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"Insignificant being be gone or be killed!"

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"Those who betray the Septem Empire are evildoers and must pay with their lives! That is the core of my ideals, and that is the price you pay by disobeying the Empire! That would my old self would have said, my new old couldn`t care to say the least. I have nothing left, no facade to hide behind, no mask to hide my tears and regrets. I hate not being to hide them all behind a mask of spitefulness, but if I want to change my personality, this is what i have to to do to make that much-needed change."
— Kain Gaelic

Kalin Gaelic.png
Kalin Gaelic



Karin Gērikku


Kat (ケイト Keito?)




Human (Immortal)


April 29th


Argulia, Septem


Female.png Female


Mid 20s

Blood Type



Private Tutoring

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Tone



164cm (5'4")



Medical Concerns and Ailments

Gluten sensitivity (slight)

Guild Mark Color

Silver (Emerald-Green Outline)

Guild Mark Location


Tattoos and Unusual Features

Metallic Arms

Professional Status

Nature Icon Fire.png Samaritan
Imperial Police
Septem Empire
Gale Gaelic

Previous Affiliation

Beowulf de Britannica (Gunther)
Gaelic Tribe


Personal Subordinate of Gale Gaelic

Previous Occupation

Personal Secretary of Beowulf de Britannica


Gale Gaelic

Previous Partner(s)

Beowulf de Britannica


Team Gaelic

Previous Team

Team Britannica

Base of Operations

Beer Town, Hohenzollern Capital (Gunther)

Personal Status


Marital Status



Gale Gaelic


Gale Gaelic
Diablo Crowling


Beowulf de Britannica


Father (Deceased)
Gale Gaelic (Wife)

Powers & Equipment

Detection Magic (検出魔法 Kenshutsu no Mahō?)


Hand-to-hand combat skills
Gun-wielding skills

Signature Skill

Hand-to-hand combat skills
Ability to fight weaponless


Koroshiya (Hand-Guns)
Yami (Pet)
Various firearms


Rumors of Deva

Captain Kalin Gaelic (カリン・ゲーリック Karin Gērikku) is a member of the religious organization, Samaritan serving as one of Diablo Crowling`s informants in the organization itself. A valuable operative, she is one of Gale Gaelic`s highest-ranked personal subordinates serving as one of the various Captains in the Imperial Police of the Septem Empire. At one point before defecting from the Pendragon Kingdom, she served as his personal secretary, with the added task of being his bodyguard. The daughter of the late Morianne Gaelic and the late Edward Gaelic, she fled the Gaelic Tribe after their death; being the only known member of the Gaelic Tribe to be believed for several centuries. Many years before the start of the story`s respective timeline, she went back and slaughtered every member of the Gaelic Tribe, including the women and children after they decided to defect from the Septem Empire, all on the orders of Gale Gaelic her new superior. Besides Gale, she is the only member of the Gaelic Tribe left still alive; a fact never revealed to anybody in the Imperial Police.

As of now, she controls the machinations of the Septem Empire alongside Diablo Crowling and Gale Gaelic, and serves as one of their most-trusted subordinates, a fact that would given her entire family and the rest of the Gaelic Tribe heart-attacks if they had known, which they didn`t until she came to kill them.


Kalin takes the appearance of an immortal, and ageless young woman who appears as if she is in her mid 20`s. She possesses auburn hair and amber eyes, that makes her appear very beautiful to anybody who views her without her demented and warped smile. During her official debut, she had wore her hair in a long ponytail that almost reached the ground, but it was shortened to shoulder-length after she became one of Gale Gaelic`s personal subordinates. She was typically seen in a military uniform in favor of dresses and casual wear, and was frequently attired in upper-body armor. Her arms are metallic in place of flesh due to the heavy body modifications performed upon her by the Gaelic Tribe. When not in her military uniform, she was typically seen wearing a green coat or dress, sometimes with a white skirt underneath. She has a tendency to raise her eyebrow whenever some of Gale`s other personal subordinates decide to do something questionable — something which usually ends up with her getting in trouble.


"I`m not involving myself in whatever that is..it seems rather counterproductive."
"At least we agree on something, how long until General Gaelic comes to yell at you for not stopping them?"
"She`s right there.
— One of Kalin and Zeke`s various conversations

Kalin is a very ambitious young woman who is determined to become the best of the best in the Imperial Police. Contrary to her beauty and grace when in a formal setting, once Kalin is in an informal setting she becomes foul-mouthed, rude, and dismissive of othersー earning her a second nickname, the Imperial Police`s Delinquent. To ensure she gets what she wants, Kalin is not above threatening or intimidating her enemies. She is short-tempered and very accustomed to yelling, a very sharp contrast to her far more calmer superior, General Gale Gaelic. She is both very critical of herself and determined to impress Gale. She despises being underestimated and projects a strong air of confidenceーstrong enough to come across as arrogance, instead. She is prone to seeing other Captains as her rivals, and therefore her enemies. Her opinion of justice is blunt, as she believes the Charlemagne Knights are evil for their actions as assassins, but believes killing in service to justice is always right, which ultimately makes her opinion of murder similar to that of Roma and Erika's, if not completely the same. In a way, however she is more of an anti-hero than anything else, as she has a moral compass, but tends to stay in the gray area when it comes to her actions.

"Oh good lord, I`m not going to even give you an answer to that!"
"If you lack a moral compass, you lack compassion isn`t that what you`re asking me?"
"Y-yes, my lady."
"It`s true that you may be labeled a murderer but does that matter when your motives are good?"
"I guess not."
"I`m glad you understand what I`m trying to say.
— Kalin and Emma

In a way, she sees her motives are for the good of the nation and it`s people though she goes about it through torture, murdering people, and war; all of which land her in the gray area with her actions. Her compassion, though shown rarely is the fundamental core of her nature, and her nature seen as twisted by others, is just an example of her immaturity and unstable nature; that unstable nature being the core of unrest with her. While she wishes for a world where nobody kills anybody, fights, and gets along perfectly for the sake of peace, she is willing to do anything to do anything achieve it; even make herself the enemy of the entire world.

"You messed up my study!!! Oh come on, I just organized it!"
"You can just organize it again..?"
"That`s not the point!"
"Then what is the point?"
"Forget it..
— Kalin to Gale

Kalin holds an extremely high sense of responsibility (crossing into OCD) and values hard-work and education, being extremely organized, having Zeke look over her daily checklists three times over. She has an absolute hatred of whenever her work gets unorganized, usually yelling at the person who does it; this most often happens to be Gale. She is widely admired for being extremely organized, with many of her own subordinates taking a great liking to the way she runs her patrols.


Born during the Wind Goddess Festival — her parents were murdered days after her birth, leaving her near a Dragon Cave. There she grew up learning the Samaritan language in the Edo dialect to be exact and was taught how to read and write. As she grew up, Kalin was ostracized from the other Dragons due to fears that she might be hunted down due to the fact that she was of human blood and not of dragon blood. When she reached fourteen-years-old, she left the dragon`s cave with a small message using fire runes on the wall — reaching the Septem Empire`s capital she was met with a chilly welcome, and was made fun of, until she froze Frost-Bitten Mountain even though she was miles-upon-miles away from it`s location, a feat that impressed even the highest-ranked military officers. She was soon recruited into the military, climbing the ranks carefully and was eventually chosen to join Team Gaelic, becoming one of the team`s most prominent assets.


  • Harmony (平和, lit. "Peace, Harmony"): Harmony is one of Kalin`s lesser-used weapons, but is incredibly useful for situations where she must see if civilians are in her surroundings so that she may evacuate them before fighting off any enemies.
  • Kinpa: A large flail that can take down a large number of opponents, due to her immense dexterity she is capable of swinging it around at extreme speeds.
  • Nanteki: Four missile turrets that can be used to send out a volley of missiles.

Magics & Abilities

Physical Abilities

Peak Physical Condition

Ways of Combat

Advanced Hand-to-hand Combatant: A skilled hand-to-hand combatant, she employs the Edo-era Murasame style of Akido; this style is a far-more-aggressive style of akido, combining styles from across the far east/west and makes for a a deadly combination in battle, as noted by many of the people who have faced Kalin and lived to tell the tall.

High-level Kenjutsu

"A sword is an extension of one`s self, if you can`t accept a simple fact like that, then you are no swordswoman! "
— Kalin expressing her pride in the art of the sword

Magical Prowess

  • High-level Magician:
    • Refined Magical Control:

General Magic Prowess:

Astronomical Magical Power:

  • Second Origin (二原解放 Nigen Kaihō)

Nature Manipulation:

  • Cryokinesis: Cryokensis is the ability to manipulate water and ice, a gift that Kalin was given in astronomical amounts with the Gaelic Tribe, believing that she was a child sent by the Gods to save them from their forceful exile. Unfortunately, she was unable to control her powers and later went missing after nearly putting the entire tribe underneath a Siberian winter-type storm. She can use her magic to propel herself across an icy surface, a feat that many accomplished nature manipulators can barely accomplish due to the difficulty of maintaining a constant flow of chi to the appropriate places to allow for movement across the created ice and the water. By simply stomping her foot, she was capable of freezing all of her surroundings for several-hundreds of miles, a feat taught to her by the Ice Dragon Cyroto.
    • Cold Immunity: Due to the nature of her power revolving around the cold, Kalin has complete immunity to the cold, and even walked outside in a summer dress one time when it was cold, further proving her immunity.

Detection Magic

"The wind may howl and they may try to hide their tracks but it won`t work — even a complete novice could feel their presence, so I`ll eliminate them. "
— Kalin expressing her disbelief in the incompetence of the Rebel Assassination Units

Detection Magic: Six Senses of the Deva (センシングマジック(の検出) Senshingu Majikku: Deva no Kenshutsu lit. Sensing Magic: Detection of the Deva):