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Jason Moon
Name Jason Moon
Kanji ジェイソン ムーン
Romanji Jixeison Muun
Race Human
Birthday 13 January
Age 47
Gender Male
Height 181 cm(5'11")
Eyes Unknown
Hair Black
Blood Type A+
Unusual Features Always wears sunglasses
Professional Status
Affiliation Black Moon
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Guild Master
Previous Occupation Dark Mage
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Guild hall
Personal Status
Relatives Esmeralda Moon (Daughter)

Maya Rosary (Adoptive Daughter)

Magic Ice-Make

Lightning Magic

Alias Cold Flash(コールフラッシュ kouru furasshu)
"I hope you're strong enough to entertain me."
— Jason

Jason Moon(ジェイソン ムーン Jixeison Muun) is the Guild Master of the Dark Guild Black Moon.


Jason is a tall good-looking man. He has black hair and always wears sunglasses. Nobody knows what he looks like without his sunglasses, not even his daughters. 

Jason usually wears a black suit with a white tie.


Jason is a very calm and relaxed person. He is very lazy and doesn't do anything when there're enemies coming to the guild, except sending his S-Class to crush the enemies. Esmeralda usually scolds him for his laziness, but Jason answers the enemies aren't strong enough to entertain him. When he needs to fight, he doesn't have any compassion for his enemy and quickly destroys him or her. 


There isn't much known about Jason's past, except that something painful happenend to Esmeralda's mother and he can't forgive the Magic Council.


  • Esmeralda Moon: Esmerada is Jason's daughter. He may not show it, but he cares deeply about her.
  • Maya Rosary: Jason adopted Maya when she was 17, and he knows her past. He cares deeply about her.
  • Haru Lockheart: Haru looks up to Jason. Jason told Haru that he is a candidate to be the next guild master.
  • Kyou Keeper: Kyou often asks Jason to fight him, to test his strenght, cause Jason thinks Kyou isn't a candidate to be the next guild master
  • Kei Yurei:
  • Lavi Cross:
  • Kathlyn la Coeur:
Jason Moon 2

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Powers and Abillities

Jason is the strongest mage in his guild. 


Lightning Magic

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