor wears for thousands of years.

In order to allow the user mobility, the joints, waist, groin are not entirely covered by the armor and thus are the weakest points. A user can trade mobility for total defense by completely wrapping themselves in the armor including the aforementioned areas which would normally be the weakness of the armor sets. The user can, of course, free themselves from the self-created prison at any moment though they cannot move a single step in any direction while inside the armor. This is why this form of earth armor is rarely used unless the user is sure that reinforcements of some kind are on their way to help them, meaning said total defense is more of a time stalling mechanism than anything else. These "armors" can be placed around enemies though in a sub spell known as Earthen Prison (だいちかんごく, Daichi kangoku), trapping their foes. Users can also become their armors using the sub spell, Earthen Embodiment (だいちたいげん, Daichi taigen), which allows the user to become their element which in this case would be earth. Like all of the armor sets, users can become any form of earth, including diamond if they so choose.

While this sub spell is basic and incredibly easy to cast, done so by even the weakest of elemental magic users, it is maintaining the form that some have problems with as the form quickly drains the users magic energy before forcing them to reform into their regular body. While in this form, users will feel no pain and be granted a massive boost in strength. The variety of different types of earth that users can become makes this sub spell highly versatile in combat. Becoming sand allowing users to completely fade away into the air, spreading themselves out around the target to keep their exact location hidden even to those who are highly sensitive to the presence of magical signatures.

Earthen Spikes BD1

Gaia's Reach (ガイアリーチ, Gaia riichi): A basic offensive spell of earth magic that allows the user to create one or more hands made any of the different substances earth magic users can manipulate such as mud, sand, gemstones, and magma, not to mention the several different types of dirt and stone. These hands can be created in large numbers to unleash a barrage of powerful punches down upon opponents or as giant hands that can be used to crush several opponents at once, making this spell versatile for both one on one fights, and as a crowd control attack. The user can initiate this spell is several ways, from placing their palm on the ground or striking it with their foot. So long as the user is striking the ground in some way, shape, or form. The user creates said hands by pumping their own ethernano into the ground, infusing the earth in the area around them with their own magical energy, allowing them to manipulate and transform said earth, this is normally done at the beginning of battle, before any fighting takes place as this infused earth is used in many other spells.These hands, while normally shot from the ground, can be shot from walls or other surfaces. Hands created through the use of magma can also cause severe burns to opponents, giving hands made from this material and added effect.

Using a sub spell to Gaia's reach known as Earthen Spikes (だいちかすい, Daichi Supaiku), users can also sprout spikes from the ground to knock back and impale opponents, these spikes can be as thick or thin as the user sees fit. The spikes may take on different shapes depending on their opponent, for example, blunt spikes can be used to cause blunt damage, pushing opponents back or possibly breaking bones. Blunt spikes can also be used to create pillars of earth that can be used to push opponents skyward or set up future attacks, and even for defensive measures, giving the user and their allies cover as well as changing the environment to suit the user's needs. Pointed spikes can be used to cut or impale enemies, usually causing mortal wound and damage to internal organs depending upon where the target is pierced. Jagged, or serrated edged spikes can also be created to further the damage caused by these spikes and are normally used when the user has the intention of killing their opponent. The jagged, or serrated edges make them nearly impossible to pull from an impaled opponent without causing more damage to both the organs the spike has impaled and the tissue that surrounds the opponents entry and exit wounds.

These spikes can also be made into pillars similar to the blunt spikes, cutting those who brush by them on their way to the user. Spikes are also able to be combined with earthen armor to increase the armors offensive capabilities, jutting out from the armor's forearms and shoulders. All three different types of spikes can be turned into projectile attacks, the user being able to shoot them from the ground toward their opponent which cannot be done using the hands of its mother spell, but instead through the use of another sub spell known as Earthen Bullet (だいちだんがん, Daichi dangan). The projectiles can be fired a great speeds, normally reaching up to around fifty to seventy miles an hour though advanced users have been able to reach speeds upwards of ninety to one hundred miles an hour.

Earthen Twister BD1

Earthen Twister (ちたつまき, Chi tatsumaki): A basic spell of earth magic that allows users to create large tornadoes out of the various materials that users are known to be able to manipulate such as stone, clay, magma, sand, and gemstones. The user does this by infusing the earth they wish to utilize with their own magic energy which allows them to manipulate it. The stone twister is the most basic and common of the several different types, normally consisting of several different types of stone in various sizes. These twisters can vary in size depending on how the user intends to utilize them, both large and small twisters can become prisons if the twister is created around the opponent. If the opponent is foolish enough to attempt to break free from said prison, they will be met with a barrage of rocks, inflicting heavy blunt damage to opponents, rocks can also be filed down through the users own magical energy to allow them to cut opponents. The twisters have similar qualities when used against those outside of them, chasing down opponents in an attempt to bombard them with a hail if rocks. Rocks can also be shot from the twister at high velocity similar to earthen bullet described in the spell above.

Sand twisters, also known by many as "Sand Devils", can also inflict massive blunt damage to opponents, possibly burying them alive under several feet of sand. These sand devils can also be used to blind the enemy through a sub spell known as Sandstorm (砂嵐, Sunaarashi) which allows the user to create a massive sand devil to kick up all sand and dirt in the area into the air, disorienting opponents. The deadliest quality that these sand twisters exhibit is the ability to suffocate enemies, the sand forcing its way into their mouths and nostrils, blocking the opponents airways. These sand particles, like those of the rocks used in the stone twister, can be used to cut opponents. Each grain acting like a tiny blade that can slash and cut into opponents as they are caught up in the attack.

A magma twister, while not having as many abilities as its sandy cousin, is also considered one of this spells deadliest attacks. Though, due to the wind created by the spinning force of the lava, this attack may only last a few moments, cooling into solid rock. That being said, this spell can cause massive damage to opponents and the surrounding area, the hot liquid earth causing fires and burning nearly everything in its path. This hot liquid can then be quickly solidified around an enemy to trap them.

Quicksand BD1

Quicksand (流砂, Ryūsa): This is a spell that can be considered basic or advanced depending on how the user chooses to go about utilizing it. The most basic way to go about casting this spell is by collapsing the ground around the opponent so that the force of the fall is enough to lodge them into the small hole. The user will then begin to slowly push the earth around the opponent upwards while the earth that makes up the hole itself will begin to flow downward, pushing the opponent further down until they are submerged beneath the earth. At that point the earth which had been raised will collapse over them to fill in the hole, burying the victim alive. This process is incredibly painful for the victim, the rocks grinding all over their skin and causing large gashes and cuts to form as they are also slowly crushed by the earth pulling them downward. It is because of this that the spell is normally considered quite inhumane and therefore rarely used and is instead replaced with its sister spell, Pitfall (落とし穴, Otoshiana). Pitfall is very similar in the sense that it begins the same way, the ground beneath the target collapsing, however, the ground will collapse in a circle much larger than the one used in Quicksand, allowing it to affect multiple opponents at a time. The victim or victim will then fall into this hole. Depending on how deep the user has decided to make the hole the victim may die instantly, however, this spell is normally used to trap opponents for short amounts of time until backup can arrive to deal with them. There has been cases in which someone has been trapped by this spell and left to starve, but those cases are few and far between, normally being the result of a wounded mage dying before they could release the spell or call for backup.

The second way to go about casting this spell requires that the user to have mastery over Earth Magic as the ability granted to one who has mastered it allows the user to control the viscosity of the ground itself so long as it fits into the number of different types of earth that users can control. The user, as in all spells utilized by earth magic users, infuses the ground with ethernano and then takes control of it, turning solid stone to a liquid state in mere seconds if the user sees fit. The opponent will then begin to sink into the now liquid earth similar to how one might sink into quicksand, though, it can be noted that the tricks involved with escaping quicksand will not work against this spell. Even if the opponent decides to remain still they will continue to sink as it is the user that controls this process rather than the movement of the individual or individuals involved. The opponent will sink until the user sees fit to halt the process, possibly resolidifying the earth as to trap the opponent. The user may also wait until the person is completely submerged before solidifying the ground again, completely crushing the opponent in an instant.

Lava Breath BD1

Lava Breath (溶岩ブレス, youganburesu): An intermediate offensive spell that allows the user to shoot a wave of lava from their mouth. This spell utilizes earth mage's ability to manipulate lava to create this devastating attack. Like with any breath attack the user will begin the casting of this spell by taking in a deep breath. A magic circle will then appear before them. This is where this particular spell begins to deviate from that of regular breath spells as earth magic users cannot simply create lava from nothing. Within the magic circle there will be several chunks of rock which will spin around and rub up against one another at high speed until it reaches a molten form, this normally only taking three to five seconds. The user will then exhale into the magical circle which will respond by expelling the lava contained within it at high speed toward the intended target. This spell has a maximum range of twenty-five feet, the molten rock being far too heavy to continue moving forward after reaching that far.

Magma Manipulation BD1

Lava Flow (溶岩流, youganryuu): An intermediate spell that utilizes lava to create a large wave capable of completely consuming a number of enemies at once. The user will begin casting this spell by holding a hand out in front of them toward the ground. At which point a magic circle with a radius of around six feet will appear before them as the ground begins to crack. The loose rocks from the cracked ground will then enter the magic circle. The user will then begin moving their arms in a circular motion that will cause the magical circle to begin spinning. The pressure and friction within the magic circle will melt the rocks and stone into a molten form before the user thrusts their hands toward their target. An enormous wave of lava will burst forth from the circle before crashing down on to the opponent which normally results in almost instant death not from the heat but from the crushing weight of the lava being slammed down on top of them. The wave will then spread out from the point of impact to cover the ground, pooling in front of the user for several minutes before eventually cooling and hardening.

Magma Disk BD1

Magma Disk (溶岩円盤, youganenban): An intermediate spell of earth magic that allows the user to create a projectile weapon from magma. The user will begin the casting of this spell by placing several small rocks or one medium sized one into the upturned palm of their hand before placing the other hand slightly above it and casting a magic circle just above the rocks. The rocks will begin to float into the circle at which point the rocks will begin spinning in a similar manner to this casting stage of every earth magic spell involving the manipulation of lava. The circle will heat and pressurize the rock until it enters a molten form. Because the disk continues spinning after its creation a thin layer of ethernano is placed around it to keep the magma from spilling out everywhere. The user will then aim at their target before thrusting their hands forward, releasing the disk and allowing it to become a deadly projectile. The user can slightly alter the disk's course by tilting it, allowing the disk to curve if the user wishes it to.

The user may also cast multiple disks at once, by holding out their hand to lift one or several rocks from the ground into the air around them. A magic circle will appear wherever in the air these rocks come to rest, pulling the aforementioned rocks inside as the circle begins spinning to apply heat and pressure to the rocks until they become molten, at which point they will take on a disk-like shape until it is nearly flat. The user will then pick a target or multiple targets before aiming the disks at their respective destinations and firing them at a speed of around ninety-eight miles an hour. The first damage dealt to a target besides the obvious burning would be blunt damage, heavy molten rock having enough force behind it to break bones. The second damage dealt is a second wave of burning as the magma disk explodes into a gooey molten mess less than a second after the initial impact. The incredible heat of these disks can cause horrific burns on the body of anyone who comes in contact with them, even fire magic users have reported first degree burns after only a few seconds of contact. It should be noted that the user can re-use the same disk multiple times so long as they have yet to harden, simply manipulating the magma it a disk again and launching them at the opponent. If the disk has hardened the process of melting before firing must once again commence.

Lava Shot BD1

Lava Shot (溶岩弾丸, yougandangan): Another intermediate spell of earth magic that allows the user to fire lava at opponents in a similar manner to that of bullets. The user will initiate this spell by holding out their hands over a rocky or dirt covered terrain. Several small magic circles with a radius of about six inches will appear across the battlefield, it is within these circles that the lava necessary for this spell is formed. Once the lava within these circles are formed the mage need simply to pull it from the circle and toss it at the opponent. This is normally done from above, the mage pulling the lava out of the circle at an angle to create an arched shot at their opponent. These shots are meant to slam into their opponents head or chest, relying on the blunt force to stagger their opponent just enough to ensure that their next attack can end the fight. The burns caused by this attack can be horrific and life threatening, this being the second phase of this attack, catching whatever clothing or skin they come in contact with on fire.

Metallic Shield (メタリックシールド, metarikkushiirudo): An intermediate spell of earth magic that utilizes a master earth mage's ability to manipulate metal. The user casts this spell simply by locking onto any impurities in the metal they wish to manipulate, pulling it whichever direction they chose which in turn bends the surrounding metal. In this case, the user bends the metal into a shield, this shield is normally rudimentary, not taking on a very defined shape as it simply serves its purpose of blocking whatever attack it is meant to block.

Metal Whips (メタリックケーブル, metarikkukeeburu): An intermediate spell of earth magic that can only be utilized by those who have mastered the magic allows the user to bend and manipulate metal. In this particular spell the user is creating whip-like objects to strike their enemies. These can be created using anything from pre-existing wires to bending a sheet of metal into a long rope-like object. The user can then use these whips to grab, strike, or tie up opponents. They can also be used to grasp and climb things, wrapping around objects before pulling it toward them or themselves toward it.

Metal Bindings (メタル束縛, metarusokubaku): As the name suggests, this spell utilizes metal to bind opponents. To begin this the user will need to have a pre-existing metal available such as the case with all metal spells found in earth magic. The user will then rip this metal into several pieces using their earth cutter technique before launching these pieces at their foes, bending them around limbs or other body parts. Once the metal has wrapped around one of these body parts the user will then be able to pull the person into the air or perhaps to the ground to restrain them. This spell is simply meant to trap foes, however, the user could tighten the restraints to the point of crushing bone if they so willed it.

Metal Blade (メタル剣, metaruken): An intermediate spell of earth magic that allows the user to manipulate and bend metal to create a blade. The user will do this by taking a pre-existing piece or sheet of metal that the user will then bend and mold into a razor sharp blade capable of slicing through flesh with ease. This blade can be as short or as long as the user wishes so long as they possess the necessary materials to create said blade. The handle is often simply twisted metal on one of the blades ends which the user can cover with cloth or something else if they so desire or simply attach to a gauntlet of some kind.

Advanced Spells

Seven Gates BD1

Seven Gates (セブンゲイツ, Sebun Geitsu): An incredibly advanced spell of earth magic that involves the creation of several gates created solely for defensive purposes'. The user activates this spell by placing the palms of their hands together befoe placing them on the ground and saying this incantation, "Rise from this earth beneath my feet like the great mountains, unmoved by any but your own." After this is said the earth will begin to shake violently and the gates will quickly shoot up from the ground. This spell is Earth Magic's most powerful defensive spell, known for its ability to stop or block anything that dares to attempt to break through its barrier. Let it be noted that a user does not have to summon all seven gates at once as one is normally enough to block nearly any attack that would warrant the usage of this spell at all, the other seven merely being fail safes should some god-like power break through the first. The gates themselves are modeled after Rashōmon gates, large faces resembling oni are plastered across the front of each gate as well as flame like appendages spreading outward from each side. Each gate is a different color, the reason for this is because each color represents the gates role in the defense. While the first gate is indeed capable of stopping nearly any attack it is merely the first line of defense meant to take the blunt of the attack head on while each gate behind it is designed to slow down the attack until it reaches the stage in which it would be ineffective even if it was somehow able to make contact with the user. These gates store the energy they steal from attacks that make contact with them, meaning that the more abuse the gate takes, the stronger it will become, using this energy to repair and strengthen itself. This spell has only ever been known by four people five people throughout it's entire existence, only ever having been recorded by the original founder of the Vroman Family in a tome known as Terra Nova in which only two copies exist. Izar owns one of them.

Fire Magic Spells

Fire Magic BD1

Fire Magic (火の魔法, Hi no Mahō): is a form of caster and one of the most basic forms of elemental that, as the name suggests, allows the caster to create and manipulate the element of fire. Despite how basic the magic truly is it is also the most destructive and difficult to control as fire as a tendency to go out of control. Users are able to create fire through the manipulation of kinetic energy ethernano particles to spark these fires, from there the user can grow or extinguish these fires with little to no effort. It is only once they have used these flames to set other objects ablaze that the controlling of this element can become complicated as the flames no longer require the user's own magical energy to burn, instead feeding off of whatever object or objects they have come in contact with. This can result in the creation of nearly unstoppable, raging infernos that have the possibility to cause major damage to the environment around it. While these types of situations normally turn people away from the usage of this form of magic it can be noted that the complications stated above do not extend to those well versed in the usage of this magic, advanced users begin able to pour their own magical energy into flames that have found other sources of energy and have grown too strong for weaker fire mages to regain control over them to the point of even being able to completely extinguish them with little to no effort.

Fire dragon's Flicker BD1

Users also have the ability to create explosions from long distances up to around six to seven hundred feet. Manipulating the kinetic energy of the ethernano particles in the air, forcing them to heat so quickly that they ignite with enough force to cause massive explosions capable of causing a great deal of damage to anyone standing near the site of the blast. Little more than the size of the explosion and intensity of the heat can be controlled by the user meaning that fires normally break out after the usage of the explosion technique. While some may consider this a good thing, it prevents the usage of it in places where collateral damage must be kept at a minimal. Advanced users can create controlled explosions where the flames only appear for the duration of the explosion before quickly disappearing, causing the same amount of damage while limiting the amount of damage caused to the environment. Though, witnesses have seen scorch marks left as a result of its usage by even some of the most advanced fire magic users meaning that regardless of one's own level of skill, because of the unpredictability of fire, damage to the surrounding area may be unavoidable.

Blue flame fist

Fire magic has always been linked to the user's own emotions, anger and willpower can be harnessed by users to increase the power of their flames and the intensity of its heat. Fire magic users can manipulate their flames in any nearly anyway, allowing them to change its color though the color of these flames does not change its effects the way flames found in the subspecies magic, Rainbow Fire. The shape and solidarity of a user's flames can also be changed, allowing users to beat and bludgeon opponents with their flames. Flames utilized by fire magic users can also be molded into different shapes and forms, allowing users to create rudimentary shields or weapons, unable to create the finely shaped and detailed objects users of the subspecies magic, Fire-Make can create. A cutting effect can also be given objects meant to be utilized as swords or other sharp objects, allowing these flames to slash opponents through wounds caused this way are normally cauterize instantly meaning opponents cut in this manner will most likely not bleed but instead, simply be burned.

Hellflame Voice (ヘルファイアいっせい, herufaia issei): One of the most basic spells of fire magic as well as one of the most entertaining, the hellfire voice, often called fire breath, is an offensive spell that has the potential to melt iron as adept user's fire can reach upwards of 2,800°F. The user can initiate this spell by taking in a deep breath through either the nose or mouth, the actual intake being the only important part before exhaling loudly through the mouth. A magic circle will then appear in front of them, the air exiting their mouth becoming a blast of fire after passing through this circle. While absolutely deadly at close range, this spell can also be used at mid-range, having an approximant range of around one hundred and twenty feet, though, its heat is enough to singe off hair five feet past the range of the flames which means that simply avoiding the fire will not always spare you from damage.

Infernal Strike (地獄のストライキ, Jigoku no sutoraiki): An incredibly basic spell of fire magic that utilizes a fire magic user's ability to withstand high temperatures without getting burned as well as the bludgeoning effect. The user will begin casting this spell in one of two ways, the first being to place their hand over their other, casting fire over one or both of them. The second being to simply set their foot ablaze. The user will then enter close combat with their target, utilizing the flames as weapons to bludgeon and burn their opponent. The actual strength of this attack is dependent on the user's own skill in hand to hand combat, the flames only seeking to act as a buff to their attacks in a similar manner to how brass knuckles might.

Flicker (ちらつき, Chiratsuki): A basic spell of Fire magic that allows the user to create explosions from a distance with the snap of their fingers. This spell requires a bit of marksmanship, the user picking a spot in the air they wish for the explosion to take place before snapping their fingers toward said target. At which point the air within a two-foot radius of that single spot will become superheated in the matter of a few moments before a sudden flashover will take place, causing a massive explosion with enough force behind them to cause internal damage to those standing near it. The flames caused by this sudden explosion burn at a temperature of around one thousand six hundred degrees Fahrenheit, causing horrific third-degree burns to those who make contact.

Demonic Wingburst (夜叉爆破, Yasha bakuha): A basic spell of fire magic that allows the user to create flaming wings capable of firing several projectiles at targets with pinpoint accuracy. The user begins the casting of this spell by focusing their magical energy into their back. This magical energy is then ejected from the body from the shoulder blades in the form of flames that will take the shape of wings, the exact shape and size of those wings depending on the user's own preferences. These wings normally hover two to three feet away from the user's back, preventing any damage to their clothes. They can burn nearly any color depending on the emotions of the user upon the spells casting. The temperature in which these burn at can reach anywhere from five hundred degrees to two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, capable of causing third-degree burns after only a few seconds of contact. They can be used to physically attack their opponents, becoming large blunt objects that can bludgeon opponents. It can also be used as a long to mid-ranged attack, shooting flaming, arrow-like projectiles from the massive wings which can fly toward opponents at tremendous speeds, often exploding on impact. These objects can be fired a few at a time but may also be rapidly fired in a hail of continuous fire bullets until the flames that make up the wings are expended.

Burning Rain (バーニング・レイン, Bāningu rein): A basic spell of fire magic allows the user to rain down fire upon their target. The user begins the casting of this magic by creating a magic circle, whether this circle is large enough to cover the entire battlefield or just the area above the target depends on the user's own personal choice as well as their magical ability. Once the desired magic circle is created, the user can then begin sucking air into the skyward facing part of the circle which is combusted and shot down toward the ground from the other side in the form of a flaming sphere the size of an average softball. These softball sized balls of fire can rain down rapidly onto their opponents, allowing for severe burning and blunt damage as the target is bombarded with the flaming spheres which explode on impact. It is a destructive spell that can be very dangerous in the hands of a novice user as the flames can spread quickly if not kept under control. The exact length of the spell is up to the user, however, the average length for a single volley is about three seconds. During this time, over fifty flaming spheres can be launched from the circle.

Advanced Spells

Heavenly Arrows (てんらい うちゅう, tenrai uchuu): An advanced spell of fire magic that allows the user to create incredibly powerful volleys of flaming arrows capable of burning through heat resistant metals and even banishing darkness from an area for a short time. The user can begin casting this spell in several ways, mentally, allowing them to stand there while several flaming white magical circles will appear behind them in a circle, five in all from which volleys of white flaming arrows can be shot. The magic within these arrows is different from that within regular fire magic spells, the fire being closer to pure ethernano than they are to being flames, similar to that of the flame of rebuke in a weaker form to allow for a barrage capable of devastating opponents rather than a single attack that could possibly miss. The second way to cast this spell involves the user changing stances, the user holding their hands close as if they were holding a bow. Upon drawing the nonexistent string back a bright light will appear in the user's hand as both a bow and arrow will form, this allows for the user to aim directly at a single opponent, firing a shot with pin-point accuracy and limiting the chances of any collateral damage that could possibly occur from shooting several volleys at a target at once. The reason these arrows can banish darkness for an area is due to the bright light emitted from them, pushing back darkness and even shadows as well as having the possibly of blinding opponents who stare at it. This forces opponents to look away and be unable to tell exactly where the arrow is aimed at.

Flame of Rebuke (咎の炎, Toga no Honō): An incredibly rare and power spell of Fire magic that allows the user to create golden flames.To unleash the Flame of Rebuke, the user raises the motion of a target's Ethernano through telekinesis in order to ignite it; adding in their own magical power in order to cause the generated flames to take upon a golden colouration. These flames are highly versatile, and upon contact with normal beings, the flames suddenly become alive, so to speak, and latch onto them, sucking up their energy which allows the fire to intensify; and the user can shape the flames into numerous structures in order to attack. These flames are unable to be extinguished nor are they able to be taken control of by a secondary-source; they move and burn according to the will of the user. The flames act completely separately to regular flames, and pursue an enemy relentlessly with great speed, accuracy, and strength. They are also hard to douse, as they continue burning even when struck with a large amount of water. When faced with opposing fire spells, the flames consume them in order to boost their strength and quantity. What is interesting to note is that the golden flames known as the Flame of Rebuke are said to be as powerful as the Magic Satellite: Etherion, something that was revealed later on with another magician harnessing their power. The Flame of Rebuke, while simultaneously leeching magical energy from the opponent upon contact, also pulverizes them viciously, leaving them with the feeling as if they had been hit by Etherion point-blank, as the flames destroy anything that they touch in a wide sphere-esque formation, literally tearing holes in anything that the flames come into contact with. However, as a drawback to this immensely powerful spell, the Flame of Rebuke sucks up virtually all of the user's magical power, meaning that it should be advised that they are used as a last-resort against powerful enemies. Last, but not least, if a Slayer Magic who practices fire consumes the Flame of Rebuke, they will immediately enter their respective "Force", as they will become supercharged with magical energy and stamina.

Water Magic

Water Magic BD1

Water Magic (みずまほう, Mizu mahou): Is a form of Caster and Elemental magic that allows the user to manipulate or create water to caster powerful spells. This water can be created via the user's own magical energy or simply manipulated from preexisting sources such as bodies of water. Mages who use this type of ,magic are connected to their element, being able to sense and feel its flow around them in all three states. Users can manipulate the pressure of the water they are using to attack, making cutting through steel an easy task for those who utilize this incredible magic. Users also possess the ability to control the temperature of the water they are utilizing, sending down barrages of freezing cold or boiling water onto enemies. They can raise the temperature to the point that water becomes steam, allowing them to burn opponents, though it can be noted that they cannot control water in this form, only changing it between the states of matter. They may also lower the temperature of the water to the point that it becomes ice, though, they cannot manipulate this ice beyond its simple creation and destruction in a similar manner to their restrictions when it comes to steam as they are able change its state of matter but only manipulate it in its liquid form. Despite this, the ability to create ice is one that is not to be underestimated, frozen projectiles, slippery surfaces and icy prisons are deadly possibilities when dealing water mages. Masters of this form of magic have also be rumored to be able to take control of others using the water found within the bodies of humans and other animals, possibly even ripping the very water from their body to cause rapid dehydration and ultimately death.

Boiling Breath: Boiling breath is a slightly more advanced version of one of the most basic water magic spells in existence, hydraulic Screech. The difference between the two simply being that boiling breath utilizes a water mage's ability to control the temperature of the water they are using. In this case, the water is scalding hot, leaving third-degree burns on human flesh if the opponent is exposed to it for two seconds. The user casts this spell similarly to how any breath attack works, they will take a large breath of air before exhaling into a magic circle that will use the mage's own ethernano to transform the air into scalding water that will fly toward the opponent in a straight line at high speed as if the water were pressurized. This can also be turned into a spit attack if the user substitutes air for actual water (this can include their own spit), spitting water into the circle which will heat and pressurize it into a water bullet and thus allowing for rapid fire as well as a much more accurate firing system. This spell's range varies depending on several factors. more concentrated streams will go farther than a single large breath. The latter normally only reaching about twenty feet while the former can reach up to one hundred. Rapid fire spits are fast, clashing against gravity with its forward momentum which allows it to travel much farther, having a range of three hundred feet.

Aquatic strike: A basic spell of water magic that allows the user to deal devastating physical blows to their opponent. The user begins the casting of this spell by focusing their magical energy into their either their fists or feet depending on which they'd prefer to strike with. They will then either create or manipulate pre-existing water to coat their hands or feet. The user will then infuse the water with their own magical energy, allowing it to spin around in a similar manner to a drill bit of some kind. The water also taking on a bludgeoning effect as the user strikes the opponent with the equivalent force of someone being hit by high-pressure water, normally knocking them off of their feet as well as knocking the wind out of them. If the user is abe to pin the opponent, they can use the spinning water like a drill to dig into them, causing massive damage as the water rips through flesh and muscle rather easily. Kicks are often the more brutal between the two different ways this spell is normally cast, shattering skulls and other bones with relatively easy, the water becoming almost solid when experiencing shock being applied to it, feeling similar to be being hit by a concrete slab.

Shark Fin Barrage: Another basic spell of water magic that allows the user to throw sickle-shaped projectiles at targets. The user often begins the casting of this spell by either creating water in the palm of their hand or manipulating the pre-existing water around them. Either way, the user will focus their magical energy as well as the water into their hand where it will begin to spin rapidly, during this time the user may utilize the water as a melee weapon, using it like a circular saw to cut through different objects. This has come to be known as a sub spell created through the usage of its mother spell called Hydro Saw. Once the water has reached the desired speed the user may throw the object. The speed and force in which the object flows causing the circular object to bend out of shape, taking on the shape of a curved blade. These are normally fired rapidly, three or four being released at a time. The water sickles will fly at the target with great speed, the curved blade being sharpe enough to cut through solid rock. Once the blades have made contact with the object it will regain its circular form and begin to rapidly around the opponent in an attempt to cut through armor or damage the target in some way. The duration of this spell normally only lasts around five seconds from the moment the blade makes contact but the sharpness of the blade means that it doesn't need much time to have the possibility of causing serious damage to anyone hit by them.

Kraken's Reach: A basic spell of water magic that allows the user to create a pair or several water tentacles that can be used to whip, grab, and crush enemies depending on their size. The user begins casting this spell by covering their arms in water and attaching spheres of water on the locations they wish for the tendril to sprout from. The user will them manipulate the water, letting the water move outwardly to grow in length to create long, whip-like appendages capable of breaking the sound barrier when swung to whip and smack at opponents. These tentacles can vary greatly in length depending on the user's own magical power and wishes. The whip-like tentacle is capable of extending and retracting at will, it's sharp, drill-like tip making it the perfect tool in impaling opponents as they water becomes very blunt on impact with any other object. Each tendril is capable of producing enough force to crush an average human, acting very similarly to an anaconda in the sense that they coil around the target before beginning to squeeze down on them. However, unlike an anaconda that tries to slowly suffocate their prey, the tendril loosens and then tightens its grip on its target rapidly, letting it go for only a moment before tightening around it again with more force than it had the last time as it attempts to crush bones and organs to cause a quick death for victims.

Posiden's Current: A basic spell of water magic that allows the user to create a wave capable of knocking opponents off of their feet and dragging them underwater. The user begins the casting of this spell by taking control of the water in the area or by creating the water themselves, collecting a large amount until a giant sphere of water is formed. The user will then direct this sphere at their opponent, watching it collapse into large wave that will rush at the opponent with great speed before crashing down on top of them and often sweeping them off their feet to be carried along with the wave which will often continue to move for another hundred feet. The damage caused by the wave crashing down on opponents can range from getting the air knocked out of them, crushed bones, and even getting completely knocked out if their head hits the ground due to the force of the wave. More damage can be expected if the wave smashes into a wall or other objects after sweeping away the opponent as the opponent is thrown into objects with bone crushing force.

Vortex Shield: A very basic defensive spell of water magic that involves the user creating a flat vortex of spinning water with a slight blunt effect to it which allows it to act as a shield while also possibly throwing the opponent off balance. Opponents who attempt to strike the vortex will have their weapons tossed to the side as the vortex spins rapidly counter-clockwise, possibly disarming them if their grip was not well placed. While inherently meant for defense, users may utilize the shield as an offensive weapon if they wish to. Shield bashing opponents and even using the edge of the blade like a saw to cause cutting damage upon throwing the shield.

Steam Cloak: A basic spell of water magic that allows the mage to release a large amount of steam from their mouth the cloak the area in a nearly impossible to see through cloud of hot steam. The user will cast this spell by taking in a deep breath of air into their lungs the air in their lungs will turn into water, filling them to the brim with the liquid and leaving the user unable to breathe while casting the spell. The user will then exhale the water in the form of hot steam that will immediately fan out and cloak the area within a one hundred foot radius of the user. The steam is hot and will burn the skin, though, not enough to cause any serious injury and only being enough to slightly flush the skin and irritate those trapped inside. This steam will hang in the air for approximately thirty seconds before dissipating and clearing the field of vision once again.

Soothing Touch: An intermediate spell of water magic that allows the user to utilize the magical healing abilities of water to heal minor wounds such as scrapes, cuts, and bruises. The user begins casting this spell by coating their hands in a layer of water to look similar to that of a pair of mitts. The user will then place one or both hands over a wound they wish to heal. The water will begin to swirl lightly upon contact with the wound, cleaning it before glowing slightly as the wound begins to fade from sight. The healing process of small wounds may only take a few seconds but nasty or infected wounds may take a bit long. It should be noted that the user may leave the bundled water on a wound and continue forward, leaving the water to heal the wound while they continue fighting. While this does make the healing process take longer as the ethernano is no long being manuelly fed into the wound to close or heal it, it allows the user to stay mobile rather than remaining a sitting duck to be picked off.

Maelstrom Fury:

Water Body:

Slick Spot: A basic spell of water magic that utilizes the user's ability to lower the temperature of their water to that of freezing to create ice. This spell is normally used as a follow up to any spell that ends with pools of water being left on the ground. The user will freeze these pools of water to create several spots on the battlefield and hopefully beneath the opponents feet that are iced over, allowing for chances in which the opponent will slip momentarily and be left open for an attack to possibly finish them off.

Freezing Needles: An intermediate spell of water magic that allows the user to create shards of ice to impale opponents using their ability to lower the temperature of the water to its freezing point and lower. The user casts this spell by holding their hand into the air above them. At this point, several small magic circles will appear above the user of surrounding the opponent. These circles will produce several pointed ice needles created from the ambient moisture in the air that will be shot from said circles at high speeds. These shards of ice can vary in length, some can measure upwards of three to four feet while others can be as small as six inches to a foot long. Giant shards called javelins may also be created with the intention of completely destroying a target's internal organs. Needles are often aimed at strategic points on the opponents body, seeking to inhibit muscle movements by cutting through important tendons of cutting directly through joints. They have also been know to rip through Ethernano channels, the magic inside of the shards disrupting the ethernano traveling through the opponents body and making it difficult for them to cast spells for a time until the point can be repaired.

Wind Magic

Wind Magic BD1

Wind Magic (風魔法, Kaze Mahō): Wind magic is a form of elemental and caster magic that allows the user to manipulate the element of wind to cast powerful offensive and defensive spells. Wind magic users use the air around them, combining it with their own magic power to change its properties which allows it to be utilized as a weapon. It should be noted that wind infused with a mages magic tends to take on a less transparent form, making it visible to others for a short time. The most notable change comes in the form of sharp and blunt wind, users of this form of magic being able to utilize the wind as though it were a physical object. This allows users to bludgeon or cut opponents depending on their choice of spell, quick slices of pressurized air bring as sharp as a razors edge which allows these dangerous attacks to cut through flesh with relative ease. Wind magic users also have the option of utilizing simple wind to create powerful gusts upwards of one hundred and seventy miles an hour to sweep opponents off of their feet before they even knew what hit them. Wind magic users also possess the ability to alter the temperature of the wind they are using, creating warm or freezing gusts. The temperature of the wind cannot be heightened or lowered enough to burn or completely freeze a human being but prolonged exposure to cold wind can begin freezing water. Burns are also possible but not because of the winds temperature, friction burns can be caused by exposure to the incredibly high speeds of wind utilized by these mages.

Bellow of the Mountain Giant (青嵐, aoarashi): A powerful yet basic spell of Wind magic that, like most breath based attacks, begins when the user draws in a large breath of air into their lungs. A magic circle will then appear in front of them that they will proceed to blow into, the circle acting to enhance the attack, turning a simple breath of air into a hurricane force winds reaching speeds upwards of one hundred and seventy miles an hour, though, it should be noted that this spell can be weakened by the user to keep damage to the target at a minimum as well as preserve magical energy. These winds are normally powerful enough to knock most people off of their feet, sometimes even throwing them several feet back. This spell normally lasts between five and ten seconds, having a maximum range of sixty feet. A blunt or cutting effect can be applied to this spell, having a wall of wind slam into the target or several tiny sickle-like wind blades cut the target to shreds. The name of the spell itself was given to it by its creator due to the extremely loud, sometimes echoing noise that is created during it.

Breath Taker BD1

Breath Taker (息吹盗賊, Ibuki touzoku): A basic spell of wind magic that allows the user to create a vacuum via the creation of a vortex around the opponent or opponents. The user will begin casting this spell by holding their hands out toward the intended target if they are indeed targeting an individual before making a pulling motion to extract the air from their lungs before using that same air to create the vortex, spinning it around the victim's head at high speed until a vacuum is achieved. At which point the user will continue to let the wind rotate around to the point in which the victim is left either dead or unconscious. This spell may also be used on a group of enemies, creating a literal tornado around them to create the necessary vacuum needed to incapacitate them. In order to escape this spell, a target must either reverse the winds direction to nullify its rotation thus destroying the vacuum or escape its range if it is the larger scale tornado which, thanks to the high wind, can be an incredibly dangerous task. The radius of this spell can reach a maximum of eight feet.

Fade: A very basic spell of any elemental magic is the ability to transform and completely embody their respective element. Taking the phrase, "Flow like the wind" to a whole new level, this spell allows the user to completely break down their body into the element of wind. The user does this by focusing their magic throughout their body until they have a thin veil of magic over them similar to their aura, the process of doing this taking under a second, being almost instant as the veil of magic covers the body and infuses with the user's own cells. The user will then use that magic to convert their body to that of wind, the user becoming completely invisible and impossible to trace as they spread themselves out into the air, perfect for covert missions that involve the use of complete stealth. When in this form the user is untouchable by any magic or physical means outside of consumption by a wind or sky slayer of some kind. Even heating up the air will have no effect on the user as they do not feel pain. The user can reform rather quickly as well, normally reforming body parts such as the appendages first allowing for them to exit the spell swinging. While this spell does allow for the user to quickly and easily get the upper hand in most fights the transformation from wind back into their physical body and vice versa uses up a lot of magical energy and it is recommended that one not abused the ability unless absolutely necessary.

Whirlwind Twister: An intermediate spell of wind magic that allows the user to create a powerful tornado to devastate both opponents and the landscape as the winds ravage everything in its path. The user begins the casting of this spell by creating a magic circle on the ground in which the air around it will begin to spin, faster and faster until it becomes a visible swirling vortex. This vortex is capable of sucking up objects and kicking up massive amounts of debris such as dust anything else that so happens to be in the area such as humans. The inside of the vortex is a vaccum, meaning that any living objects within the vortex will be unable to breath. That is the least of their worries however as a cutting effect can be added to the wind to make the edges of the twister into a vortex of blades capable of cutting deeply into the flesh of those who get too close.

Hikari and Yami

Dark Slice: Very similar to the well known, Sword Magic, this version replaces the pulse of ethernano with that of darkness. Izar will focus his magic into the blade, activating the darkness magic lacrima within it and allows it to flow throughout the blade with the largest focus being on its edge before Izar will swing the blade and release a black sickle-shaped mass of darkness that can cut through almost anything in its path. This of course includes things such as wood, metal, and even flesh. The sickle-shaped dark blade can cut through several objects before dissipating into oblivion and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. It should be noted that the user can control the size of the blade released, being sure not to use more magic than needed. The single blade can also be substituted for several thousand much smaller blades that can cause large amounts of damage against living creatures while lowering the chances of causing any lasting damage, the blades slicing muscles and tendons to weaken the enemy to the point of no longer being able to fight. Much like its sister spell, it can be used to knock away projectiles.

North Star: Utilizing the light lacrima within Hikari, Izar has the ability to create a giant flash of light capable of not only blinding opponents but momentarily banishing the darkness from around him in a brief but powerful flash of light. The main focus of this attack is to blind and disorient opponents long enough for Izar to get off another, more offensive, attack. However, as stated before, it does well to banish darkness from the area, working similar to a flashbang in the sense that it a loud, ear piercing sound is admitted from the blade the moment the light escapes. This sound is instant and goes away almost as quickly, leaving a ringing in the ears of those who hear it. The light. however, fades slowly and can take upwards of ten to fifteen seconds to fully disappear. The flashbang attack gets its name from what it was originally created to do, to act as a flare and signal those who have lost their way, Izar having used it to find Marie at once point in which they were separated in the mountains of Iceberg. This "flare" works similarly to the simple bright flash emitted from the sword, casting light over the entirety of an area, having the possibility of blinding those who look directly at it.

Unison Raids

Abyss Break (煉獄砕破ア, Abisu Bureiku):





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