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"Hi there, are you a new member? Im Jessie Vladious its nice to meet you"
— Jessie Vladious meeting Hino Sontara

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Emi 3713
Jessie Vladious

ジェシー ブラディユーアス


Jeshii Buradiyuuasu




Female Female






June 11

Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color

Dark Blue

Professional Status

3.1 Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild (Unofficial)



Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status



Randal Vladious (Older Brother)

Jessie Vladious (ジェシー ブラディユーアス Jeshii Buradiyuuasu): is the younger sister of S Class wizard Randal Vladious she is an ally of Warrior Angel Guild but never officially joined so she doesn't have a guild mark due to being unable to learn any magic. She lives at the inn in the city with her brother and hangs around in the guild hall making friends with their younger members. Although she is officially not a member, the guild treat her as a valued friend and comrade.


Jessie appears as a small girl with short light brown hair with long bangs that curves to the left. she has big, dark blue eyes and soft sensitive skin. She appears as a fragile young girl. She thought of as an adorable little girl by everyone in the guild and everyone is devoted to protect her should something bad happen.

her clothes are constantly changing keeping yup with the fashion styles but she always have a golden ribbon on her shirts under the neck area. Her first appearance she wore was a pink sweater with a turtleneck with the golden ribbon under it and a purple skirt. she wears long socks with regular sandals.


Jessie is a kindhearted and caring young girl.

She is always nice to everyone she meets and is always have a positive attitude no mater what, she always puts other before herself no matter what. She likes doing chores around the Inn and help out at the guild hall as much as she can. She hates to be a bother to everyone around her and only worries about them. Whenever someone is hurt she helps take care of them and help them make them feel comfortable.

To everyone in the guild she is the cutest and sweetest girl they have ever known and if anything bad were to happen her safety is there number one priority. Which she hates cause she doesnt want anyone getting hurt for her sake. She loves watching the guild members in battle and gets worried if their on the verge of losing but is happy when they win

She views everyone in the guild as her friends and looks up to all the strong female members as her role models. She is close friends with Hino Sontara and Kana Hime and like everyone in the guild she likes to joke around about how cute of a couple they would be which saddens Hino and makes Kana yell at her. Jessie is unaware of Hino's crush on her and is confused about why he's nervous around her.

Jessie loves her brother above all else and feels sorry for all the trouble she put him through. She cares about her brother and respects his wishes of her never having anything to with magic powers. When she watches her brother fight she gets terrified of the hits he takes but is exceptionally proud of his victories


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