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Jonathon Walrus
Akon 2
Name Jonathon Walrus
Kanji ジョナサン ワウルアス
Rōmaji Jonasan Waurausu
Race Human
Birthday 14 March
Age 32
Gender Male Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 79 kg
Eyes Hazel
Hair Black
Unusual Features Horns
Professional Status
Affiliation Neutral
Occupation Mage
Partner Amadeus Zaius
Raquel Curie
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Professor Walrus
Magic Particle Magic
Ring Magic

Jonathon Walrus (ジョナサン ワウルアス Jonasan Waurausu), known by most as Professor Walrus, is a young genius scientist who wanders around Fiore with his two assistants. The three of them spend their time inventing new magics, using volunteers as guinea pigs to test them out on.



Professor Walrus is a fairly laid back person who doesn't care about much of anything except for his research. He thinks of the general public as guinea pigs for him to use for his experiments. When he isn't working on his research, he enjoys drinking a nice whiskey.




Electromagnetic Ring: A magic ring that Professor Walrus created himself, it is an object that allows the wearer to use Light Magic that gives control of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Magic & Abilities

Ring Magic: A form of Holder Magic that allows someone to use various types of magic as long as they have the appropriate ring for it. Professor Walrus uses this magic with a ring he created himself. The ring that he has lets him use Light Magic to control the electromagnetic spectrum.

Potassium Particle Magic: A rare form of Caster Magic that gives the user control over specific elements. Professor Walrus has control over Potassium. In order to use it, Professor Walrus takes a deep breath in, then says "Potassium Activate!", as well as needing potassium on hand to use. This isn't a problem for him though, as he almost exclusively uses the potassium inside his opponents bodies as his source.

Behind The Scenes

  • His appearance is of Akon from Bleach.
  • His alias comes from the character Professor Walrus from Unforgotten Realms.
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