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Ken Kiishimu

Ken is a member of the Kiishim race and currently wanders the Earthland with Mimi Kiishimu and Akio Kiishimu. He was considered one of the top students at the Kiishim Academy.


He has Dark Blue Hair and red eyes and wears a white shirt and red tie, a blue and silver blazer and trousers. He appears to be that of a 20 year old when he is actually 403 years old. When travelling he wears a black hooded coat with a dark blue hem


He has a calm and collected personality and can also be ruthless shown when he was fighting tsukiko. He also underestimates his opponent even when he is usually right about their skill he usually fights using one hand. He is also quite sardonic and cynical towards those who make a mistake.

Magic and Abilities

He is regarded by his companions as a genius with his magic and is also a very skilled gymnast being able to perform multiple flips in sync. He can also create things out of thin air and use swords to a great extent.

Hijutsu: he like the rest of his race uses the Hijutsu magic and is considered a genius with the magic. His style is Speed Hijutsu which allows him to increase his speed dramatically. He is also recognised by Goldmine of the Quatro Cerberus Guild.

  • Cicada: he increases his speed so dramatically that he creates after images of himself making the enemy think they are surrounded.
  • Flash Blossom: he runs at the foe so fast the enemy thinks you've just walked at them and slashes them with a sword.
  • Flash Cry: he increases his speed dramatically and runs past the foe creating a sound that deafens the foe.
  • Flying Step: He moves so fast that he appears and disappears with a swishing sound.
  • Sound Ceremony: He makes his cells rapidly vibrate creating a screeching sound that makes all enemies dizzy and affects hearing and movement dramatically even to the extent where enemies are suffocated.

Creation Magic: he is able to create things out of thin air like swords, a house and food etc.

  • Instant House: he clicks his fingers creating a house in the ground with everything the caster needs.
  • Dinner for Three: he clicks his fingers creating food out of thin air.
  • Sword Summoning: he creates swords out of thin air.

Sword Magic: he can use a sword in magic with excellent cutting ability.

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