Kat Poullard
Name Kat Poullard
Birthday 5th, April
Age 18
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

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Wears a old school uniform from her time as a student for a magic school and a pair of glasses then have a strange number of scratches on them. She has bright purple hair that always seems to be messy no matter how hard she trys to contain it.


Kat is a very clumsy person, she has a bad habit of tripping and falling over objects. She only talks when she really has to and is very shy. 


Kat was born in Fiore to a rich family of mages and as soon as she was old enough she was sent to a private school to learn magic she didn't have many friends, she later ran away from the school and started to steal and fall into many dark guilds 


Magic and Abilities 

Sleep magic


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