"Insignificant being be gone or be killed!"

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Brasilia, Kenta (Outskirts of Roman Empire)


Female Female





Hair Color


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Guild Mark Color


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Left Calf

Tattoos and Unusual Features

Elf-like Ears

Professional Status

PL Phantom Lord
Knights of Aragon


S-Class Mage (Phantom Lord)
Vice-Captain (Knights of Aragon)

Princess Jericho (ジェリコ Jeriko) is a S-Class Mage of the Phantom Lord Guild, being the Vice-Captain of the Knights of Aragon. A member of Dracula`s own court, she defected from his forces and joined Luka Toirneach her future and closest friend.


As befitting her status as a Russian Vampire where people have pale skin, Jericho appears as a slender young woman of short stature, a pale complexion the same color as snow, red hair and red eyes. She is usually dressed in a beautiful dress, with some of the skin area near her neck being exposed with a white fur coat worn over her fancy dress. She wears a white veil over her head usually to hide her modesty from her fellow male guild members; a trait not shared by her sisters much to her dismay.


A kind and honest person, Jericho believes in the wishes and hopes of her fellow Guild Members. On the surface, she appears as a cynical person but underneath the surface she has a kind heart which cares for others. Being raised as the way she was, has caused her heart to become as cold as the Russian winters which sweep through her homeland of Kenta. A dignified young woman, she is a diplomat first and foremost being a S-Class Mage second. A caring person, she cares deeply for her fellow Guild Members and belittles those who would harm them.


Born to her two parents; Princess Anata Kenta and Prince Harold Kenta (née Schmidt) on the eve of December 29th during the winter months in Brasilia the capital of Kenta; she was a frail child even at birth and was often bed-ridden. Her condition worsened when she turned 10 on that same date causing her to experience immense pain. When she turned sixteen, her parents and a majority of her citizens contracted the magic deficit disease; where they were born with insufficient magic with their bodies being unable to support them as they grew up with their illness worsening until it killed them after waves and waves of pain. She was turned by a female Vampire at this time, with the vampire quickly passing away soon after. In the aftermath of that, Jericho joined Dracula`s court with the intention to revive her deceased citizens and parents. Learning that she would bring the wrath of two deities if she dared do so, she relented from those activities and started to strive to become a better person for their sake. At some point, she joined Luka Torineach becoming part of Phantom Lord and later on, one of it`s S-Class Mages and the Vice-Captain of the Knights of Aragon.


Dracula`s Court

She first appears in the arc Dracula`s Court, discussing battle plans with the rest of his Generals on how to achieve the best tasting wine with Jericho arguing that "mulled vine is the best!" and the other general arguing back with "mulled vine tastes like pig`s blood!" to which the two vampires start fighting in front of Dracula much to the amusement of the other Generals and the annoyance of Dracula.

Phantom Lord: Time of Revival

She next appears as a S-Class Mage of Phantom Lord leading the Knights of Aragon by horse to ransack a village of Dark Mages turning them in for a reward presented to them by wary Magic Council Knights. Knowing that they are being tracked, Jericho decides to take them hunting for medical ingredients as she wants their healer to have a fully-stocked pantry much to the bemusement of her fellow Guild members who call her a "hypocrite" due to her being a Vampire bearing the ability to heal instantly from any wound on her own.

Magic and Abilities

Shaula (シャウラ Shaura): Jericho is a skilled user of Shaula, a type of magic which, as her usage of it suggests, allows her to enact divine punishment down on those who would use magic for evil. Her main magic it garned her respect from even Dracula himself and the likes of his own Generals who despised each other to the core.

  • Howzer Demolition:

Immense Strength: Even for a Vampire, Jericho`s natural strength is astounding even more so when using her specific type of magic making her more formidable in battle. Even more among her own kind, she is said to be the one of the strongest Vampires.

Immense Speed: As a Vampire, she is capable of moving very fast and breaking the sound barrier quite easily.

Immense Durability: As a Vampire, she has shown herself to be one of the most strongest creatures around and as such has incredible durability. Even among her race, she has the ability to go out into full sunlight without a problem, eat garlic without a problem, and is immune to being stacked.

Magical Sensor: One of the strongest sensors born in several centuries, Jericho has a mastery over her magical sensing ability and is able to sense even the farthest-away magical signature.

Immortality: As a Vampire, Jericho is immortal and thus heals quickly from any wound dealt to her.

Overpowering and Overwhelming Magical Power: Even among her own kind, Jericho`s level of magical power reaches that of Dracula`s or even above his. A powerful Mage in her own right, the mere release of her magical power is said to be overwhelming and many Mages have commented that the visage of a white dragon appears behind her, when she is unleashing a mere fraction of her magical power.

Immense Reflexes: Jericho was born and bred on the battlefield as a member of Dracula`s court and thus she has the most battle experience among his court.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: As she was trained by Dracula, a master of hand-to-hand combat himself, Jericho was trained in the ways of unarmed combat later becoming a master in it and her respective magic type due to his training.

Charisma: As a general of Dracula`s court, she commands great respect due to her charisma ability and is said to be one of the most highly-regarded individuals within his court.

  • Leadership Skills: Even among his court, Jericho was said to be the only calm one of his General and was the only one who could command them to battle without getting into a fight with any of the other Generals.

Basic Medical Knowledge: Jericho has a basic understanding of medical equipment enough to heal non-fatal injuries.


Dagger: A bejeweled dagger with the roman numeral for seven inscribed on it`s handle, Jericho uses it for thrusting, blocking, slashing, and medical purposes.


  • (To Dracula) "I am last name. Parents never bothered to give me their last name."
  • (To Luka Toinreach) "You rescued me..a bloody Vampire. You must be bloody mental."
  • (To herself about Phantom Lord) "They are wonderful people my fellow Guild Members."
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