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"Indeed, that is the truth. I'm a demon, created by Zeref hundreds of years ago. But i'm not evil. It's not because i was created by Zeref that i want caos, destruction. "
— Katja to Drew Vermillion about herself.

Katja Alecram
Name Katja
Kanji カーチュ
Rōmaji Kātyu
Alias Tormented Soul
Race Etherious
Human (formerly)
Age 20 (Physically)
400+ (Chronologically)

Female Female

Height 1,70cm
Weight 54kg
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Unusual Features Demon characteristics
Professional Status
Affiliation Golden Lion Guild
Golden Lion guild
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Dark Mage (formerly)
Team Valiant Hearts
Base of Operations Lumiere City, Fiore
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Relatives Zeref (Creator)
Unnamed Men (ex-Master)
Alignment Neutral
Magic Alma (Curse)
Weapons Pandora's Box

Katja(カーチュ Kātyu) is a Demon, more specifficaly, an Etherious. Amongst the thousands of demons created by the Dark Wizard Zeref, Katya was eventually implanted within the body of a human vessel, and due to the mechanics surrounding her demonic status, the Curse Pathway System was forcibly developed within the human recipient, allowing her to user her powers at full potential. While living a luxurious illegal lifestyle, she was found by her now closest friend, Phillip Vermillion, who recruited her into joining both the Golden Lion Guild and the Valiant Hearts.


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Katya full



Hundreds of years ago, Katja was created along thousands of others demons by a extremely Evil Mage called Zeref. She was sealed inside her own book, which was hidden inside Ancient Ruins until a Dark Mage found it. He was a practicioner of Black Arts, more specifficaly, Living Magic. He brought her to life, to act as his personal servant. However, tired of being  abused by her Master, Katja used her curse on him and stoled his soul, eventually leading to his death. Time passed, she was sick of being evil and decided to join a Guild. But they would notice that she was a Demon, so she hid her demon status and faked up a history which she was a poor orphan girl who lost her parents in a fire.


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Curse and Abilities


Enchanced Strenght: Despite her beign a demon, Katja have a weak strenght. It's equal to a twelve years old kid.

Immense Speed: In compensation of her lack of strenght, Katja is immensly fast. Capable of covering large distance in a blink of an eye. She mainly uses her speed to confuse her oponents.

Immense Resistance: As being a demon, her body allows her to resist againts diffrents attacks. 

Immense Durability: She is able to battle for hours and don't get tired, making her a very powerful oponent.

Immense Reflexes: She has immense reflexes, and is able to evade attacks easily in conjuction with her speed.

Sixth Sense: Katja is bestowed with an extra sense, which allows her to predict the future in a limited way.


Alma:  This powerful curse allows Katja to manipulate the wandering souls of living beings who passed away. Usages of the curse includes: placing them inside other bodies to get control over it, use them as a mean of transportation, defense and ofense, convert the souls into a special type of energy that she can manipulate to create strong blasts, and other things. The weaknesses of this curse is that she has to concentrate to manipulate the souls, thus she can't control many souls at the same time. To don't lose the souls she has captured, she store them in a special box.


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