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Jellal Fernandes (Shepherd)
Fairy tail 120 mystogan by d prodi3y-d7jj51k
The Second Coming Mystogan
Name Jellal Fernandes
Kanji ジェラール・フェルナンデス
Rōmaji Jerāru Ferunandesu
Alias "Siegrain" (ジークレイン, Jīkurein)
"The Dark Knight" (ス ダーク クニト, Su Daaku Kunito)
"The Hero-King" (ス ヘルッキング, Su Herukkingu)
"Mystogan" (ミストガン, Misutogan)
Race Human
Birthdate Year X765
Age 26

Male Male

Height 6'1 ft
Weight 151 Ibs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blue
Blood Type Royal Blood
Guild Mark Location Back
Unusual Features Tattoo Marking (left eye)
Professional Status
Affiliation Dual saber command seal by lez cobra-d7iqy7v Knights Templar

Unitary Republic of Caelum (URC)

Previous Affiliation Ten Wizard Saints

Tower of Heaven

Magic Council

Fairy Tail

Occupation Legal Mage
Previous Occupation Magic Council member

Dark Mage Ten Wizard Saints

Team The Seven Holy Virtues
Previous Team Team Jellal

Allied Forces

Team Fairy Tail B

Partner Wendy Marvell
Previous Partner Ultear Milkovich
Base of Operations Wandering
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Counterpart Mystogan
Magic Heavenly Body Magic
Cosmic Magic
Magic Staff
Energy Magic
Weapons Staves

Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス, Jerāru Ferunandesu) is a Legal Mage who recently began to take on the heroic role of his Edolas counterpart, Mystogan after his farewell departure to Edolas. Despite the identity of so-called Mystogan, there are many famous mages alike besides Jellal alone that actually takes on his mantle image of him. Jellal feels that becoming Mystogan is the one path which he must follow in order to redeem himself from all the atrocities he had committed. As Mystogan, Jellal must atone for the sins and wrongs he had mistakenly done in the past and correct them by wagering it with his own life. This would only means Jellal will have to lived out the rest of his days in the shadows of Fiore, Fairy Tail, and especially the last person left in his life to still accept him was Erza Scarlet.


Jellal is a young man whose most prominent features are his blue hair and a red tattoo above and under his right eye, which he has had since his childhood. He wears a dark blue cloak and his arms and legs are mostly covered in bandages. During his time with Fairy Tail, he wore a dark blue bandana with a silver forehead protector, and a green mask that obscured the bottom half of his face to hide his identity from his guildmates. During the series, however, the design of his mask appears to change frequently. He usually carries his Magic Staves on his back which are held by a dark green strap going across his main body.


When he was young, Jellal was a very kind boy, and cared deeply for his friends. He was always cheerful and optimistic, despite his disposition as a slave. After a failed escape attempt, he readily accepted punishment in Erza's stead, and never once lost his faith in the thought of being free. Later, as he was manipulated by what he thought to be Zeref's ghost, he drastically changed: Jellal became obsessed with the idea of building a new R-System and treated the slaves much better — to the extent that they didn't even think they were still slaves. But through this method of treatment, they did more work, which was Jellal's ultimate reason for treating them as such in the first place. He sees his actions as a game, even if said game results in the loss of lives, his very own included. After he was revived by Wendy Marvell, he suffered from amnesia and seemed to be somewhat afraid of the world.

Though not remembering his own identity, he remembered the names Erza and Natsu Dragneel's names, respectively. As he learned of his sins, Jellal wished to die, as he believed it to be his only form of atonement, but Erza convinced that through living, he can find a way to make up for his past horrid deeds. Following these instances, even when arrested by the Knights and knowing he would be given the death penalty, Jellal remained calm and even happy, just as he did when he was a child. Mavis Vermilion even commented that Jellal possesses the same "heart" as those in Fairy Tail, in spite of the fact that he isn't an actual member. Seven years later, after regaining his memories and having returned to his original personality, Jellal is now a calm, mature, intelligent, and kind individual. He has shown a cheerful side, as he often smiles when pleased, or when his friends are happy.

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