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Josh Newman

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Iron Feather Magic

Josh Newman is a mage of the Independent guild, Hornet's Nest. He practices a magic known as Iron Feather Magic. He is considered a S-Class mage in the guild, but due to the fact that they don't take jobs, he can't be titled one.


Josh is a man of average height who is of a fit build. He has neck length messy blonde hair and bright blue/turquoise eyes. He adorns a gray t shirt with a black jacket over it. He wears dark black pants with black boots that reach up to under the knee. He wears a silver earing on his left ear along with a silver necklace that hangs around his neck.


Josh is a very laid back person, usually not getting into big disputes. He is very calm and mature but he isn't a stick in the mud as most people think. He can actually be very humorous, trying to crack a joke every once in a while. He seems to also have an interest in birds as this is why he developed his magic. 


At a very young age, Josh was taken in by a dark guild in Hylion. They cared and nurtured for him until he was old enough to finally use magic. While at the guild he took an interest in birds so as such he decided to use Iron Feather Magic as his magic. After the dark guild disbanded, he searched all over Hylion for a new guild. When he came upon the guild Hornet's Nest, he was reluctant but joined the guild when he found he had no where else to go.

​Magic and Abilities

Iron Feather Magic

This magic allows Josh to summon feathers made out of iron that are sharp and can cut anyone but Josh. With this Magic, Josh is able to make different weapons, armors and more out of these feathers.

  • Iron Feather Cloud- Josh summons multiple amounts of feathers that he uses to create a giant dome around him that protects him from both magical attacks and physical attacks. 

Celestial Spirit Magic

Josh has the ability to use Celestial SPirit Magic to summon spirts from the Celestial Spirit World to come to his aid.

  • Aquila: Aquila, the Thunder-Bearing Eagle, is a silver key spirit and currently the only one contracted to him. He has the ability to use lightning magic, but also has a unique spell that allows Josh to see through his eyes.
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