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Raido and Kaname stood over the motionless body of their target, the goal was not to kill him, but give him an extended vacation in La la land. Apparently Raido and Kaname both did an exceptional job as the mans body didn't even twitch in response to Raido nudging his shoulder with the tip of his laced shoe.

Well looks like we gave him one helluva of a bed time story, Raido said as his trademark black flames raged around the circumferance of his fist. Raido wasn't really a man know for subtly, and often made sure to let it be known his lust for any form of combat. Raido turned and looked at Kaname who was currently examining the Larcrima they were ordered to retrieve, rather than listen to Raido usual comedic routine in a mission. Right before  Kaname bent to grab the lacrima it glowed an eerie black purplish color, and it gave off the feel of death, and mass destruction. A chaos so thick and hateful it could almost be tasted in the air, as the very essence of the orb disturbed Raido and Kaname both. As the glow ceased an object appeared to phase in the orb, it was an eye. An eye that did not look as if it belonged to a man, but a creature whose low blood curdling growl quickly turned into laughter before subsiding into a still peace....... While Raido and Kaname were physically unaffected by this ominous revelation, their shared exchange in the form of a glace implemented the two just witnessed the start of all hell breaking loose.

After exchange between the two men Kaname looked at the man, then his gaze returned to the Larcrima for a few moments. He closes his eyes for a few moments and rubbed his eyes before openeing them "lets return" he said in a low voice.

Three Hours Eariler

After his usual daily morning antics Raido dragged his feet to the guild, he already knew what he would be walking into once his foot made it across the threshold of the front door. Raido he mocked in his best impersonation of the guilds master voice. You know your in high standing among the guild, a few of your guild mates want you to be a proctor for the S-class exams. Raido continued to mock him as he came up to the bridge and saw his guild in the distance. "On the bright side at least I will be able to fight, and keep myself entertained". Raido began to weigh his option, but there was no need to hurry, after all the exams were not for another six months. "I need to focus on going out on a job and having some fun". Raido said after he took a deep breath of the beautiful fresh air of his home of Neo Arcadia. "Yea that's what i'll do, get some fresh air and see where the wind takes me. I know Kaname better have his ass already at that mission board already". Raido said as he closed the distance between himself and the renowned Nemean Lion Guild

Kaname walked though into this Nemean Lion Guild building, see all of his guild memebers, he smiled and greeted his build members. Joking around with a few as he walked around, he walked over to the bar "I'll have the usual" Kaname said to Umako. He looks around "this place never changes" Kaname said thinking back to his days, Umako hand hims the drink "thanks" he takes a sip of the drink.

Moments later Raido comes sauntering in and makes his way toward the pub bar as well. As Raido pulls up the stool next to his partner Kaname. "Hey Umako, ima go with the special today, with a side of egg rolls". Raido said as he tried to wipe the drool of the side of his lips. Today the Giga Lion grilled Hamburger was being served today, and needless to say Raido waited all week for sink his teeth into that burger. As Umako brought the drink Raido grabbed it and took a sip,  "Ah Kaname so nice of you to join today on time for a change as well", Raido chuckled a tad bit knowing full wel he was the one who was late. "The last job was far to easy, even for you". Raido said as he and Kaname often went at each other abilities. Despite the jokes thrown and cards pulled the comraderie between the two men on this team was flawless. Each possessing a great respect for the other abilities." I heard the master got tired of us complain about these lame jobs and decided to put us on a more serious task, and now that were are both here we should probably go see what he is offering for us to do" Raido said as he placed the drink down and looked backed at the commotion of the guild.

"Yeah I guess, the mission before that was too easy. I thought a god slayer wouldn't need any help in that one" Kaname joked as it took another sip of his drink. "Speaking of which, how can you been a godslayer, when gods don't exist" Kaname said with a joking smile on his face. He finished off his drink and ordered another one he looked back then turned back around.

As Raido food was placed he was easily satsified as he took a bite of his giga burger and sank in his chair as his face seemed he was in heaven. However he had not forgotten Kaname comments and was prepared to address that. "Hahah my good friend you call it help, I call it letting my teammate get some shine in the battle." Raido said easily trying to cover tracks. Raido was known for clever and witty comebacks, and worked hard to make sure that he proved his title. If only Raido would put this much effort in his real life situation he could be an even more powerful mage. 

"I can say the same for your archive magic, I mean it usesful for storing information but in a fight,  its silly. You mine as well throw a handbook at the enemy , or overlaod their mind with information so much they have a brain freeze". Raido laughed as he seemingly inhaled that goliath sized burger, This light moment would soon be interrupted, bt the yell of Lloyd The guild master who summoned both Kaname and Raido up to the second floor.

"You want to tell me why Im getting reports about a series of black flames being responsible for the leveling of a small vacation town. Hmm Raido". Lloyd said rather impatiently. "Ahem See master I told Kaname that The flames of a God were very destrutive, but he insisted on using that deadly memory magic of his to create a all new powerful move to show me up. However he despite all that memory power he seemed to forget the flames do more than burn, but they destroy". Raido said calmy his icy blues eyes closed as he passed the blame to Kaname. Typiclal fashion of this team running gag. 

Lloyd while still believing Raido was to blame for this, but for the sake of a fair trial he looked at Kaname rather impatiently as he tapped his foot." WELLLLLL!!!!!!!!"

Kaname laughed "the real reason is because he was attmepted to outdue my magic" Kaname said with a smile.  "We was carrying out the mission, in which I did all the work. I used as spell to beat the enemies and he wanted to show how powerful his magic was. So he attempted to attack the last enemy, but lost control of his own magic" Kaname said with a slight smile.  "I would it funny that a god slayer, couldn't beat a single enemy. Speaking of which have you ever seen a god master?" Kaname jokingly questioned.

See wha- "ENOUGH"!! Lloyd cut Raido off before he could even start his next serious of excusesm knowing this would go on all day if he didnt intervene now. "You guys are both powerful, wielding powerful magic of which I have only seen once in my life". Lloyd said in an attempt to appease both sides. "Now since you two like to complain about easy missions, I have something that will challenge both of you". " Now you are to hunt down a former member of a dark guild in the area, im sure you both remember Tarturus Black Guild. Yea well one of their runners, came across a very interesting lacrima, that of which you both will bring to me. Lloyd said in an confident voice". "This is an S-class mission, and im sure a God Slayer, and a man of 1000 memories can handle a lowly S-class mission such as this.

"You are to go to the outskirts of Neo Arcadia, near Kiotama City and find this runner those were his last known coordinates. NOW GO"!!! Lloyd said as he turned leaving his two best men in the guild to tackle this mission. Neither of the two men knew that this was far from a routine S-class mission, this was the start of a whole adventure, one that will reshape the way they viewed the world.

Kaname watched as the guild master walked away, he turned toward Raido for a breif moment before turning away and walking off "lets get going" he said as he began to think about the mission.

Raido nodded agreeing with Kaname as the two walked out the guild. Now Raido said as they stepped out from the door as it closed behind them.  "Well its a good thing Kiotama city is 20 mins away huh". Raido said sarcastically, as he looked in the distance. Kiotama was hours away, Neo Arcadia was a massive city on a grand scale, there was no simply walk in the park, or sunday stoll. "Now Kaname we can do this the old fashinoed way and take the train we should arrive within the next 30 minutes". Raido said looking at his wrist, when there is no watch present. "Or we can kick it into into High gear, and just use our abilities to get there". Raido said as Black flames raged around his feet, in anticpation if Kaname chose the latter of option.

"You really want to lose again" Kaname said with a slight smile, his shadow begins to disappear and his body began to grow black.  "I will give you a head start, I know you need it" Kaname said as his body turned competly black and his shadow vanished. "Well then get going" kaname jokingly laughed.

"Tch Last time you won becuase I stopped to grab something to eat". Raido said as he shot off in a beam of Black fire, using hsi God Flames to augment his speed, propelling himself forward. HIs prowess with the GodSlayer magic allowed him to literally turn himself into a Large black fireball and litreally fly and travel though the air. A boastful use of transportation, since they both could have easily taken the train. The egos of both men is what drove them to compete, but also made them good friends.  As Kaname traveled throught his shadown and Raido traveled by Air. The adventure was just beginning for these two men representatives of the Nemean Lion Guild.

Kaname quickly travaled though the shadows appearing for only a few seconds at a time with each jump. He moved from building to building, from tree to tree. He release a large stream of darkness and appeared at the tip of his all the while staying right beside Raido.  The two competed like this on a daily basis, testing each other abilities and leaning along the way. Kaname contiuned to jump though the shadows and in one instance jumping though Raido's magic, smiling as he did.

Raido took notice of this and saw that he and Kaname were neck and neck , the winner would win by the skin of their teeth. Literally, thats how much room there was between the two. Raido despite his quickness to make light of the Magic of using memories in battle Raido saw himself proven right and wrong all in the same breath. That magic made him a dangerous opponent to some, an powerful ally and rival. With the little distance that was left Raido needed one more boost, a good kick off that would proel him forward just a little more even if it meant an inch. Raido placed both fist out infront of him as he landed on the last building between him Kaname and that the outskirts of the town. Raido planted his foot strongly into the ground and with such force pressed forward leaving a inprint of his foot on the ground, and a small crater to mthe that building. Thankfully it did not harm anyone, as he dove forward leaving a trail of Black flames flying over head like shooting stay about to make its landing in its final destination.

As the two neared the edge of the city Kaname shot out a large stream of darkness and jumpped thought it.

As Kaname rose from the ground of his shadow, Raido landed directly next to him managing to slow his momentum down enough to not desotry the land. However this race was too closely decided, and if left out to each other they woudl say I won. Raido took notice of where he landed and Kaname. Well I see your just as quick as ever with the shadow stunt you pullled there, im not sure if its raw speed or your quickness but you got here the exact moment I got down. Raido said admitting for a change.

This draw isn't over, Raido said reminding Kaname that when this mission was over, there was going to be another race. Raido looked around the area, and in the path aheahd of him he felt traces of a magic, a weird magic. Usual Raido was use to his magic being called weird, due to the origin of his magic being unknown. This magic that was leaking out from this path was more mysterious than that weird. Raido looked at Kaname, for confimation of this magic sense he was getting. Kaname in all your archives and memories, have we eve dealt with something like this. Raido asked inquisitively as he awaited for Kaname to speak before he moved the team forward.

Kaname began to think "what is this feeling" he could feel his magic churning inside him. He looked around "we haven't dealt with something like the before" Kaname said as he contiuned to look around.  "Lets find this Larcrima, so we can find out what we are dealing with" Kaname stated as he began to walk all the while his magic churning inside.

Raido followed in tow guarding the rear, the advantage of the situation was that between Raido and Kaname they both had a good idea of this area,. Meaning they would not worry about their Cardinal Directions. The problem presented itself as the who they were after, Raido and Kaname were not easily stirred up not worried, but this mission had them on edge. As Raido stayed step for step with Kaname a shadow flickered off followed by a few more. Raido took note of this and shifted his stance to that of a southpaw. Raido was immense trained in the Capoeira, alloing him quick acrobatic movements, using feints and evasions rather than guarding defense. Raido controlled his breathing to appear more at ease, rather than ready to fight, he could almost smell his lust for combat in this lush forestry.

As the duo pressed forward more shadows appeared to flickers and eyes were peering from the distance intbetween the taller blades of grass. Raido would stick out like asore thumb due to his height, at 6'4 Raido stood out in a lot of situation, being the physical specimen he was. However he wasn't sure of Kaname knowlegde of this pressing matter so he decided to enlighten him.

Kaname Raido murmered under his breath in an attempt to raise his attention softly," we have bogies all over, ambush formation. They're stalking us, quietly from the hidden blades of grass, I can see their eyes glowing from the distance". "Whats the plan here, do we raise hell, or do we go about this in a more subtle manner". Raido asked as stayed vigilant, letting nothing escape his sight.

"I was wondering if you noticed them" Kaname said as he slowed down his pace while talking slowley. His eyes slowly moved form left to right "I count forty people surrounding us" Kaname said as a smile formed on his face. "How about we split them up and see who takes them out first. I have mine in my field of view, you may want to hurry" Kaname said as his smile grew. 

A smile crept upon the face of Raido as he glanced back. "Why Kaname you know just what to say to cheer me up, since there is forty of them you get twenty I get twenty. Black Flames danced around Raido's body as he got excited. Raido wielded an extremely rare lost magic, which was seen rarely by the eyes of others. Raido was a flame god slayer, whose fire was known to be superior to standard fire, or even dragon fire. Its black hue gave it an intimidating look as it did not just burn but it destroyed. While the origin of God Slayer magic, or even if the existence of gods is always in question, there is no doubt of its power. Raido with his fist clad in these black flames dove forward and began to mix it up with these shadowy figures, without a bead of fear in his heart.

Kaname smiled as he saw Raido attack the group of men, he watched as Riado began to take out the figures. "I have to say, he is not one for lightness" Kaname thought to himself was he watched for a moment. Kaname placed his fngers on the temples of his head, signifying the start of the magic his uses, Memory-Make. A Magic which grants the caster the ability to manipulate memories. It also gives the user amazing memory capacity, being able to memorize opponent's heart beats, footsteps and even other magic. He looked at his twenty targets, and smiled. Several black needles hit each of the targets with a few moments.

Thunderous punches rang out loud like the sound of collasping thunder, as Raido melee attacks landed with such fury, it was if these men had stolen something from him in the past life. As Raido's last punch collided with the jaw of the last opponent sending him twirling about in a circle, Raido sauntered up to him in hsi usual slow, but calm fashion and hoisted him high in the air by his throat. Showing that he possessed much more than average strength.

"Hey buddy, I want to play a game its simple and easy to understand. Its called tell the f**kin truth". Raido said as a relaxed smile appeared on his face. "Rules are you answer a gauntlet of questions right, and I let you go free without harm or charge". Raido said giving him his first option.

"What if I refuse, what if I decided I dont wanna tell you shit". The captured man said pushing his luck.

"You hear that Kaname he wants to know what lies behind door number two, what happens when you dont talk". "Well I could do a lot of things but let me simplify this for you quickly. As you know this is a lush forest, and forest come with hungry beast of nature". Raido said getting to the point here. Lets just say these animals will be treated to a five star gourmet meal, a sirloin fool served and cooked well down. Raido said just to let him know what awaited him behind the second option. As Raido did this he already had charged his arm up slightly with those devastating black flames, just to give this man a small taste of the heat intensity, but nature of the god flames. 

"My flames are not conventional fire, they do more than just burn, they are halbreds of destruction". "Im not a killer, nor am I a cruel man, so I giving you a way to save face here. I suggest you take it." Raido said as the god flames slowly vanished to show the man a fair chance. "I want everyone to walk away from this feeling accomplished."

Kaname looked at the man "how aboud you just tell us what we want to know and well will be on our way" Kaname said as he stared the man down. "Well I could always just take the infomation" Kaname said with a slight smile.

The man saw the seriousness of the face of both men and after trying to hold his poker face he eventually cracked. Between his first hand view of black flames of the man holding him in this vice grip he didnt want that problem, and he didnt even want to guess what the white haired man was capable of.  "We can't catch a break today, between you two and that other female, we have been hit on all cylinders".

"Female? dont get off topic now, this lacrima  we need to know where it is". Raido said patiently as he still holding the man up by his throat.

"Look Im low on the pole around here, no one tells me anything, but this lacrima supposedly has a new kind of magic". "Well its not new in history, but new in  terms of it was rediscovered into the world. Its a form of Lost magic, or ancisnt magic, It might even be from Lord Zeref". The man said as he gave respects to the name, taking a breath of relief as he did.

"Who told you to relax, Ive got one more question, the female, who is this female you spoke of". Raido said as he shook some sense into the disgruntled man. 

"How the hell am I suppose to know I never saw her til now, all I know is she came out of nowhere literally and attacked us, and was happy to do it". One of the other guys said her name was Nakano, or something like that. Its all i know I promise". The man said hoping the info he passed along was sufficient for him to keep his life.

"Hmm let me ask my business partner how he feels about your info, and we will see what becomes of you here". "Kaname, the ball is in your court bro. How do you feel about his intel on this magic, and have you ever heard of a female named Nakano". Raido said looking to see Kaname thoughts on this. 

Kaname thought for a few seconds "I have head of the Nakano family, they are a well known family in Neo Arcadia" he stated. "This magic, if what this man thinks is true. I could be dangrous in the wrong hands. We need to find this  lacrima quickly. As for this woman, I sure she will appear again but she is not our priority. Though it would be good to know what she looked like" Kaname said as he walked up to the man "so mind telling me what she looks like?" Kaname stated as he placed his hand on the mans head an smiled.

Raido waited tapped his foot in anticipation to hear of this woman looks, "well dont hog all the info to yourself, bro pass that over". Raido often called Kaname bro, although the two were no where near of Kin, their comraderie often showed otherwise. "See like always hogging all the good stuff". Raido said as he lowered the man slights so that his feet touched the ground.

As he did this his view in that direction was no longer obscurred, and a woman stood, with a full figure, something that could make even the strongest minded of men buckle at the knee. Her beauty was astounding, and she stood with a rather puzzling look on her face. Kaname heads up I think this woman he was talking about is here. Raido looking to make sure, she understood the difference between friend and foe, quickly set the tables.

Hey you Raido shouted out toward the female who took off in a gleeful run, as Raido followed her with his eyes, he also saw a few people running through trees however one of the men was carryiing a large black orb. The Lacrima, that has to it. Forget him we have moving targets and one of them has somethign interesting.

Raido took a deep breath and in order to buy them more time to catch up he fired off one of his trademark spells, good for long distance combat Flame Gods Bellow!!!!

As the incantation was completed A thin, but concentrated laser of God flames shots from Raido's mouth. This mouth blast was extremely powerful, and to avoid unneeded collateral, Raido used the blast in a more controlled fashion. The beam flew fast and true and struck the tree causing a small explosion, and a decent shockwave, which surprised the men who were running, as the were falling to grab the lacrima.

The female who in pursuit gave a certain look to Raido and Kaname, she was slightly interested in Raido's black fire, and now looked at Kaname the white haired man to see his magic powers as well.

Kaname placed his fingers on the temples of his head, as he did as a large magic circle appeared behind him along with a  chain of memories. He extended his arm"Memory-Make: A Night of Falling Stars" he softly stated which caused light to shoot from his body, which is subsequently shaped in a series of large beams, reminiscent of shooting stars. The lights each hit a target and knocking them down with great force.

The man holding the orb feel to the ground, with a solid thud. Raido and Kaname stood over the motionless body of their target, the goal was not to kill him, but give him an extended vacation in La la land. Apparently Raido and Kaname both did an exceptional job as the mans body didn't even twitch in response to Raido nudging his shoulder with the tip of his laced shoe.

Well looks like we gave him one helluva of a bed time story, Raido said as his trademark black flames raged around the circumferance of his fist. Raido wasn't really a man know for subtly, and often made sure to let it be known his lust for any form of combat. Raido turned and looked at Kaname who was currently examining the Larcrima they were ordered to retrieve, rather than listen to Raido usual comedic routine in a mission. Right before  Kaname bent to grab the lacrima it glowed an eerie black purplish color, and it gave off the feel of death, and mass destruction. A chaos so thick and hateful it could almost be tasted in the air, as the very essence of the orb disturbed Raido and Kaname both. As the glow ceased an object appeared to phase in the orb, it was an eye. An eye that did not look as if it belonged to a man, but a creature whose low blood curdling growl quickly turned into laughter before subsiding into a still peace....... While Raido and Kaname were physically unaffected by this ominous revelation, their shared exchange in the form of a glace implemented the two just witnessed the start of all hell breaking loose.

After exchange between the two men Kaname looked at the man, then his gaze returned to the Lacrima for a few moments. He closes his eyes for a few moments and rubbed his eyes before opening them "lets return" he said in a low voice.

The female came skipping up after the moment of realization, and eagerly introduced herself to both the black and white haired man respectively, doing so in a touchy manner.

The blonde haired happyily walked up to the two man and looked them up and down. She slowley walked up to Kaname and slowley began to touching him, but began to pick up speed before picking up speed. She moved over to Raido within a few moments before backing away. "I can say you two have some wonderful bodies" she said as she contiuned to look up and down the two men. "My name is Chikayo Nakano, and who are you two fine men" she said with a smile.   

"So your the female that clown back there was talking about". Raido exclaimed as the riddle was finally answered. "According to them you did a serious number on their guards, you didnt save us any of the action". Raido said while laughing casually. "The name is Raido X the God Slayer, he said proudly", glaring at Kaname daring him to refute his claim as he always does. "We were tracking down this black orb to take back to our guild". Raido X said as he pointed out the orb, unsure if he wanted to pick it up or not.

Kaname looked at the the woman for a few moments, his magic churning inside of him, though showing he was ok. "So........Chikayo Nakano" Kaname said slightly as he looked her. "Ah I remeber now, you are the new person that joined the guild not to long ago, though I haven't seen you around" he said as he cringed in pain for a few seconds.

Chikayo smiled "well I was walking and they attacked me for some unknown reason, so I defended myself by beating a few of them half to dead" she said with a smile. She turned to Kaname "yeah I did just join, though due to some family issues I haven't been at the guild much" she said with a sigh. She noticed Kaname cringed for a few moments "are you okay?".

A fellow Nemean Lion, well then its great to have you aboard the team. Raido said before he looked over to Kaname and saw him cringe as well. Usually a silly remark would have followed up but Raido could not tell the level of seriousness behind Kaname expression. He played it safe by simply asking. Is everything Alright bro? Dont tell me your starving to, I can quicly find some food, and heat it up for us. Raido said as Black sizzled in the palm of his hand, hoping it was hunger.

"I'm fine, though I am not in the mood to eat at the moment. Lets just return back to the guild" Kaname said as he turned around and started walking.

Chikayo looked at Kaname for a few moments then towards Raido and started walking.

Mhhmmmm. Raido said as he held a glance on Kaname before turning to walk, however Raido was unsettled at the distance they would have to cover, and with that orb around and whatever the hell was inside it made Raido feel unusual, as if someone was watching them. It literally felt eye were boring into the back of his skull. However he maintained his composure, and kept waling. His mind drifted off to the their next job, and the money they would make. Raido had a three phase plan for his joules. S.O.S. Save, Offer Spend, and not in that order. Raido couldn't wait to get paid.

Kaname slowly walked down the path he closes his eyes as he walks and begans to think back "this is a feeling that I would like to forget" he thought to himself. He pace slowed down as he began to contiune to think about his past, he chinged his body began to tense up. Every vein in his body began to show as his magic began to twist and churn within him. A liquid began to drip down his face from his eyes, he whiped it off and noticed it was blood which in moments he fell unconscious and hit the ground.  

Raido was literally waisted deep in his daydream of this paycheck as he was a few steps aheads of Kaname and Chikayo. I will finally be able to buy that damn boo, I just pray its not a dud like the last one. Raido was a hunter of rare literature in his spare time. Something he hid from everyone, but there was something in particular he was looking for, and the sinking feeling the Arcane library despite its immense quantity, often lacked the wuality Raido was looking for.  Before his thought could go any deeper he heard a thum behind him, Raido was on on edge since the orb began its journey with them, and at a seconds notice Raido was on the defensive. He swiftly pivoted his foot, and rather than seen an intruder he saw Kaname face first with his face in the grass.

Kaname this is no time to sit here and eat your vegetables, you can get that back at the guild, The lack of response on Kaname behalf worried Raido and he power walked over to check on his long time friend. 

Hey Chikayo what the hell happened back here whats wrong with him. Raido said as he flipped Kaname over and saw the trails of blood slight on his face. The Hell is going on here, Raido looked around for intruders, but there was on one here, however he looked at the orb.

Could it be that, it did give us both a strange feeling, but I dont think it could affect Kaname like this so it can't be that. Raido thought as he quickly plased it out of his mind. Knowing the situation as it was, Raido began to make provisions from the enviroment around him, in such a conditon Kaname wasn;t going anywhere fast, and it would be no point to rush him.

Chiyako watch him for the moment, I got to collect some food looks like we're camping out tonite. Raido said as he began to attack smaller tress to set up a small but efficient fire place. 

Chiyako looked at Kaname "what is going on here?" she said as she noticed the blood coming from Kaname's eyes. She tore off a piece of her dress and began to whipe the blood from his eyes. She could sense his magic twisting within him, she placed her hand on his chest "what could have caused this?" she thought to herself.

Raido s God Flames were flying off into the air as the ground shook in his latest attack, he came back with quite a bit of lumber and leaves. he planned to make a quick hammock so that Kaname could sit up. Raido long before he was in a guild Raido once lived a different lifestyle. from the ages 16 to now Raido life was well interesting, he took on odd jobs that most mages wouldn';t have the heart to do, just to always have money, to which he never spent till recently. Raido often always away lived out in makeshift camps despite having his own house. Raido did this just for the fun of the adventure, so when it came to making camps Raido was the right man in charge.

As the Hammocks were up and Raido set a smal makeshift camp for them to kick back for the time being. Raido went to kick Kaname up and place him on his hammock for the time being.

Well he aint going no where no time soon, so we mine as well relax ourselves. Raido X said as he sat down indiant style and made a small fire, of his Black flames, which omitted more heat than a standard fire.

So Chiyako tell me when did you join Nemean Lion, I dont think Ive seen you around the guild to often. Raido said he watched his fire prance on the logs, it would be long before the flames destroyed the logs, but with such a small flame it would be some time.

Chiyako looked at Kaname as he layed in the make shift hammock she contiuned to stare for a few moments before turning toward Raido. "I joined, because it allows me to have fun without having to deal with my family" Chiyako said. "They are also the reason why I haven't been at the guild much, my mother hated the idea of me joining" she said as she laughed a little, they to ease the current situation.

Raido kept his head forward, his expression never changing, but still quite engaged in the conversation. AH that explains why im just now seeing you, give it time these clowns here at  Nemean Lion will grow on you and pretty soon you'll look at us like an extended family. Raido said, words of his own conviction, since Nemean Lion was the only family he had that he could remember. aside from teacher. Raido wanted to kick back and relax, but this uncharacteristic behavior of Kaname bothered him. Kaname was a a normal guy.. far as memory make goes, but him being sick was off. Something about this didnt feel right, and it kept giving Raido bad vibes. Raido got up and went to go into the bag , and found the lacrima. 

As Raido stared at it for a short period he noticed nothing strange about it, his magic wasn't disturbed or nothing like that, but yet Raido felt like he had seen this orb before. In his mind he thought to destroy it, but there was fear he could release what was inside. What could Raze possibly want with this larcima. The thought rambled and fumbled through Raido mind like snowball down a hill. The only way to find out is if we get it back to Raze, 

Raido and Raze had a close relationship, Raze being a dragon he had immense knowledge due to his age, but yet he himself heard of God Slayers, but never saw them. He promised to look into this more and get info to which he would give Raido hints and clues of the origin of God Slayers. This can wait Raido thought as he looked up at Kaname, who still was KOed. 

"Hey Chiyako, I know we just met and this is rather sudden, your not a member of our team, but you been a good team player so considered yourself apart our peanut gallery". Raido said as he turned back around to the female. "I need to ask a huge favor of you".  Consider this our very first trust mission shall we. Raido offered.

Chiyako looked at Raido for a few moments, she knew that he was asking. She turned and looked at Kaname who was still passed out. He moved around for a few moments before stopping again, she countiuned to looked are him before her gaze returned to Raido. She smiled "I would be honoured to join" she said happily. 

"Good looking out" Raido said as he took another moment to look back at Kaname sqiurm around for a moment. "Now as I said this is a trust mission and im trusting you to look out for my friend here, he is like a brother to me even if he is a pain in the ass". Raido laughed at the prospect of their friendship, his laugh subsided as this situations wasn't a laughing matter. "I ask this because since this lacrima joined out travel party ole buddy brain power here has been in la la landed sleep. Raido said as he sauntered forward and grabbed the bad containing this item. My plan is to get this far away from him as possible, and take it back to the guild where Raze can look into this and see just what the hell is is". Raido said as he slung the bag over his massive shoulders.

Raido began to take off, but something came to him, a thought. He couldnt believe he almost forgot something so important. "Oh Wait Chikayo one more thing, should Kaname wake up Tell him I said he belongs to me, trust me he will understand, Raido said as he chuckled slightly. Kaname's pride is as big as Neo Arcadia, he finds out I had to rescue him he will be pissed, Raido said as this time he ran forward as the embrace of the dark night embraced him completely and he was no longer in sight.

Chikayo contiuned to watch as Raido disappaered into the darkness of the night. When he finally disappead she stood up and walked over to Kaname and placed her hand on his head. "What could have caused this?" she stated as she could visiably see the effects it had on him. As she conituned to look at him, she noticed the fire flickering behind her. She turned to it, as she did the flames grew then returned to normal. She contined to look at the flames before returning her gaze back to Kaname.

Raido got some distance between the campsite and his current location, all of a sudden a tempation to look at the orb hit him, much stronger than before. His curiousity was like a frog, ready to leap at the sight of the first lily pad. He calmed himself, as he kept moving, but the urge only increased. Raido took it upon himself to move faster as he covered himself in Black flames, and took off to the skies using his moments to cover far more ground. Hoping to get to the guild quicker. "This lacrima was beyond weird, it seemed to have the ability to affect the impulses of humans. I need to get this Raze quick, and then get some answers, which im sure he will have". I  always thought Raze to be smarter than he should be, but he was good at plucking information out of the sky, almost to good, but it was always helpful. Raido thought too himself as he sped ran using his flames to enhance his speed.

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