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Joseph Fiorenza
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Prince of Flowers (王子の花々, Hanabana no Ouji)
Name Joseph Albus Fiorenza
Kanji ほぜふ ぴおれんざ
Rōmaji Hozefu Piorenza
Race Human
Birthdate Year X759
Age 25

Male Male

Height 6'0"
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Fiore Icon Kingdom of Fiore
Fiore Royal Family
Team Vanguard
Partner Mugen Terumi
Base of Operations Mercurius, Crocus
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Victoria Fiorenza (younger sister)
Magic Sword Magic
Weapons Gōzanzemyouō (降三世明王, lit. Conqueror of the Three Worlds)

Prince Joseph Fiorenza (ほぜふ ぴおれんざ, Hozefu Piorenza, lit. He Will Enlarge, Blossoming) is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Fiore. As the heir to his father's throne and soon to rule the nation himself, Joseph is exceptionally savvy in the area of politics. Amongst the royal family, it's commonly held that he is the most popular member and has come to be known as the Prince of Flowers (王子の花々, Hanabana no Ouji). He is normally flanked by his old friends and comrades turned personal guard, Mugen Terumi and Sanosuke Wilkes. However, Joseph is a notably skilled mage and swordsman in his own right. The young prince also grew up as a friend of Sanjo Vista, one of the Ten Wizard Saints—though not notably close, the two get on well and enjoy each other's company given the chance. Prince Joseph was present during the siege of Crocus by the dark guild, Exia. Following the revelation of his sister's kidnapping at the hands of Mugen Oren, he has laid his hopes in his old friend, Sanjo, to bring her back in one piece as he handles damage control in the capital awaiting his father's return.





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