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Name Kanzaki
Kanji 勘ザ気
Rōmaji Kanzaki
Alias Kanzaki the Chemist (勘ザ気ザ薬剤師 Kanzaki za Yakuzaishi)
Race Human(Modified)
Birthdate 15th May
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 164cm
Weight 51kg
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple/Black
Blood Type A-
Professional Status
Affiliation Fiore Royal Military(Covert Special Task Force)
Occupation Scientist
Team Covert Special Task Force
Partner Layla Magia
Base of Operations Covert Special Task Force
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Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Unknown
Magic N/A
Weapons Biologically Modified Body

Kanzaki (勘ザ気 Kanzaki, lit: Sixth Sense, The Spirit) otherwise known merely as Kanzaki the Chemist (勘ザ気ザ薬剤師 Kanzaki za Yakuzaishi) is a member of the Covert Special Task Force and the partner of Layla Magia. She is noted to be a highly skilled chemist despite her age, and has shown to have made several pieces of equipment to supplement the Task Force.

Character Outline

Kanzaki bears the appearance of a young woman with long purplish hair tied into a single braid which goes down to her waist, with two bangs at the sides of her fringe. This, along with her green eyes and curved figure, makes her noticeably attractive. She normally wears a black kosode which is noticeably long, and acts similarly to a skirt, and goes down to her thighs. She wears this, along with black heels. With ornaments she wears nothing but a bracer around her neck.

Kanzaki is noticeably bland and boring. She stays solitary in the lab, working on her experiments and doing things that most would find rather stupid. Kanzaki rarely ever talks to people, and whenever she does speak, she gives long lectures for no particular reason, mainly about scientific topics and the importance of science. Even so, Kanzaki does care for her comrades, but does so in a less...outright manner, preferring to stay secluded in order to secure their happiness and the like. She seems to be fond of Yotsuki and Layla.




Mechanical Limbs: Kanzaki has created a variety of mechanical limbs which have notable endurance and durability, as well as rust. She has implemented these into several of her puppets and is capable of manipulating them electronically through the electrical nervous system she has placed into them.

Electrical Limb Enhancement: Due to her knowledge on the body, Kanzaki has been able to create a small device which she has implanted into her neck, allowing her to increase the rate of neural synapses in her nervous system allowing enhanced senses and physical strength.

Powers and Abilities

Genius Chemist: Kanzaki possesses comprehensive knowledge over chemistry and the likes, having thought up of several notable ideas which, despite having failed, still possessed notable credibility.

Enhanced Physical Attributes and Senses: Resulting from her inventions, Kanzaki is capable of enhanced feats of strength and perception. It should be noted, that her physical attributes aren't augemented as much as her sensory, due to her own dislike of combat.

Melee Combat: Kanzaki is capable of engaging in melee combat when the time arises, utilizing kicking techniques and grappling techniques to overpower an opponent with sheer force.

Kanzaki KIIICK

Kanzaki Kick

  • Kanzaki Kick: A technique in which she causes the neural synapses of a single leg to increase to its maximum output, and kick the opponent with a straight kick, causing them to fall back considerably.