"Endlessly judging you."

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"Yep, yep I'm one of those people. Whaddya guys call 'em again? Um...oh yeah, "expendables". Yeah, I'm one of those expendables. I'm one of those guys who doesn't have the ability to create explosions in mid-air. I'm one of those guys who can only stand there, watching as my superiors imprison the most powerful of enemies with nothing but a glance. I' of the many, who look to what I'd like to call, "God". Though...God probably doesn't exist. He's just one of those stupid make-believes that children, much like myself, listen to, as a means to dream on in this pointless place."
— James talking to Carolyn Wallace

"He whom lives in a Godless World."

James Lovelock (ジェームズ ラブロック Jēmusu Raburokku)







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