"The Knights Templar would rise when I gave the words."

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Jack the Reaper
Name Jack the Reaper
Kanji ジャック ス リアパー
Rōmaji Jakku su Riapaa
Alias "The Devil's Advocate" (ス デビルス アドボカト, Su Debirusu Adobokato)
Race Human
Birthdate Year X765
Age 26

Male Male

Height 6'2 ft
Weight 155 Ibs
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Light Black
Blood Type A
Guild Mark Location Back Torso
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Dual saber command seal by lez cobra-d7iqy7v Knights Templar

Unitary Republic of Caelum (URC)

Previous Affiliation Fiore's Military
Occupation Legal Mage


Previous Occupation Dark Mage
Team None
Previous Team The Seven Holy Virtues
Partner Himself
Previous Partner Hisui E. Fiore
Base of Operations Knights Templar's Stronghold
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Jeanne d'Arcadia (fiancée)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Magic Art of Plotania
Weapons Unarmed

"You reap what you sow, young lad."
— The Reaper's words to Keith Maverick

Jack the Reaper (ジャック ス リアパー, Jakku su Riapaa) is a former leading commander of Fiore's main military air-force who once participated in a magic war against a prosperous nation most commonly known as the Pergrande Kingdom. Whereas Fiore was never been given an invitation for a world trade deal with other selective nations such as the Bosco Kingdom and the Joya Kingdom from the Pergrande Kingdom did it sparked political and social outrage. As a result of it, this left Jack and his nation, Fiore with no other alternatives, but to fight its way out through using aggressive force as their last attempt to expand new lands and territorial resources. Due to Fiore being able to pulled away from their only circumstance of isolationism, Jack stated that his homeland was already now beginning to fall at the brink of economic depression right after the war. This economic crisis causes a long lasting recession in which later continued on for the coming years as Fiore's currency of jewels were soon losing their own special value in the future market. Jack the Reaper is better described as the primary villainous character who made a grand appearance for the first time ever in Jeanne d'Arcadia's route and played a greater role there.









Magical Power & Combat Ability







  • His quote is based off of a direct paralleled reference to God's Justice.
  • His name is an alternate reference to both a historical figure, Jack the Ripper, and a mythological figure known as the Grim Reaper, Death.
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