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Jaimie Bolteron (ラビ, Rabi) is a independent mage who travels along the country of Fiore in order to protect a stolen scroll from a group of dark mages. He has no allies, and isn't joining a guild.

Lavi stance

Jaimie's full appearance.

Jaimie Bolteron
Lavi by Kairi Chu
Name Jaimie Bolteron
Kanji ラビ
Rōmaji Rabi
Race Human
Birthday unknown
Age 17
Gender Male
Height none
Weight none
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation none
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation independent mage
Base of Operations none
Personal Status
Relatives unknown
Marital Status unknown
Alias unknown
Magic none


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Jaimie is such a quite boy, been always calm and patient with everyone. He always tries to keep calm in difficult situations, trying to uses his mind and knowledge about the actual situation. He doesn't let feelings take his control, even having a dark past. He tries to erase his past, and focus only in the present and the future. After all, he cares a lot about his comrades, avoiding places them in dangerous situations. With his enemies, he has no mercy.

In most of situations, he prefers to stay alone, with no one trying to talk and interact with him. He fears that if someone make some contact with him, this person may be taken by his enemies and get tortured and killed. People may call him as a unsocial guy, but in the reality, he is just a boy who cares for everyone.

Jaimie is also a very intelligent boy. He knows how to speak with different kinds os people, and know how to keep secrets safe. He is very good at lying to other people, and very good to discover the truth. In the past, he studied the human body and its individual characteristics that different individuals can have, been able to identify when someone is lying or not; then, he is very good at interrogate.





Powers and Abilities

Archive - Jaimie's favorite magic. He has proud of himself about been able to learn this magic, which allow him to memorize many kinds of magics, and been able to fight against them. With this magic, Jaimie can create maps about the places he is at the moment, and also can use telepathy to enter on his opponents minds, without they know about it.

Hand-to-hand combatant - Jaimie is very good at the martial arts. He knows effective moves and skills in the close combat, and don't get worried if had to fight against someone in the hand-to-hand combat.

Good memorization - Jaimie has a brilliant mind. In the past, he was trained as a spy and information collector, and then he trained his mind to be a very smart person, been able to memorize a great amount of details about the locations where he goes, the enemies who he fight with, and others... Thanks to this speciality, he could learn alone the Archive magic.


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