Kageryu is a Arkaeus' Church of Darkness and is one of the Seven Black Saints. Kageryu serves as Arkaeus' 'muscle' when he goes out.


Not much is known about Kageryu's past. However what is known is that before joining Arkaeus Kageryu was a ruthless bandit. One day he came to a small village where Dahlia grew up, and demanded a tribute from each and every member of the village. When they refused he unleashed his magic killing each and every villager including Dahlia's parents. After that Kageryu walked off laughing his head off. Kageryu was unaware that Dahlia survived.




Kageryu is a born killer. He enjoys killing and torturing others. Kageryu is also very confident in his abilities and frequently picks fight with anyone, even his own allies. He also enjoys to prolong his fights wishing to enjoy every last bit of it. Kageryu is also extremly greedy and ruthless, as in his past he demanded a tribute from every single member of Dahlia's village and then wiped them out when they refused.

Magic and Abilities

Although the full extent of Kageryu's powers have not been revealed, it is known that he uses a special form of strength enhancing magic giving increasing his already monstrous strength.

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