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Katie Michiko
Name Katie Michiko
Kanji ケイティ美智子
Romanji Keiti Michiko
Race Human
Birthday April 19
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 161 Cm
Weight 68 Kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Blood Type B-
Unusual Features Scar on left breast
Professional Status
Affiliation Demon Life
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation S-Class
Previous Occupation Student
Team Demon Death
Partner Hiroshi Gallagher
Ruki Mandia
Base of Operations Onibus Town
Personal Status
Martial Status Single
Relatives None Known
Magic Lightning Magic
Alias Daughter Of Zeus
Katie Michiko (ケイティ美智子 Keiti Michiko) is a S-Class mage of the Demon Life Guild. She is a member of the team Demon Death with fellow S-Class mages Jack and Peter.


She is a girl of above average height and below average weight. She has dark black hair reaching down to her waist and blue eyes. Her skin is very pale which is easily sunburned. She appears to wear gothic clothing which is black in colour with gray boots and a grey belt. Her guild mark is on her palm of her right hand. When she is not wearing her usual clothing she likes to wear a yellow Maxi dress with black polka dots, when asked why she wears this her response is: "Sometimes i just want to feel sexy".


She is a very down to earth person who is very blunt even to younger children. She hates to waste time so when her partners begin to slow down during mission, she electrocutes them as a warning. She has a deep respect for her guild master as she was the one who taught her the lightning magic. Although she seems to bully her team members, she seems to be happier when she is among them. She never backs down from a fight and seems to admire Erza and Kagura due to their strength.

Magic & Abilities

Lightning Magic: She was taught this magic from the guild master and is a master of this element. Like other elemental mages she can turn her body into her element. She can create lightning from their bodies and manipulate them. She can also Summon lightning from the sky without using any magical power, but there must be clouds in the sky and can only be summoned at the point she is standing.

  • Lightning Eruption: The user summon a magic seal underneath their target and begin to elctrocute them with great force.
  • Lightning Body: Michiko can turn her body into the element lightning which can travel at great speed which is very useful to avoid attacks.
  • Lightning Void: A magic seal appears in front of her laid out arm and lightning begins to spin and suck in object like a black hole.
  • Thunder Bombs: Small lightning orbs are created in her hand which see can throw at her opponent. They explode at great force.
  • Thunder Storm: Michiko produces a large amount of lightning from the sky which are aimed at her tagets.
  • Lightning Rally: Lightning creeps along the floor to trap her opponent. If the target makes 1 step, they would be electrocuted. This is her signiture spell and is very sadistic at using it.
  • Forked Light: A straight lightning bolt is sent at the target which seperates at about halfway towards the target to strike them multiple times.
  • Lightning Ball: She Create a large ball of lightning which surronds the target.


The Thunder bombs spell is based of eurka's tadpole bombs in Soul Eater.


Michiko Dunn

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