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Kaminari Hoshi
Kaminari after recovering her 6-year recovery of her loss of Magic Power.
Name Kaminari Hoshi
Kanji ほしかみなり
Rōmaji Hoshi Kaminari
Race Human
Birthday October 1
Age 14-15
Gender Female
Eyes Indigo or violet.
Hair Sandy Brown
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Being able to read people's minds.
Professional Status
Affiliation Silver Rose MarkSilver Rose(Not a member, only an ally.)
Partner Ayaka Hoshi(Deceased.)
Personal Status
Relatives Ayaka Hoshi(Deceased younger sister.)
Marital Status Alive
Alias Minari-chan(by Silver Rose Members.)
Magic Illusion Magic

Kaminari Hoshi is a powerful ally of Silver Rose. She was once rumored as "The Blind Warrior." but was revealed to be her state when she's recovering Magic Power the last Guild War. It's strange though, she can sense other people even if she's closing her eyes. She's also a very good singer.


Kaminari wears a pink-colored dress with dark pink trims and white insides. She also has a pale pink mini-jacket with sleeves which reaches to her wrists. The upper part of her sleeves is puffed with a little help of two dark-pink bands. She has a dark-pink bow and a butterfly choker. The butterfly has yellow outlines and dark yellow insides with a little part colored green.

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