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Jack Jumper



Jakku Janpaa

Parent Magic

Take Over


Peter Reyes

Jack Jumper(ジャックジャンパー Jakku Janpaa) Is a Take Over Spell used by Peter Reyes.


Jack Jumper Is the second spell that Peter discovered when he found himself in a deserted island. In this form, he resembles a humanoid insect like creature with a red and orange exoskeleton covering his entire body. He possesses four orange legs that are double jointed, which support an insect abdomen. A human like torso rises out from the front, from inside of a triangular plate of armor, covered in the sectioned armor of his exoskeleton. His forearms are covered by large durable plates, from which three digits jut out at the end, forming his hand. Intricate armor plating protects his shoulder joints and back, and light blue fins jut out from his forearms and along his spine. His head sits at the end of a segregated neck, consisting of a single red plate for the face, and orange jaw, and a crest where a pair of antennae rest. He possesses a pair of mandibles lining his human jaw, with blue compounded eyes just above them. When the user is in this form, he is able to generate and manipulate any form of liquid around him, drawing it into his system before releasing it into another way. 

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