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"You are a stupid enemie, hurted my friends and my family, what were you thinking? It's time to die."
— Kazuo

Kazuo Matsuzaki
Kazuo in his first apparition
Name Kazuo Matsuzaki
Race Human
Birthday X771, 6th Outuber
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 185cm
Weight 68kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Dirty Blonde
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Pegasus
Previous Affiliation Phantasm Rage
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Guild Master
Team None
Partner Akuma
Base of Operations Blue Pegasus Building
Personal Status
Martial Status Unknow
Relatives Unnamed Parents

Akuma Matsuzaki (Little Sister)

Magic Shadow Magic, Earth Magic, Plant Magic, Ice Magic, Summoning Magic, Unison Raid.
Alias Kaz

Kazuo Matsuzaki (和夫 松崎/Kazuo Matsuzaki) is older brother of Akuma Matsuzaki. Before he is a Guild Master of Phantasm Rage, but after lose for Fairy Tail, unlike her sister he joined in Blue Pegasus.



Kazuo Design

Kazuo has a tall, slim figure, and usually dons a black suit. He wears a white shirt underneath and a green criss cross tie. He has short dirty blond hair, and he wears white framed glasses. Byakuya is usually seen with his arms crossed, which is a personal quirk in line with his arrogance.



Kazuo Little Smile

Before Kazuo was an arrogant young adult who originally was seen to be much superior to others because he was the heir of an extremely successful family business. It is often cold, blunt, and reserved, but he has a tendency to dishonest manipulation. But after he joined Blue Pegasus, it is a protective and brave. Near his sister, he becomes very protective and caring, always taking a care for her.








  • He appareance and personality is based off of Byakuya Togami, DanganRonpa.
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