At age 10 Jimena Mingo had lost her sight and developed a magic based off Solid Script that was Braille. She had earned the name of The Braille Mage, the first mage to make a different style of Solid Script via Braille. She had joined the Selkie Pelt guild in Fiore at age 20 and was a talented mage. She had gone on several S-class jobs and succeeded in a single 10 year Job. The Job was to defeat a Dark Guild that had enslaved a rain forest village that was planning to build it's own country. She had defeated the Dark Guild with the assistance of Luke Mori a fellow S-class Mage. Luke Mori had died during the 10 year Job, but the Dark Guild was defeated and arrested. She arrived back a year after setting out on the job. She had decided that after the loss of a comrade that she would avoid the 10 years jobs. She adopted a daughter named Ivory who was blind like her and taught her the Solid Script Magic that would help her. After having a successful apprentice, Jimena decided to teach other blind people how to read and write. Later she joined the Selkie Guild again at the behest of the 1st Guild Master, Alejo Blanco. She and her daughter joined the guild once more where she became the 2nd Guild Master at age 34. At age 36 she had come down with a terrible sickness and named Alejo Blanco her successor. She died later that year in the care of family and friends.

Magic and Abilities

Solid Script Magic: Inventing a new style of Solid Script Magic with Braille she became known as the First Braille Mage.

Letter Magic: She was a master of Letter Magic and later developed a braille style of this magic.

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