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Julia Grim
Name Julia Grim
Kanji 厳しいジュリア
Rōmaji KIbishī Juria
Alias Reaper Queen
Race Human
Birthdate September 19
Age 22

Female Female

Height 144cm
Weight 53kg
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type A-
Professional Status
Occupation Mage
Team Berserk Duo
Partner Axel Drakon
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Axel Drakon (brother)

Alexander Grim(father)

Magic Scythe Magic

Thunder Magic Earth Magic

Weapons Devourer

"The Caring and Loving sister"
— X-ya

Julia Grim is the daughter of Alexander Grim and sister of Axel Drakon. She is feared as the Reaper Queen because of her mastery in Scythe Magic and her Scythe, Devourer. She also seems to know Earth Magic and  Lightning Magic.


Julia is quite slim she has blonde hair with her signature ponytails. She has big Green eyes with a quite femenine face. Even though been older than Axel. Julia is relatively smaller than her brother. Her main attire consissts of a black coat with white gloves and black boots she also wears a red skirt with black lines she sometimes changes her coat to white.
250px-Maka Albarn.jpg

Julia's main appearance


Julia is a mature person she is always serious and  cares alot for her brother. Julia always wanted to be like her mother a nice, humble, and happy person. Julia is very protective to her brother saying that if her father gets near him she would not hesitate to kill him. Julia also cares a great friendship with her schyte Devourer despite not being a living thing. Julia treats her like a living thing.

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