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Jace Livingstone
Name Jace Livingstone
Kanji ジェイスリビングストン
Rōmaji ジェイスリビングストン
Race Human
Birthday January 13
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Eyes Ivy
Hair White
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Independent Mage
Team Team Portgas
Partner Balthazar Portgas
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Magic Ice Make

Jace Livingstone(ジェイスリビングストン ジェイスリビングストン) renowned as the Ice Emperor Jace. Who's birth name is Jasson Livingstone is an independent mage that is partners with Balthazar Portgas. He seem to have a connection to Fairy Tail and Tsuyo is one of the members of the mage team, Portgas. He specializes in Ice make and Sword Magic and he is a central character of the series Legacy Of Portgas.


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Jace's General Appearance

Jace is rather short for his age. He wears black jacket,with a silky white shirt underneath. He has a pair of dazzling Ivy eyes that have scared many of his previously.

Tucked under his shirt is a yellow scarf, That was given to him by his older Brother. On his left hand he holds a ring that has an ice lacrima. He has unnaturally spiky white hair, with makes Jace different from the rest of the guild. Tsuyoi also wear a black white robe as his training clothes. He can form wings from ice that allow him to fly as if he was a dragon. His good looks were usually recognized back in his childhood.


"The world will tremble at the face of a new hero"
— Erzadragon

The Ice Emperor Jace

Jace has proven to be a good character that has a strong spirit that cannot be broken. In The Path Of The Shibukai he shows toward Gon a murderous intent. He would die for his friend and is usually the first to jump into battle and puts himself as the leader of his Team. In addition he also acts to be of an elder brother toward Balthazar if it doesn't seem like that.

He also has a large ego that gets in his way more than half of the time. Jace can feel more than confident in a battle and loves to provoke his enemy into fear before he seriously inflicts any damage to them. Jace's pet peeve is Balthazar's cocky attitude. But what he hates is when someone points out that he is short or call's him a midget.


Magic & Ability


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