This is Kamino's first job. She was very excited but is also very nervous, because she got the job, "Retrieve: Magic Pendant" which has a reward consisting of 10 books. She traveled to where the place is needed. When she got there two boys were protecting the forest and said to her, "Looking for he Pendant, huh?! If you beat us!" Kamino got a little angered and fought them. Kamino casted, "Solid Script: Barbwires". Barbwires shooted towards the enemy but the two boys escape. She casted another spell, "Hard Barrier". Luckily she trapped the two boys and got inside the forest. While searching for the magic pendant a weird looking paper flew to her written on it is, "Pendant is in your teeth or Pendant is on your cheek?" She studied the letter hardly for almost 6 hours. She exclaimed, "Cheeks and Teeth? C and T? What are those?" She kept the paper and searched for it. While searching she had an idea of a tree and a cave an she exclaimed again, "Wait! Trees and Cave? I heard rumors that there is a cave here that has a magic tree! Is it true? I'll search it." She searched and searched for the cave. She have explored 3 caves already but still no tree. She got to the last cave and when she reached the end happily she found the tree. She climbed the tree and Alas! She found the pendant. She gladly accepted the books and she gave the pendant. She filled up the spaces in the library with the books and the paper.

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