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Kaiju Soul
Kaiju Soul

怪獣の魂 (カイジュウソウル)


Caster Magic
Take Over


Mathilda Barbatron

Kaiju Soul (怪獣の魂 (カイジュウソウル), Kaijū Sōru) is a Take Over utilized by the S-Class Mage of Hydra Head known as Mathilda Barbatron. Although formidable, Mathilda seldom uses it due to the fact that she has a tendency to lose control of her temper, like many Take Over users have a habit of doing. And despite granting the caster a significant power boost, it is at its most powerful around full moon. As such, one can deduce that it runs on some sort of lunar energy and is therefore more potent when the moon is visible. However, it can still be used in full daylight to a similar effect.


Like most variations of Take Over, the caster is granted the ability to take over the characteristic appearance and properties of various creatures. In the case of the caster of Kaiju Soul, they possess the ability to vaguely mimic the appearance and abilities of massive beasts known as Kaiju (怪獣, Lit. Strange Creature). These creatures possess peculiar appearances, being roughly similar to lions, but possesses a quite different color scheme in addition to odd features not present in lions.



  • The appearance of Kaiju Soul is derived from Keine Kamishirasawa's were-hakutaku form in Tōhō.
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