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James Cook



Jeimuzu Kukku

  • Envoy of the Seas (海の使者 Umi no shisha?)
  • Captain of the Seven Seas (七海の船長 Umi no senchō?)



Male.png Male


205 cm (6' 9")


185 lb (83.9 kg)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

Republic of Pirates Republic of Pirates

Guild Mark Location


Previous Occupation

Letter of Marque


Crew of the Endeavour


Rose Cortez

Base of Operations

Hargeon Town

Personal Status
  • Unnamed parents
  • Unnamed wife (deceased)
  • Henry Cook (Son; deceased)

Endeavour's sword
Magic flintlocks

James Cook (ジェイムズ・クック Jeimuzu Kukku?), infamously referred as Envoy of the Seas (海の使者 Umi no shisha?) and the Captain of the Seven Seas (七海の船長 Umi no senchō?), was an legendary human male cartographer, explorer, navigator, mage, privateer and shipmaster of the Shallow Depths during the modern-day period of the war on Piracy. James was commissioned by the Northern Sea Republic to defend many shipping routes throughout the Northern Seas and off the coast of the Northern Shores. During his privateering, he was soon commissioned by the Lord High Admiral to ship cargo to Bosco where he understood what the cargo was. When he went to inspect the cargo, he find himself with slaves from not only humans, but even elves, nomad, Köttur. As he traveled to Bosco, he noticed his escorts being the "prototypes" he heard of, suggesting of something else entirely. Halfway to Bosco, James decided to liberate the slaves, and went against the NSR, engaging in naval warfare against this escorts. Despite this efforts from himself and the slaves, the ship sunk into the ocean, seemingly killing him and the slaves. However unbeknownst to the NSR escorts, James was visited by an mermaid-shaped being and had an deal with him which allowed the resurface of the Shallow Depths along with the slaves. The Shallow Depths having been empowered by the mermaid, was able to take out the two NSR escorts before fleeing from the area. James knew he can't return, but one of the former slaves came to him, asking if the ship should be renamed and he thought of "Endeavour", a word for "effort" which the ship as endeavoured enough.

At some, he was captured and branded as an pirate by the NSR and sentenced to death by hanging. How he escaped is left to interpretation but he said the prison guards had foolishly given the keys to a dog which prior betraying the NSR, was quite friendly towards him and was able to unlock when the dog gave him the key. This was also the time he took the dog with him as he escaped.


Birth & Early Life

James Cook, born into the Cook family, a poor family in the Pacific ocean under the authority of the hostile Imperium of Terra. Being in born in Yorkshire, the town was constantly overburdened with tax by the Imperium, which then caused widespread concern with the Imperium sent in soldiers to arrest those not meeting the quota.


  • James Cook: The Pirate of the Republic

  • James Cook: Rise of Captain Cook

  • Appearance


    Magic & Abilities

    Telepathy (念話 Terepashī?): James as demonstrated basic levels of telepathic capabiliies, using it communicate with those on the Endeavour, allowing quick communication.

    Telekinesis (テレキネシス Terekineshisu?): James has performed telekinetic capabilities, using to perform basic tasks that helps him maintain and work. Using telekinesis to lift matter, he also uses it help the crew maintain the ship.

    Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō?): As a sea captain, James has demonstrated some degree of expertise and skill in swordsmanshi, shown that his swordplay can take on most pirates of the seas. As such he can ultilize Sword Magic to this regard.

    Guns Magic (銃弾魔法(ガンズ・マジック) Ganzu Majikku?): James is most skilled in the usage of firearms, that means Guns Magic, which he shown to fire not Water Magic, but also Fire Magic in the form of Heat Magic. Combined grants him the unique subspecies magic of Mizunetsu Magic, the magic that uses heated, boiling water thanks to the Heat Magic.

    Expert Strategist & Tactician: James is praised as one of the greatest officers in the Navy, having shown great logical capacity of judgement and coordination during the Cross-Pacific Conflict one year before the Zeref's attempt in taking the Lumen Histoire. He has shown he understands almost all vectors, and possible outcomes, understanding that one variable can alter another. This is shown if he has a accurate map, here he can accurately coordinate vessels of the Navy into positioning regarding situations. This stems in also leading ground-based forces, using his many knowledge on terrain to help the Fiore Royal Army in taking out hostiles. It was said James would research his enemies, finding out their culture and society, which he can determine how they will react and would/could react.


    • Erza Scarlet: James as found Erza an interesting character since she had hired for transportation. Ever since meeting her, she has requested his services time again due to his strong teamwork with his crew, making him an perfect choice for an mage for Erza to be with. He considers the relationship valueable long-term and considered Erza an close ally.
    • Mary Jane Kelly: James has a close relationship with Mary Jane Kelly of the Highrise guild, who also valued the friendships he forged. He met her after she contacted him about helping them handle Golden Seat and their attempt reviving the Garden of Babylong.

    Trivia & Notes

    • Named and based after James Cook, a "legendary" British man who mapped out of the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand.
    • Early story also inspired by Jack Sparrow with the "slaves" as cargo.