"Stop Tartaros. Please, just stop Tartaros"
— Jedediah Backburn's last words

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Jedediah Backburn is a Mage of Fairy Tail wherein he is a member of Team Bella and a part time member of Team Natsu.


Jedediah is a few inches taller than Isaiah. He has chocolate brown hair and gray eyes with glasses. His guild mark is located on the back of his right hand. He also has a scar on his right shoulder from when he challenged Erza Scarlet

Jed does not typically wear the same type of clothing, but he is always shown wearing a denim jacket. He wears his collar normally, whereas Isaiah turns it upward.

Jedediah's battle gear is virtually the same as casual attire. He wears a solver jumpsuit, black boots and a black leather jacket. He wears the collar turned downward.


Jed is the quiet, thoughtful, and responsible of the twins. He is not careless and is good at avoiding conflict altogether. He doesnt like it when people confuse him with Isaiah, but he is smart enough not to lash out.

Magic and Abilities

Acid Magic: Jed is an Acid Mage. He can handle acid without burning his skin off. He doesn't use much of his magic energy, since he molds acid into smaller shapes, while Isaiah uses alot of magic energy to create large shapes.

  • Backburn: Jed and Isaiah do a combination known as Backburn. Jed attacks from behind whule Isaiah distracts the enemy. Jed is so quiet and the enemy is too busy woth Isaiah that the enemy will not notice Jed its too late.


Jed and Isaiah were born into the Acidwire guild, until they left for Fairy Tail at a young age. They challenged a young Erza Scarlet but were beaten, each agining a scar.


  • Jed and Isaiah were inspired by actual twins the creator knew.
  • Sandra Skyheart though she was seeing doubles when she first knew the twins.
  • If Jedediah had a voice actor, it would have been Michael Sinterniklaas
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