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Kashikoi Aethelbeorn
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Name Kashikoi Aethelbeorn
Kanji 賢い
Rōmaji Kashikoi Aethelbeorn
Race Human
Birthday 13 April
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Weight 53 kg
Eyes black
Hair black
Blood Type A
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Neo Legend
Previous Affiliation Village
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Civilian
Partner Aura Suoh, Hope Aethelbeorn
Base of Operations Neo Legend's Main Building
Personal Status
Relatives Hope Aethelbeorn, Kazuki Aethelbeorn Lucas Aethelbeorn
Marital Status Single
Alias The Legendary Tactician
Magic Shadow Magic


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Kashikoi Aethelbeorn(賢いAethelbeorn, Kashikoi Aethelbeorn) is the son of Lucas Aethelbeorn and the cousin of Hope Aethelbeorn. He is a member of the independent guild Neo Legend being part of a team with Hope and Aura Suoh. Kashikoi has gained the alias of Legendary Tactician(伝説的な戦術家,Densetsu-tekina senjutsu-ka) because of his high intellect on strategies of battles. Kashikoi has a proficient use on Shadow Magic and Archive.


Kashikoi is a young man of fair height and weight, he inherited most of his looks from his father rather than from his mother as he has he's same tan skin, black hair which he usually keeps tied and he's black onyx eyes which show his slackiness. Kashikoi's look greatly resembles his father's as people have confused him for his father and often call him Young Lucas which is the name of his father. Kashikoi has shown throughout the series to have great muscles, abs, triceps, biceps. Even though he is pretty lazy Kashikoi during he's years of training with he's father has not only gained intelligence but physical strength. Kashikoi has a scar on his chest which he gained on a battle with his own cousin. Kashikoi has a fair weight as he is neither fat but neither very light. He has a normal weight and so is the same with his height.  Kashikoi is often confused with an adult because of his face and look as he is always serious. 

Kashikoi's main outfit consists of a short-sleeved t-shirt of a grey color with a yellow circle on the middle, with black cargo shorts with pocket in which he always puts his hands on. Kashikoi usually wears this as he does not like to be on cold weather's as he says he's "skin is very sensible" this is one of he's many complaint's. Kashikoi likes to wear that type of outfit as he does like hot weather's or at least it seems like he likes them. Kashikoi has "no sense of fashion" as stated by Phoebe when he saw him. Kashikoi's look make's him seem like a mature adult which he is.




Shadow Magic: User can use this Magic to bend his/her own shadow to suit his/her own needs, giving Shadow Magic a great deal of flexibility. A skilled user can also merge with his/her shadow and the shadow of others, which provides a stealthy method of transportation. This is Kashikoi's main magic as he has a great control over this magic being his main one.




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