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Jedi Guild
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Name Jedi Guild
Kanji Jedai Girudo
Rōmaji Jedi Breasla
Master Andromeda Srace
S-Class Mages Uranus Stephen James Chan

Mary Anne Clane Voltaire Dennis Ran

Type Legal
Location Near Lockness Falls

Jedi Guild

A guild handed down by generations of the Srace Family. It has 3 S-Class mages. The Magic Council has never seen its interior since it is heavily guarded by the members. There are rumors that doors lead to dimensions andmonsters hiding in that place but there were no such proofs.


Name Rank Team Magic
Andromeda Srace Guild Master None Creation Magic (never mistake for lost magic!!)
Uranus Stephen James Chan S-Class Star Warriors Psychic and Illusion Magic
Mary Anne Clane S-Class Star Warriors Sorceress Magic
Voltaire Dennis Ran S-Class Star Warriors Lightning Magic
Alannah ZX Mage Star Warriors
Santiago Cardcapter Mage Star Warriors Heavenly Magic
Zoe Rea Cardcapter Mage Star Warriors Nature Magic
Arcturus Ieo Cardcapter Mage Star Warriors Earth Magic
Air Mage None Air Magic
Aurorea ZX Mage None Heavenly Magic
Deilah Syria Mage None Dark Magic
Terra Leaniss Mage None Plant Magic
Aira ZX Mage None Fire Magic
Luna Mage None  Moon Magic
Vanessa Alona Mage None Dark Magic
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