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Jin is a member of Ura's Mercenaries and a Fire Dragon Slayer. She is also one of the only known survivors to have actually fought King the master of the Guild Phoenix Rising and live. She joined after meeting Zero on his journey to Warriors Village and finding out they have a common enemy and goal to finally put an end to the atrocious acts of the dark guild.
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Jin Lowell
Jin Lowell







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Hair Color

Brown (White Highlights)

Eye Color


Professional Status

Ura's Mercenaries Mark Ura's Mercenaries

Guild Mark Location

Back(Upper Right)



Base of Operations

Ura's Outpost

Personal Status



Karn Lowell(Dragon Father)


Guns Magic
Summoning Doll Magic
Fire Dragon Slayer Magic


Dragon Hair Pins


Jin Lowell appearance


Jin was raised by Karn a Fire Dragon who taught her all she needs to know about the world and about magic. More specifically Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Much like the other Dragons one day Karn dissapeared and left her all alone without a single reason as to why. She spent her days searching, seeking answers as to why her father had abandoned her. Keeping up with her teachings and training she soon after found a group of mercenaries who traveled the world to help those in need. Jin herself always one to help without a seconds thought had found a place where she fit quite well, which was with these mercenaries who also taught her the other magics she now posses. During one of her missions to help a village from a vicious attack from wild monsters is the moment she met the man of her nightmares and new goal, King. or a shadow figure who called himself that. Not only were the monsters completely wiped out by this shadow figure, but all the people and even Jin's group was completely decimated by him. It took him mere minutes to wipe the small town clean and leave the town a waste. Jin was completely outmatched by King. He looked to be about to deliver the final blow and end Jin but he simply tossed her to the side and told her in a cynical way "I hope you can get much stronger for our next play date. I can't wait to see how you evolve." and then disappeared without a trace. Jin decided to travel on her own and look for answers regarding this dark figure that called himself King. Eventually learning about Phoenix Rising and about Zero who was also another survivor against the dark guild. She was able to meet up with Zero and ask for help in stopping the tyrant as they both had the same goal. Although her plan was to join Koma Inu she ended up joining Ura's Mercenaries instead as the guild master Ura was well known by her late comrades, having been praised many times for his power and actions.

Magic and Abilities

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of magic that allows the user to gain various abilities similar to that of a fire dragon. for example their lungs capable of unleashing ferocious flames,scales that resist even the most treacherous heat waves and above all, the power to turn almost anything to ash. This type of magic allows the user to create and control fire either from their own bodies or the surroundings even being able to manipulate the Eternano in the immediate area to create her powerful flames. Jin Being able to use them in a variety of ways such as; attacking, defending or even support. The user is able to manipulate not only the way it moves, but can also manipulate the shape of their flames. Like being able to turn them into spheres, streams or even weapons such as swords, spears, etc. Though the shape isn't the only thing she can change as she is able to change the flames substance being able to create clouds of fire or mists and others like it. They are also able to change the properties of the flames to have explosive qualities or bludgeoning properties being able to slam their foes with a strong blunt force while at the same time scorching her opponents. Like all Fire Magic users, This magic also allows the user to turn their body into their element to be able to become intangible to physical attacks or to pass through objects or obstacles by having their flame body pass through any openings no matter the size. This type of Magic also grants the user great control over the element of heat being able to produce enough heat to cause fatigue to their opponents or even creating a strong shockwave that not only knocks back their opponents,but gives them severe burns. They can even create simpler attacks like, mirages that are extremely useful for diversions or to attack. Like other Dragon Slayers they are also able to consume their respective element to regain their magical power and a bit of their stamina. It does heal some wounds, but any severe injuries do take longer to heal. In the case of Jin, She was granted two dragon hair pins by her foster parent Karn capable of transmitting her Magic through them to amplify her magic greatly. them being able to shoot fire balls or beams of fire from the pins increasing her attack power up to five times. Or more practical the hair pins can even use Jin's flames in concentrated form to create two small flamed daggers that cuts much like a laser would.

  • Fire Dragon's Roar: The most basic of all Dragon Slayer Magics. This spell works by concentrating her magic in her mouth and then proceeds to release said magic in a large stream of fire capable of melting even steel. Not only is she able to produce a large stream of fire, but she is able to concentrate the fire further condensing it to be highly concentrated beam that causes massive damage and burns through objects much like a laser would. Jin can even take this spell further by concentrating large amounts of magic and then creating a large magic circle in front of her that is rotating slowly. Once she releases her roar onto the magic circle the magic circle can split her Fire Dragon's Roar in two ways, either causing it to split into multiple rays of fire shooting off in multiple directions, usually used for large groups. Or the Fire Dragon's Roar gets split into five rotating beams of concentrated fire making the attack similar to a drill capable to not only pierce through objects easily, but can pierce through incoming magical attacks easily as well. That of course only happens if the attacks are equal or lesser.
  • Fire Dragon's Burning Fist: Concentrates her magic into her fist and then proceeds to release it by throwing a strong right with a little twist of the arm causing the released magic to shoot out like a raging tornado. She of course can release this spell in multiple ways either straight up, or forward. Another use of this spell is concentrating her magic onto both fists and then proceeding to slam them into each other. Not only does it create a small initial shockwave, but it releases a massive flamed tornado around her that expands at an incredible pace like if it were an explosion. anyone caught in the blast will not only get severely burned and hurt, but will be blasted away by the swirling fire.
  • Fire Dragon's Rolling Shot: Jin gathers her magic into both her hands and then proceeds to slam her palms together, then shortly after slowly separating them and creating a condensed sphere of fire between her two palms. She then twist back slightly and cocks either of her arms back as if she is about to throw something, with the sphere following the hand she is using. She then swings her arm forward as if throwing a bowling ball, throwing the flamed sphere in the process. The Sphere actually travel through the ground breaking it apart until it reaches its destination.Instead of creating an explosion, it actually creates a concentrated beam of fire to shoot straight upward or diagonally when hitting the target depending on Jin. This causing major burns and damage should the fire hit. Jin can also cause it to activate prematurely if she wishes, catching her opponents off guard.
  • Fire Dragon's Needle Storm: Jin engulfs her fists or feet in a vicious flames and then proceeds to spin once, thus making the flames leave a trail as she spins resulting in creating a fire ring that shoots out hundreds of fire needles in every direction. Jin can change these to either; explode, cut or be blunt. Which ever she chooses they all still have destructive results. Jin can also combine this spell with her melee attacks for even more devastating damage. For example: she can hit her opponent at close range with a melee combo and then spin rapidly to release the flame needles allowing for an almost sure hit. She could also throw a spinning back kick releases the flame needles while hitting her opponent. It doesn't necessarily have to be a full circle or a circle at all, as she could also create a flamed spiral by raising her hands while spinning making the flames create a spiral instead of a ring. This Spell has various shapes that depend on the trajectory of her flames.
  • Fire Dragon's Rampage: Jin gathers a lot of her magic into her arm creating a large fire to constantly erupt. She then forms the fire into that of a flaming dragon head. Jin then proceeds to shoot this spell towards her foe. This fire head moves in an erratic way even busting through the ground and rising up again burning and destroying anything in its path until it reaches it target where the dragon head will cause a massive explosion upon contact with the desired target.
  • Fire Dragon Sword: Jin concentrates much of her magic unto her arms and then proceeds to raise them upward and then claps them together. From the concentrated magic a giant flaming sword is formed. above her head. This sword gives off a stifling heat and a constant shockwave of wind caused from the Eternano in the area converging with the sword. From the sword, giant rays of concentrated fire shoot out in the direction of the target or she can make it shoot out in all directions. These rays cause powerful concentrated explosions that only get to a certain radius causing the explosions to look like giant flame.spheres. Anything caught in these explosions are almost always incinerated to nothing, not even ash.
  • Fire Dragon's Breath: Jin concentrates much of her fire inside of her mouth and releases it the same way she would her Dragon's Roar , with the exception that instead of coming out as a stream or beam it comes out in mist form. This mist is extremely dangerous as it starts to burn everything at an incredible pace. Should a person be trapped in this mist they will feel as if their very skin is melting and be in scruciating pain. This is extremely useful for stopping the foes momentum or targeting multiple targets. Once Jin has enveloped her target or large area she can then proceed to make the mist explode for much more devastating results.
  • Fire Dragon's Cloak: Jin engulfs her entire body with her ferocious flames. In this form Jin is given an incredible boost in speed and she moves around as a giant fireball traversing the area. This form has an incredible defense as the flames help to block most attacks or she can dodge with her upgraded speed. She can perform her melee attacks in this form to cause severe burns and damage or she can also simply charge at her targets and hit them with incredible blunt force that also leave burns. Jin can also change the shape of this form to be a giant dragon head with a stream of fire behind it when she charges, even being able to charge at incoming attacks and push through them.
  • Fire Dragon's Burning Claw: Jin engulfs her hands with her magic and makes it seem as though she has large claws made of fire. Every time she slashes with these claws, they leave a trail of fire behind them. Making them quite useful for blocking attacks. One way Jin likes to use this spell is by jumping high up and then dive down spinning rapidly during her descent with her claws facing forward making her attack look like a drill. This attack is actually able to make quite large holes in the ground and can rip people to shreds.
  • Fire Wings: Jin creates flame wings that come from her back, but the wings are in form of swords. She can't use these wings to fly, but rather she shoots the blades at her opponents creating new ones for everyone she fires. The fire blades are incredibly sharp and can leave serious burns.

Advanced Spells

  • Fire Dragons Mighty Impact: This spell actually has two versions. The first version being that Jin concentrates a large amount of ethernano and her Fire Dragon Magic into her fist. The stance for this is attack looks similar to that of Fire-Make as she cups her fist with one of her hands while gathering Magic. So much magic is being gathered that it creates a small gust of wind to cover the area and the ground seems to shatter a bit as well. The Ethernano at this points also becomes visible and is a golden color, that can be seen converging into her fists. Once she feels she gathered enough, she will proceed to slam her fist on the ground not only shaking the very ground, but creating a massive eruption and explosion. Fire pillars will erupt from various locations first then closely followed by a large explosion that covers quite a large area. The aftermath of this spell leaves a gigantic crater and a sea of flames. The second Version of this Spell is similar to the First one, with the exception of gathering the spell into a golden flamed sphere instead of her fist. She can then proceed to launch this giant orb in the direction she wishes creating a massive explosion when it makes contact. Incinerating anything caught in its blast.


Jin is able to store her weapons,food or any sort of equipment in a dimensional pocket that she can later make appear or disappear anytime she wishes. There is a limit to how much she can store so she usually only stores what she would need during fights. Jin also stores her Dolls and the armors and weapons for her dolls Haruhi and Kitsarasu, being able to equip them herself or equip them onto her summoning when being summoned.

Guns Magic

Is a Holder Type of Magic that deals with the shooting of Magical bullets. The Magical bullets can have varying effects. The Bullets vary from Fire,Wind and Light but is not limited to those. Jin's main gun would be a handgun with a long barrel made of different alloys that make it light, but extremely durable. She calls it Abyssion. She also has two hair pins with the ends shaped like a dragon head that can shoot small,but powerful Fire bullets that are infused with her Dragon Slayer Magic. These were a gift from her foster parent Karn.

  • Fire Bullets: Jin shoots bullets of fire from either her gun Abyssion or her dragon hair pins. Carrying her Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, they are incredibly powerful and will burn her opponents greatly. These bullets can work in several ways. They can pierce through their target or engulf a target completely in flames. Depending on Jin's will, these flame bullets can also bounce or ricochet of various objects until it reaches its target. The more the bullet ricochets, the stronger it becomes ultimately being able to knock out an opponent with a single bullet.
  • Photon Laser: JIn shoots a concentrated form of her fire, that is able to pierce through steel. While this attack is small in size, it by no means it's weak as it can be fire for a prolonged period of time or fired in short burst, though each time its fired, it will cause major damage.
  • Spit Fire: Shoots a barrage of Fireballs from her gun that are incredibly fast. They don't explode or have much piercing power, but rather have cause incredible blunt damage being able to dent steel easily.

Summoning Doll Magic

This type of magic allows the user to create human-sized dolls that are so life-like, it is near impossible to discern whether they are real or not. The dolls are created by using Lacrimas and large amounts of Magic from the user, which is quite taxing for the user,who usually is only able to create one doll per day since they have to feed most of their magic into each doll each time a doll is created for the first time. The appearance of the doll solely relies on the image the user has for the doll when being created. Once a doll is made, its artificial body is permanent and doesn't require the user to keep re-making the same doll. The dolls are only fed the Magical power of the user constantly when they suffer serious injuries to help them regenerate though the user is capable of shutting this off if they so wish it.They are constantly feeding of the ambient Eternano when summoned, though it causes no danger to anyone nearby and cannot take in more than the lacrimas will allow, for doing so will shatter the doll. Though this does give them a powerful regenerative ability useful in case they are summoned for a prolonged time, They can function as regular humans and act accordingly when among them. Their abilities rely on how much Magic the user puts into each doll. If they don't put enough then they could suffer serious injuries such as; fractures,loss of limbs, motor functions going awry and many other difficulties. Or if they put too much that the lacrimas can't handle, then the doll would begin to shatter and fall apart. They cannot use their magic on their own without the help of weapons or armors to amplify their magic.The magical power the weapons produce rely on how much the doll is capable of and like every wizard the dolls regain their Eternano after a period of time or through the absorption of their masters magic.The user can communicate telepathically with their dolls and even hear what the doll is hearing.The user could also talk in place of the doll from far away and even pin point their exact location if separated. While the dolls do seem to have a personality of their own, it is largely based on the personality of the user with some slight differences.The user is also able to overwrite the dolls actions with simple commands such as; speak,listen,fight, or even have the doll mimic the users words and actions. After each doll is made the user brandishes them with a special marking unique to the user enabling a contract of sorts that lets them summon them anytime and anywhere they wish much like Summoning Magic.

Jin's doll symbol

Jin's Doll Insignia




Kitsarasu was the first doll ever created by Jin using Summoning Doll Magic. she is the strongest one she has to date. When Kitsarasu was first created, too much Magic was being poured into the doll causing the doll to begin to shatter and although it was eventually put under control. Kitsarasu's face remained cracked from the forehead reaching down to the eyes.The regenerative abilities for unknown reasons were unable to fix these cracks and thus they remained permanent. Which is why she wears the fox mask.

Kitsarasu holds Fire Magic which is increased greatly by her weapons given to her by Jin. Each Weapon is powered by Lacrimas that absorb the Ethernano in the air or by absorbing magical attacks of the same element.

Immense Speed: Kitsarasu is extremely light weight, moving around so fast that most of her opponents don't notice her location until it's too late. Though the quickness on her feet isn't the only amazing thing about her. She can move her arms so fast, most people will only see a blur before being hit or cut. She can unsheathe her sword and swing it so fast that she is able to slice clean through spells, rock, even steel. In fact even the air itself seems to be cut. This causes sharp wind streaks to fly from her blade almost anytime she swings, giving her a weapon to attack from afar.

Immense Strength:

Immense Magic Power:

Fire Magic

Katana:Taiyōkō-sen (太陽光線) 

This is Kitsarasu's Katana that has three Fire Lacrimas inside the hilt of the sword. Enabling the sword to take on fire properties and even launching fire projectiles and many other uses. The unique thing about this sword is that much like a gun, the hilt can be ejected like a bullet cartridge and allow Kitsarasu to change the hilt to another one with different elemental lacrimas. Kitsarasu always has three different hilts on her person at all times. One with three Fire Lacrimas, another with three Wind Lacrimas and the other with two Fire and one Wind Lacrima. Each hilt that has the three of the same Lacrimas can absorb the same element to either power-up the sword or to launch an attack right back at her opponent. The hilt themselves could also use the lacrimas to create a sword or whip without the need to connect it with her blade, creating either a sword or whip made completely out of flames or wind. The Sheath of Taiyōkō-sen is also quite special as it is infused with Nullification Magic. Allowing Kitsarasu to use the scabbard as a formidable weapon as well.

  • Hien: While fighting close range Kitsarasu is able to change the katanas trajectory instantly to slip through blocks or prevent her opponents from running.This works by eitheir using the wind or fire emitting from the katana as a thruster that allows the swing to change direction instantly.She can have it change to any direction she wishes and in a continues manner.
  • Roaring Fox: After increasing the output of flames on her Katana she then spins twice with her katana outward causing a trail of fire to follow the katana's path, then swings downward, upward or in the direction she wants the attack to go. The swing releases a giant fox head made of fire with a stream of fire following it.Burning everything in its path.
  • Flame Rondo: This is a point blank attack that starts off by landing a hit with her sheath effectively nullifying any lingering magic the opponent might have around them for defense. Jin the proceeds to slash her sword upward jumping as she does. Her sword being covered in strong flames creating streaks of fire during its strike. Mid-flight she spins once finishing her spin with an upward slash releasing a powerful surge of fire towards the sky effectively burning her opponent along the way and sending them flying.
  • Flaming Sword Rain: This is a point blank attack. It starts out by having Kitsarasu point the tip of her katana towards her opponent and then thrusting multiple times in different directions at an incredible speed. This does not pierce the target, but instead causes incredible blunt force damage capable of shattering large rocks easily while also leaving burning her opponents greatly.

Crow Wings (カラスの翼)

These black wings are infused with small amounts of Wind Magic that absorb the Ethernano in the surrounding area to replenish their magic. These wings are capable of making the user fly and create small gusts of wind for multiple purposes. The wings allow the user to fly for at least an hour and only take 15 minutes for them to be replenished. There wings can make the user fly at high speeds, but the time available to use them will also be shorter.


Strength: Haruhi possess enough strength to fend of her foes and fight on par with many great wizards. She is strong enough to lift objects a couple times her size

Haruhi armor

Possession: Is an armor given to Haruhi by Jin. This armor is actually quite unique as it can be used by Haruhi without using her magic. This is do to the fact that the whole armor is powered by four small orbs that are constantly absorbing Eternano. Two of the orbs are located on her head and one at the end of each of her long braids. The absorption of Eternano is almost invisible and can't be noticed except by experienced wizards and it does not cause any harm to anyone in the vicinity. These orbs have special circles inscribed in them that let the user summon the armor by simply calling out the armors name or making the armor disappear by saying the armors name and then release. Should the orbs be destroyed during battle, then the suit is rendered useless and become immobile. Although the orbs can regenerate. It takes about a day for them to be back into working order. The orbs are quite durable and have a small shield protecting them at all times. The user cannot make the orbs absorb Eternano at a faster pace so it takes the armor about five minutes to get to it's full potential. The armor itself is capable of summoning its three weapons by the same way the armor was summoned.

Enhanced Speed: This armor gives Haruhi an outstanding boost in speed being able to dart around faster than the eye can keep up. Disappearing in a blink of an eye and appearing somewhere else in a split second. This is possible thanks to the Eternano running through the armor at a constant rate giving out short bursts of Eternano through the bottom of her feet and four small indents on the back that seem to work like thrusters.

Enhanced Durability: This armor gives Haruhi an incredible increase to her defenses being able to withstand numerous attacks and block them successfully without receiving much damage. The armor is made up of special alloys that are practically weightless, but incredibly strong and even being highly resistant to a few elements such as fire and ice.

Haruhi lightning sword

Rayos: This sword is infused with lightning magic allowing Haruhi for numerous lightning spells. This sword gives off a constant discharge and the blade itself is made up of concentrated lightning. The blade can actually retract into the hilt at anytime the user wishes.

  • Brilliant Spark: This spell works by shooting multiple orbs of lighting from the blade. They don't come out one by one ,but rather come out in a cluster of at least six. Once these orbs are released they let out an illuminating light that temporarily blinds her foes, thus giving this attack a better chance to hit.
  • Songbird: This spell works by altering the electricity running through the blade into multiple frequencies. Causing a clash of magic within the blade that Haruhi is able to release from the blade in form of large electric shockwaves. These shockwaves can temporarily paralyze her foes or knock them far with great force.
  • Roaring Pillars: This spells starts by covering the blade with lightning and then proceeding to jab the blade into the ground. Once the blade hits the ground, Three pillars of lightning charge moving forward rising from the ground. Haruhi can change how the lightning pillars move by moving her sword in the direction she wants it to go. The shock from the pillars is capable of starting fires, or numb the body of her opponents.
  • Electric Wheel: This spell can be used in various of ways such as a shiled or offensively. Haruhi covers her blade with lightning and then proceeds to spin once.with her blade sticking out. This causes a trail of lightning to follow the swords trajectory and once the spin is done, it results in a ring of lightning being formed. This ring is strong enough to block powerful attacks. Or is Haruhi does this at point black range slicing at her foe, the electricity could stop a person's heart beat if not protected properly.
  • Lightning Field: This spell starts by lifting her lighting engulfed blade above her head. The blade then begins to shoot out ferocious bolts of lightning in all directions. The area this spell can cover is quite large and is capable of taking out multiple enemies at once. The bolts are so strong they can clash with incoming attacks and stop them making this spell a formidable shield. Although she can't choose where the bolts of lighting will strike, the area under the blade remains safe from.harm.

Haruhi lightning sword 2

Relampago: This is Haruhi's Lighting katana that is infused with Lightning Magic.

  • Rising Thunder: This spell first starts by covering her Katana in lighting. Haruhi like to use this as a point blank range attack as it would cause more damage. What she does is swing her katana in an upward motion causing a stream of lighting to trail behind her blade. It looks like lighting is shooting out from the ground. This spell does cause quite a bit of damage as it will also shatter the ground from the force of the lighting. Haruhi could also use this spell defensively by swing her sword upward before an attack connects causing the lighting to clash with the attack, hopefully stopping it in its tracks.
  • Volt: This is actually a point blank attack. What Haruhi does is take a low stance holding her blade above her head but in a downward position Makin the tip of the blade face forward in front of her. Haruhi then puts the thumb of her free hand at the tip of the blade. Once this stance is ready, she gets ready to charge, then proceeds to charge towards her target. At the moment of the charge, Haruhi is engulfed in Lighting completely from head to toe. Her charge seems like a bolt of lighting is charging towards you. This attack is so fast, most wizards won't have time to even react. This attack is capable of not only destroying rocks,but.can incinerate a large boulder into pieces.
  • Roar of the Sky: This spells starts by having Haruhi jab her katana into the air. It actually seems as though her blade is stuck on a solid object. This creates a massive magic circle to appear above her intended target or targets. From this circle, come forth a ferocious bolt of lighting that is so strong it will actually create quite a large crater.
  • Lightning Trap: Much like her Roar of the Sky spell, Haruhi jabs her blade into a surface without actually piercing it. instead a blue magic circle is created. From the Magic Circle comes forth multiple shocks of electricity. These shocks aren't extremely strong, but they do cause the one who is hit to become a tad sluggish for a few seconds by numbing the whole body.
  • Bolt Bullet: Three small magic circles form around the blade. The Magic Circles shoot out orbs of lighting at incredible speeds. Haruhi can make this spell shoot all three at once or have the orbs shoot out one by one.


Dragon Hairpins:




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