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"I find myself thrusted into the position I never wanted. By virtue of my birth, I was the second to come if my brother were to fall. But, that never seemed possible—his life was no easy one to take. And with that, I could go on as the middle child as I always have. To take my father's seat in the coming years is just not something I have ever wanted, but now I have no choice. The king has offered me an honored seat on his board of advisers, but I must decline for it is beyond me. Though it looks like my time in the gray area, in my corner of peace is at an end. I do hope my descendants are born with better luck."
— Jonah's journal.

Jonah Vista
Silent Sun (無声太陽, Museitaiyō)
Dreamweaver (幻織工, Maboroshi Shokkō)
Name Jonah Vista
Kanji じょな びすた
Rōmaji Jona Bisuta
Race Human
Birthdate Year X647 (approximate)
Age Deceased

Male Male

Height 6'0"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Vista Seal House of Vista
Previous Occupation Vista Head
Base of Operations Vista Manor
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives House of Vista
Magic ????
Weapons Unnamed Crystal Ball
"The great man that ran from himself."

Jonah Vista (じょな びすた, Bisuta Jona) was the great-great grandfather of Sanjo Vista and one of the most important family heads in the history of the House of Vista, reluctantly taking up the position around 110 years ago. He was the so-to-speak patriarch of the current line of Vista members as a result of certain events during his young adult life. Born the second child of Supreme Commander Vaylon and his wife, Isabelle, Jonah found himself a member of one of the most storied families in the entire Kingdom of Fiore. While not timid, he was reserved from birth. And while an exceptional mage and combatant, did not seek a life of action or danger. Contrary to the image of the Vista, he sought a place in life away from the talkative mouths of men and was known to be very humble and almost antagonistic towards any sort of attention outside him family and loved ones. Yet, this life was not set for him. Following the catastrophic Lagos Tragedy at the family summer retreat that took the lives of his elder brother and younger brothers, Ōzato and Gregorio, his sister, Sarah, along with the lives of their children, spouses, friends, and servants; effectively wiping out two paternal lines of the Vista family, Jonah was forced into preparation to take his father's place as his elder brother had been reared up to do. As the only surviving Vista in blood and name, the family has continued through his lineage though has failed to regain its' former size. During the day of the crisis at Lagos, he was among the first to arrive with troops at his back before the ruins of his family's summer home. Jonah was the one to call for the arrest of his nephew, Jake Vista, the perpetrator of the tragedy.

Though usually silent, Jonah was of great intelligence and took the reigns as one of the younger family heads. He scrambled to keep ties with the Magic Council and ensure strength to key economic "friends" in the light of his family's misfortune. Most importantly, he shielded the family from provocation by the House of Xava and strenghtened ties with the elfish House of Lothlorien, a family of elves known for their unrivaled medical prowess and blacksmith ability. For reasons unknown, he was known as Dreamweaver (幻織工, Maboroshi Shokkō and even stranger, there seems to be no record, written or by word of mouth, as to what magic the man used. Though, he was known to carry a crystal ball around from time to time. Jonah was also amongst the very few Vista members to have never held any rank in the military or a force of similar likeness (i.e. Rune Knights) and attain the position of family head.



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  • Jonah's theme is Síðasta Kveðjan by Árstíðir .
  • He was said to have visions and prophetic dreams frequently as a child.
  • He shares the same name as Jonah from Biblical History, who wandered from his calling given to him from God and did not see the light till he was hit by personal tragedy in the form of being swallowed by a whale while at sea. While the connections are weak, both were shaped by those tragic experiences to reach a new level as a person in this vast world. Though, Jonah Vista is nothing more than a fanon creation, nevertheless, he became something he didn't believe could work out. 
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