Jackal Paw is a mage guild in Fiore. It's guild master, Rerolic Hitsleft, is one of the Seven Beast Mages. The Seven Beast Mages are a group of mages who aren't recognised as Ten Wizard Saints, but have the same power. Master Rerolic uses a magic similar to Dragonslayer, except it isn't quite Anti-Dragon magic, but rather it is Anti-Serpent magic (as in Sea Serpents opposed to Dragons. There are many kinds of beasts like this, each with their own -slayer magic. Dragonslayer is the most common, Demonslayer is the most powerful, and Serpentslayer is the rarest. Some others include Vampireslayer, Werewolfslayer, Titanslayer, Cerberusslayer, and the oddest -slayer magic, Wereboarslayer. There are hundreds more kinds as well, such as Rocslayer and Dinosaurslayer. All are taught by the monster you are taught to slay.