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"I don't like fighting, and I hope I never do, but if it means protecting my friends, I'll face any danger to protect them"
— Kaitlin Kumo

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29.1 Full Appearance
Kaitlin Kumo

ケートリン カモ


Keetorin Kamo




Female Female






April 9

Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Blue

Professional Status

3.1 Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild

Guild Mark Location

Back Right Shoulder Blade




Team Ragnarock


Zanto Shima
Cazzar Scorn
Ren Kurushimi

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status



Flora (Foster Mother)


Forest Dragon Slayer Magic

Kaitlin Kumo (ケートリン カモ Keetorin Kamo): is a member of the Warrior Angel Guild along with her partner Spade. She is a Forest Dragon Slayer who was raised by her mother, Flora the Forest Dragon until she mysteriously went missing. She was also given a Dragon Lacrima which she implanted inside her body making her a Third Generation Dragon Slayer. She is a member of Team Ragnarock lead by Zanto Shima who she has a crush on.


Kaitlin is a young beautiful woman with smooth skin and aqua eyes and long wavy black hair in a two-side-up hairstyle, which consists of part of her being made into twin tails tied with black ribbons that was given to her by her mother, the Forest Dragon Flora, while the majority hangs loose. Her green colored guild mark is on the back of her right shoulder blade.

She has a nicely toned figure and Her casual clothing consists of a red long sleeved, turtleneck sweater with a white cross on the chest, a black skirt and long black socks under brown leather flats. Her clothes are always changing but her fashion usually consist of dark colored, girly clothes.


29.3 Kaitlin's Gentle Spirit

Kaitlin's Gentle Personality

Kaitlin is a very polite, grateful and caring young girl. She often shows a calm yet incredibly warm attitude towards others, helping them as much as she can and offering aid to strangers. She greets others with a welcoming smile along with slightly bowing to them as a form of gesture. She is kind, always thinking of others' more than for herself, caring for their feelings and well-being. She try's to stay on good terms with everyone in the guild and everyone she meets and is sensitive to get on someones bad side as she quickly breaks out into crying when people say they don't like her. She is very open and tends to cooperate with others quite well. She can be very talkative and will spark up a conversation about anything with anyone. Kaitlin is always eager to make new friends and treats everyone politely and respectfully. Unlike the other members of the guild, Kaitlin doesn't enjoy fighting, preferring to avoid it as much as possible. If, however, it's for the sake of her guild or friends, she will fight without hesitation. Her kindness even prevents her from holding a grudge against anyone and will show sympathy towards them even to fallen enemies regardless if they have changed their ways or not.

She has been known to stand her ground against anyone hurting her comrades, abandoning her otherwise kind hearted nature and face the danger regardless of whether or not she stands a chance against them for the sake of her guild.

Despite all the crazy shenanigans that goes on within the guild, she is very loyal to the Warrior Angel Guild. She values every member as her precious comrades. She sometimes try's to break off the spontaneous fighting that occurs very often within the guild before it gets out of hand however once it does and the entire guild gets involved she tends to hide behind something sturdy signing at how hopeless it is to stop them. She cares deeply for her friends as she is willing to face certain danger to protect her friends, knowing she won't stand a chance.

Kaitlin is an important member of Team Ragnarock and is the glue that holds the team together as she plays a motherly role within the team, keeping them in line from accidentally taking things too far. Her team considers her a valuable member with her special strong points. Originally, she would over-relying on her teammates, looking to them in times of difficulty to save her from situations that make her uncomfortable. Over time she has started to change herself, as she wishes to help the team rather than burden it. In keeping with her motherly role, she starts to act like the only rational one in the group, and questions her teammates' erratic and slightly insane actions. It is due to her that her teams maintains a minimum amount of destruction during missions but still isn't enough to keep them from going over board.

Kaitlin admires the wilderness, so much so that she feels connected to it. Whenever shes in contact with water or in a sunlight rays she is effected more then any other person as it maker her feels more comfortable. She adores the site of a gorgeous garden of flowers or even a beautiful view of a meadow. She has a nurturing care for plant life and has full knowledge on the proper way to treat different kinds of plants to ensure their growth, a tip she often shares with Terra Jenny as she helps her with assisting in controlling her magic. She is easily saddened at the sight dead plant and shows concern towards flowers that have yet to bloom and wishes she can help them as she can sense how they feel.

Kaitlin has unwavering love towards her mother, Flora and hopes to one day be reunited with her. She becomes curious at the mention of a dragon and will try to find her when ever the opportunity arises. However, she doesn't devote herself to finding her as much as Hino Sontara does towards his father. She accepts her new life as a guild wizard with all of her friends and views them as her own family and wouldn't want to change for the world. Despite that she still dreams of one day seeing Flora again as she burst into tears at the memory of her.

She has a very irrational and unexplained fear of bugs and spiders causing her to scream and lose focus as she panics and stumble away randomly in an attempt to escape them. Over exertion to them will cause her to burst out screaming until she quickly losses conscientiousness, having swirling eyes from the end result.
29.4 Kaitlin Shy

Kaitlin Shy about being around Zanto

Kaitlin is also greatly inspired by her leader and teammate Zanto Shima, whom she finds to be greatly admirable for both his strength and compassion. She has developed a crush on him ever since the moment they met, due to this and their close relationship as teammates, resulting in her desire to gain his respect, for better or for worse. Kaitlin has never been able to let her feelings out and tell him how she feels which manifests as increased shyness and speechlessness when around him, something that became apparent to everyone, apart from ironically Zanto himself. This however changes when their around of companions especially towards her other teammates where she maintain her happy and kind hearted self. Her guild mates easily teases her about the subject, while also encouraging her to tell him, however she is unable to get the courage to and be becomes nervous and flustered.

Kaitlin has a complicated relationship with her Exceed partner Spade. Despite the two of them being very close to one another they argue more often then they should. Spade is very protective towards Kaitlin and wants whats best for her, but she feels that Spade is treating her like a child, but despite their occasional arguments the 2 care deeply for one another and she can depend on Spade when the moment arises

As a fellow Dragon Slayer Kaitlin suffers from motion sickness. Kaitlin becomes sick from riding on any form of transportation and once that happens she is incredibly weak. This, however does not apply to her Exceed, Spade or anyone else she knows as she considers them a friend not transportation.


29.3 Young Kaitlin

Young Kaitlin

At a very young age Kaitlin was abandoned by her parents and left wondering through the dark forest alone, until she was eventually founded by a dragon named Flora, the Forest Dragon, who took her in and raised her as her own daughter. Throughout the years Flora went out of her way to teach Kaitlin how to talk, write, and perform her own signature form of Lost MagicForest Dragon Slayer Magic. Kaitlin loved Flora with all her heart as the two lived happily together like a loving family. However on July 7, X777, Flora, along with the other Dragons, mysteriously disappeared, once again leaving Kaitlin all alone to fend for herself. Leaving only a jade Lacrima behind. She kept the lacrima as a memento of her mother and left wandering around trying to locate her lost mother.

After a year of traveling she found herself wondering through a beautiful looking forest and stumbled upon what appeared to be a giant egg lying on the ground. The sight of the massive egg confused her but she then decided to nurture the egg as much as she could. She kept it close to her to keep it warm and tried whatever she could to make it hatch. Taking care of the egg provided Kaitlin with more amazement then she had in a long time; not just for wondering what kind of creature would come out of it but the struggle to make it hatch as well. Finally after a few days of taking care of the egg, it eventually began to crack, but much to her shock the animal that hatched was a black cat with small angel-like wings as it flew out of the egg and floated down into Kaitlin's arms. Kaitlin wondered in confusion about the flying cat, however gazing upon the adorable looking cat Kaitlin decided to name it Spade for its black color fur and decided to take the new born cat with her on her journey.

After a year of traveling together Kaitlin was finally able to reach a city named Deltra City. She fumbled her way through the city to try to find some place to rest and eat for the day. She managed to find her way to an apartment building where the Land Lady welcomed her in and allowed her to stay in an empty room for the night. Grateful for what the Land Lady did she accept the offer and took shelter for the night to rest up and eat. The next day the Land Lady offered payment for letting her stay, however Kaitlin didn't have any thing on her to pay for it, however the lady was ok with that and said she can pay her back once she has the money and let her go. Shocked by her kind gesture she asked the lady why she was so nice to her and the lady responded that its all because of the support of the Warrior Angel Guild. Kaitlin and Spade were shock to find out there's a guild in the city and decided to go and find it. After asking for directions she set off to look for the guild with Spade following behind her.

After an hour of searching Kaitlin and Spade made no progress in finding the guild and managed to get themselves lost. Confident to find the guild she refused to let this stop and ran to continue finding the guild when all of a sudden she accidentally bumped into a young boy around his age in tattered clothing. Shocked to see the rages he was wearing she hesitated for a moment until she quickly got up and apologized for her clumsiness. Accepting her apology the boy asked if he knew where to find the Warrior Angel Guild, shocked that he was searching for the same thing as her she offered if they could go and find the guild together to which the boy agreed. During their search Kaitlin introduced herself and her cat Spade, who wasnt too pleased to be walking with the boy and the boy introduced himself back as Zanto Shima and the two became close friends

Eventually they ended up finding the Warrior Angel Guild and went inside. While inside they met the master of the guild named Tristan Scalibur who welcomed them in with open arms and the three visitors were amazed at what they saw; the guild was full of powerful wizards that they couldn't believe it and they were all welcoming them as if they're already apart of the family. Kaitlin felt happy to have found a place who welcomed her with such care and was accepted into the guild along with Spade and Zanto. 

About a weeks after she was all settled into her new house she noticed the jade lacrima on her table and was drawn to it as if the lacrima was calling to her. She picked up the lacrima and heard a familiar voice. It was the voice of her missing mother Flora. Hearing it made her miss her mother so much that she held the lacrima close to her heart as a hug hoping Flora would feel the warmth of her hug. Once she did that the lacrima began to glow a greenish color and was absorbed into Kaitlins body causing a rush of magic energy flowing through her body much to her amazement. Once glowing stopped she could feel as if she gotten stronger and wondered if her mother had something to do with it. With the lacrima now implanted inside her body Kaitlin than became a Third Generation Dragon Slayer.

Not long after, Kaitlin continued to hang around Zanto; not knowing anyone else in the guild quite yet and was comfortable being around Zanto a lot when a boy around they're age walked up to them. He introduced himself as Ren Kurushimi and the three of them got along great with each other while Spade stayed out of their conversation. It wasn't long until the three decided to form a team together named Team Ragnarock and Kaitlin nominated Zanto to be their leader.  

Not to long after that the team encountered they're first Potential S Class Wizard Cazzar Scorn. Zanto looked at Cazzar and wanted to fight him to test out his power against someone as strong as him. Cazzar took an interest in the team and accepted his challenge and engaged each other in battle. Kaitlin and Ren sat in the sidelines and watched while Kaitlin grew worried for Zanto's safety. By the end of the fight both wizards laid on the ground in exhaustion when out of no where they began laughing and accepted each other as their friend and Kaitlin was relieved they were no longer fighting each other. Cazzar ended up joining the team and agreed to follow Zanto where ever he goes and Kaitlin accepted him as her friend as well.  

3 years have passed and Master Tristan announced Zanto as the newest Potential S Class Candidate as everyone cheered for his accomplishments, Kaitlin was happy the most as her feelings towards him have grown exceptionally during the past five years however she could never have gotten the courage to do so.  

2 years have past and the team has encountered with every member in the guild and they have grown closer to them as family. Eventually Cazzar and Zanto have both decided to take on solo jobs on they're own while Ren stayed to enjoy some booze. Kaitlin didn't want to leave on her own without her friends but the lack of jobs shes taken has caused her to run low on jewels which convinced her to take on a job request as well and went out with Spade.  

Magic and Abilities

Forest Dragon Slayer Magic: Kaitlin is adept with her Dragon Slayer Magic and makes use of it in many different ways in combat. As with all Dragon Slayers, she can consume her respective element, with the exception of that which she has created, to replenish her energy reserves. She is also able to draw in the sun rays into magical energy when standing under direct sunlight, as her plants power significantly rise by the rising of the sun very similar to Hino's Rage of Lightning. She incorporates the plants she creates into her fighting style, greatly increasing the damage of her blows. As such, Kaitlin's Magic revolves around the usage of rapid-growing plants that can spout from any part of her body she can transform her parts of her body into blunt, plant type weapons. She is also able to manipulate other plant life around her to assist her in various ways by connecting her plants to their roots though this makes her unable to consume as shes using her power to control them. Her ability to eat plants gives her immunity to many types of plant based attacks and effects, including poison, and allows her to spew aliments, aroma and pollen's from her lungs. These plants are grown with various properties unlike regular ones. They have enhanced abilities that can be used in various ways during combat. Due to being powerful by the sun rays, she is even to heal herself and other people by absorbing the sunlight and pour magical power into an injured person in order to heal them. She is also able to communicate to plant life by placing her forehead on a nearby plant and can sense how they feel. This has proven to be a great asset to her for getting to know the land and to be alert for near by or incoming enemies. Much like Hino, Kaitlin was trained by her mother, the Forest Dragon, Flora in learning her Dragon Slayer Magic but she also derives her magic from a Dragon Lacrima implanted into her body making her a Third Generation Dragon Slayer.

  • Forest Dragon Roar: Kaitlin's signature roar attack.
  • Dragon Slayer Secret Art:
    • Grand Gaia:

Hand to Hand Combatant: Despite preferring to avoid combat, and especially close-range confrontations, Kaitlin can combine unarmed attacks with her Forest Dragon Slayer Magic in order to make up for her lack of strength, making the blows she lands stronger and increasing their range with the rapid growing plant characteristics to her Magic.

Enhanced Sight: Kaitlin possesses great eyesight. A common skill for all Dragon Slayers raised by a dragons, Kaitlin's eyesight exceeds that of a normal humans. Enabling her to see further away then normal eyesight. She is also able to spot tiny details that she is able to tell the difference between to similar looking objects and creatures.

Enhanced Smell: The most common skilled for all Dragon Slayers who were raised by a dragons to possess,  Kaitlin has a very keen sense of smell. Her nose is capable of identifying people by their scent. She is also able to track her target to their exact location. Much like Hino, her sense of smell is also able to sniff out a feint scent of a Dragon nearby, however unlike Hino, she is unable to detect another dragon slayer nearby even if they were raised by a dragon as well seeing as she was unable to detect that Hino was a Dragon Slayer during their first encounter.

Enhanced Hearing: Another common skill for all Dragon Slayers raised by a dragons, Kaitlin possesses exceptionally good hearing.

Enhanced Durability: Kaitlin possesses good physical resilience.

Enhanced Endurance: Kaitlin, despite her frail build, possesses great physical stamina. She has been shown, various times, using numerous Forest Dragon Slayer Magic spells in quick succession, showing little to no fatigue afterwards

Enhanced Reflexes: Kaitlin's reflexes are shown to be rather sharp,

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