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Juventas (ジュベンタス Jubentasu) is a Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Spell.


The Juventas spell is a supplementary spell which is unique to Sky Dragon Slayers. By gathering pure air from the atmosphere, the user mixes it with their own magical power, imbued with the energy of a Sky Dragon Slayer. Doing so compresses the air, which the user takes into their body. From there, thanks to mixing with the user's magical power, the air begins to work as a miniature Compact Regression, compressing inside the user's body and affecting their lungs, effectively downsizing them. The addition of the magical energy combined with the air also affects the user's physical body; minimizing it and regressing the user to a different age of their choosing; however, in more specific cases, perhaps a user can age themselves up—though this power is extremely rare. While this can naturally be beneficial when used by a user who has long since reached old age, it also has its uses as a power conservation form; this, in fact, is the primary reason Lorensael uses Juventas, suppressing her magic power as well as giving her a lighter form that is fit for speed. Juventas, however, also cuts the users physical strength and durability, due to their younger, child-like body; however, it allows the user to strike a lot faster, easily making up for this disadvantage. The spell itself is permanent until the user chooses to reverse it, even falling unconscious or asleep, the spell remains active without draining the user's magical power or requiring concentration. The major downside to Juventas is that keeping this ability active requires a large amount of magical energy in a battle; meaning that the user is capable of releasing it; turning a major disadvantage into an advantage. This process releases a giant wave of magical energy from the user's body upon releasing the child form; which is capable of harming enemies—or it can be absorbed by the user to replenish their magical and physical power.

After extensive research into the spell, it was discovered that the spell seemingly breaks the limits that the 'Gods' themselves have placed on the human bodies; rejuvenating the body through Juventas returns the body to a state of its prime, and resets the amount of times the cells in the body can divide to fit the reversion. Through this unique method, the user can achieve a unique form of immortality.


  • Juventas is the Roman name for Hebe, the Greek God of Youth.
  • Due to being a type of  Dragon Slayer Magic, Juventas can be seen as the Human Counterpart to Compact Regression.

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